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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 186 — Mystic Moon Hall

Chapter 186: Mystic Moon Hall

Yi Xiang and one other, stared down Qin Wention, stepping out to walk towards him.

“Brother Qin, you’re the one who can’t appreciate a favor. Don’t blame us,” Yi Xiang spoke indifferently, his killing intent radiating outwards. He truly wanted to see Qin Wentian, an ignorant person hailing from a small country, what capabilities did he have indeed to be this arrogant? Qin Wentian didn’t even know of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan or any of the other transcendent powers. What were his origins, exactly?

Buzz~ Yi Xiang and the others made their moves, releasing their Astral Souls.

Qin Wentian’s countenance was extremely cold . How could there be such a logic stating he had to hand over the Stellar Fruits after obtaining them. His long hair was fluttering about in the wind, as demonic Qi emanated forth. All the blood in his body seethed, as the blood seal jumped about in a frenzy, containing an incredible power within.

“DIE.” The pressure their opponents emitted came smashing down on them. Yi Xiang and one other dashed towards them, attacking with wild abandon. Mo Qingcheng wanted to counter their attacks, but stopped when Qin Wentian replied, “Leave this to me.”

As the sound of his voice faded, his silhouette transformed into a blur of shadows, instantly appearing before the two opponents as he unleashed a terrifying palm imprint.

4th Stance of the Thousand-Hand Imprints - Kuji Imprint

As the Kuji Imprint burst forth, a sense of overwhelming desolation filled the atmosphere, where nothing existed. The power behind the imprint was intent on eradicating everything in its path. Not only that, the gigantic palm’s terrifying manifestation also retained an incomparable sharpness of sword intent. Qin Wentian had executed the Kuji Imprint with the sword-type Divine Yuan Energy in his body.

The expressions of the two attackers froze on their faces; the might of the gigantic palm imprint they sensed contained a pressure so stifling, they couldn’t even breath. It was as though the Kuji Imprint was the only thing that existed in this entire world, sweeping forwards with unstoppable force.

The crowd felt terror in their hearts upon seeing the palm imprint of Qin Wentian. It was unfathomably astonishing as to the depth of power it held; it radiated a bloody sheen and the aura of an Emperor could be felt within .

Since Yi Xiang and the other attacker had no way to retreat, they could only summon all their strength to defend against Qin Wentian’s palm attack. As a thunderous sound echoed out, both Yi Xiang and the other attacker’s arms instantly shattered. Horror filled their eyes as the Kuji Imprint devoured them whole. The pressure of overwhelming desolation smashed their bodies into pieces, before grinding the pieces into dust. No trace of their corpses remained.

“How powerful.”

The countenance of everyone in the crowd froze as they stared at Qin Wentian. They could tell that the earlier palm imprint was at least a middle-tier, earth-grade innate technique. The pressure released was capable of overwhelming destruction; Yi Xiang and the other attacker died before they had a chance to use their trump cards.

The lone youth stood there, his hair an inky black. His aura was incredibly fiendish and demonic Qi was gushing out from him as it grew stronger and stronger by the second. The blood in his body surged and seethed, as he projected an aura of such absolute obedience it seemed as though even kings and emperors had to submit to him.

Currently, he was still young, but if he were to mature in strength, the domineering force behind his aura of absolute obedience would intensify even further. The power of his bloodline limit had definitely come from an exalted and extraordinary lineage.

Expressions of extreme fascination appeared on the faces of Qian Mengyu and those from the Greencloud Pavilion. Qian Mengyu silently mused in her heart, it seemed like she had still underestimated the combat prowess of Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian felt energized by the power of his bloodline limit, sensing the blood seal within his body jumping in a frenzy. This power would seep into his attacks, further enhancing their might to another level.

“So what if you guys managed to obtain the Stellar Fruits? Are all of you blind? Do you think the Swallow Swordsmen would lead you to the celestial lake? Can you clearly not see how many other experts are standing behind you?” Qin Wentian swept his gaze towards those in the Yi Xiang’s alliance. Upon hearing his words, their countenance stiffened as they looked behind, their hearts filled with trepidation.

“Without sufficient power, being a follower of others is equivalent to travelling alone. Only death awaits you at the end of the road.” At the end of his sentence, the ancient halberd appeared in Qin Wentian’s hands, slamming its tip into the ground as if to further emphasize his words.

“What wild words. Mere pretentious bravado.”

Mu Baifei indifferently snorted at Qin Wentian’s speech. His white robes fluttered as his sword Qi propagated, his eyes boring into Qin Wentian’s.

