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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 228 — Hua Taixu

Chapter 228: Hua Taixu

Hua Taixu, had a cultivation base at the peak level of Yuanfu, and was a supreme expert ranked first in the Heavenly Fate Ranking.

The Heavenly Fate Ranking was a Ranking Record created by the Venerate Heavens Sect of the Ginkou Continent. This Ranking, was one of the most ‘heavyweight’ rankings ever to exist, and the names contained within, represented the supreme experts at the Yuanfu level in the entire Grand Xia Empire.

Throughout these countless years, all the terrifying existences in the Grand Xia Empire that could hail the wind and summon the rains, could be found by looking through the Ranking Records of the Venerate Heavens Sect.

Heavenly Dipper Ranking, Heavenly Fate Ranking, Warbeast Index. All of these records were created by the Venerate Heavens Sect and were eventually circulated around the world by people in the Grand Xia Empire.

Not many people would focus their attentions on the Warbeast Index, save those that had an Astral Soul condensed from beast-type Constellations. As for the Heavenly Dipper Ranking, the amount of focus it garnered didn’t need to be said. Each and every one of the names recorded within was an earth-shattering and heaven-shaking existence - the true powerhouses of the Grand Xia Empire.

Especially for the first thirty-six Rankings, they were given an additional title. The top thirty-six cultivators whose names were recorded in the Heavenly Dipper Ranking were also known as the thirty-six Heavenly Starlords, and they symbolised the Grand Xia Empire.

The Heavenly Fate Ranking was the Ranking Record a tier below the Heavenly Dipper Ranking. The names of 360 cultivators at the Yuanfu Realm were recorded within. Also, this Ranking Record would be updated once every year.

However, one should not look down on those recorded within the Heavenly Fate Ranking, just because it contained 360 names. One has to understand how vast the Grand Xia Empire was. Over there, forget about ordinary Yuanfu Cultivators, even experts at the peak of Yuanfu were as common as clouds. It wasn’t so easy if one wanted to enter into the Heavenly Fate Ranking. Basically, only those at the peak level of Yuanfu would have a chance to enter unless, of course, you have extraordinary combat prowess and could jump levels to defeat those peak level Yuanfu opponents.

The top ten cultivators recorded in the Heavenly Fate Ranking, were all dazzling existences whose names shook the Grand Xia Empire. Their future potential was unlimited. Even though some of them could be considered quite old when compared to the rest, it didn’t matter. As long as one was able to enter the top ten, it meant that their comprehension of their Mandates had all reached a terrifying level and possessed incredible prowess in combat. So, although the cultivation of these ‘older’ group of cultivators could be considered slow, they would all still be able to become supreme powerhouses if given enough time.

One could easily imagine the difficulty in ranking first in the Heavenly Fate Ranking. The amount of radiance and glory that came along with it went without saying.

No one in the Grand Xia Empire would not know of your existence. Even such an arrogant character like Ouyang Kuangsheng, had also marked Hua Taixu as his idol and was determined to surpass him, to also become an outstanding existence known by the masses.

If one took a step back, one could say that although the name ‘Ouyang Kuangsheng’ could be considered rather famous, if it was placed in comparison to the name ‘Hua Taixu’, the name ‘Ouyang Kuangsheng’ would immediately lose its ‘luster’.

Once there was a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign who wanted to test Hua Taixu’s strength. After the battle, the Sovereign announced to the world that the combat prowess of Hua Taixu was so strong to the extent that it was unfathomable. And as for who won or lost that battle, it was up to the masses to draw their own conclusions.

And because he had such an elder brother, Hua Xiaoyun blustered about in the outside world, not fearing any retaliation and behind his back he was termed, ‘the useless second Young Master’ by many.

And because of how radiant the name Hua Taixu was, Luo He, would also give him face. Either way, with Luo He’s own status as the Pill Emperor’s daughter in the Grand Xia Empire, she would always be shown respect, regardless of how much higher one’s cultivation was in comparison.

