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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 213 — Seven Apertures Mystical Heart

Chapter 213: Seven Apertures Mystical Heart

The Pill Emperor’s daughter, Luo He, had already departed the Mo Residence, yet the emotions of joy and happiness could still be felt permeating the atmosphere.

This was especially true for old man Mo and Mo Qingcheng’s parents. Their daughter had such a destiny, how could they not be happy?

“Xiaoyun, I really have to thank you,” Old man Mo politely said to Hua Xiaoyun, who was by his side. However, Bai Fei merely smirked as she heard his words. Thanking Hua Xiaoyun? If it weren’t for the fact that Mo Qingcheng really did have the talent, how could her esteemed teacher accept Mo Qingcheng as a disciple just to give face to Hua Xiaoyun?

Not only that, if it weren’t to honor Hua Xiaoyun’s elder brother, her esteemed teacher wouldn’t even have made the trip down to the Mo Residence.

“Qingcheng has a Seven Apertures Mystical Heart, that’s why she was so highly regarded by Senior Luo He. It has nothing to do with me, old Mo, you don’t have to be so polite.” Hua Xiaoyun laughed, when in fact, he was also stunned by the results. Mo Qingcheng actually had the legendary Seven Apertures Mystical Heart. If that was the case, Mo Qingcheng would surely mature to be one of Heaven’s chosen in the future. No wonder she looked so pure and serene, yet also brimming with intelligence.

At this moment, Hua Xiaoyun was already thinking, if he could somehow better the relationship between him and Mo Qingcheng, or even better, if he could successfully woo her…

Thus for this reason, Hua Xiaoyun decided to stay in the Mo Residence, so he would have better opportunities to get closer to Mo Qingcheng.

“Haha, I didn’t expect this as well.” Old man Mo laughed gaily, with such volume that even people from a distance could hear it. Indeed, those from the Grand Xia Empire were different and were many times more knowledgeable. What Seven Apertures Mystical Heart? What talent grade was this, when no one in Chu had even heard of it before? If Mo Qingcheng stayed in Chu her entire life, wouldn’t her talent be buried?

Old Mo and his entourage group approached the entrance of a certain courtyard. “Is Qingcheng still in a bad mood?” Old Mo questioned the guard standing there.

“Little Miss has said that she definitely wants to get out of here.” The guard bowed, feeling helpless.

Old Mo’s countenance sank as he entered the courtyard, only to see Mo Qingcheng standing there, glaring at the guard. Old Mo exclaimed angrily, “Stop your nonsense.”

Mo Qingcheng gazed at her granddad, resolution could be seen flickering in her beautiful eyes as she replied, “Granddad, you’ve restricted my freedom to this extent. In that case, no matter how powerful the Pill Emperor Hall is, I will not join them.”

“IMPUDENT.” Old Mo scolded, as he glanced at Bai Fei and the fellow disciples beside her. Bai Fei furrowed her brows, appearing extremely displeased. Even though Mo Qingcheng had a Seven Apertures Mystical Heart, without the Pill Emperor Hall to nurture her skills, her talent would only be wasted. But now, it was as though the Pill Emperor Hall was begging for her to join them, where was their self-respect? One must know that countless people have wanted to join the Pill Emperor Hall, but were ultimately rejected.

“Qingcheng, do not say such a thing ever again,” Old Mo solemnly berated.

“These are not words of anger, Grandad. Even if you abducted me and sent me there by force, I would not work hard in cultivating.” Mo Qingcheng stared at Old Mo, hints of stubbornness were apparent in her voice.

“Yo…you…” Old Mo was so angry that he almost couldn’t even breathe. “Fine, I’ll allow you to go out, but someone must be there to follow you.”

“I shall leave now.” Mo Qingcheng leapt up, as she soared through the skies, the speed of her actions causing Old Mo to instantly turn speechless.

“Old Mo, we shall follow after Junior Sister, you don’t have to worry.” The young men beside Bai Fei smiled. Old Mo nodded in agreement, “If that’s the case, I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Jing Yu and Yan Qi lightly nodded, and then flew after Mo Qingcheng. Bai Fei stared blankly at them, then stamped her feet angrily and followed after. These two rascals must have fallen too deeply and were mesmerised by Mo Qingcheng’s beauty, thus, they immediately wanted to grab the opportunity to be in her good books. How irritable, seeing as before this, she was the centre of their world.

