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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 218 — Leaving the Safety Area

Chapter 218: Leaving the Safety Area

The vast majority living in the Royal Capital had their eyes on this battle, except for the Mo Clan.

The Mo Clan only focused their attention on Mo Qingcheng. The Pill Emperor’s daughter Luo He had taken an immense liking to Mo Qingcheng and had urged Bai Fei as well as the others to hurry up and bring her back to their Pill Emperor Hall.

Currently, Hua Xiaoyun had many thoughts running through his head. This was because yesterday, his elder brother told him to try and form a good relationship with Mo Qingcheng. The reason for this was because the Pill Emperor’s daughter Luo He, highly regarded her talent, and if Mo Qingcheng were to perform well in the Pill Emperor Hall, Luo He would introduce her into the tutelage of her own father - the Pill Emperor.

If she really became the disciple of the Pill Emperor, Mo Qingcheng’s status in the Pill Emperor Hall would soar all the way to the top. By then, no matter where in the Grand Xia Empire she chose to go, there would always be a place for her.

Forget how ‘great’ or ‘distinguished’ Hua Xiaoyun was when at the Mo Residence. When the time came, someone with his level of talent would have already long been shunted to the side.

Thus, during the times where Hua Xiaoyun and old man Mo conversed, he would praise Mo Qingcheng’s beauty and hinted that he had a liking for her. Leaving aside the level of his talent, using his status as a basis, as well as the fact that he introduced an amazing teacher to Mo Qingcheng, how could old man Mo object? However this was not the time to force things on Mo Qingcheng. The only thing he could do now was to create more chances for Hua Xiaoyun to hang out with his granddaughter.

Mo Qingcheng only felt utter vexation. She was exceedingly irritated in her heart, but still had to feign civility. She was extremely worried about the state of affairs in the Royal Capital, wondering if that dumbo was still doing okay. She didn’t want anything to happen to him.

“Miss, the battle will soon reach its conclusion. Those from the Nine Mystical Palace have finally appeared. Luo Qianqiu is also present and he wants to kill Qin Wentian.” At this moment, a subordinate relayed the latest news to Mo Qingcheng.

Mo Qingcheng abruptly stood up, feeling something squeezing her heart as she clenched her little fist.

Upon seeing this scenario, an imperceptible cold intent flashed past Hua Xiaoyun’s eyes. Why was Mo Qingcheng so agitated and nervous the moment Qin Wentian’s name was mentioned? To the point where she even treated him, Hua Xiaoyun, like thin air. How could he lose out to this country bumpkin from Chu? How important was he in Mo Qingcheng’s heart? The feeling of being given the cold shoulder because of that oaf really sucked, he felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

“Junior Sister, it’s impossible for you two. Just forget him,” Bai Fei faintly stated, and she frowned.

“Qingcheng, your future will be incomparably glorious. Why are you behaving like this? Qin Wentian? He has no qualifications to fall in love with you,” Hua Xiaoyun added.

“What has this got to do with you?” Mo Qingcheng snapped as she coldly swept a glance at Hua Xiaoyun. She was already in a bad mood, how could she not be infuriated when these people were shooting sarcastic remarks one after another. At this moment, Mo Qingcheng reverted back to the cold and indifferent personality she had before she met Qin Wentian. This was the image she portrayed to the world. Only in front of Qin Wentian would she show her mischievous and adorable side.

The tone of Mo Qingcheng caused Hua Xiaoyun to stiffen as a terrifying glint of cold light flickered in his eyes.

“Hehehe.” Hua Xiaoyun laughed sinisterly in his heart. Mo Qingcheng had the gall to treat him like this? If it were not for him, would the Mo Clan have this opportunity? How could the Mo Clan have today? How could Mo Qingcheng be accepted as a disciple of the Pill Emperor Hall?

“I gave you face but you chose to ignore it. I shall soon let you know my prowess.” Hua Xiaoyun stared at the beautiful countenance of Mo Qingcheng as he fantasized in his heart. He wanted to see how cold would she still be when in the throes of passion.

Hua Xiaoyun flicked his sleeves and left, his actions causing Jing Yu and and Yan Qi to burst out into laughter. This silk-pants young master truly had a temper. They only felt joy seeing Hua Xiaoyun’s hopes of wooing Mo Qingcheng get smashed into pieces.

Mo Qingcheng naturally didn’t notice Hua Xiaoyun’s attitude, and didn’t know that she had offended him. In her heart, there was only Qin Wentian.


Qin Wentian calmly stared at Luo Qianqiu and Chu Tianjiao. The intensity of their glares clearly portrayed how much they wanted his death.

