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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 194 — Rising Wind

Chapter 194: Rising Wind

Qin Wentian spent these past few days quietly in cultivation, keeping an extremely low profile. After the lesson learnt from the last assassination attempt, he knew that prevention was always better than a cure. If it weren’t for his powerful physique, he would already be dead.

But who was the assassin? Was he from the Nine Mystical Palace, Ou Clan, Ye Clan or the Royal Clan?

There was completely no way to investigate. All traces and clues that could have been garnered, were all wiped away with the assassin’s death.

To Qin Wentian, the only matter of paramount importance was raising his own powers through cultivation.

Inside his courtyard, he slowly opened his eyes. A faint demonic presence emanated from him, now that he had condensed an Astral Soul from the Demon Sovereign Constellation. Absorbing vast quantities of Astral Energy which were tinged heavily by the demonic Qi, he had met the requirements to cultivate the further levels of the Fiend Transformation Art.

“Boss.” Fan Le walked over. Qin Wentian turned his gaze onto Fan Le as he asked, “Are you slacking off again?”

“Naw, I don’t slack,” Fan Le said with a straight face before continuing, “Teacher Mustang wants us to go clear out a street. Do you wanna come along?” Fan Le grinned.

“Clear out a street?” Qin Wentian’s eyes narrowed.

“Yeah, recently those from the Royal Academy have been encroaching on our former territory. Back then, when those from the Azure Emperor Palace were still around, the academy could only silently put up with it. Now that they’re gone, the academy decided to launch a sneak attack, clearing out those Royal Academy riffraff away from Sake Street,” Fan Le explained.

“Those from the Royal Academy actually dared to act so brazenly?” A cold glint of light could be seen flickering in Qin Wentian’s eyes.

“They only know how to depend on those representatives from the transcendent powers. I wonder where they’re from, since each of them are in control of one region and our Emperor Star Academy won’t dare to act rashly. Teacher says that most likely, all of them are from the Nine Mystical Palace and they wanted to push our Emperor Star Academy into a dead end,” Fan Le replied. Qin Wentian then stood up, “I will go along with you all.”

“Mmm, okay and don’t worry, I’m here with orders from Teacher. This time around, we have to teach those bastards from the Royal Academy a lesson they’ll remember.” Fan Le grinned as anticipation flashed on his face. There should be Yuanfu level experts from the higher echelons of their academy participating in the operation, as well.

Qin Wentian and Fan Le quickly gathered at a previously designated meeting point, a location randomly found in the Emperor Star Academy. Upon noting their arrivals, Mustang spoke, “Disperse and proceed, we will gather at Sake Street. Wentian, you will go together with me.”

“Roger.” Everyone nodded, as they departed in batches. This way, they wouldn’t attract unnecessary attention.


Over at Sake Street, Ye Wuque, who was currently enjoying his drink, glanced downwards as an expression of misgiving appeared on his face.

“Look over there, those people may be a little troublesome to handle.”

Ye Ran and Elder You narrowed their eyes as though they also sensed something.

“Spread this to everyone, those from the Emperor Star Academy have arrived,” Ye Wuque commanded. As his command was disseminated, the whole Sake Street became busy. Some of the customers with no affiliation to the situation, quietly sat within the restaurant, minding their own business. They didn’t dare to offend either party and could only be spectators.

Diagonally opposite to the restaurant Ye Wuque was in, a group of figures appeared. Upon seeing this group of people, Ye Wuque and Sikong Mingyue’s countenances stiffened.

“Mustang, Qin Wentian.”

“Indeed, Qin Wentian’s injuries have all healed, and the rumors were true. He has returned.”

A terrifying sharp light glinted in Sikong Mingyue’s eyes, as his killing intent pierced towards the direction of Qin Wentian. However, Sikong Mingyue soon laughed coldly when he realized that Qin Wentian didn’t even notice his killing intent.

Group after group of people walked out from the other restaurant, and very swiftly, waves of strong battle intent surged out as both sides of the street soon resembled a battlefield, with opponents standing on either side.

