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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 242 — Yan Tie’s decision

Chapter 242: Yan Tie’s decision

Leng Ning’s dad and her cousin continued to hound her. After all, every day she refused to go to the Yan Clan, was a day’s equivalent of additional pressure put on her father by the Clan. Because his cultivation wasn’t outstanding, Leng Ning’s father’s status in the Clan was fairly low. This was also why the Leng Clan chose to sacrifice his daughter.

Power determines status, while status determines how people treated you.

And as for Leng Lin, if Leng Ning still refused to go, the worry in her heart would never subside. After all, she was the original candidate chosen.

Leng Ning had a smile that was not quite a smile, on her face when she noticed her father and Leng Lin walking her way. Although her impression of Qin Wentian was that of a braggart, somehow, staying by his side gave her a sense of security. Maybe it was because of the confidence he exuded, appearing as nonchalant and as casual as the drifting wind and clouds.

However once something enraged him, he would definitely bring fear and regret to the perpetrator. One example was Yan Kong.

“What a ‘beautiful’ couple,” Leng Lin spoke in a weird tone, while sneering, “Leng Lin, you had better think this through carefully. If Yan Tie was really infuriated, even if your little lover had ten lives, it would still be insufficient.”

“And what has this got to do with you?” Leng Ning retorted, her tone causing Leng Lin to be stunned. Leng Ning seemed to have grown a backbone, she wasn’t as easily controlled as before.

“Naturally, it has something to do with me. After all, I’m only thinking of your happiness. Being able to marry into the Yan Clan, this is evidently good fortune.” Leng Ning’s eyes flickered with barely concealed impatience.

“Are you sure it’s such great fortune to be able to marry Yan Tie?” Qin Wentian stared at Leng Lin, as he asked the question with an extremely serious expression.

Leng Ning furrowed her brows. “Of course.”

“If that’s the case, I feel much better now. I was initially worried that you would be unhappy, but now that I know you consider marriage to Yan Tie as such great fortune, we’ll have to sincerely congratulate you then.” Qin Wentian laughed, causing a glint of coldness to flash in Leng Lin’s eyes. She couldn’t help but reply, “I’m not the one getting married into the Yan Clan. Leng Ning is the candidate.”

“Ah, I don’t have the fate to enjoy such great fortune. I’ll have to leave this wonderful opportunity to my cousin, you then.” Leng Ning nodded, a cheery smile on her lips. Seeing Leng Lin’s countenance, she understood that Leng Lin kept pressuring her because of the unease in her own heart.

The young man standing beside Leng Lin was frowning, as a baleful air emanated forth from him. Qin Wentian and Leng Ning’s attitude made him terribly unhappy. They wanted his woman to marry into the Yan Clan? Weren’t they humiliating him?

“Do you understand the meaning of the idiom ‘a loose mouth may cause a lot of trouble’?” The young man stared at Qin Wentian, as a cold smile hung on his lips.

Qin Wentian stared back at the young man with an amicable smile, but the tone of his reply contained the notion of chopping nails and slicing iron, “Since Leng Lin believes it's an advantageous match, we will get the Yan Clan to switch the candidate back. In any case, I feel she’s more suitable. Oh, by the way, can you guys leave now? You’re disturbing us.”

“Hehe.” Leng Lin coldly laughed, leaning upon the arm of the young man. Qin Wentian didn’t know the meaning of death.

The smile on the young man’s face grew even frostier. After which, he turned and led Leng Lin away, glancing at Qin Wentian with contempt. “Remember what you’ve said today. I will pass on your words to the Leng Clan.”

Upon reaching the entrance of Leng Ning’s courtyard, the young man continuously stepped out, as runic outlines formed on the surface of the ground. With a swing in his steps, the Divine Inscription caused a long lance to materialize and abruptly, with a powerful kick, he sent that extremely sharp lance zooming explosively through the air towards Qin Wentian.

“Hu…” Leng Ning’s father breathed, a peak-tier second-ranked Divine Inscription, the runic outlines were inscribed at a level close to perfection.

Qin Wentian swept his palm outwards, easily brushing the long lance aside. A peak-tier second-ranked Divine Inscriptionist only had a power equivalent to the peak of Arterial Circulation. How could it injure him?

Third-ranked Divine Inscriptionists corresponded with the Yuanfu Realm.

