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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 224 — Wrath

Chapter 224: Wrath

As Hua Xiaoyun witnessed the unceasing flow of blood from the area surrounding Mo Qingcheng’s heart, he was truly frightened. This ending was way worse compared to all the other endings he had previously envisioned.

Not only did he not obtain Mo Qingcheng’s body, he had also become her murderer. If that was the case, even though the Mo Clan wouldn’t dare do anything to him, the Pill Emperor Palace would remember this for sure. Especially for the Pill Emperor’s daughter, Luo He, as she was someone that treasured her disciples. If she knew that Mo Qingcheng died because of him, no one could tell what she would do under a pique of anger.

“STOP. Don’t pierce the dagger in any further. I’ll give up, I’ll give up!” Hua Xiaoyun shouted in dread. Mo Qingcheng’s body gently collapsed onto the floor, she had no more strength left. Yet her eyes remained wide open, locked onto Hua Xiaoyun.

“What happened?” A few others heard the commotion and came running over. Upon seeing Mo Qingcheng lying on the blood-soaked floor, their countenances turned as white as a sheet of paper.

“Something happened to little Miss,” a voice called out in panic, akin to a thunder-shaking alarm that resounded throughout the Mo Residence.

An instant later, several figures rushed over. As Mo Tianlin saw what happened to his daughter, his face instantly turned bloodlessly pale.

“Qingcheng.” Mo Tianlin rushed forward, supporting his daughter in his arms. Seeing her father, only now did a hint of a smile appear on Mo Qingcheng’s face. Her lips trembled slightly, as though she was trying to say something, but no words came out.

“WHO DID THIS?” Mo Tianlin’s eyes flickered with a cold and terrifying light, looking in the direction of Hua Xiaoyun.

“What’s going on?” Bai Fei and the disciples from the Pill Emperor Hall had just arrived.

“This was not done by me. I was only joking with Miss Mo, but she thought I was serious.” Hua Xiaoyun tried to sidestep. There was no way he could possibly admit that he had evil designs on Mo Qingcheng.

Bai Fei shot a cold glance at Hua Xiaoyun, before walking over to Mo Qingcheng’s side. Retrieving a bottle of medicinal pills from her robes, she placed a few pills into Mo Qingcheng’s mouth. One of her hands rested on Mo Qingcheng’s chest area, while the other took her pulse.

“Hua Xiaoyun, you despicable asshole.” Bai Fei glared at Hua Xiaoyun in rage, it was as though she knew what Hua Xiaoyun had done. “You were joking with her? Why do you need to use the Energy Dissipating Powder on her if it was a joke? You are worse than a beast.”

Although Bai Fei didn’t really like Mo Qingcheng, she was still a woman after all. How could she not be repulsed and angered when Hua Xiaoyun resorted to this method to deal with Mo Qingcheng?

“How dare you?” Hua Xiaoyun’s countenance turned threatening, as his scheme was exposed by Bai Fei. After a moment, he regained control and stated with icy calm, “Do you know who you are talking to?”

“You incompetent degenerate. Who do you think you are? If not for your elder brother, you wouldn’t even have the qualifications to talk to me.” Bai Fei was triggered. As a disciple of Luo He, she had a pretty high standing. How could she tolerate Hua Xiaoyun’s arrogance.

Hua Xiaoyun turned red from anger as his countenance became increasingly malevolent. Glaring at Bai Fei, he silently exclaimed in his heart, “Filthy b*tch, I’ll make you taste what hell is like if you ever end up in my hands.”

Yet, he didn’t dare to speak out any of his thoughts. Bai Fei wasn’t a good character to make an enemy out of.

“Yan Qi, immediately go and inform master. I’m afraid Mo Qingcheng’s situation is critical,” Bai Fei instructed. Yan Qi nodded as he quickly dashed away.

