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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 240 — Reverse Inscriptions

Chapter 240: Reverse Inscriptions

After Qing`er departed, Bailu Yi stared at Qin Wentian with a bizarre expression in her eyes. That otherworldly maiden from before was an exceptional beauty. Although her countenance was obscured, just by standing next to her, Bailu Yi felt as though she had lost her own luster.

This fellow was becoming increasingly mysterious.

“Little Yi, who is he?” At this moment, an old man that previously guarded the Cavern directed his question at Bailu Yi. He knew that Bailu Yi was the one that had brought Qin Wentian to enter the depths of the White Deer Cavern, and usually he would not disturb or oppose her matters. But this was different, there was someone who wanted to barge into the Cavern because of Qin Wentian, so the old man had no choice but to question her.

“Uncle Liang, he’s my friend, Qin Wentian,” Bailu Yi replied.

“Little Yi, I won’t interfere in matters concerning your personal life, but do take note of your actions. You should know that there are many people within the clan that are monitoring you closely. Now, you’re interacting way too much with this man beside you, leading to many rumors running rampant among the Institute.”

“Uncle Liang, I understand,” Bailu Yi replied, somewhat helplessly. Uncle Liang nodded and didn’t inquire further, choosing to depart instead.

“I’m sorry, I caused you trouble,” Qin Wentian apologised in a low voice.

Bailu Yi’s beautiful eyes regarded Qin Wentian as she nonchalantly replied with a laugh, “What trouble? There’s nothing between us, right? And so what, even if there is?”

“Ah…” Qin Wentian froze as his eyes flickered. Gazing upon her pure-looking and compelling features, that snowy jade-white skin as well as those full, buxomy twin mountain peaks, this description was really apt - angelic features along with a devilish figure, she was smoking hot.

“What are you looking at? I’m just listing an example.” Bailu Yi stomped her foot as she glared fiercely at Qin Wentian, before turning and returning to the White Deer Cavern. That earlier expression on Bailu Yi’s face caused Qin Wentian to lose focus, she was truly a fine specimen.

“Sheet, what am I doing?” Qin Wentian knocked on his head, speechless. He suddenly thought of Qingcheng, and the smile on his face dimmed compared to its earlier brilliance. Drawing in a deep breath, Qin Wentian turned his gaze towards the direction of the Pill Emperor Hall.

Was she doing fine? It had been quite a long time since he last saw her.

Peng! Within the Pill Emperor Hall, the sounds of a mini explosion echoed from within a pill concoction cauldron. Mo Qingcheng’s exquisite features had on an expression of helplessness. For some reason, her heart was feeling extremely restless today, leading to her being easily distracted.

“Junior Sister, what happened?” Bai Fei glanced at Mo Qingcheng. Mo Qingcheng had a Seven Apertures Mystical Heart, by right, her talent regarding alchemy was off the charts, and her concoctions would rarely fail.

“I wish to go out for a walk.” Mo Qingcheng abruptly left the chamber, causing Bai Fei’s expression to falter. Quickly hastening her steps, she followed Mo Qingcheng out. The soft and gentle rays of sunlight shone onto Mo Qingcheng, adding a halo of gentleness to her beautiful countenance. She was so breathtakingly beautiful that her looks caused others to be breathless.

As she stared at Mo Qingcheng, Bai Fei couldn’t help but feel ashamed of her own inferiority. Previously, she was someone extremely prideful, but ever since Mo Qingcheng entered their sect, her self-confidence had slowly withered away. A halo of light seemed to perpetually emanate forth from Mo Qingcheng, somehow transforming her demeanor into something sacred and saint-like. And as of now, no one even dared to look directly at her.

“Maybe, only that man would be qualified to be her prince charming,” Bai Fei mused in her heart. During this period of time, there were several people from the older generations that brought up the topic of marriage engagement to the Pill Emperor Hall, yet they were all unceremoniously rejected by Luo He. The number of rejections piled up to the point whereby a rumor started - only Hua Taixu would be able to match up to Mo Qingcheng’s radiance.

Hua Taixu did indeed pay a visit to Luo He, however, he said nothing even after he saw Mo Qingcheng. But somehow, rumors still propagated.

“I’m going out for a walk,” Mo Qingcheng’s voice broke Bai Fei’s musings.

“Wait, let me seek permission from Master first.”

Mo Qingcheng silently sighed, she only wanted to take a stroll outside to lessen her restlessness, was this not allowed either?

It had already been so long, he should have left Chu too, right? She wondered where he was right now.

