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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 201 — Little Rascal’s Evolution

Chapter 201: Little Rascal’s Evolution

The name, ‘Qin Wentian’, once again resounded throughout the Royal Capital. The champion of the Jun Lin Banquet, after stepping into Yuanfu, had slaughtered Ye Wuque, Wu Chong and Wang Teng within a single battle.

The death of these three dazzling geniuses, further paved the way in adding on to the radiance of the ‘legendary’ youth, Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s status in Chu became an extremely sensitive topic. This character that was venerated by countless commoners as a heaven-defying genius, was on the contrary, hated immensely by the Royal Clan and Ye Clan. But because of the presence of Diyi, no one dared to make a move against Qin Wentian. Even when those from the Ye Clan saw how Ye Wuque died in front of their eyes, they didn’t dare to do anything at all. After all, Qin Wentian and Ye Wuque had a prior agreement - the Life-and-Death Contract, and so their battle was supposed to be one that put their lives on the line.

If Qin Wentian died in the battle, Diyi would not take revenge. If that’s the case, how could the Ye Clan dare to act against Qin Wentian?

Within the Royal Capital, many risk-takers and adventurers hung out in the district of the small town near the boundaries of the Dark Forest. Being in towns or other areas of civilization were the only places where they could relax. Because the moment they entered the Dark Forest, in the face of extreme danger, even their closest friends might betray them.

“Did you guys watch the battle yesterday? That brat Qin Wentian was really too f***ing powerful. He’s too f***ing awesome! He wasted Wang Teng with only a single move!” A powerfully-built man exclaimed enthusiastically to a woman beside him.

“He’s only 17 this year right, is he really that powerful?” The girl remarked in disbelief. A few other cultivators crowded around the man as they spoke, “Brother Bull, are you exaggerating?

“Exaggerating?” Brother Bull glared at them, “You guys didn’t witness the battle with your own eyes and thus have no idea that little brat dominated the entire show. In any case just a breath he spat out has the power to annihilate all of us. You all know who Ye Wuque is right? After Ye Wuque defeated Qiu Mo, he became the 4th ranked among the ten prodigies of Chu. But do you know what the end result was? He died in that battle where they fought three against one. What dog-sheet talent does he have?”

“Brother Bull, tell us more in detail, what happened in the battle? Not only that, what does Qin Wentian look like? Does he have a big head, and strong, muscular limbs?” The beautiful lashes of the lady fluttered, curiosity in her heart.

“Hmm, his biceps are bigger then my thighs, while his thighs are as thick as tree trunks. He’s very strong.” Brother Bull grinned.

“Cough, cough.” The sound of coughing drifted over, and as Brother Bull and the rest turned their heads over, they saw a youth of about 17 years of age with a bitter smile on his face. He held within his arms an extremely adorable snowy puppy.

Qin Wentian felt somewhat depressed in his heart, the rumors spreading about him were getting more and more outrageous. Not only did this Brother Bull knows how to boast, he had totally destroyed Qin Wentian’s image.

“What? Hey little fellow, you don’t believe me? Look at your slender and fragile frame. I believe just a strong gust of wind would already be sufficient to leave you sprawling to the ground. I don’t think you could even withstand an attack from his little finger,” Brother Bull continued boasting.

“I believe, I strongly believe.” Qin Wentian nodded his head continuously, as he hastened his steps, quickly entering the Dark Forest. When he entered the the forest, he couldn’t help but look at the puppy in his arms as he asked, “Little Rascal, am I really that ugly?”

As the sound of Qin Wentian’s voice drifted over to the ears of Brother Bull and the rest of the cultivators, their expressions froze, as they stood there, stunned. By the time they turned their gaze towards the entrance of the Dark Forest, Qin Wentian’s silhouette had already disappeared.

The cultivators around Brother Bull all drew in a deep breath, as they shifted their gazes onto Brother Bull.

“What a liar. What sort of character is Qin Wentian, how can he look so delicate like a pretty boy. Am I right?” Brother Bull laughed loudly, but even he himself could feel the lack of self-confidence in his own words. Shaking his head, he continued, “Yup he’s definitely a liar, he was posing as Qin Wentian.”