The Nine Mystical Palace was the power supporting Chu’s Royal Clan from the shadows. They were the ones that instigated the hunt for the Emperor Star Academy’s students, unwilling to relent despite the dissolution of the academy. Not only that, through their machinations, even Diyi was grievously injured and then captured by the Nine Mystical Palace.

It filled Qin Wentian’s heart with pain just thinking of the chains penetrated through Diyi’s body as he was brought away. The old man’s final mission to pave Qin Wentian’s future path for him. His actions had been done all for the sake of Qin Wentian, to the extent where he didn’t even care about his life.

The Nine Mystical Palace, must be destroyed.

This wasn’t the first time Luo Qianqiu wanted to kill him. Back then he was still a weakling at the Arterial Circulation Realm, he had no choice but to spare Luo Qianqiu and was even humiliated by Luo Tianya. Yet, Luo Qianqiu deserved to die for his many attempts on Qin Wentian’s life.

Chu Tianjiao had treated the lives of his citizens like weeds, personally ordering for the young females of his country to be abducted, to be used as nutrients for nurturing the four blood puppets. With this kind of person as the Emperor, how could the country not be in dire straits?

Chu Tianjiao, similarly also deserved death.

“Wow wow wow, how awe-inspiring, mighty and imposing the Nine Mystical Palace is.” From afar, a voice tinged with heavy arrogance rang out, as two rows of silhouettes flew through the air.

Ouyang Kuangsheng brought over several of his followers from the Ouyang Clan, as well as those from the Jiang Clan (transcendent power). While his arrival wasn’t unexpected, what caused Qin Wentian’s gaze to freeze in slight astonishment was that the second row of silhouettes, were actually people from the Greencloud Pavilion.

“Qian Mengyu?” Luo Qianqiu’s countenance turned unsightly. “Does your Greencloud Pavilion want a piece of the action as well?”

“Luo Qianqiu, to avenge your defeat from back then, you brought people from the Nine Mystical Palace to help you now? Do you have no shame at all? Can’t you defeat him by yourself?” Qian Mengyu coldly sneered.

“Hmph, to kill him? Do I look like I need to enlist the aid of my Nine Mystical Palace’s members? It’s just that he only knows how to hide in there, so I’m merely bringing more people to pressure him into coming out,” Luo Qianqiu’s voice was ice-cold as he pointed in Qin Wentian’s direction. His loss to Qin Wentian at the Jun Lin Banquet back then was a black stain on his heart.

“Nicely said.” Ouyang Kuangsheng’s arms were crossed in front of his chest. He smiled, “Since the Nine Mystical Palace wants to come here and play, then we shall play. But let me say something first, after today’s matter is concluded, Chu shall no longer be under the administration of the Nine Mystical Palace. Since you’re all already here, if you win, you will be the victors. But if you lose, you shall die. DON’T BE A P*SSY AND CALL EVEN MORE OF YOUR MEMBERS OVER!”

“What an impudent speech. Who are you?” Behind Luo Qianqiu, a supreme expert unleashed an extremely tyrannical aura, his eyes locking onto Ouyang Kuangsheng.

“Don’t look at me like that. So what if you’re a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign? When your father me, stands in front of you, I don’t believe you would even dare touch a single hair on my head.” Ouyang Kuangsheng gave no pretence of cordiality as he stared at the old man. “Azure Continent, Ouyang Kuangsheng from the Ouyang Clan. Since your Nine Mystical Palace wants to play, my Ouyang Aristocrat Clan shall accompany you in this game.”

That Heavenly Dipper Sovereign stiffened, as shock widened his eyes. The Ouyang Clan? Why would those from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan appear in Chu?

“This is what my Greencloud Pavilion feels as well. Since the Nine Mystical Palace wants to conclude matters, let’s let everything end here today. If Luo Qianqiu dies, so be it. If the Nine Mystical Palace still wants to continue playing their tricks in the future, likewise, my Greencloud Pavilion shall accompany you all in the game as well.”

Qian Mengyu’s attitude bewildered Qin Wentian, while the countenances of those from the Nine Mystical Palace turned ashen.

Never would they have predicted that both the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Greencloud Pavilion would have such an attitude.

Chu Tianjiao furrowed his brows, feeling that his plans were falling apart. This Ouyang Kuangsheng’s character was too rampant, he even dared to behave in such a manner when talking to a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign. This caused Chu Tianjiao to feel that the Ouyang Clan was an existence that even the Nine Mystical Palace dared not offend.

“Qianqiu, matters are getting troublesome, we don’t have absolute odds of success,” the Heavenly Dipper Sovereign from the Nine Mystical Palace intoned in a low voice.

