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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 172 — Unrivalled below Yuanfu

Chapter 172: Unrivalled below Yuanfu

Being able to last through the ages up till now, regardless of which era, the Emperor Star Academy was always heralded with glory. Today, they would be facing the most challenging battle of all time in the history of the Emperor Star Academy.

Qin Wentian stood at the very front, with his ancient halberd held in his hands. The blood in his entire body was boiling, as his demeanor became increasingly fiendish. His physique also grew taller and stronger — the demonic aura he exuded made it seem as though he was a monarch, the overlord of all things under the heavens.

His eyes blazing with battle intent, the sight of him caused the blood and spirits of those belonging to the Emperor Star Academy to store. Today, they fought for honor, for the survival of the Emperor Star Academy.

In the direction of the Royal Academy, similarly, there were several silhouettes that stepped out. Among these were Orchon, Hou Tie, Chu Chen, and Leng Ya. Although their troop arrangement was many times more powerful compared to the Emperor Star Academy, when the students of the Emperor Star Academy saw Qin Wentian standing in the lead, their previous worries all melted away. Not long ago, Qin Wentian completely dominated the challenge battle at the Royal Academy.

From both the left and right, the sounds of horses galloping could be heard. The young clansman of the Ou and Ye Clan were stirring, making their moves.

However, despite their disadvantages in numbers, the Emperor Star Academy only recruited students who were Stellar Martial Cultivators. Each and every one of them had an Astral Soul.

Boom! The students of the academy also started to gallop forth. They were grouped into countless smaller formations, with their archers situated at the back, firing their arrows in the direction of the Emperor Star Academy.

The battle finally begun.

Qin Wentian stepped forth, snarling in rage, it was as though all his anger and hatred turned into a boundless terrifying energy that was channeled into his ancient halberd. The ancient halberd transformed into a stream of light as it was flung out, slashing across the void, emitting an explosive sound akin to the roar of an angered demonic dragon.

Orchon and the rest bore the brunt of the attack. As they faced the ancient halberd that flew towards them with stiffened countenances, their bodies dodged to the side. The after-shock caused by Qin Wentian’s strike was so sharp that it nicked their faces, causing them to feel a burning sensation.

Puchi. The ancient halberd completely penetrated though a person behind them as the force of the momentum continued forth unabated amidst screams of panic. Sounds of bodies being pierced continuously rang out, stopping only after the third person was killed. The situation over at the side the of the Royal Academy where the ancient halberd flew to momentarily turned chaotic.

Qin Wentian, how terrifying had his strength grown to?

Only to see him taking another step forwards, as a second ancient halberd appeared within his hands. This time around, the ancient halberd he took out was a Divine Weapon shining with resplendent Astral Light. When paired with that tyrannical, fiendishly handsome countenance of Qin Wentian, Orchon and the rest felt a surge of overwhelming pressure gushing towards them as terror struck their hearts. They were actually more than a little afraid of Qin Wentian.

Fan Le and the rest followed closely behind Qin Wentian. Their formation was to be the vanguard of the Emperor Star Academy, consisting of Emperor Star Academy’s strongest Arterial Circulation cultivators. They only had one mission — to kill, to ruthlessly kill, and wreak total annihilation.

On both the left and right of them, there were two great formations formed by the Emperor Star Academy’s side, acting as protectors for Qin Wentian’s team, preventing them from being encircled.

Fan Le also unleashed his Bloodline Limit as arrows explosively rained down from the skies, their appearance akin to golden lightning.

HOWL. Savage roars and howls echoed in the air from the Royal Academy. Beside Orchon, there was another square formation where the cultivators within all released their Beast-type Astral Souls. The roars and howls of their Astral Souls formed a cacophony akin to that of 10,000 beasts roaring in cohesion, exhibiting an extremely overbearing aura.

Qin Wentian didn’t bother about them. He took the lead and rushed forwards, arriving in front of Orchon and the others. Fan Le’s arrows protected him on his left and right side, the golden arrows following his every steps.