If not for Hua Taixu, even if there were ten Hua Xiaoyuns, she would have slaughtered without mercy.

Hua Xiaoyun completely collapsed as he looked at his brother. His elder brother was serious.

"It’s all his fault." Hua Xiaoyun glared at Qin Wentian, he wanted nothing more than to rip him into a million pieces. A random guy in Chu actually caused him to lose his arm. Not only that, he had to kneel in apology. This humiliation… this humiliation was too great to bear!

Yet, he had no choice but to do as his brother said. Hua Xiaoyun knelt in front of Luo He as he apologised, "Junior was in the wrong, and seeks Senior for her forgiveness."

Upon seeing this, Hua Taixu added, "Senior Luo He, if you feel that a single arm is insufficient, you can slay this vile beast."

Luo He glanced at Hua Taixu; his countenance was serene, without a hint of unease. She was unable to tell what he was thinking.

Yet it was clear to Luo He that Hua Taixu personally destroyed one of Hua Xiaoyun’s arms and made him kneel in apology, not because he feared her, nor was it to prevent a strain in the relationship between the Hua Clan and the Pill Emperor Hall.

No matter what, Hua Xiaoyun was still his younger brother. Everyone in the Grand Xia Empire knew that Hua Taixu had always doted on his younger brother. With his earlier actions, he was already giving Luo He a platform to retreat. If she truly decided to slaughter Hua Xiaoyun, it would instantly complicate matters. There was no need for further words, if she truly went ahead and chose to kill Hua Xiaoyun, she would have made another formidable enemy.

"Forget it. Since he has already lost an arm, that shall be considered the price for his transgression. Furthermore, Qingcheng is already recovering. This matter shall be at its end. Also, do not make things difficult for the Mo Clan," Luo He indifferently replied, choosing not to further pursue this incident. Since Hua Taixu had given her face, she didn’t want to be the one to strain their relationship.

For an existence like Hua Taixu, even if one couldn’t become friends with him, one MUST NOT EVER become his enemy.

"Senior won’t have to worry about this point." Hua Taixu nodded. "Hua Xiaoyun brought this upon himself."

Since his younger brother Hua Xiaoyun was apologising, he had to have the appearance that he was also apologising. After all, a single sentence from Luo He was sufficient to make several Heavenly Sovereign Dippers act. This was the only way for Hua Taixu to settle the matter.

Based on his status, what would people think if his younger brother still took revenge on the Mo Clan right after being forced to apologise? Wasn’t this smacking his own face?

"Get up!" Hua Taixu roared at Hua Xiaoyun, who was still kneeling.

"Brother, but…" Hua Xiaoyun’s glance shifted to Qin Wentian, appearing as though he wanted to continue speaking.

"Shut up." Hua Taixu frowned. Hua Xiaoyun could only grit his teeth and tolerate it for now.

Hua Taixu slowly shifted his glance over at Qin Wentian, as he calmly asked, "You are manifesting killing intent?"

Qin Wentian inclined his head, staring at Hua Taixu. This person was extraordinary, even the Pill Emperor’s daughter had to give him face.

But what about it? So what if Luo He decided not to pursue the matter further? Did it meant that the matter had come to an end?

How could such an incident be so simple. Regardless of Hua Xiaoyun’s background, he had to kill him.

But Qin Wentian calmed down somewhat after hearing that Qingcheng’s life was no longer in danger. Considering the current situation, there was no way he would be able to rush forward to take Hua Xiaoyun’s life. If he did so, he would surely accompany Hua Xiaoyun in death. Even Qing`er’s strength wouldn’t be sufficient to protect him.

"My younger brother says that you depended on an extremely powerful divine weapon to defeat him. But even so, a first-level Yuanfu defeating a fourth-level Yuanfu already proves that you have astonishing combat prowess. If there’s a chance, you should roam the Grand Xia Empire."

There wasn’t the slightest trace of anger in Hua Taixu’s voice. It was as if he was speaking to an old friend.