Luo Qianqiu went silent for a moment before drawing in a deep breath. Since he came back to Chu today, how could he run back to the Nine Mystical Palace with his tails between his legs? If he didn’t take the chance to kill Qin Wentian today, where would he find him in the future?

“I, concur. Old Yan, go destroy the thirty-six drums,” Luo Qianqiu indifferently commanded. The Heavenly Dipper Sovereign named Old Yan sighed as he nodded his head. Now, Luo Qianqiu’s status within the Nine Mystical Palace was no longer the same as before. Since he wished to battle, Old Yan could only accompany him in this madness. It should be fine as long as he didn’t cross the young master of the Ouyang Clan.

Old Yan acted. As a thunderous sound blasted out, the manifestation of a gigantic leg slammed down from the Heavens, right onto the thunder dragon.

Sounds of booming rang out, as the thunder dragon exploded from the impact. The manifestation of the Leg-type Astral Nova, continued sweeping downwards, the pressure emanated from it caused the white-robed men behind the thirty-six drums to spit out fresh blood as their countenance turned incomparably pale.

At this moment, a graceful figure floated upwards. Her appearance was just as mysterious and abrupt as before.

Raising her jade hands, Qing`er’s entire body glimmered with Astral Light. Folding hand seals, a pure and vibrant lotus containing killing energy of such menacing quality, blasted towards the gigantic leg. The lotus expanded unceasingly, the power contained within it forcing the leg-type Astral Nova to be forcefully pushed back.

Two opposing silhouettes simultaneously dashed out. Old Yan as well as Qing`er soared towards the skies as the two Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns began their battle.

“Is this Qing`er’s true strength?” Qin Wentian mumbled, his gaze on Qing`er. Even during such a ferocious fight, her countenance still remained as otherworldly as before, like a faerie from the celestial realms.

“What a beautiful girl. Damn that Qin Wentian,” Ouyang Kuangsheng exclaimed somewhat jealously, “Wait, isn’t that the peerless beauty from the Celestial Lake Palace?”

“Ouyang, help me in settling the four blood puppets below.” Qin Wentian pointed to the four figures clad in blood-colored robes.

“Got it. You guys, go kill them,” Ouyang commanded, and behind him several experts flew out. At the same time, a few other vice-headmaster level experts from the Emperor Star Academy also pooled their efforts together, entrapping the four blood puppets.

Chu Tianjiao signalled with his hands, and momentarily, several Yuanfu experts on his side flew towards the balcony Chu Wuwei and Qin Wentian were on. That entire space instantly erupted into chaos. Towering killing intents and overflowing auras of destruction enveloped the Heavens and Earth, and even those spectators looking from afar felt stifled by the presences they felt.

Utter pandemonium, these were the only words that could describe what was happening on the battlefield now. As the experts from the Nine Mystical Palace clashed against those from the Ouyang and Greencloud Pavilion, the Qin Troops slaughtered their way towards Chu Tianjiao. As for the balcony Chu Wuwei and Qin Wentian were on, they were the only two that remained as relaxed as before, while they surveyed the battlefield.

Luo Qianqiu and Chu Tianjiao hadn’t made their moves as well. Luo Qianqiu was glaring at Qin Wentian as he icily stated, “I truly don’t understand why so many people are willing to be meat-shields for you. Are you only capable of acting like a coward, hiding behind them?”

Obviously, Luo Qianqiu was trying to agitate Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian merely smiled at Luo Qianqiu, his response causing Luo Qianqiu to frown.

“During the Jun Lin Banquet, if it were not for your father being there to protect you, you would long be a dead man. What’s ludicrous is that you are still foolishly trying to ridicule me, wanting to seek your own death.” After speaking, Qin Wentian rose into the air. His actions caused the expressions of many to tighten. Qin Wentian was too important, those that cared about him would rather he remain on the balcony, with no risk of danger befalling him.

Qin Wentian naturally understood their intentions. However, with so many people supporting him, he had to show them unquestionably that he, Qin Wentian, was worth it for those that placed their hopes in him. He, Qin Wentian, wouldn’t disappoint them.

So, he chose to leave the balcony, bereft of the protection of Chu Mang, and stood amidst the countless gazes of the crowd.

Qin Wentian stared at Luo Qianqiu. When had he ever been afraid to battle? In the Jun Lin Banquet, all odds were against him, with every step taken filled with incredible difficulty. Yet, had he not managed to persevere all the way and eventually become the champion? Today, he wanted to tell those that had supported him that he, Qin Wentian, was worthy of their support!

“You will die within ten breaths of time,” Qin Wentian spoke indifferently, like stating a fact, causing the hearts of many to tremble. How arrogant were his words?

Ten breaths, he wanted Luo Qianqiu, the genius of the Nine Mystical Palace to perish within ten breaths of time!

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