Now that Qin Wentian was already at the Yuanfu Realm, it naturally lessened the degree of danger met within the Dark Forest. Although there were still some minor troubles along the way, he still arrived at his destination unharmed.

There was a huge slab of mountain rock in the middle of a vast expanse of land. Qin Wentian laid there as he quietly contemplated his surroundings.

Everything was the same as he remembered, with the exception of the nine illusory towering mountain peaks.

Here in this place back then, he met the dream-will of the green-robed middle aged man, and gained enlightenment. He enlarged the scale and scope of his dreams, indulging himself in fantasy while also receiving the Diagram of the Mountains and Rivers. That Diagram felt increasingly profound, the longer Qin Wentian looked at it. Even the current him when looking at the Diagram, would still perceive different concepts each time, which further increased his insights regarding the Martial Path.

Occasionally, he would also venture a guess. What level of cultivation had the monstrous genius - the green-robed man, reached exactly? His power level shouldn’t be lower when compared to that of the Azure Emperor.

And now, the reason as to why Qin Wentian revisited this place, was naturally because of the promise he had made.

Back then when he was on the verge of death, the Blackwind Condor brought him here to give him a chance of survival. He promised the condor that before he left Chu, when he was able to control the power of his bloodline limit, he would gift the condor three drops of his blood. Now, he was back here to fulfil that promise.

The place where they agreed to meet, was here.

In the distance, the silhouettes of numerous demonic beasts could be seen, while various cries could be heard, as though they were summoning their king.

Indeed, just a short while later, an immense shadow blotted out the sun, rapidly flying towards him as the huge wings created strong gusts of wind.

The Blackwind Condor descended, landing before Qin Wentian, as hints of astonishment could be seen in its cruel eyes.

Back then, although it had made an agreement with Qin Wentian, it didn’t place much faith into it. Humankind places too high an attachment on profit and benefits, and although it was said that demonic beasts are savage and excessively cruel, they would never be able to compare to humankind when it came to craftiness, and of lies and deceit. As a highly intelligent demonic beast, the Blackwind Condor naturally understood many truths about the ugliness of humanity.

Thus, it was completely taken by surprise when he saw that Qin Wentian was here to keep his promise.

“Senior.” Qin Wentian nodded to the Blackwind Condor, upon which he sliced open the skin of his right index finger. As he sliced, he activated the power of his bloodline limit, causing countless blood seals to be channelled to his index finger and almost instantly, that drop of blood was filled with the power of his bloodline limit.

The Blackwind Condor opened its beak, Qin Wentian flicked his index finger as three droplets of blood flew into its mouth. As the Blackwind Condor swallowed the three droplets of blood, a powerful surge of energy started to seeth crazily in its body. Even Qin Wentian who was standing by the side, could faintly sense the undulations.

This caused Qin Wentian to be bewildered, was the power of his bloodline limit really so beneficial?

“Arf arf.” On the ground, Little Rascal inclined its head, staring at Qin Wentian with puppy eyes, appearing extremely pitiful yet still just as adorable.

“Huh, you want some as well?” Qin Wentian asked in wonderment. Upon hearing his words, Little Rascal hurriedly bobbed its little head, causing Qin Wentian to roll his eyes at its comical actions. Was his blood really that attractive to demonic beasts?

“Fine fine, open your mouth then,” Qin Wentian stated helplessly. Little Rascal’s puppy eyes brightened as it complied with Qin Wentian’s instructions.

Qin Wentian once again channeled the blood seals towards the wound on his finger. Squatting down, he let that droplet of blood fall into Little Rascal’s mouth. Little Rascal’s eyes closed, and soon after, under the attentive watch of Qin Wentian, its body gradually grew bigger. Within its body, a crimson light shone, as though Little Rascal’s blood was seething and surging in a similar fashion.

“Bloodline Limit?” Qin Wentian’s countenance froze. Could it be that his blood had awakened the demonic bloodline of Little Rascal?