“Take him down,” Mu Baifei commanded, contempt heavily coloring his tone while his countenance still remained as serene as before.

The two other swordsmen from the Yan Continent nodded, and released their Astral Souls. In unison, they walked towards Qin Wentian, their sword fingers marking him as their target.

Qin Wentian stared coldly at the two Swallow Swordsmen, similarly walking towards them with the ancient halberd equipped in his hands. With every step he took, the demonic aura he released grew stronger and stronger. His eyes resembled tunnels of endless depths, so deep a person could drown in them should they dare to meet his gaze.

The two white-clad swordsmen stabbed out with their sword fingers, as tremendous amounts of sword Qi swirled about, lacerating the void as tens of millions filaments of sword light bloomed.

Qin Wentian weaved the ancient halberd in beautiful arcs, as an illusory form of a towering Xuanwu Tortoise appeared, immovable even in the presence of his opponent’s sword Qi.

“Hmph.” The two Swallow Swordsmen laughed coldly. Flicking their fingers, two exceptionally sharp swords materialized from above the defending phantom, chopping downwards to tear the illusory Xuanwu Tortoise apart.

The blood seal within his body trembled; the power of his bloodline limit seeping into his innate techniques caused the defense of the illusory Xuanwu manifestation to be overwhelmingly strong. Qin Wentian took another step forwards, his aura directly clashed against the overflowing sword might, counter-pressuring his opponents.

The two Swallow Swordsmen snorted with indifference, as they too, took a step forwards. Sweeping their sword fingers out in a horizontal slash, their energy input caused the filaments of sword light to grow even stronger and more resplendent.

At that instant, Qin Wentian dashed forth, smashing his ancient halberd forwards. The illusory form of the towering Xuanwu howled in rage as it rushed out; the abundant amount of blood light erupting outwards covered the entire space, acting as a barrier against the overflowing sword Qi. The ancient halberd in Qin Wentian’s hands transformed into a dazzling stream of light, breaking apart all that obstructed his way.

The two swordsmen retracted their sword fingers while unsheathing their physical swords. This was the first time they had taken their swords out of their scabbards, the silvery glow reflected off their swords was extremely blinding, causing pain to the eyes of those who saw it.

The two swords simultaneously slashed out, clashing directly against the incoming ancient halberd of Qin Wentian. The power gushing forth from the ancient halberd subdued the terrifying bursts of sword Qi, seemingly groaning under its pressure before dissipating. The two Swallow Swordsmen were forced backwards from the impact, their countenance incomparably unsightly. The power contained within Qin Wentian’s attack was immeasurably formidable.

Despite this, they instantly recovered their stances, dancing about with their swords. The faltering sword Qi grew increasingly stronger, as they both transformed into two streams of lights, explosively dashing towards Qin Wentian.

Casting a glance at the ancient halberd of Qin Wentian, Mu Baifei could tell that it was a divine weapon. The already tyrannical attacks of Qin Wentian were even more overwhelming with the augmentation effects of his divine weapon.

Mu Baifei’s silhouette flickered, his movements akin to the wind. His sword keened, as he unsheathed it with blinding speed. Although his sword strike was delivered after theirs, it actually arrived in front of Qin Wentian at the same moment as the two other swords. Three sword attacks from three different angles, wanting to steal Qin Wentian’s life away.

“Mu Baifei, your reputation is undeserved.” Ouyang Kuangsheng’s countenance was filled with contempt upon seeing Mu Baifei’s actions.

Swallow Swordsmen were known for their outstanding attacks, yet even with two, they were counter-pressured by Qin Wentian. And now, with the inclusion of Mu Baifei, there would be no glory even if they won.

Mu Baifei naturally knew this as well. But since he had already intervened, he knew he must kill Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian felt an overwhelming impending sense of danger. He quickly reacted, weaving the ancient halberd in his hands in a beautiful dance, as he swept it out horizontally to block. As expected, although Mu Baifei’s sword position appeared to be further away, it was just an illusion. If his reaction has been slower by even a microsecond, the sword would have already penetrated through Qin Wentian’s throat.

Borrowing the power generated from the force of the impact, Qin Wentian executed the Garuda Movement Steps to its utmost limits, his perfected steps appearing exquisite beyond comparison as he retreated. The swords of the two other attackers missed Qin Wentian by an instant, but the terrifying sword Qi of their attacks still slashed towards his face, causing him to feel a sticky sensation.

As he was retreating, he gingerly touched his face, only to feel traces of blood seeping out.

