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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 205 — Wind and Rain in the Royal Capital

Chapter 205: Wind and Rain in the Royal Capital

In the Capital of Chu, within a luxuriously decorated villa in the Royal Palace, a group of armoured soldiers stood guard outside, projecting a highly well-trained air.

In a room inside the villa, the Emperor of Chu lay on his bed, on the cusp of his last breath. He looked so drained of vitality, hanging between the fine line of life and death, appearing as though he would pass on to the next world at any moment.

“Wuwei.” The Emperor shifted his gaze onto a young man, his voice faint and feeble.

“Father,” Chu Wuwei replied, watching his dying father, as he silently lamented in his heart. Regardless of whether one was an Emperor or a commoner, in front of death, everyone is equal. No wonder countless people in the world were pursuing cultivation. Cultivation not only allowed one to gain strength and power, the life force of an individual would also be lengthened after breaking through to certain realms in cultivation. Not only that, there were also verified records of certain individuals who had already obtained eternal life.

“After my death, help out your younger brother. We must remain as the Royal Clan of Chu.” The lifeless eyes of the Emperor of Chu begged, as he gazed intently at his eldest son.

“Hmm, why is eldest brother not the successor?”

After hearing the words of the Emperor of Chu, a person standing beside Chu Wuwei felt dissatisfaction in his heart. Even if he was condemned to death by his father, he still wanted to speak out for his eldest brother.

In his eyes, his eldest brother Chu Wuwei was the perfect candidate to be the successor of Chu. In regards to Chu Tianjiao, he didn’t really have good impressions of his third brother.

The Emperor of Chu glanced at the second prince, Chu Mang, as he sighed in his heart. All three of his sons were extraordinary in their own aspects.

The eldest, Prince Chu Wuwei, was indifferent to worldly rewards and did not fight for control of power, possibly because he was unable to cultivate innately. However, his intelligence was at an extremely high level and out of the three princes, he was the one that had obtained the love and heart of Chu’s citizens, even more so compared to Chu Tianjiao. Other than the fact that he was unable to cultivate, he could be described as perfect.

The Emperor of Chu knew that if Chu Wuwei were to seriously contend for the throne, Chu Tianjiao would definitely not be a match for his eldest brother.

The second Prince, Chu Mang, was impetuous and clumsy, but he had the highest talent in cultivation as well as the highest combat prowess out of the three brothers. In Chu, there were only a few that could approach his radiance. If only his talent for cultivation was given to Chu Wuwei instead, that would truly be perfect. Sadly, everyone in this world had their defects.

Third Prince, Chu Tianjiao was undoubtedly the son that he doted on the most. His talent for cultivation, intelligence, were all at an extremely high level and his character was well suited to be the Emperor. His only flaw was that he was overly ambitious.

“Silence,” Chu Wuwei berated. Chu Mang looked away, refusing to meet the eyes of his father. The Emperor of Chu sighed endlessly in his heart. All three of them were his sons, how could he not love them.

“Father, as long as I’m not dead, I will ensure the survival of our bloodline,” Chu Wuwei calmly stated, his answer causing the Emperor to stare at him, as though he was waiting for Chu Wuwei to say something more. However, Chu Wuwei still made no promises that he would help his youngest brother, Chu Tianjiao. He had only promised to ensure the survival of their bloodline.

Chu Tianjiao naturally understood the meaning behind his words.

The Emperor of Chu shifted his gaze away as he closed his eyes, his breathing became fainter and fainter…

Very swiftly, the news of the Emperor’s death spread throughout the Royal Palace. Outside the palace, countless nobles awaited. That Emperor who had once commanded wind and rain, finally closed his eyes in eternal sleep. From now onwards, matters of the Chu Country, would be decided by the younger generation of the Royal Clan.

Arrangements for the last rites and funerals were naturally already planned for.

Chu Wuwei and Chu Tianjiao stood on the highest vantage point within the villa, surveying the entire Royal Capital.