A gentle glow emanated from Bai Fei, and she directed the glow to envelop Mo Qingcheng. After which, warm currents of healing were channelled into Mo Qingcheng, trying to minimise her pain and stop the bleeding. Yet, Bai Fei didn’t dare to move the dagger embedded in her chest.

Mo Tianlin stood at the side, shaking with nervousness. The hatred in his eyes when he stared at Hua Xiaoyun was a testament of how he wanted nothing more than to dismember his corpse into a million pieces.

Old Mo also arrived, his countenance extremely ugly to behold. He already knew of what had happened.

“Old Mo, I apologise. I was just joking with Qingcheng, I’ll compensate your Mo Clan for this.” Hua Xiaoyun hurriedly explained, his countenance wavering as he saw how angry Old Mo was.

He had already seen how insane Mo Qingcheng could be. What if this old man really went crazy and killed him here and now? It would be too late for Hua Xiaoyun, even if his elder brother annihilated the entire Mo Clan to accompany him with their deaths. He could only try to mitigate the anger of Old Mo for now.

“I hope young master Hua will stay here in our Mo Clan for now,” Old Mo icily stated, suppressing the flames of fury boiling in his heart. It was obvious that he made the wrong judgement. Yet after considering Hua Xiaoyun’s background, he could only tolerate this for now.

“Don’t worry, I will stay here till this matter is concluded.” Hua Xiaoyun swallowed his words and replied, it was unknown what he was thinking about.

“FATHER, KILL HIM!” Mo Tianlin roared in rage, causing Hua Xiaoyun to stiffen. His countenance turned sinister as he replied, “It was merely a joke. I believe nothing will happen to Miss Mo, you better think clearly before you speak.”

“Shut your mouth.” Old Mo glowered at Mo Tianlin.

Kill? If Hua Xiaoyun died in the Mo Clan, everyone in the clan would be annihilated and die with him.

Now he could only pray for Mo Qingcheng’s safety.

The tranquil atmosphere of Mo Qingcheng’s courtyard was disrupted, as an intense feeling of nervousness permeated the air. News of what happened to Mo Qingcheng was soon discovered by those close to the Mo Clan.

Bai Fei tried her best to preserve Mo Qingcheng’s life. After all, Mo Qingcheng was the disciple that her Master had favored above all others. If she didn’t give it her all now, she would surely be blamed by her Master later on. Fortunately, after her efforts, Mo Qingcheng’s condition finally stabilised.

Now, all that was left to do, was to wait for the arrival of her Master.


At this moment, Qin Wentian was at the Bamboo Lodge, standing in front of the flowing creek. A tender smile involuntarily appeared on his face whenever he thought of Mo Qingcheng.

He wondered, what was she doing now?

Thinking back to that night when Mo Qingcheng wanted to stay over, Qin Wentian felt warmth blossoming in his heart. This silly girl had already decided to give her heart to him. He heard that she hadn’t left for the Pill Emperor Hall yet, it must be because she was waiting for him, to meet him one last time before she could bear to depart.

“Pill Emperor Hall,” Qin Wentian murmured.

At this moment, sounds of movement could be heard behind him. Turning, a bewildered expression appeared on his face as he realised that it was Nolan. Why would she be here to look for him?

Not only that, her countenance was extremely unsightly, as though something terrible had just occurred.

“Qin Wentian, something happened to Qingcheng,” Nolan cried, causing Qin Wentian to feel as though a rock had dropped inside his heart. He instantly dashed over.

“What happened to Qingcheng?” Qin Wentian urgently questioned.

“That beast, Hua Xiaoyun, I heard that he had evil designs on Qingcheng. That silly girl tried to commit suicide after that and is still currently unconscious. I tried to go to her, but the Mo Clan is currently forbidding all outsiders from entering the Mo Residence.” Nolan’s eyes were red with tears, her relationship with Mo Qingcheng was as close as real sisters, yet now she didn’t know if Qingcheng would live or die. Naturally, she would be upset.

