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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 211 — Meeting

Chapter 211: Meeting

Immortal Drunken Wine brought Qin Wentian to a wine shop that he frequented. Back then, after Luo Qianqiu’s failed attempt at his life, Qin Wentian had emerged from the Dark Forest and had passed by this very wine shop. There, he met Immortal Drunken Wine and a young man with an extraordinary demeanor. Today, the three of them were here again. Apparently, the man who wished to meet him was the same extraordinary young man from back then.

“Previously we bid our farewells, and today, we meet here again. In such a short span of time, the name of the youth from before has already resounded throughout Chu. Wouldn’t you say the happenings of this world are unpredictable indeed?” the young man stated with a smile upon noting Qin Wentian’s approach.

Qin Wentian had already felt that this young man before him was someone remarkable. He couldn’t help but feel pity for him; as Immortal Drunken Wine had said before, this man was outstanding in all aspects but because of his innate constitution, there was no way for him to cultivate.

“I’m notorious, rather than famous, you mean? Living in the Royal Capital with a huge target painted on my face.” Qin Wentian laughed as he sat down. If not for the protection of Qing`er, he would have to be extremely cautious, even when merely walking down the street. How could he still have the time to enjoy drinking wine and chatting leisurely right now?

The young man looked at Qin Wentian, sighing in his heart. Qin Wentian had already become the mortal enemy of the Royal Clan, and he couldn’t help feeling sad because of that. Back when Chu Tianjiao had planned to make a move against the Qin Clan, he never imagined that the Qin Clan would actually have such a person like Qin Wentian.

Not to mention his talent, the various powers behind him all had sufficient capabilities to end Chu, let alone the fact that he would only grow stronger and stronger in the future.

“Back then you asked me who I was. My reply was: those who meet because of a mutual love of wine are friends, even without inquiring on each other’s background. When we met back then, we were already friends. But to move this discussion further, I shall hide nothing from you. My name is Chu Wuwei, I am the elder brother of Chu Tianjiao.”

Qin Wentian was stunned into silence, but swiftly recovered after an instant. The happenings of the world are unpredictable, indeed. Yet, after knowing that this man was the elder brother of Chu Tianjiao, Qin Wentian still had a favourable opinion of him.

Chu Wuwei noticed Qin Wentian’s silence, and he laughed as he continued, “Could it be that after knowing my identity, we are no longer friends?”

“The Royal Clan wants my life, wants to annihilate my Qin Clan, exterminate my Emperor Star Academy, slaughter my teacher and my martial brothers.” Qin Wentian looked at Chu Wuwei, his voice still as serene as before, yet the meaning of his words were as clear as water. From the Royal Clan’s treatment of him, the ending had already been determined. It was impossible for them to co-exist, only one would survive.

“Chu Mang,” Chu Wuwei called out. After which, a person entered the wine shop. This person looked extremely well built, with a herculean physique. Qin Wentian could feel a strong sense of pressure just from matching his stare alone.

“This is Chu Mang from the Royal Clan of Chu, Chu Tianjiao’s second brother,” Chu Wuwei explained. “He has yet another title, it being the number one among the ten prodigies of Chu.”

“I’ve long heard of his great name.” Qin Wentian smiled. Considering the amount of time he spent in the Royal Capital, how could he not know who the first-ranked prodigy was?

“My second brother and I, we have always been against the plans of my Royal Father and third brother, Chu Tianjiao. Not only that, all my younger sisters are innocent and play no part in this dispute. Although Chu Tianjiao may be the Emperor now, he doesn't represent our Royal Clan,” Chu Wuwei explained seriously.

“And?” From his words, it was as though Chu Wuwei wanted to draw a clear line with Chu Tianjiao, wishing to diminish Qin Wentian’s hatred towards the Royal Clan of Chu.

However no matter what was said, from a certain perspective, as the Emperor, Chu Tianjiao did indeed represent the Royal Clan.

