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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 236 — Hell Arena

Chapter 236: Hell Arena

The Hell Arena was located within the eastern region of the Moon Continent, situated on an island in the middle of a lake.

The place was swamped with streams and streams of people, leisurely walking towards the centre of the island. Ahead of them was a vast, spacious area with several gigantic spectator stands, reachable only via several flights of stairs.

“This place is so crowded,” Qin Wentian murmured in astonishment.

“The Hell Arena is one of the most famous landmarks in the Moon Continent. Let’s go up,” Bailu Yi spoke. They continued up the flight of stairs, before arriving at a curved-shape spectator stand. In front of the various spectator stands were three towering battle arenas, supported by sky-high stone pillars. An air of magnificence exuded from the massive structures.

“This place is known as the Hell Arena. The one in the middle is designated for combat between Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns. The one on the left is designated for combat between Yuanfu Combatants, while the arena on the right is used for unique battles, such as combat between Divine Inscriptionists, or combat between Puppets,” Bailu Yi explained.

“Even Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns will partake in battles here?” Astonishment appeared on Qin Wentian’s face. On their way here, Bailu Yi had introduced the Hell Arena to him. This place was undoubtedly the cruellest arena in the entire Moon Continent, as well as the most luxurious betting centre. For contestants, the price of losing, was death. Conceding was not allowed, and so one’s life or death depended purely on one’s level of power.

Even for those entering just to spectate, on-lookers would already have to pay a sum in Yuan Meteor Stones. Just from this alone, as well as considering the number of people present, one could imagine the fearsome level of income earned per day by the Hell Arena’s management.

Qin Wentian nodded as he took note of Bailu Yi’s words. Over here, the contestants were all masked, and referred to by their code name. This was to prevent any problems that may arise from a match’s conclusion, such as acts of revenge by the loser’s family and friends.

Hence, the contestants would be able to fight with no worries, in accordance to the rules set by the Hell Arena. Even if the families and friends of the loser wanted to find trouble with the Hell Arena, no other powers within the Moon Continent would dare to aid them.

At this moment, ear-shattering applause and raucous cheering rang out. Qin Wentian shifted his glance over to the left Arena. A masked man killed his opponent in a single move. Both of them had a cultivation base at the peak level of Yuanfu.

“Asura. This is his 138th consecutive winning streak, it’s a new record!” The judge present in the left Arena announced Asura’s battle record, causing the volume of cheering to explosively surge in intensity.

Fanaticism. These people gave Qin Wentian a feeling of zealotry. This man with the code name ‘Asura’ had won 138 battles consecutively. From this, one could tell how strong he was.

“This combatant is so unlucky, he actually met Asura in combat. There won’t be anyone else daring to step up for the challenge anymore,” someone exclaimed. Indeed, nobody stood forth to challenge Asura. After slaughtering his opponent in a single move, Asura remained in the arena, his gaze disdainfully sweeping through the crowd, awaiting new challengers. However, the combatants weren’t stupid. Everyone knew that only one ending awaited you if you challenged Asura - Death.

After several moments, when it was clear that no one dared to issue a challenge, Asura finally left the Arena via a tunnel. Nobody knew what his real identity was.

After Asura appeared from the tunnel, he removed his mask, revealing an expressionless face. It seemed that even the bloody matches held in the Hell Arena no longer had any tempering effect on him, and so there was no need for him to appear here anymore in the future. As for the compensation obtained from participating in the match, at his level he already treated wealth in the same way as floating clouds. It wouldn’t affect his emotions at all.

If Qin Wentian were to see Asura unmasked, he would definitely recognise him. Asura was none other than the Heavenly Fate Ranking’s number one, Hua Taixu!

“Asura, who is he?” Bailu Yi mused. Evidently, she was filled with great curiosity towards the powerful and mysterious Asura. This person had already become the stuff of fables in the Hell Arena, winning a total of 138 consecutive victories. Not only that, after winning his first scheduled match on that day, he had never feared the challenges of others. Within the Yuanfu Realm, he was invincible, a true legend.