As Fan Le grew stronger, his powers of psyche force had already reach a certain standard. Currently, it was extremely simple for him to control the flight of his Astral Arrows.

The one facing Qin Wentian directly was none other than Orchon. By his side was Hou Tie, while behind him was Chu Chen. Despite the advantage in numbers, when Orchon sensed the aura Qin Wentian was emanating, he felt his body go weak, completely devoid of strength. He had never once imagined that Qin Wentian’s aura would be so overbearing to such an extent where he would resemble an indestructible fiendgod.

Bzzz! Qin Wentian made his move, his speed as quick as a bolt of lightning.

The first strike of his was none other than Mountain Splitter of the Great Dream Halberd Art.

Powered by his Bloodline Limit, as well as augmentation granted by the Fiend Transformation Art, the might of this strike was something that far exceeded Orchon’s imagination. Not only that, the power of the strike was also increased by the boosting effects of his ancient halberd.

At this moment, however, Orchon could only defend in response. His long Divine Spear exploded forth like a blooming lotus as ten millions filaments of light burst out, inundating the area with silver light.

However, the moment the lotus bloomed, it was immediately shattered by the tyrannical aura of the halberd. The petals of the lotus shimmered as they transformed into fragments, dissipating along with the wind. When the overbearing aura gushed forth, it was as though there was nothing Qin Wentian’s ancient halberd couldn’t conquer. Orchon’s heart was penetrated an instant later, causing many to be dumbstruck. After which, Qin Wentian let out a roar of rage as he lifted the impaled body of Orchon up in the air.

“Those who block me, die!”

The roar of anger resonated in the air. The movements of those from the Royal Academy slowed as their eyes widened, looking at the body of Orchon propped up in the air.

Death in a single strike.

At this moment, it was as though time completely stopped. The countenances of the Yuanfu cultivators from the Ou Clan who were hovering in the air all went pale white. What a tyrannical slaughter!

Below Yuanfu, other than Qin Wentian, there was no one else able to manifest such a tyrannical aura.

An old man from the Ou Clan convulsed involuntarily as he emitted an intense killing intent. A visible green vein bulged atop his forehead; he wanted nothing more than to tear Qin Wentian apart. However, he couldn't do so.

This was merely a few chaotic clashes between the ‘armies’ of both sides, and the participants could slaughter those from the other camp freely. The unspoken rules of this war were clear to both the academies. Currently the Yuanfu cultivators on both sides had not join the battle as of yet because they were all afraid. The moment Yuanfu cultivators joined in, killing the Arterial Circulation cultivators in cold blood, the ‘end game’ would be already set in motion. Those at Arterial Circulation would be mere cannon fodder. Neither of the academies wanted to initiate such a move unless they were sure of their own advantage.

Chu Tianjiao obviously shared the same sentiment; he didn't want the war to enter the ‘end game’ state yet. Although they held the advantage in terms of numbers, if he were to compare the power levels of experts at the Yuanfu realm, the Royal Academy didn't have as great an advantage as they would like to have. Thus, he prefered to slowly whittle the strength of the Emperor Star Academy, reducing the numbers of their students even more. After all the students of the Emperor Star Academy were dead, the academy wouldn't have any more reasons for existing, right?

On the other hand, if he jumped straight to the ‘end game’, allowing the scale of the battle to grow even larger, even Chu Tianjiao didn't have absolute confidence in his own safety. What if the Emperor Star Academy had a secret task force of a few old freaks ganging up on him to kill him? Who would dare to say he would still be alive?

And so, until the very last moment, Chu Tianjiao was unwilling to do such a thing. He also knew that there was no way the Emperor Star Academy would initiate by sending out their Yuanfu cultivators. Because the moment they did so, the Royal Academy would respond in kind. One must know that in front of Yuanfu, cultivators at the Arterial Circulation Realm had no way to resist at all. The Emperor Star Academy would definitely not want to see their students dying in a blood bath.