“Hmph, your strength is not too bad. But do you know the level of that Divine Inscription?” The young man folded his arms, incomparably arrogant, with Leng Lin coldly laughing at his side. To reach the second level of attainment in Divine Inscriptions at such a young age, this young man’s future was boundless. His talent was immeasurable, and once he stepped into the level of third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist, her status in the Leng Clan would naturally soar.

With a snort of contempt, the young man flicked his sleeves and turned, intending to leave. However at that moment, before he could even take a single step, the sounds of feet stomping the ground echoed out, causing him to freeze in astonishment. A sharp slicing sound resonated, as well as a feeling of impending doom. The young man hurriedly turned again, lifting his hands to unleash an attack. However, he only saw a terrifying gigantic Roc slamming into him. As the sounds of their collision rang out, he was involuntarily forced backwards, as his robes were lacerated, leaving a bloody scar on his body.

Finally, the young man managed to dispel the projection of the gigantic Roc. Lifting his head, he glared at Qin Wentian, his countenance turning pale upon noticing that Qin Wentian had already inscribed another Divine Inscription. A second projection of another gigantic Roc manifested.

“You even had the gall to call that childish drawing you inscribed earlier a Divine Inscription?” Qin Wentian stared at the young man, causing his countenance to undergo a drastic change. Staring at Qin Wentian in shock, his mind was filled with incredulous disbelief. How was this possible?! Qin Wentian was able to inscribe third-ranked Inscriptions?

He understood very clearly how high his attainments in the Dao of Divine Inscriptions were, and the reason for him appearing in the Leng Clan was in fact, not because of Leng Lin. His true aim was to grab an open spot to enter the upcoming Divine Inscriptionist exchange.

Leng Lin turned green, involuntarily shivering as she numbly took in what she saw.

“It’s over…” Leng Lin stared at the smile on Qin Wentian’s face, as she suddenly felt her body turn cold. Leng Ning had actually found a third-ranked Inscriptionist to be her boyfriend. If that was the case, how could the Clan bear to give her to Yan Tie? Qin Wentian was young, his potential wasn’t yet exhausted, so if they still insisted on their decision, wouldn’t that mean offending him?

Back then, because of the existence of her second-ranked Inscriptionist boyfriend, the Leng Clan decided to change the candidate. But now… to think that the situation was reversed once again. Leng Lin was trembling violently. Only now did she understand the meaning of Qin Wentian’s earlier conversation with her.

“Scram,” Qin Wentian spat out a single word. The young man could only drag the inarticulate Leng Lin away.

Leng Ning’s father stood there, in total stupefaction. Gazing with awe at the young man before him, was this his daughter’s boyfriend?

“Hu…” Drawing in a deep breath, a smile appeared on his face as he spoke to Leng Ning. “Ning`er, you should know that I had my own reasons for doing what I did. Your father has no status within the Clan. I have no power to object to any of the upper echelon’s decisions.”

“Can you go away?” Leng Ning didn’t want to continue talking to her father.

Leng Ning’s father’s expression faltered before he nodded to Qin Wentian, leaving the area.

“Power? Status? What excuses, he didn’t even have the courage to stand up for his own daughter. The pressure given by the Clan is one thing, but even if his talent is low, with the resources provided, he should still be able to achieve considerable power if he put in more effort in cultivation. Blaming everything else except himself, how laughable.” Qin Wentian patted Leng Ning’s shoulder, trying to console her.

Leng Ning turned her red-tinged eyes towards him. Seeing Qin Wentian, she broke out into a smile.

“Thank you for being here.” Leng Ning felt warmth coursing through her heart. She had never experienced this feeling of being protected by others.

“No problem, I’m a grandmaster after all.” Qin Wentian grinned, causing Leng Ning to roll her eyes again. “Stop being cocky, you brat.”

“Oh, now that you have exhibited your talent as a third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist, I’m afraid my clan will want you to participate in the trial under our name.” Leng Ning suddenly thought of the exchange.

“The exchange.” Qin Wentian mused. Bailu Yi had brought this up to him that time. However, there was no way he could agree to participate under the Leng Clan, since he had already promised Bailu Yi.