“Kill” A low voice echoed amidst the surging battle intent, and cultivators on both sides started to engage in killing frenzies. The cultivation base of these people were at the 7th level of Arterial Circulation, at the very least, and ranged all the way up to the 2nd level of Yuanfu. Words were unnecessary as the clashes started directly. Upon seeing this, Qin Wentian understood that the enmity of both sides had already reached a point of no return. No side would rest until the other was completely annihilated.

“Sister Luo Huan has also broken through to Yuanfu.” Qin Wentian glanced at Luo Huan who gave the impression of a female Asura, aiming for sure-kills with every strike of her attacks, showing no mercy. It was as though all the melancholy and depression bottled up in her was being unleashed in the form of violence.

“Wuque.” Ye Ran turned his gaze towards Ye Wuque. It was obvious that their opponents came prepared for this battle. Although their reinforcements were on the way, the Emperor Star Academy had many powerful experts rushing over, as well.

Boom! On the roof of a certain restaurant, a powerful expert descended from the skies. This person was robed in black, an extremely bloodthirsty aura could be felt gushing from him as he turned his gaze downwards to the clashes below in the street.

However, after he appeared, another figure also descended onto the roof of the restaurant directly opposite him. Calmly standing there, the new arrival, who was an old man, emitted a powerful aura that didn’t lose out to the man robed in black.

The two of them made no movements, as they stared at each other. Obviously, they could feel the threat of each other’s power.

Crumbling sounds rang out as the roofs of the restaurants they were standing on disintegrated into dust, no longer able to withstand their powerful auras. Despite this, they remained standing in the air, motionlessly locking their gazes with each other, each appearing as calm as before.

A fearsome whirlwind manifested due to the equally powerful auras blasting against each other.

BOOM! The black robed man stepped forth, punching out as a black-colored windstorm manifested in the air before him. However, his opponent remained calmly standing there. The long white beard of his opponent, fluttered about in the wind, and at the instant when the black robed man closed the distance, the old man slammed forwards with a palm strike, causing tens of millions of palm shadows to descend from the skies. In response, the black robed man coldly laughed as he channeled more of his energy into the windstorm, causing it to strengthen in intensity.

A terrifying aura of destruction devastated their surroundings, as numerous inns and restaurants collapsed. The entire street was in a similar state as it bore the brunt of the attacks from the Stellar Martial Cultivators. The spectators and onlookers frantically retreated to a far enough location, their hearts shuddering as they gazed upon the piles of rubble, so different compared to the luxurious street of just a few minutes ago.

“Experts at the 3rd level of Yuanfu, so it seems like this is not going to be a minor clash.” Many were quaking in their boots. Flying-type demonic beasts could be seen up in the air, as endless waves of experts kept arriving in a rush, reinforcing their respective academy.

It was as though a small-scale battle had set off a chain reaction, as this was quickly escalating to a full blown war.

The restaurant Ye Wuque was in hadn’t been demolished yet. At the moment, he was still leisurely drinking wine as he shot a cold glance in Mustang’s direction. “Mustang, are you trying to incite a war?”

Upon hearing his voice, Qin Wentian turned his gaze over, glancing at Ye Wuque. He had long heard of Ye Wuque’s name. Over a year ago, the reason why Autumn Snow reneged on their engagement, was precisely because of Ye Wuque.

After which, he had met Ye Wuque on several occasions, and from Ye Wuque’s indifferent attitude, Qin Wentian could tell that he was an extremely proud and arrogant man.

Mustang couldn’t be bothered about Ye Wuque. Although Ye Wuque was considered powerful, if considering their statuses, Ye Wuque was merely a junior. Ye Wuque’s way of speaking held no trace of politeness in them at all, so naturally Mustang wasn’t going to reply.

“Hmph, he’s really good at acting.” Ye Ran faintly laughed. Looking at Ye Wuque, he stated, “Wuque, based on your current cultivation base, the 2nd level of Yuanfu, as well as your cultivation speed, soon that Elder from the Emperor Star Academy will be unable to be your opponent.”

The Elder Ye Ran was referring to was naturally Mustang. However, Qin Wentian was somewhat shocked when he heard that Ye Wuque had already broken through to the 2nd level of Yuanfu.