“Before my Royal Father passed away, he wanted me to protect our clan’s bloodline, while also aiding my third brother to secure Chu. I agreed to the prior, but not the latter request.” Chu Wuwei continued, “I won’t ask you to release my younger sister. Although I can say that she’s innocent, but then again, your teacher Mustang and Senior Sister Luo Huan were innocent as well. Regardless, there’s no absolute wrong or right in this world. I just hope that you won’t hurt her. I’m pleading for her in the capacity of her older brother.”

After his speech, Chu Wuwei raised his wine cup in the direction of Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian hesitated for an instant, but he soon mirrored Chu Wuwei’s actions as they both downed their cups of wine.

“Many thanks.” Chu Wuwei smiled. “I can guarantee to you, I will never use my abilities to help Chu Tianjiao. In reality, I don’t wish for Chu to be at war. Isn’t it much more beautiful if the academies can co-exist, nurturing future experts of Chu, prospering in harmony? What a pity that things always turns out contrary to the way one wishes.”

As he spoke, Chu Wuwei helplessly shook his head, as he downed yet another cup of wine on his own.

“Since you have this wish in your heart, why don’t you fight for what you want?” Immortal Drunken Wine interjected, causing a look of astonishment to flash on Qin Wentian’s face. The word ‘fight for’, when used on Chu Wuwei, only had a single meaning - the fight for the Emperor’s throne.

“It would be really tiring to lead such a life.” Chu Wuwei sighed again. Maybe outsiders didn’t know about this, but being the Crown Prince of Chu and yet unable to cultivate, Chu Wuwei had faced countless ‘incidents’ ever since his youth. Who knew the price he had to pay in order to preserve his life.

“Qin Wentian, I truly and sincerely hope that we can remain friends. If the ‘opportunity’ permits, I will look for you again.” Chu Wuwei laughed as he stood up, before departing with Chu Mang.

Qin Wentian pondered over Chu Wuwei’s words. What did he mean by ‘opportunity’?

Immortal Drunken Wine patted Qin Wentian’s shoulders as he smiled. “I can swear upon my character, I guarantee that Chu Wuwei is absolutely trustworthy. If he wasn’t, considering the fact that he is unable to cultivate, no way would he be able to survive within the webs of intrigue and danger growing up in the Royal Clan.”

“Come, let us drink some more.” Qin Wentian didn’t reply to the question, he only raised his wine cup to Immortal Drunken Wine, as he continued laughing.


Just as Immortal Drunken Wine had said, each and every one of Qin Wentian’s actions were closely monitored by many in Chu.

The reason why Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Ting came here was naturally because of the rumor saying the demonic star had descended inside the Dark Forest. However currently, the Dark Forest was already monopolised by a bunch of powerful old freaks, and so people like them, of the junior generations, could only stand aside. This caused them to be extremely depressed, and thus, they decided to visit the Royal Capital of Chu which was in close proximity to the Dark Forest.

In Chu, Ouyang Kuangsheng was only acquainted with Qin Wentian. Not only that, Qin Wentian was extremely ‘famous’, so just a little inquiry on his part had already allowed him to know that Qin Wentian was currently in the western region of the Royal Capital, inside the Mo Residence.

But upon thinking about it, Ouyang Kuangsheng decided that it was only to be expected. With Qin Wentian’s talent, how could he not be famous in a such a small place like Chu? Even if Qin Wentian was placed in the Grand Xia Empire, he would only need at most five to ten years before his name resounded throughout the Nine Continents.

Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Ting flew through the skies, exhibiting an aura of majesty as they proceeded towards the Mo Clan Residence, together with a group of their followers. The Mo Clan was thrown in a state of frenzy upon seeing numerous Yuanfu cultivators descending from the skies. These people all possessed an extraordinary bearing and didn’t seem to be from Chu.

Mo Qingcheng and her clan members arrived at the entrance. Upon noticing Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Ting, a look of extreme surprise flashed on her face. Ouyang Kuangsheng was similarly bewildered and was momentarily stunned when he caught sight of Mo Qingcheng.