Golden colored outlines of the pathways of its blood circulated, shining resplendently, and under the dumbfounded stare of Qin Wentian, he witnessed the body of Little Rascal enlarging again. Currently, its size resembled an adult demonic wolf, and even more astonishing was that its previously white fur was now coated with streaks of gold. The golden fur on its forehead was exceptionally obvious, forming a curved line, as its sharp claws became coated with a layer of golden armor. That was a scale armor, a golden colored scale armor.

“This fellow, what type of demonic beast is he?” Qin Wentian was stunned into speechlessness. This Little Rascal had an extremely high level of intelligence and from the moment it followed him, it was already capable of understanding human speech.

Abruptly, the Blackwind Condor shrieked shrilly, the volume of its screech was so loud that it echoed throughout the Dark Forest, causing the various demonic beasts to enter into a frenzy. Their king was howling.

Only now did Qin Wentian turn his attention onto the Blackwind Condor. He saw that at this moment, a crimson glow emanated forth from the body of the Blackwind Condor, enveloping it within. The aura the condor was currently exuding, felt increasingly terrifying to Qin Wentian.

However, the gaze of the Blackwind Condor was fixated seriously on Little Rascal, as if it were witnessing something amazing.

Only to see Little Rascal’s eyes open abruptly, as a terrifying glow of golden light glimmered in its depths.

“Woof!” Little Rascal opened its mouth, and as it spat out golden beams of light, the outline of a Divine Imprint was formed. When the eyes of the Blackwind Condor fell onto the picture of the Divine Imprint, its body trembled as though it were seeing something inconceivable.

Little Rascal’s eyes locked onto Qin Wentian’s index finger, as an expression of excitement flashed within.

“You want me to drip a drop of my blood onto this Divine Imprint?” Qin Wentian gazed at Little Rascal as he asked.

Little Rascal nodded with incessantness. Qin Wentian laughed, as he flicked out his finger, causing another droplet of blood to land on that shimmering Divine Imprint. The fresh blood flowed according to the outlines of the Divine Imprint, and very quickly, as the blood was absorbed, the Divine Imprint transformed into a beam of golden light as it shot back into the body of Little Rascal.

“Yiyiyaya!” A voice abruptly sounded out in Qin Wentian’s head, causing him to be stunned. He looked back at that snowy puppy. After the transformation earlier, Little Rascal had returned to his adorable form.

Qin Wentian blinked in confusion as he tentatively asked, “Little Rascal, is that your voice?”

“Yiyiyayiya!” That sound rang out once again. However, Qin Wentian was somewhat gloomy as he stared at the adorable appearance of Little Rascal. Carrying it up into his arms, he patted its little head as he smiled, “Seems like you are still a baby, you can only understand my words but can’t converse yet. And what nonsense is yiyiyayiya, it’s totally incomprehensible.”

Although his exterior appearance appeared calm, Qin Wentian’s heart felt as though it was struck by a thunderbolt. That Divine Imprint earlier actually allowed Little Rascal’s voice to be directly transmitted into his mind? How miraculous was that?

The Blackwind Condor stared in shock as Qin Wentian patted the head of Little Rascal, appearing to be playing with his pet. It’s eyes flashed with confusion, and it was unknown what it was thinking about.

After which, the Blackwind Condor turned, and laid flat on the ground before Qin Wentian.

“Mhm?” A light of surprise shone in Qin Wentian’s eyes. After which, he walked forwards and climbed onto the back of the Blackwind Condor. An instant later, squalls erupted, the Blackwind Condor soared into the skies, and continued flying towards the depths of the Dark Forest.

On the ground below, tens of thousands of demonic beasts appeared, and as they followed the trajectory of the Blackwind Condor, their combined weight caused the earth to rumble.

As they approached the depths of the Dark Forest, Qin Wentian discovered that there were a few extremely powerful auras flying in a certain direction, each not one whit inferior to the Blackwind Condor. The total number of demonic beasts present was so staggering that it reminded Qin Wentian about stories of the past that he had heard in Chu - the attack of great beast tides.

However, these demonic beasts weren’t moving in the direction of Chu, but rather, they were heading further into the depths, heading towards the heart of the Dark Forest!

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