Hence, these unspoken rules were concurred by both parties to allow students below Yuanfu to clash first.

Nobody dared to break that thin line of balance.

After Qin Wentian slayed Orchon, the battle once again erupted in intensity. The spirits of those from the Emperor Star Academy soared up to their brims as they went all out, attacking in a frenzy.

At the same time, many sought to encircle Qin Wentian. Their intentions were obvious with merely a single glance.

If Qin Wentian died in the frenzy of such a chaotic battle, it just meant that he was useless. Even if Gongyang Hong wanted to pursue, who would he pursue? None of the Yuanfu cultivators made a move against Qin Wentian.

But whenever Qin Wentian killed a member of their academy, the hearts of those from the Royal Academy couldn't help but shudder.

The current Qin Wentian was many times more powerful compared to the time when he had competed in the Jun Lin Banquet. No wonder Sikong Mingyue wasn't his opponent, easily getting trounced by Qin Wentian.

Executing the Garuda Movement Technique, Qin Wentian was like the wind. A pressure akin to mountains falling erupted as he blasted forth with his left palms, while the ancient halberd in his right slaughtered out a path of blood. He was unstoppable.

Luo Cheng’s sabre, Yu Fei’s sword, Luo Huan’s control as well as Fan Le’s arrows all moved in accordance to Qin Wentian’s movements. Their coordination was akin to a killing machine, breaking the formations of students from the Royal Academy.

BOOOM. Deafening roars rang out as a multitude of palm shadows flew towards Qin Wentian, seeking to bury Qin Wentian within. Chu Chen stood behind, amplifying the power levels of those attacking Qin Wentian. In battles like this, the effects of his Astral Soul was one of the best.

The ancient halberd weaved about in a beautiful dance, as an illusory form of the Xuanwu Turtle manifested around Qin Wentian. A series of explosions echoed, but the barrier formed by the Xuanwu Turtle withstood the attacks. Despite the amplifications, their attacks were still unable to breach his defense.

Sizzzz! A resplendent light flickered as the ancient halberd swept out, tracing beautiful arcs in the air. Qin Wentian flickered; he treaded the air, flying towards Chu Chen while simultaneously executing the Fallen Mountain Palms innate technique with both soles of his feet.

Chu Chen’s countenance stiffened. He knew that with Qin Wentian’s current level of power, if he was determined to kill someone, that person would definitely die.

Chu Chen rapidly retreated, but somehow Fan Le seemed to know what Qin Wentian was thinking and fired his arrows, cutting off the paths of retreat for Chu Chen.

Chu Chen’s countenance turned extremely unsightly. Qin Wentian’s fiendishly good looking eyes shot out a ray of light into the eyes of Chu Chen. Having lost himself in the endless depths of Qin Wentian’s eyes, Chu Chen was unable to muster any semblance of defense.


Even when the ancient halberd slashed into his head, Chu Chen was still lost inside his dreams, unaware of his impending doom. That momentary lapse of concentration was already enough to determine his fate.

Orchon was dead, as well as Chu Chen from the Royal Clan.

These two who just died were ranked among the top few cultivators in the Jun Lin Banquet. Upon witnessing such a scenario, the countenances of the Yuanfu cultivators from the Royal Academy turned ashen.

Despite having the absolute advantage in numbers, it seemed that everything was useless in front of Qin Wentian. His team formation alone could cut through the team formations of students from the Royal Academy like a hot knife through butter, displaying absolute strength.

Qin Wentian was too strong within the Arterial Circulation Realm.

Resplendent lights flickered in the eyes of those from the Emperor Star Academy. When Qin Wentian had volunteered to be the vanguard, they were still afraid that he would encounter encirclement. But now after seeing his tyrannical combat prowess, all of their worries melted into the thin air.

If no Yuanfu cultivator stepped out, Qin Wentian was undefeatable.

For those at the Arterial Circulation Realm, even counting those from the Nine Mystical Palace, the current Qin Wentian could be considered the number one existence. He was unrivalled below Yuanfu!

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