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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 199 — Killing Wang Teng

Chapter 199: Killing Wang Teng

Chu Emperor District was opened to the masses today. The entire spectator’s stand was filled with people from all around the Royal Capital; how could they miss a life and death battle between Qin Wentian and the three powerhouses at the second level of Yuanfu?

If Ye Wuque rejected the challenge, the halo from his ‘genius’ title, would fade away from him.

In any case, he was Ye Wuque, the most talented cultivator in the Ye Clan’s younger generation, with a second level Yuanfu cultivation base. Naturally, he would not reject the battle.

Qin Wentian had long arrived way before the appointed time, sitting atop a dueling platform, with his eyes closed. His countenance did not twitch, it was as though he didn’t realize he was the target of stares from the entire crowd in the spectator’s stand.

Mustang, Luo Huan and Fan Le had also arrived. How could they miss such a battle?

Even Chu Tianjiao was present. He sat atop the Azure Dragon Jadeite Seat, an expression of anticipation could be seen on his face. He really wanted to see how Qin Wentian could be so confident in winning against Ye Wuque, Wu Chong and Wang Teng.

Bai Qingsong and Autumn Snow were here, as well. Deep in her heart, Autumn Snow felt an indescribable emotion as she gazed upon Qin Wentian. If it weren’t for the fact that she was personally witnessing all this, she would never have imagined the day would come where Qin Wentian would duel against Ye Wuque.

Would he be able to win?

For reasons unknown, at this moment in Autumn Snow’s heart, she was actually willing to believe there was a possibility for Qin Wentian to defeat Ye Wuque.

“Hmph, look at how much effort the Emperor Star Academy had to expend to protect him. Since he dared to issue the Life-and-Death Contract, he would be the laughing stock of the country if he died here,” remarked Qiu Mo with sarcasm. From below the platform, he glared at Qin Wentian, his countenance cold.

Back then, he had never liked Qin Wentian and had been involved in several conflicts with him. Thus, seeing Qin Wentian gradually becoming stronger, he naturally felt displeasure in his heart.

Luo Huan laughed lightly as she stared at Qiu Mo. “Oh yeah, do you still remember what a loser you were back then? You were at Yuanfu, while Junior Brother Qin was only at Arterial Circulation. You only knew how to use sarcastic words and the pressure of a higher cultivation base to bully him. I’m afraid that now, if he merely smacked you once with his palms, you would definitely die.”

Qiu Mo’s countenance froze. His cultivation base was still at the first level of Yuanfu, same as the Sikong Mingyue who was defeated by a single palm strike. He could only snort coldly in response, while bearing with the jealousy in his heart.

At this moment, a few figures abruptly appeared in the air. These figures were none other than Ye Wuque, Wu Chong and Wang Teng.

Ye Wuque was clad in white, and was as handsome as ever. Wu Chong’s own demeanor was incredibly demonic, while Wang Teng gave off an aura of extreme arrogance.

The three of them stood in the air, disdainfully looking down at Qin Wentian with cold gazes. They were exceptional geniuses who had a cultivation base at the second level of Yuanfu, but their face and pride were all tarnished, now that they had been challenged by a mere 1st level Yuanfu cultivator.

“If you died in today’s life and death battle, are you sure no one would come and make trouble for us?” Wang Teng stared at Qin Wentian, as he coldly remarked.

Naturally, Wang Teng was referring to Diyi. If Diyi chose to take revenge for Qin Wentian’s death, no one in Chu could stop him.

“If Qin Wentian dies in battle today, I can promise you that no one from my side will seek revenge for him. However, if anyone from your side dares to interfere in this battle, be prepared to bear the consequences yourselves.” Beneath the platform, Ren Qianxing’s cold gaze shot towards the three figures standing in the air. Since Qin Wentian dared to issue the Life-and-Death Contract, he had absolute confidence in him.

“Fine. There’s three of us here, how do you want to die?” Wang Teng asked harshly, his voice as cold as ice.

Qin Wentian was too arrogant, all of them had a cultivation base at the second level of Yuanfu, their reputations were not just for show.