Behind them, stood a man. That man was a cultivator at the peak of Yuanfu, and was none other than the trusted protector of Chu Tianjiao. Although the name of the protector wasn’t that famous within the country, Chu Tianjiao knew that in the whole of Chu, not many people could be compared to him in terms of power.

“Eldest brother, I’m going to succeed the throne.” After a long moment, Chu Tianjiao finally broke the silence.

Chu Wuwei lightly nodded his head, only to hear Chu Tianjiao speaking again, “Father always wanted me to consult you for your advice in all matters. Eldest brother, what actions should I take after I succeed the throne?”

“As of today, our Chu Country is already at the precipice of danger. If you are not careful, Chu might cease to exist.” Chu Wuwei calmly continued, “Smooth out conflicts and halt all suppression against the Qin Clan. In addition, issue an imperial decree allowing Qin Wu to succeed the position of his father. From now on, he will be known as the Wu King. Also bestow on him land, and grant him several cities to be under his administration. As for the extermination of the Emperor Star Academy, just put up a good show for the Nine Mystical Palace. That group of people may be the future pillars of Chu. Do not harm them.”

“Eldest brother, aren’t you looking down a little too much on the prestige of our Royal Clan? The Qin Clan led troops in rebellion, yet you want us to apologise? What would the other citizens think? This is akin to smacking our own faces! Since ages past, we and the Emperor Star Academy have been like fire and water, how can we coexist with them? The best move we can make in these circumstances is to totally annihilate them before they can rise again. This way, there wouldn’t be anyone suppressing our Royal Clan and the Royal Academy ever again.”

Chu Tianjiao stared at the vast skies, the calmness in his voice couldn’t mask the ambition in his heart.

“Oh, is that so? First let’s not mention others, just this. What if Qin Wentian of the Emperor Star Academy breaks through to the Heavenly Dipper Realm before you? With Chu’s present strength, how would you even protect your throne?” Chu Wuwei serenely asked.

“That is why, he has to die.” An intense note of determination could be clearly heard within Chu Tianjiao’s voice.

“And if he chooses to temporarily leave Chu, how would you kill him then?” Chu Wuwei asked again.

“That day when Qiu Mo was captured, he decided to yield to us. He revealed that as long as we capture Mustang, based on Qin Wentian’s personality, how could he not show up?” Chu Tianjiao directed his gaze onto Chu Wuwei.

Chu Wuwei also glanced at Chu Tianjiao, shaking his head as he stated, “If you are adamant with your decisions, then should your actions bring danger to our Chu bloodline, I shall replace you as the Emperor.”

“HOW DARE YOU!” Chu Tianjiao’s protector roared in rage, as an overwhelming aura gushed towards Chu Wuwei, enveloping him within.

“IMPUDENT.” Chu Tianjiao turned his head, glaring at his protector. “Release him, he is my eldest brother.”

“Yes.” His protector meekly nodded his head, as his aura dissipated. After which, Chu Wuwei had nothing more to add, choosing to depart the area. After he left, Chu Tianjiao’s eyes flickered with a terrifying light as he mused, “Although Father never expressed it, I knew that he always felt that in terms of overall ability, I am inferior to you. I shall prove him wrong.”


Within a certain courtyard owned by the Mo Clan in the Royal Capital, stood Mustang, Fan Le and Luo Huan.

They hadn’t left Chu when Diyi was captured. After that, they no longer had the means to leave. Mo Qingcheng informed Old Gu, and plans were made to temporarily relocate them to this safe house.

“Somebody is coming.” Mustang who was meditating at the side suddenly opened his eyes. Could it be that the hunters dispatched by the Royal Clan had found them?

“Luo Huan, Fan Le. Both of you go to the lake,” Mustang suddenly commanded.