“Competing with him?” Ye Wuque laughed as he glanced at Mustang. “Meaningless.”

“Indeed, he’s a full generation ahead of you after all.” Ye Ran’s words contained hints of fawning in them. After all, Ye Wuque held an extraordinary position in the Ye Clan. Even though he was an Elder, his authority couldn’t be compared to Ye Wuque. Not to mention that the current power level of Ye Wuque was no longer considered weaker when compared to him.

Mustang paid no attention to them as he laughed. Looking at the Qin Wentian in front of him, he felt extremely gratified in his heart. Mustang’s Astral Soul was condensed from the Heavenly Vision Constellation, he had naturally discovered that Qin Wentian had also broken through to the Yuanfu Realm.

Back then, when Qin Wentian was still at the Arterial Circulation Realm, he could jump levels and defeat his opponents, regardless of whether they were shocking geniuses like Sikong Mingyue or Luo Qianqiu. Previously at the Arterial Circulation Realm, he could already defend for a time against the Yuanfu-level Ye Wuque. Now that he had stepped into Yuanfu, based on Qin Wentian’s historical growth, it wouldn’t take too long for him to trample Ye Wuque under his feet.

As for Sikong Mingyue, Qin Wentian had long disregarded this trash.

“I’m already old, there’s a limit to my accomplishments. However Wentian, you are different. You don’t need to care too much about these so called ‘geniuses’ of Chu, just treat them as ordinary people. You have to broaden your perspective, and not limit your horizons, as there’s no need to compete with them.”

Mustang spoke to Qin Wentian, guiding and instructing him. However, was that also not a form of reply to Ye Wuque? He was telling Qin Wentian to widen his perspectives and there was no need to compete with them; obviously this was a slap to Ye Wuque and his comrades, implying that they did not have the qualifications to be compared to Qin Wentian.

Indeed, upon hearing Mustang’s words, Ye Wuque’s eyes narrowed as a sharp glint of light flashed in them. Ye Ran then glanced at Mustang, as he coldly laughed. “What a shameless boast, truly ridiculous.”

“Time has passed so swiftly, indeed. Back then, when I was in the Sky Harmony City, you had just started on the pathway of cultivation. At that time, I had already discovered you when you were in the Bai Clan, and you were merely at the Body Refinement Realm then. Even I didn’t dare to trust my eyes when I saw your current cultivation level. I’m truly gratified, and I imagine that the Bai Clan must be filled with countless regrets now.”

Mustang was extremely moved. However, from the tone of his voice, Qin Wentian could sense traces of hurt within. He suddenly thought of the death of Mountain, which brought him to a sudden realization that Mustang may have intentions to sacrifice his life in order to seek revenge today. Mountain was the adopted son of Mustang, whom he had raised from a child to man. Back when Qin Wentian was pursuing the killers, he was blocked by the Yuanfu level Ye Wuque. Mustang must have learnt of this from Rain or Luo Huan.

Thinking of this, Qin Wentian’s heart trembled slightly. Without a doubt, Teacher Mustang wanted to kill Ye Wuque today.

Yes, he was definitely right. Today, Mustang came for the death of Ye Wuque.

Thinking of the deaths of Zi Jun and Mountain, the glint of light flickering in Qin Wentian’s eyes grew sharper and sharper.

The clashes occurring in the street became increasingly ferocious in intensity, as expert after expert rushed over, reinforcing their respective academies. The matter had already turned from a small-scale clash into a large-scale war, and not only that, Qin Wentian also noticed the arrival of Xiao Lan and the others.

Xiao Lǜ, Wu Chong, Wang Teng. All of them were here.

As for the other spectators, they had long vacated the area, not wanting to be embroiled in the madness.

At this moment, Sikong Mingyue strode forth, soaring upwards as he stood in the air. This undoubtedly proved that Sikong Mingyue had already broken through to Yuanfu.

A malevolent killing intent poured out from him as he pointed his finger at Qin Wentian “Qin Wentian, GET THE F*** OVER HERE. Fight me if you dare.”

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