“Swallow Swordsmen?” Qin Wentian inclined his head, staring at his three attackers. An expression of ridicule appeared on his countenance, as he coldly continued, “They’re nothing much, after all.”

His words caused the countenances of the crowd to transform into something extremely fascinating to behold. Qin Wentian was truly powerful, to think that he could block a joint attack from Mu Baifei and the two other Swallow Swordsmen.

Mu Baifei pointed his sword straight at Qin Wentian, as he replied, “Is that so?”

As the sound of his voice faded, the eruption of sword Qi from Mu Baifei grew even stronger.

Upon observing all these happenings, a group of people walked towards Mo Qingcheng. As the companion of Qin Wentian, there should also be some Stellar Fruits in her possession right?

However, at this moment, an unknown figure appeared in front of Mo Qingcheng. This figure was robed in black, her delicate and exquisite figure was already sufficient to steal the breath of the crowd away. In addition to wearing a conical bamboo hat, she also wore a veil to conceal her features. Only a pair of exceptionally bright and clear eyes could be seen of her features.

The moment the mysterious figure appeared, a group of similarly clothed cultivators stood to her left and right, directly in front of Mo Qingcheng. Their movements caused the crowd to feel as if they were intentionally protecting her.

With the exception of the mysterious figure, the features of the rest of her comrades were unmasked, their beautiful faces could be clearly seen by the crowd.

“Does the Mystic Moon Hall wish to intervene?” A strange glow appeared in Mu Baifei’s eyes as he took in the situation. Those from the Mystic Moon Hall were always mysterious, cultivating many unfathomable and bizarre innate techniques that contained excessive Yin. Thus, the majority of cultivators from the Mystic Moon Hall were females.

Mystic Moon Hall of the Spirit Continent, it was one of the transcendent powers of the nine continents.

Initially, Qin Wentian was extremely worried for Mo Qingcheng, but upon seeing those from the Mystic Moon Hall protecting her, he let out a sigh of relief. However, he couldn’t help but wonder at their actions. Mo Qingcheng was from Chu, and shouldn’t have had contact with those from the Mystic Moon Hall before.

“She’s from the Mystic Moon Hall?”

An excited gleam appeared in the eyes of Shiki from the Beast King Hall as he took note of Mo Qingcheng. Although Mo Qingcheng’s current features were obscured, he had once seen what she really looked like. And now upon seeing the group of cultivators from the Mystic Moon Hall guarding Mo Qingcheng, he deduced that she was definitely one of the important chosen disciples from Mystic Moon. This knowledge caused his lust to soar even higher.

“Hehe, ATTACK,” Shiki coldly commanded. An instant later, the cultivators from the Beast King Hall lunged out, as terrifying demonic Qi permeated the air.

“A bunch of vile bastards.” Someone in the Mystic Moon Hall ridiculed. The majority of cultivators in the Beast King Hall were all of beastmen linage. Upon hearing the taunt, their anger exploded as they clashed with those from the Mystic Moon Hall.

“You are mine.” A smile of lust appeared on Shiki’s face as he crouched down on all fours, darting towards Mo Qingcheng. An extremely icy look flashed in Mo Qingcheng’s eyes as she released her Astral Souls. As a Yuanfu cultivator, even though her Yuanfu was currently suppressed, she would still have an advantage when fighting against cultivators at the Arterial Circulation Realm.

Qin Wentian glanced in the direction of Shiki, furrowing his brows as a terrifying cold light flickered in his eyes. In his heart, he had already sentenced Shiki to death.

Qin Wentian opened his mouth, swallowing a Stellar Fruit just as a wave of terrifying sword Qi gushed over from the approaching Swallow Swordsmen.

“There’s still time for all of you to stop your actions now,” Qin Wentian coldly stated. He was extremely worried for Mo Qingcheng.

“You must die here today,” Mu Baifei just as coldly, replied.

The three of them joined hands to attack Qin Wentian. If he were to still survive, what would happen to their reputation? And in future, how could they still have the face to interact with cultivators of the same generation within the nine continents?

Currently, all of them already were half a step into Yuanfu. In just a mere year or two later, it would be their turn for their names to shine brilliantly.

“Since you wish to court death so much, I shall grant it to you.” Qin Wentian slammed his ancient halberd downwards, embedding it in the ground as a terrifying tempest of sword Qi emanated forth from him

To their extreme astonishment, the crowd saw countless swords manifest from Astral Energy, flickering about Qin Wentian, and shrouding him within. The sharp keen of swords grinding each other could be heard, as an incredibly monstrous sword Qi emanated forth.

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