Upon thinking of him, a pure, radiant smile lit up Mo Qingcheng’s face, their memories together filling her heart with currents of warmth.

His silhouette was like a ray of light, and regardless of how cold she was, that ray of light would definitely be able to melt the ice and snow surrounding her heart.


Qin Wentian was still deeply immersed in studying the Dao of Divine Inscriptions. Today, he was in a dreamscape of his own creation, studying the Diagram of the Mountains and Rivers he obtained from the dream will of that green-robed middle aged man within the Dark Forest. Every stroke of the brush within the Diagram created a Mountain and a River, and even cast the four seasons. That green-robed cultivator he had met was definitely someone who had an exceedingly high attainment in the Dao of Divine Inscriptions.

The Diagram of the Mountain and Rivers encompassed all land under the Heavens, consisting of a myriad of different kinds of Divine Inscriptions, shimmering in and out of existence as Qin Wentian studied it. Upon noting the disappearance of the Inscriptions, Qin Wentian froze as he was struck by a sudden thought.

Awakening from the dreamscape, he opened his eyes, and saw Bailu Yi’s beautiful ones staring right at him, “Wow, I didn’t think Mr. Hardworking would sometimes take naps during training too.”

“Bailu Yi,” Qin Wentian suddenly called out, his tone causing Bailu Yi’s expression to falter. She curiously stared at Qin Wentian, “Huh? What’s the matter?”

“Do you know of Reverse Inscriptions?” Qin Wentian breathed in excitement.

“Reverse Inscriptions?” Bailu Yi was bewildered.

“You should know that the Divine Inscriptions on Divine Weapons and Puppets have to be perfectly inscribed, akin to a work of nature. It’s tremendously difficult to destroy. You also said before that during Puppet battles, the Puppets themselves wouldn’t feel pain, nor fatigue, and so they’re opponents that are extremely tough to deal with. Even if you damage part of it, the Puppet itself would still be extremely difficult to handle. But, if I could somehow sense the composition of the particular Divine Inscription inscribed upon the Puppet, if I was proficient enough, couldn’t I then just use this understanding to reverse its effects, internally destroying it with ease? If this was the case, regardless of Divine Weapons, Puppets or Formations, I could freely cripple them, no?”

Qin Wentian’s eyes shone with a brilliant light. Bailu Yi stood there, stumped before she recovered. “But, if you want to sense and instantly inscribe a Reverse Inscription to negate it, the difficulty of this feat is many times tougher compared to just inscribing Divine Inscriptions.”

“Haha, Bailu Yi, think about it. How did you learn to inscribe Divine Inscriptions in the first place?” Qin Wentian suddenly asked.

“Naturally, from the basics. Through understanding and comprehension, copying already inscribed Inscriptions until I familiarised myself with it, thereby deriving mastery through countless practice, step by step,” Bailu Yi replied.

“In that case, why can’t you do the same for Reverse Inscriptions? Start from the basics and learn how to counteract effects of the simplest Divine Inscription before working your way up, broadening your knowledge, step by step?” Qin Wentian boldly shared his theory, causing Bailu Yi’s heart to tremble with an unknown emotion. Her beautiful eyes stared unblinkingly at Qin Wentian. He was truly a monstrous genius. His way of thinking was too bold, some may even deem it crazy.

What touched Bailu Yi was that every time Qin Wentian had an idea or insight, he would tell her about it, causing her perspective on the Dao of Divine Inscriptions to advance as well.

Seeing how Bailu Yi was staring at him, Qin Wentian suddenly grinned, “Am I really that handsome?”

“Don’t be cocky.” Bailu Yi laughed. After which, she withdrew a few books from her interspatial ring and passed it to Qin Wentian. “These are for you.”

“What are these?” Qin Wentian asked curiously.

“You will understand after you read them, just some simple notes regarding Divine Inscriptions.” Bailu Yi smiled. “I won’t disturb you during these few days, so study them well, I shall be just outside. If you need anything, just call for me.”

After speaking, Bailu Yi walked out. Qin Wentian flipped through one of the books, browsing through the contents within. There were several portions highlighted and further embellished on with Bailu Yi’s handwriting, containing the insights she gained. She passed Qin Wentian a total of four volumes; Divine Inscriptions (Basics), Divine Inscriptions (Battle), Divine Inscriptions (Formation) and Divine Inscriptions (Puppet).

The moment began to read the books, Qin Wentian couldn’t extricate himself. Using the span of several days, he finished them all in one go.

After finishing the books, Qin Wentian was very clear on one point. Bailu Yi had obviously lied to him. What simple notes? These were definitely all secret manuals that were recorded by Bailu Yi.