“They will be even more suspicious if I’m not here. Fatty, hurry up and go, there’s still time now.” Luo Huan knew that her Teacher’s sensory abilities could be considered exceptionally strong. The hunters should still have no idea that Mustang had already discovered their presence.

Fan Le’s eyes flashed, his countenance turned incomparably unsightly before he finally nodded his head, heavily. “Teacher, Senior Sister. Take care, I will think of a way to save the both of you.”

After speaking, Fan Le left for the nearby lake, submerging himself completely within the depths. Only with this, would his presence be fully hidden.

Indeed, not long after, the entire courtyard was surrounded. Upon seeing a familiar figure entering the courtyard, an incomparably cold light flickered in the eyes of Mustang and Luo Huan.

“Qiu Mo, you spineless traitor,” Mustang coldly spat out.

“A truly wise man would submit to the circumstances, but you two really made me look long and hard for your whereabouts. Where is Qin Wentian? Was he hidden away by Mo Qingcheng?” A look of jealousy flashed in Qiu Mo’s eyes.

Mo Qingcheng, a woman of unsurpassed beauty was actually willing to take such risks for Qin Wentian. Even the ten prodigies of Chu weren’t able to move her heart.

“Qiu Mo. Have you forgotten Ye Wuque’s ending?” Luo Huan glared icily at Qiu Mo.

“Hehe.” Qiu Mo’s countenance turned cold, as the flames of jealousy in his eyes intensified. He knew that the current Qin Wentian was already many times stronger than him.

“Luo Huan, although your beauty is a shade inferior to Mo Qingcheng, you could still be considered supremely comely. Look at how alluring your figure is, I’m already getting a hard on.” Lust shone in Qiu Mo’s eyes, his gaze slowly roamed Luo Huan’s figure as he licked his lips. Luo Huan could only shudder in impotent anger.

“I shall ask the 3rd Prince, his Highness, to bestow you to me.” At this moment, Qiu Mo no longer bothered to conceal his baser instincts. Even if he couldn’t obtain Mo Qingcheng, being able to enjoy Luo Huan’s body sounded appealing as well.

“I really want to see how long Chu Tianjiao can last before he is overthrown,” Mustang icily interjected. The more powerful cultivators of the Emperor Star Academy had already entered into a joint alliance with those from the Qin Clan.

The news regarding the capture of Mustang and Luo Huan was quickly circulated throughout the Royal Capital. Undoubtedly, this was done at the behest of Chu Tianjiao. He wanted to lure Qin Wentian out.

Chu Tianjiao had already determined that in the future, Qin Wentian would surely be the greatest threat to him. Geniuses like Qin Wentian would definitely step into the Heavenly Dipper Realm, it was just a matter of time. Therefore, he had to die before he matured.

Around the same time when Mustang and Luo Huan were captured, news regarding the Qin rebels were also sent back to the Royal Capital. Currently, the Qin Rebels had re-organised their armies and formed a few regiments of elite soldiers that consisted of powerful cultivators from the Emperor Star Academy. Among their ranks, they even had extremely powerful vice-headmaster level cultivators like Ren Qianxing, that were easily able to take the heads of enemy generals. The armies of the Royal Clan had no way to defend.

Not only that, other than the influx of Yuanfu cultivators from the Emperor Star Academy, the might of the armies under the control of Qin Clan was extremely shocking. There were suddenly several cultivators at the Yuanfu level appearing in their armies, especially within the newly formed elite regiments. This caused many to speculate in their hearts, had the Qin Clan been hiding their powers throughout the years? The power they showed on the surface was only a tiny part of their strength.

Or maybe, the followers of the Wu King from back then, had been silently hiding in the shadows, secretly training their descendants, all for the rebellion today.

Undoubtedly, all of this was an indication that the storm engulfing Chu had already reached its boiling point. The Qin rebels were finally, truly, showing their strength.

And as this storm continued to brew, a young couple emerged from the Dark Forest, making their way back to the Royal Capital, a snowy puppy trailing behind them.

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