Qin Wentian spread his hands as he stood up. His eyes were incredibly calm, with no hint of disturbance in them. His indifferent attitude clearly indicated that he didn’t even put them in his sights. Such an attitude caused Wang Teng to narrow his eyes in anger. His aura flared up with a sword-like sharpness, as he dashed downwards to Qin Wentian.

Within Qin Wentian’s body, the Astral Energy in his Yuanfu circulated as the blood seals of his bloodline fluttered with agitation. Qin Wentian’s aura was undergoing a transformation.

His long black hair danced about in the wind, while his eyes turned demonic. Even his physique somehow seemed to become stronger and taller, as a red sheen of bloody light could be seen gleaming in his eyes.

“All of you, come at me together.”

Qin Wentian’s voice was still serene, however, and as the sound of his voice drifted into the ears of the crowd, it felt like a thunderbolt strike from out of the blue, shocking them so much that their eyes couldn’t help but widen.

Did they hear it wrongly?

Ye Wuque, Wang Teng and Wu Chong; they were all top-tier experts in the second level of Yuanfu. But now, Qin Wentian actually told all three of them to come at him together?

Those in the crowd that initially had confidence in Qin Wentian, now felt that he was too egotistical. He was simply arrogant, to an unreasonable degree.

“He truly doesn’t know how high the Heavens are.” Qiu Mo laughed, with contempt in his eyes. Was Qin Wentian looking for death?

Mustang gazed upon Qin Wentian’s figure. He didn’t know why, but he felt extremely touched.

Ye Wuque, Wu Chong and Wang Teng were the culprits behind Mountain’s death. Qin Wentian didn’t choose to fight them one-on-one, because he knew that if he killed just one of the three, the other two might no longer want to battle. Only in a scenario of one versus three, would his opponents have no chance to give a rejection.

As for Qin Wentian’s decision to fight three of them at the same time, naturally, Mustang also had absolute confidence in Qin Wentian’s abilities.

Since Qin Wentian had said it, he would definitely be able to accomplish it.

This was the impression Qin Wentian had always given to him. Back then it was so, when they were in the Sky Harmony City. Back then, it was also the same during the Jun Lin Banquet.

Today, it would be the same as well.

Luo Huan and Fan Le also had the utmost faith in Qin Wentian. Unknowingly, that youth had already caused his friends to believe in him to such an extent, a confidence that had no logic, yet this was an emotion that came from the depths of their hearts.

Ye Wuque, Wang Teng and Wu Chong were all stunned. Even Ye Wuque, who was always calm and collected, couldn’t help but to laugh out loud. Qin Wentian was so clueless, he wouldn’t even know how he’d die later on.

“The price of your foolishness, is death,” Ye Wuque remarked. After which, he glanced at the two others beside him, as he continued, “Since he wishes to court death this much, let’s grant it to him.”

In unison, the nine Astral Souls of the three cultivators erupted into being. Brilliant star light illuminated the area, as rampant Astral Energy waves bedazzled the audience’s vision.

“DIE!” Ye Wuque roared, as brutal killing intent pressed downwards. The three of them turned, rushing towards Qin Wentian with incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, they formed a chaotic maelstrom of carnage gusting towards Qin Wentian.

Ye Wuque’s attack resembled a sword, flashing multi-colored beams of sword light, penetrating through everything.

Wu Chong’s attack resembled a demon, incomparably ferocious, able to suppress all his opponents.

Wang Teng’s attack resembled a war chariot, bulldozing over everything that blocked his path.

Their attacks congregated together, forming into the maelstrom, with Qin Wentian as the target. The hearts of the crowd pounded wildly, it was as though they could already see Qin Wentian getting lacerated into pieces. The maelstrom howled in madness.

Boom! Qin Wentian took a step forwards, as a towering aura erupted forth from him. In that instant, boundless amounts of demonic Qi and a blood-colored glow coalesced, shrouding him in a layer of light. His inky black long hair was so straight that they resembled swords.

Qin Wentian inclined his head, as his eyes flickered with a fearsome bloody demonic light. Just a single stare from him was capable of causing the three above to feel a stifling sense of pressure, but in spite of this, they did not lessen the power of their attacks. They wanted Qin Wentian to die here.