“There are people in the right Arena. It’s Hades and some other combatant. Hades is a third level Puppet Master, and has terrifying combat strength. The reason why I brought all of you here, is to witness a battle between Divine Inscriptionists,” Bailu Yi stated, turning to the group of learners. The learners moved towards one of the spectator stands that overlooked the right Arena, as they looked for empty seats. Bailu Yi sat together with Qin Wentian, fanning the flames of rumors that there was something going on between them.

“This will be a good show to watch, there’s actually someone that dares to challenge Hades,” someone remarked, as an excited expression appeared on his countenance. There were also some people who ran down to the betting counters preparing to gamble. Although Hades’ payout rate wasn’t high, there were still many among the crowd that chose to bet on his victory.

“Heh heh.” Sinister laughter issued from Hades’s throat. A moment later, a silhouette appeared beside him, floating in the air.

“Huh? A human?” Qin Wentian narrowed his eyes, but it couldn’t possibly be human as it had come out from an interspatial ring.

“Human-type Puppets. Hades’ techniques are too evil, he loves to use humans as the base for his Puppets,” Bailu Yi whispered. But then, a metallic silhouette also appeared beside Hades’s opponent. However, the frame of his opponent’s Puppet was extremely large. Hades’s opponent then actually ‘entered’ into the Puppet. Apparently, he could control its movements with ease.

“DIE!” Hades spat out in a cold voice, the human-shaped Puppet moved like a leaf dancing in the wind, as a blurry form blasted forth towards the metallic Puppet. Terrifying sharp swords slashed towards the metallic Puppet, but was easily repelled with a lift of the metallic Puppet’s arms. Although the movement looked clumsy and the reaction speed of the metallic Puppet was slow, each motion it made seemed to be filled with great strength.

As the swords came in contact with the metallic Puppet, fiery sparks could be seen trailing behind each slash on the Puppet’s metallic surface. In spite of this, no damage was done to the metallic Puppet. The metallic Puppet could also be considered a kind of defensive-type Divine Weapon that required an exorbitant cost to manufacture. It was famed for its monstrous attack and defence, and was a killing machine. Its only weakness was its lack of agility and slow movement speed.

“Reckless fool,” Hades coldly spat. After which, his silhouette transformed into a blur as he stepped back and forth on the ground, moving with amazing speed. His actions caused numerous Divine Inscriptions to form as they interweaved, shining resplendently while coiling around the metallic Puppet. Continuously forming Divine Inscriptions, harnessing the energy of Heaven and Earth, they exploded forth towards his opponent.

The metallic Puppet tried to avoid Hades’s binding, and directly dashed towards Hades himself. However, Hades merely sneered as he stepped even faster, causing the Divine Inscriptions formed beneath his feet to glow even brighter. Roars of a demonic dragon shook the void as a shower of swords abruptly rained downwards, their slicing power directed at his opponent.

“So this is a battle among Divine Inscriptionists?” Qin Wentian felt that Hades in the Arena could do as he pleased, like a fish in water, controlling the energy of Heaven and Earth to battle for him.

ROARRR~ A terrifying snarl thundered, Hades advanced step by step, as an ancient and supremely gigantic dragon appeared beside him, mirroring his movements. The aura he exuded became stronger and stronger with each step he took.

The controller of the metallic Puppet howled in rage, as fearsome fist shadows erupted forth, smashing towards Hades. The gigantic dragon rumbled, easily suppressing the fist shadows, while simultaneously, the human-shaped Puppet descended from the skies, wrapping its legs around the metallic Puppet’s neck, and then piercing its eyes with its two sword fingers.

“ARGHHHH…” A spine-chilling screech rang out, as fresh blood spurted out of the metallic Puppet’s eyes. Even though this Puppet Divine Weapon was famed for its defenses, it still needed its vision, and thus, its eyes became its weak point.