"In that place, there are many so-called ‘geniuses’ such as you." Hua Taixu stretched out his hands. Cracks appeared in the skies above the dome of Heavens, as intense beams of light shot down, seemingly answering to his summons. The beams of light transformed into countless sharp swords as they flew with the speed of a comet towards the far-off distance. The amount of energy packed within them was so colossal, that even another cultivator at the peak of Yuanfu would be hard-pressed to block this attack.

"Only by surpassing the other geniuses, would you be considered barely qualified to gain a foothold in the Grand Xia Empire."

"Senior Luo He, I bid my farewell." Hua Taixu slightly bowed. After which, he caught hold of Hua Xiaoyun as he departed, his movements like the formless wind. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from sight and appeared on top of the waves of swords he summoned earlier. The terrifying speed he exhibited left no doubts as to his level of power.

Those from the Hua Clan glanced at Qin Wentian, before following after Hua Taixu.

Hua Taixu didn’t make a move on Qin Wentian to get revenge for Hua Yunxiao. Instead, he merely left behind a few obscure sentences before he departed. Yet, everyone could sense the condescending tone and the cold arrogance in his words.

"In that place, there are many so-called ‘geniuses’ such as you."

"Only by surpassing the other geniuses, would you be considered barely qualified to gain a foothold in the Grand Xia Empire."

Yet, weren’t his words true as well?

Qin Wentian stood there, gazing at the horizon.

Did they really think this matter was over?

How could he still spare Hua Xiaoyun, considering what he tried to do to Mo Qingcheng?

The Grand Xia Empire, he will surely go there in the near future.

Yet if he went there, how could he merely set his sights on just obtaining the qualifications to barely establish a foothold for himself?

"It’s also time for us to leave," Luo He spoke. After which, she entered the room and carried Mo Qingcheng out.

Old Mo, Mo Tianlin, Qin Wentian, all walked forward, gazing at the unconscious Mo Qingcheng. Could it be that there wasn’t even a chance to bid farewell to her?

Gazing at that pallid, yet still beautiful countenance, Qin Wentian’s determination grew even stronger.

"Leave her to me, there’s no need for you all to worry," Luo He reassured them, upon witnessing the looks of worry on all their faces.

"Senior, we didn’t mean it like that," Old Mo explained.

"Mhm, if there’s a chance in the future, you can come to our Pill Emperor Hall to visit her," Luo He added, after which, she soared to the skies, as the other disciples of the Pill Emperor Hall followed after her.

Bai Fei was about to leave, but she halted as though she thought of something. Turning, she walked towards Qin Wentian as she spoke, "This time you were lucky. Because of the presence of my master, those from the Hua Clan didn’t do anything to you. I know that your feelings for Mo Qingcheng run deep but I still have to warn you, don’t come to our Pill Emperor Palace to look for her. Both of you aren't compatible."

Bai Fei paused, before continuing, "That person earlier, his name is Hua Taixu, ranked first in the Heavenly Fate Ranking. He is the strongest Yuanfu existence in the whole of Grand Xia Empire. In the future he will definitely be at the peak of those true powerhouses. It’s better for you to stay here and continue being a genius."

After speaking, Bai Fei soared to the skies, following after those from the Pill Emperor Palace.

Jing Yu and Yan Qi both cast deep glances at Qin Wentian. Seeing how much Luo He valued Mo Qingcheng, they understood that Mo Qingcheng would definitely play an influential role within the Pill Emperor Hall in the future.

Although Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng had a deep relationship, this would put an end to it.

This, shall be where their story ends.

"Hua Taixu," Qin Wentian mumbled, nobody could tell what he was thinking.

His silhouette flickered, Qin Wentian left the Mo Residence.

Old Mo stood there, lost in his thoughts, staring at the spot where Hua Taixu and Qin Wentian had stood earlier.

"Hua Taixu, a supreme expert ranked first in the Heavenly Fate Ranking!"

"Qin Wentian, all three of his Astral Souls originated from the 5th Heavenly Layer. Were they truly beings of different levels? What can destiny have in store for them, would their paths intersect in the future?"

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