He stood up and left his place of study, and as he passed through the third cave dwelling, he caught sight of Bailu Yi.

“Are you done?” Seeing Qin Wentian walking out, Bailu Yi smiled at him.

“Were you acting as a lookout for me?” Occasionally people would walk past that area, yet there had been none in the past few days.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” denied Bailu Yi.

Qin Wentian rolled his eyes before walking to her side and passing the books back to her. He stared intently into her eyes, causing Bailu Yi to blush and avert her eyes. However, she couldn’t help but muster up her anger and glared at Qin Wentian, “What are you staring at?”

Qin Wentian went silent for a moment, taking in Bailu Yi’s adorable appearance before replying, “Thank you.”

Bailu Yi coughed, as she continued, “Stop acting so mushy, I need your help for something. During this period of time, there will be an exchange between Divine Inscriptionists held in the Eastern City of the Moon Continent. Can you come with me?”

“Sure,” Qin Wentian directly agreed, without asking what the exchange was about.

“Don’t agree so fast, I have to obtain the championship, okay.” Bailu Yi laughed. With Qin Wentian’s help, her confidence in obtaining first place was naturally much greater than before.

This exchange that Bailu Yi spoke of, was not only held in the Eastern City, but simultaneously in other famous places within the Moon Continent as well. Ultimately, those who obtained victory would have the chance to follow a few transcendent powers into a secret treasure land for Divine Inscriptionists. It was rumored that the secret realm contained various high ranked Inscriptions; fourth-ranked, fifth-ranked and even ancient ones.

Not only that, it was rumored that extremely terrifying fourth-level Puppets could be found in there, ones that could even suppress Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns.

Thus in the Eastern City, not only was the White Deer Institute making its own preparations, the Yan Clan, Leng Clan, and all other major clans intended to participate in the exchange as well. Even transcendent-level powers such as the Hua Clan and Pill Emperor Hall were preparing to take part.

“Right, we will do our best to obtain first place.” Qin Wentian laughed. Currently, he felt increasingly confident regarding his own attainments in the Dao of Divine Inscriptions. His understanding was many times higher compared to how he was a few months ago.

“I’ll go to the Leng Clan to take a look,” Qin Wentian added. Chu Mang, Fan Le and Little Rascal were still there, as well as Leng Ning. Qin Wentian wondered how she was now. Hopefully, she wasn’t too depressed by the actions of her clan. During this period of time, he was too engrossed in the Dao of Divine Inscriptions. Finally, he could now be considered to have some achievements in it.

“I’ll send you out.” Bailu Yi nodded. The two of them walked out of the White Deer Cavern as she personally escorted Qin Wentian out of the White Deer Institute.

Bailu Yi and Qin Wentian didn’t know that at this moment, a row of middle-aged figures were standing on the roof of a towering pavilion, surveying them. Among them, there was one whose features strongly resembled Bailu Yi’s. This was none other than her father, who was currently feeling an immense headache.

“That lass seems to be exceptionally close with that young man. She has not left his vicinity ever since a few months ago,” someone spoke, causing a bitter smile to appear on the face of Bailu Yi’s father. As his daughter matured, it was all right and proper if she had a boyfriend, but this Qin Wentian was of unknown origin, which was also the reason for his headache.

He understood his daughter very well. Even though she might seem cold and unapproachable on the outside, she was actually an extremely kind and pure little girl. Could Qin Wentian be a Lothario? Her feelings must not be cheated so easily.

“Nevermind, let her do what she wants, it will do no harm. If he isn’t suitable, then we will act accordingly,” Bailu Yi’s father replied.

“Considering her level of talent, you sure are open-minded. To think that I was still prepared to be the middleman and link her up with one of the four characters in our Moon Continent,” someone at the side casually added, causing Bailu Yi’s father’s eyes to narrow. Evidently, he understood which of the four characters that person was referring to.

Of the top thirty-six in the Heavenly Fate Ranking, four of them could be found within the Moon Continent. All four were young men that originated from powers with great backgrounds. All four were undoubtedly and exceptionally outstanding, especially the one ranked at the top. Like a blazing sun, his radiance overshadowed all that were compared to him. However, there were whispers concerning him and the Pill Emperor Hall’s new disciple, whispers of discussions proposing a marriage engagement between the both of them. The new disciple whose dazzling beauty had caught the eye of many, it was no exaggeration to say that her looks had the power to topple kingdoms and empires! Comment by Lord Bluefire: naise!

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