The conclusion of the fight was only to be expected, Hades pulled his opponent out from the metallic Puppet, and unceremoniously proceeded to slaughter him, claiming the metallic Puppet for his own. Many people felt a chill in their hearts, Hades’s methods were extremely brutal, truly a ruthless character.

“Doesn’t this Arena set limits regarding the cultivation bases of the combatants?” Qin Wentian asked Bailu Yi.

“Nope, there’s no restriction. After all, this Arena is used for unique-type battles. If a Divine Inscriptionist enters combat, anything is permitted as long as his opponent is a Divine Inscriptionist of the same level, and uses only Divine Inscriptions or Puppets for their combat. If they are not confident in their own abilities, no one would choose to go up,” Bailu Yi replied in a low voice. After which, Bailu Yi actually stood up and walked in the direction of the entrance tunnel where interested combatants gathered.

Bailu Yi wanted to participate in a Divine Inscription battle.

“Interesting.” Qin Wentian laughed. In the following rounds, Hades consecutively defeated two more opponents, but he didn’t intend to stop and continued accepting challengers.

“Hades versus Flaming Rose,” the judge called out, as many people hooted in excitement.

Flaming Rose. Flaming Rose actually entered the battle. Not only that, the person she was challenging, was Hades!

There were quite a few famous people whose names resounded throughout the Hell Arena. Hades and Flaming Rose both belonged to this group of famous people because they both had brilliant battle records.

“Hades, third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist, with a battle record of sixty-eight victories and five defeats. While Flaming Rose, third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist, has a battle record of seventy-six victories and three defeats.” The judge announced their battle records, pushing the crowd’s atmosphere to a crazy high.

Flaming Rose walked up the arena, wearing a cape the color of blazing red, appearing valiant and formidable-looking. Her body-hugging gown only served to further accentuate her figure, as a rose patterned mask covered her long hair and obscured her features.

“Wait, is that her?” Black lines appeared on Qin Wentian’s forehead. That icy Bailu Yi had a code name titled ‘Flaming Rose?”

“Heh heh, I really want to see if the Flaming Rose is a beauty.” Hades’s hoarse voice rang out as his Puppet dashed towards Flaming Rose.

At the same time, Flaming Rose unleashed her own Puppet. It was a female Puppet, and although it wasn’t made from humans, its resemblance was uncanny. This Puppet raised its arms to block, as a gigantic shield appeared in front of her.

Flaming Rose sidestepped, as runic outlines of Divine Inscriptions manifested. Qin Wentian watched on with seriousness, and regardless of whether it was Hades or Flaming Rose, the Divine Inscriptions they engraved were all formed instantly. When it came to speed, neither combatant lost out to him in the slightest. Not only that, the series of follow up Divine Inscriptions they continuously linked were extremely terrifying, achieving an overall synergising effect.

“Sword Rain.” Qin Wentian observed the Divine Inscription beneath Flaming Rose’s feet. A rain of swords pierced forth, tearing apart space as they flew towards Hades. Her Puppet only focused on defence and was strong enough to hinder Hades’s Puppet.

“Great Roc, Ancient Sword, Giant Axe, Thunderbolt…” Qin Wentian murmured as he saw what Flaming Rose inscribed, feeling somewhat awed. This was too profound, her attacks were connected in a continuous circle and could be described as never-ending. Qin Wentian eyes lit up as he studied both Hades and Flaming Rose. Currently, the tempo of their battle had reached such a frenzy that a storm of Divine Inscriptions surrounded them, the power from the energy of Heaven and Earth was so great that even the space around them was devoured.

RUUMMMBLEEEE! At the end, the Great Roc Inscription injured Hades. He immediately threw out a defensive Puppet, choosing to sacrifice it as he fled for his life at top speed.

“A battle between Divine Inscriptionists could actually reach such a level.” Qin Wentian was spellbound, still lost in wonder. The Grand Xia Empire was too godd*mned intriguing!

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