Buzz. Qin Wentian’s mind shook from the impact of Nolan’s words, his countenance became exceedingly terrifying to behold. An overwhelming intent of coldness exuded from him, causing Nolan to be so frightened that she involuntarily retreated backwards without pause.

“Qingcheng.” Qin Wentian’s mind was in turmoil. He soared up through the skies as a pair of demonic Garuda Wings appeared on his back. The demonic Qi that emanated forth from his body was so thick that Nolan couldn’t even breath. With the speed of a raging hurricane, Qin Wentian transformed into a black ray of light as he shot off into the distance.

“Hua Xiaoyun.” A voice filled with a terrible, terrible wrath and killing intent could be heard echoing in the air. No words were sufficient to describe the ice-cold rage Qin Wentian was feeling now, along with his fear and worry.

This feeling was akin to back then, when Mo Qingcheng blocked a blow on his behalf. He had never felt this afraid before.

Qin Wentian’s speed reached an unprecedented level as he zoomed like lightning towards the Mo Clan. Every moment that passed felt like agony to him, each second felt as long as an eternity. Finally, he saw the Mo Residence in the distance.

Not far away from Qin Wentian, there was also someone flying over. However, the speed of that person was even faster compared to the crazed Qin Wentian. Her eyes were filled with endless depths as she swept a glance at him, as though with just a single look, she would be able to uncover all of Qin Wentian’s secrets.

She had an elegant bearing, exuding the aura of nobility and a terrifying presence. She was shrouded in a bright glow as she transformed into a beam of light, shooting straight into the Mo Residence. The guards outside didn’t block her because… her speed was so quick to the extent that no one could even see her shadow.

As the guards of the Mo Clan saw Qin Wentian descending from the skies, several of them soared up into the air to stop him. “Outsiders are all forbidden entr…”

“Scram.” Even before they completed their sentence, the Demonic Astral Energy in Qin Wentian’s body surged as it exploded forth, manifesting into countless demonic swords as they slashed towards the guards. Those guards instantly dodged to the side, but in that split second lapse in their attention, Qin Wentian vanished from view, and had already entered into the Mo Residence.

Qin Wentian soon located Qingcheng’s courtyard. Flying over, his body involuntarily trembling as he saw the white robes of Qingcheng dyed red in her blood. Seeing her wan countenance, he felt as though countless knives were stabbing his heart.

“Don’t disturb my master,” Bai Fei coldly stated. Only now did Qin Wentian realise that the woman he saw earlier was planning to administer medical treatment to Mo Qingcheng.

“Bai Fei, we are going in.” A gentle glow shrouded Mo Qingcheng’s body as that woman from earlier carried her, entering the Mo Qingcheng’s room alongside with Bai Fei and the rest of the Emperor Pill Hall’s disciples.

Qin Wentian dared not go in, for fear of causing a disturbance. He could only pray that Mo Qingcheng would be okay.

“What are you doing here?” Old Mo frowned when he saw the sudden appearance of Qin Wentian. However, Qin Wentian didn’t reply. Instead, his glance shifted towards Hua Xiaoyun, who was standing behind Old Mo. A sky-high killing intent erupted forth as the coldness in his eyes grew in intensity.

Boom. Qin Wentian moved, advancing forwards with measured steps towards Hua Xiaoyun. Old Mo’s frown deepened as he moved to block Qin Wentian’s path.

Qin Wentian stared at Old Mo, his finger shaking with incredulous disbelief as he pointed it towards Hua Xiaoyun. “This beast caused Qingcheng to end up in this state. You didn’t kill him, but choose to block me instead?”

“What do the matters of my Mo Clan got to do with you?” Old Mo snorted. Qin Wentian’s behaviour was way too impudent.

“Well spoken. Indeed, what do the matters of the Mo Clan have to do with me? I couldn’t give a damn. But now, Qingcheng is the one who was injured.” The coldness in Qin Wentian’s voice intensified to its limits. Taking another step forwards, he growled. “Old bastard, get the fuck out of my way.”

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