“Yeah, this exchange for Divine Inscriptionists was organised by a transcendent power named ‘Star-seizing Manor’ who lives in our Moon Continent. Those who obtained the top three ranks in the exchange would be allowed to enter a secret realm where a trial will be conducted. Each of those that qualified can bring people to enter the secret realm with them. The first ranked would have ten slots, second ranked would have eight slots, while the third ranked would have three slots.”

“Not just in the Eastern City, other major cities in the Moon Continent will also hold this exchange, allowing the transcendent powers to select followers to enter the secret realm. This is why the Leng Clan wanted to take this chance, hoping that the Yan Clan would give a few slots to them. The Yan Clan can be considered one of the most famous clans within the Eastern City, and will either win one of the top three ranks, or be selected by one of those that wins,” Leng Ning explained. Matching this info with what he heard from Bailu Yi, Qin Wentian gradually understood more about this matter.

The Leng Clan, because of a slim chance to obtain a few slots to the secret realm, had chosen to sacrifice Leng Ning to the Yan Clan. There shouldn’t be any problem if he helped Bailu Yi win and then give a few of the slots to the Leng Clan.

And indeed, as he predicted, in the next few days, there were several people from the Leng Clan that came to pay a visit to Qin Wentian. This incident caused Leng Ning to clearly see their coldness and warmth, the two extremes of emotions in humanity.

“Wentian ah, our Leng Ning has always been a very obedient kid since she was young. Not only that, she’s really beautiful as well, and now that she’s found someone as outstanding as you, I can truly hand her over with no more worries.” Leng Ning’s grandfather beamed with a smile, appearing extremely friendly. However, Leng Ning had told Qin Wentian earlier that this grandfather of hers, had never even smiled at her. He would only pay attention to the grandchildren with outstanding talent. Leng Ning was naturally shunted off to the side.

When the Leng Clan wanted Leng Ning to marry Yan Tie, this grandfather of hers had strongly approved of the decision. In his eyes, Leng Ning was nothing but a tool.

“Yeah,” Qin Wentian feigned civility as he replied.

“I’ve already sent people to parley with the Yan Clan, there’s no need to worry.” Leng Ning’s grandfather smiled happily. However right then, a person rushed over with considerable haste, causing Leng Ning’s grandfather to frown unhappily. “What’s the matter?”

That person glanced at Qin Wentian and Leng Ning, but didn’t reply.

“Wentian and Leng Ning are not outsiders, you can just say what you want to,” Leng Ning’s grandfather stated.

“Yes sir.” That person nodded. “Yan Tie refused to exchange candidates, he said he only wanted Leng Ning. And as for Qin Wentian, the Leng Clan had better draw their boundaries clearly and have nothing to do with him. If not, Yan Tie should not be blamed for their retaliation.”

Old Leng’s countenance abruptly changed. That kindly gaze in his eyes faded away, replaced by a flickering light. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

What the hell was Yan Tie doing? The Leng Clan had already given him plenty of benefits, why would he not agree to an exchange?

“There’s no way to negotiate this?” Old Leng icily asked.

“No sir, Yan Tie was absolutely livid when I brought the news to him. In fact, he told us to send Miss Leng Ning over as soon as possible, if not… we won’t like the consequences. Not only that, he said to tell someone to prepare and wait for death.” That servant bowed his head, while Leng Ning’s grandfather grew incredibly unsightly to behold. These words were indeed something that Yan Tie would say. As for the someone, he was obviously referring to Qin Wentian.

There must be something else going on between Yan Tie and Qin Wentian. The Leng Clan had to choose between one of the two.

Qin Wentian was a young third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist; his future was boundless.

Yan Tie was a matured, third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist with an abundance of experience; his current level of attainment definitely surpassed the current Qin Wentian. If they chose Qin Wentian now, it was equivalent to them giving up any chance to attend the trial. Furthermore, they would be forced to expend their resources to protect Qin Wentian from Yan Tie’s wrath. Yan Tie’s response had made his intentions clear; Qin Wentian’s death would be by his hand.

“I will take my leave first.” Leng Ning’s grandfather forced a smile as he bid them farewell. From his behavior, Qin Wentian could already deduce Old Leng’s thoughts on this dilemma. And for Yan Tie to suggest he should prepare for his own demise? Was that old freak even capable of such a feat? He’d like to find out how powerful that old freak really was!

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