After leaving the Mo Residence, Mo Qingcheng quickly flew to the Bamboo Lodge to look for Qin Wentian.

Upon seeing the forlorn expression on her face, Qin Wentian gently pinched her delicate cheeks as he laughed, “What happened? Who dares to bully my Qingcheng?” Comment by Lord Bluefire: BAGUSSS

“Smelly dumbo, you still have the mood to joke around.” Mo Qingcheng glared with hidden bitterness at Qin Wentian.

“Don’t be sad, isn’t it a good thing that the Pill Emperor’s daughter recognises your talent? You will definitely become a terrific alchemist in the future.” Qin Wentian smiled, consoling Mo Qingcheng. In reality, he was sighing in his heart; he couldn’t bear to let Mo Qingcheng go, but he couldn’t be too selfish. He could be of no help to Mo Qingcheng’s cultivation.

“Seven Apertures Mystical Heart, I’ve never heard of this before. I’m sure your talent must be godly.” Qin Wentian continued smiling.

Seeing how Qin Wentian kept consoling her, Mo Qingcheng also felt better. She leaned against Qin Wentian’s body as their gazes met, feeling each other’s heartbeats.

A gentle and radiant smile could be seen in Mo Qingcheng’s eyes, so beautiful that it caused Qin Wentian’s pulse to quicken. Mo Qingcheng leaned her head against his chest as she hugged him tightly, mumbling in a low voice, “As long as you say no, I won’t go.”

“Go, why don’t you want to go?” Qin Wentian gently tousled Mo Qingcheng’s hair, staring at the horizon. Currently, his emotions were extremely complicated; he wanted Mo Qingcheng to have good prospects, yet he couldn’t bear to be separated from her.

“After you enter the Pill Emperor Hall, I’m sure many would try to woo you. Don’t be pressured, alright?” Qin Wentian joked.

Mo Qingcheng withdrew her head from Qin Wentian’s chest, surveying his expression as she involuntarily giggled, “What… is someone jealous? You have to work harder if you want to woo me, okay?”

After speaking, she pumped her little fist up in the air.

“Naturally.” Qin Wentian laughed, as he nodded. The two of them sat by the river side, quietly cuddling together, enjoying a rare moment of tranquility.

That evening, the sunset was extremely beautiful. The redness of the setting sun painted the skies a gorgeous crimson, as Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng sat together, gazing at the clouds in the horizon.

“Sigh… regardless of how beautiful the sunset, in the end must it pass by no matter what?” Upon seeing dusk approaching, Mo Qingcheng felt a sense of melancholy. Abruptly, she stood up and ran off.

“Where are you going?” Qin Wentian rose as he followed after Mo Qingcheng. After which, when he caught up, Mo Qingcheng was already lying on the bed inside the small thatched cottage, looking at Qin Wentian with her clear, limpid eyes.

“You okay?” he asked in a low voice, walking towards her.

“I want to stay here tonight.” Mo Qingcheng’s voice was extremely gentle, so soft that it was difficult to hear.

Qin Wentian gazed silently at her, causing Mo Qingcheng to blush. Shyness could be seen in her eyes, as she understood what he was thinking about.

A sense of warmth coursed through her heart, and she wondered at this feeling.

“Silly girl.” Qin Wentian half knelt at the bedside, as he lightly kissed Mo Qingcheng’s fragrant lips. Her eyes widened and an adorable redness could be seen coloring her cheeks. Slowly… her eyes closed as she gave in, enjoying the sensation.

After an unknown amount of time, their lips parted. Qin Wentian laughed upon seeing how red Mo Qingcheng was. “Return home first. Would Old Mo kill me if he knew what we did? I still have to go to the Mo Clan in the future to propose marriage.”

“Okay…” Mo Qingcheng sat up, by that point understanding that Qin Wentian didn’t want her to be caught between him and her family. Sitting up from the bed, she kissed Qin Wentian’s forehead before walking towards the door. Upon reaching the entrance, she turned and smiled towards Qin Wentian, “Before I leave, I shall wait till your matters in Chu are settled. Let me accompany your walk to the finish, on this last stretch of the path you’ve chosen.”