“Haha, Mo Qingcheng, so the Mo Residence is your home, no wonder he would be here.” Only after this, did Ouyang Kuangsheng deduce that this was Mo Qingcheng’s home. Back then in the Refinement Grounds, although Mo Qingcheng’s features were obscured, even when she was crossdressing as a guy, it couldn’t hide her loveliness.

Now that Mo Qingcheng wasn’t in a disguise, Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyes brightened as he saw her. Looks like that fellow Qin Wentian’s judgement was truly exceptional indeed.

Mo Qingcheng naturally understood that the ‘he’ Ouyang Kuangsheng was referring to, was none other than Qin Wentian. She couldn’t help but smile as she invited Ouyang Kuangsheng in. “He just left not long ago, why don’t you guys come in to rest first?”

“Ah I see.” Ouyang Kuangsheng was somewhat disappointed.

At this moment, Old man Mo walked over. He wasn’t too bothered when he heard that there were many people appearing at their Mo Residence. After all, below Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns, there was no one he feared in Chu. He only came to take a look because he heard that these people might not be from Chu.

Upon seeing Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Ting, his heart involuntarily shook. These people had an extraordinary bearing indeed.

An individual’s character and presence was shaped from the nurturing of one’s environment in which they grew up in. A group of followers stood silently behind them, while the two in the lead, although they were young, it was obvious from their appearance that they were the young master and young mistress that the followers reported to. A thought instantly flashed in his mind. These people definitely belonged to one of the transcendent powers of the Nine Continents.

“Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Ting?” Hua Xiaoyun’s gaze shifted to the two in the lead.

The Grand Xia Empire was too vast, and the younger generation’s influence was limited. Hence, everyone might know some of the most famous names, yet they wouldn’t recognise the person.

“Who are you?” Ouyang Kuangsheng looked towards Hua Xiaoyun, as he asked.

“Hua Clan, Hua Xiaoyun,” Hua Xiaoyun indifferently replied. The Hua Clan was similar to the Ouyang Clan, they possessed tremendous influence and might, and were part of the transcendent powers within the Nine Continents.

“Oh, so you are the silk-pants young master?” Ouyang Kuangsheng laughed, his answer causing Huo Xiaoyun to frown.

“I heard that your older brother is here as well. Where is he?” Ouyang Kuangsheng continued. He didn’t expect that even the Hua Clan would appear here.

“Hmph, who do you think you are? Are you questioning even the whereabouts of my brother?” A cold arrogance flickered in Hua Xiaoyun’s eyes. Hua Xiaoyun’s older brother was the chosen one of the younger generations of the Hua Clan.

“Why not? He is my idol, but of course, this is only temporarily.” An expression of pride flickered in Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyes. This was the conviction he had in his own abilities. However, he had no choice but to admit that the chosen one of Hua Clan was really a top-tier character, being extremely famous in the whole of the Grand Xia Empire.

“A lunatic spouting crap,” Hua Xiaoyun disdainfully replied.

“What the f*** are you so arrogant for? With your dog-sheet talent, it would merely take me a year or two to surpass you.” Ouyang Kuangsheng didn’t bother to maintain any forms of cordiality, as he directly shot down Hua Xiaoyun with words. Huo Xiaoyun’s countenance immediately sank, he felt as though all face had been completely thrown away.

Old man Mo who was beside Hua Xiaoyun said nothing, and continued to listen. He met Hua Xiaoyun by chance, and after seeing his extraordinary bearing, as well as how he had comprehended the insights of a Mandate at such a young age, Old man Mo was filled with admiration and decided to befriend him. After the exchange, he realised that Hua Xiaoyun still had an older brother and from what he heard, the talent of his older brother should be many times more terrifying compared to him.

And as for the group of cultivators standing before them, they all originated from transcendent powers as well. Not only that, from the tone of Ouyang Kuangsheng, it appeared that he was even more outstanding compared to Hua Xiaoyun.

This caused old man Mo to be extremely stupefied. Why was that lass Qingcheng acquainted with such a character?

No wonder she was his granddaughter. When it came to looks and talent, she was unequaled. So long as she set forth from Chu, her future accomplishments would definitely surpass anything he could ever achieve!

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