ROAR~ A terrifying howl of rage exploded from Qin Wentian, as though he wanted to obliterate both Heaven and Earth. Blasting out with both his palms, the crowd felt the aura Qin Wentian was exuding resembled an Ancient Demon. His attacks gave off the feeling that there was nothing they couldn't conquer.

As the last stance of the Thousand-Hands Imprint - Great Thousand-Hands Imprint, erupted forth, the space between Qin Wentian and the three attackers were filled with countless gigantic palm shadows, colliding directly with the incoming maelstrom.

The terrifying sounds of an immense explosion rang out, actually reducing the might of the fearsome maelstrom, to the extent it became a ferocious after-wind, blowing upon the faces of the crowd. After the explosion, Qin Wentian was already flying in the skies, dragging the three attackers with him as he continued heading upwards.

“KILL!” Qin Wentian roared, as he spat out endless beams of sword rays, while blasting forwards with both his palms. His attacks were filled with an indomitable might.

The scene of Qin Wentian dragging the bodies of his attackers upwards, caused the hearts of the crowd to tremble with disbelief. Was this even possible? They felt as though they were under an illusion, it was as if Qin Wentian was the one with the higher cultivation base. He gave off the feeling that his body contained an unlimited amount of energy.

“You are dead, Wang Teng.” Qin Wentian’s voice drifted to the crowd as he executed the Dragon Capturing Hands from the top-tier, Human-Graded innate technique - Dragon Subduing Fist. With his current cultivation base, the Dragon Capturing Hands when executed, was akin to him really subduing a demonic dragon. His hands transformed into blood-red dragon claws as he made a grab towards Wang Teng.

The countenances of the three attackers turned incomparably unsightly to behold. Howling madly, they spun in the air and twisted away as the Astral Energy within their Yuanfu exploded forth, granting them sudden bursts of strength. After they lengthened the distance between them and Qin Wentian, powerful innate techniques of different varieties were blasted out, targeting the latter.

Qin Wentian responded by pushing out his left palm. A fearsome red-colored mountain peak manifested, as it explosively slammed towards Ye Wuque and Wu Chong. Qin Wentian had already perfected his Falling Mountain Palms, especially when he had converted the Astral Energy absorbed from the Heavenly Hammer Constellation to Mountain-type Divine Energy within his body. This further augmented the power of this innate technique.

Ye Wuque and Wu Chong both madly sent out their attacks, splitting apart the mountain peak. However at the same time, Qin Wentian’s right draconic claw had already reached Wang Teng.

“SCRAM!” Wang Teng howled, as his Astral Souls descended. The attack he unleashed with both hands were akin to the power of ten thousand horses galloping across the plains. However, the Dragon Capturing Hands Qin Wentian executed was infused with Sword-type Divine Energy, containing an exceptional sharpness, easily breaking Wang Teng’s attack apart. Fear flashed in his eyes, as Wang Teng quickly retreated. However, the draconic claws of Qin Wentian seemed as though they were truly attached to the arms of a demon. With great speed, Qin Wentian’s arms actually lengthened, his claws clutching around Wang Teng’s head.

“NOOOOOOO!” Wang Teng’s features contorted with terror. When he stared at Qin Wentian, he felt as though he was looking at an invincible demon king.

“Goodbye.” A crisp sound rang out, as the draconic claws crushed Wang Teng’s head. The savage, bloody scene caused the spectators to freeze, as countless people in the crowd were seemingly lost, yet to come back to their senses.

Was that really an attack unleashed by a cultivator at the first level of Yuanfu?

At this moment, the hearts of those second level Yuanfu cultivators in the crowd were also shuddering. If they placed themselves in Wang Teng’s shoes, they would also be unable to block that attack, enabling Qin Wentian to kill them.

When they looked upon Qin Wentian again, there were no longer any traces of the youth from before. He was too powerful.

That youth had matured, and already had the capability to look down on all those supposed ‘geniuses’ of Chu, advancing towards an Era that solely belonged to him!

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