“Also, Qin Wentian, you stole my first kiss away. In this lifetime, you are not allowed to ditch me, or I will not spare you.”

Mo Qingcheng stated all this in mock anger, half in jest while also being serious. Turning about, with a radiant smile on her face, she then soared up into the skies, flying away. However, at the instant she turned, wetness filled her eyes as a teardrop fell; she couldn’t bear to be parted from Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian walked towards the entrance, and with longing in his eyes and bitterness in his heart, he gazed at the back view of Mo Qingcheng vanishing from his line of sight. How could he too, bear to part from Mo Qingcheng? His silhouette flickered, as he leapt up, flying after her.

Outside the Bamboo Forest, Yan Qi and Jing Yu were blocked by Ouyang Kuangsheng when they attempted to enter. Their countenance was extremely unsightly, when they saw how late it was, but Mo Qingcheng had yet to come out.

However at that moment, a graceful figure flew out of the Bamboo Forest. Ouyang Kuangsheng turned, and upon seeing the ambivalence of joy and sadness on Mo Qingcheng’s face, his heart involuntarily pounded. He could sense the depth of emotion within Mo Qingcheng’s eyes.

Mo Qingcheng didn’t notice them, or rather, she didn’t pay any attention to them as she continued flying away towards the Mo Residence.

Qin Wentian too, soon flew out of the Bamboo Forest. His mind was resounding with Mo Qingcheng’s parting words, and he sighed relentlessly in his heart.

“Also, Qin Wentian, you stole my first kiss away. In this lifetime, you are not allowed to ditch me, or I will not spare you.”

He could feel the depth of her affection for him and he knew that in this lifetime, no matter how long or how far apart, he would never forget Mo Qingcheng.

Jing Yu frowned as he blocked Qin Wentian. Staring at him, he inquired indifferently, “You are Qin Wentian?”

Qin Wentian glanced at him. This man should be a disciple of the Pill Emperor’s daughter, Luo Ke. The gaze he directed Qin Wentian with, was clearly filled with malice.

“Regardless of what relationship you had with Mo Qingcheng in the past, from now onwards, you should stop imagining things. Both of you are people from different worlds; a phoenix is destined never to be together with a crow,” Jing Yu remarked, the tone of his voice serene. With a Seven Apertures Mystical Heart, Mo Qingcheng would surely become one of the chosen of their Pill Emperor Hall.

“He’s right. There may be many people who start out as childhood sweethearts. But after growing up, the disparity in their statuses gradually become wider and wider, like the difference between Heaven and Earth, forever destined to be unable to bridge the gap. It would do you good if you had no more illusions on this. Don’t seek suffering for yourself, just stay out of her life from now on.”

Yan Qi’s words were even cruder and more insulting, yet the tone of his voice was just as serene as Jing Yu.

Bai Fei cast a side glance towards Qin Wentian. Although she didn’t like Mo Qingcheng, her teacher held Mo Qingcheng’s talent in high regards. She too, also urged, “Just give up. It’s better for the both of you.”

After speaking their piece, the three from the Pill Emperor Hall departed, leaving behind a wrathful Ouyang Kuangsheng. F*** their mother, why the hell are they so arrogant? Even he, the infamous Ouyang Kuangsheng, wasn’t that audacious to this extent.

“Wentian, ignore them. All alchemists have this sort of personality. They are too used to being begged by powerful cultivators for the pills and pellets they can concoct, and thus they feel that they are superior compared to others. Don’t mind them too much.” Ouyang Kuangsheng appeared as though he was trying to console Qin Wentian. His actions involuntarily caused Qin Wentian to feel astonished, as he laughed. This frivolous and wild Ouyang Kuangsheng also knew how to actually comfort others?

“Don’t worry, it’s like they said, the phoenix would never be together with the crow. In that case, what about the unicorn? Would it care about the opinions of these ‘common’ horses?” Qin Wentian said with a laugh, causing Ouyang Kuangsheng to be stunned upon hearing his words. An instant later, he laughed uproariously in agreement, “Yes, you’re absolutely right. Why would the unicorn even give a damn about the opinions of such common ‘horses’?”

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