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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 245 — Tell him, I’m in love with him

Chapter 245: Tell him, I’m in love with him.

Qin Wentian stared at the challenger, as amusement flickered in his eyes. “Seems like you’re really confident.”

“Confidence comes from strength.” Fat Boy laughed. He didn’t usually take action but every time he did, the Hell Arena would pay an extremely high price for him. His battle record was evidently faked.

“Let me see your strength, then.” Qin Wentian smiled. However, even before the sound of his voice faded, he could already feel a strong gust of wind surging around him.

This gust of wind permeated the atmosphere, enveloping the entire stage within. Fat Boy continued standing at his original spot, as though everything was under his control.

“Mandate of Wind.” Qin Wentian immediately understood. This was the will of a Mandate, the first level insight of the Mandate of Wind was simply wind, the ever-present energy of the wind.

The wind gusted stronger and stronger, fluttering Qin Wentian robes as the sound it emitted grew increasingly terrifying. The wind-force was strengthened to the extent whereby Qin Wentian felt that he would be sliced apart just standing there. Stellar Martial Cultivators that have comprehended a Mandate were many times stronger compared to those who had not. For example, Qin Wentian’s Mandate of Force at the Initial Boundary allowed his strength to double. If he fought with someone on the same level who had not comprehended a Mandate, his opponent would definitely be slaughtered.

Abruptly, Fat Boy’s silhouette disappeared from sight, it was as though he had melded himself into the wind. Qin Wentian could only see flashes of shadows moving at great speed all around him.

Fast, he was extremely fast. Fat Boy’s silhouette that had fused with the wind seemed to be ever-changing yet ever-present. Within an instant, Qin Wentian sensed a devastating force sweep over him. It was a multitude of fist shadows, transformed into a single straight line. The explosive energy contained within bore down on Qin Wentian. Even before the fists reached him, the wind from those fists had already slammed into Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian sidestepped, executing the Nine Heavenly Garuda Movement Technique. His footwork was marvellous and exquisite, leaving behind only after-images of himself as he retreated with insane speed. Simultaneously, he sent out his Falling Mountain Palms causing a mountain peak to materialise, falling from the sky to crash against the fist shadows, in an attempt to block their attack. However, the mountain peak was shattered into pieces by the staggered fist shadows of Fat Boy, it was as though the fist shadow attacks had no limit to them.

Boom! Qin Wentian sent out another palm strike to defend, and was forced backwards from the impact. He could faintly sense that the ever-present fist shadows converging on him contained a terrifying amount of power within.

“Is this the Mandate of Fist? What is the first level insight for it?” Qin Wentian stared at Fat Boy. It was extremely rare for someone at merely the second level of Yuanfu to comprehend dual Mandates, and even more so that the Mandates were all at the peak of the Initial Boundary, just half a step away from the Advanced Boundary.

“The first level insight of the Mandate of Fist is Layered-Strike, the fist shadows are superimposed, stacking over each other and becoming omnipresent.” Fat Boy sounded supremely confident, “Winning so many consecutive victories can already be counted as amazing, your Mandate of Force when used in conjunction with your innate techniques could indeed allow you to defeat many people. Regretfully, you still have to lose here today.”

“Oh, is that so?” Qin Wentian smiled. All of a sudden, Fat Boy only felt a wave of drowsiness encroaching on his consciousness, he felt as though he was about to fall into a deep sleep.

“What? What is this, why do I feel so sleepy?”

He had never felt such a strong sensation of fatigue before. The confidence he mustered earlier all seemed to be leaking away and he was no longer as imposing as before.

First level insight of the Mandate of Dreams, Sleep-Immersion.

The will of this Mandate causes one to want to fall into a deep sleep, its effect when used during combat, is extremely overpowering.

“Hey, check out my speed too.” A voice suddenly sounded right into Fat Boy’s ear. He then bit his lips and let out a howl of rage. His tyrannical fist shadows compounded upon each other as he lashed out, like the never-ending waves of a tsunami. However, he only saw Qin Wentian joining his palms together, piercing forwards, resembling a supremely sharp sword.

“BREAK.” A fearsome pressure bore down on Fat Boy, as the impact from the force flung him out of the Arena, causing him to slam onto the ground below it. It seemed that he was unable to topple Kirin, and thus his undefeated streak continued. If the Hell Arena wanted to stop Qin Wentian, they would have to send someone even more powerful than him.

“I’ve lost,” Fat Boy mumbled, as he bowed to Qin Wentian, thanking him for showing mercy before departing the Arena.

“57 consecutive victories.” The eyes of the spectators all narrowed. At the point where Fat Boy and Qin Wentian fought, they could already deduce that Fat Boy was someone sent by the Hell Arena, causing those who betted on Qin Wentian’s loss to feel extremely hopeful. However, that hope was dashed now.

Kirin’s momentum seemed to be unstoppable, it was as though he was unrivalled in the second level of Yuanfu. Many wondered if he would be able to achieve 100 consecutive victories.

“Kirin, victorious. 57 consecutive victories, 0 losses,” the judge announced, as ear-shattering applause rang out. This battle record was almost impossible to achieve.

The code name, Kirin would undoubtedly become famous in the Hell Arena.

“Do you wish to continue?” The judge looked at Qin Wentian.

“Sure,” Qin Wentian indifferently replied, and he scored three more victories, bringing his winning streak to 60 before he left.

Kirin’s battle record was now standing at 60 victories, 0 losses and he had accomplished this in only two sittings. It was as though the Astral Energy within his Yuanfu would never be used up.

Qin Wentian glanced at the audience, and a smile broke out on his face upon noticing Chu Mang flashing a thumbs up at him.

“Want to leave?” Qin Wentian laughed.

“Let’s return,” Chu Mang agreed.


Within a great hall in the Leng Clan, a group of people gathered together.

At that moment, Yan Tie had already arrived. He was standing outside, barely concealing the murderous urges within him. If it were any other person, the Leng Clan would have already dealt with them. After all, the Leng Clan could also be considered a major Clan, so how could they allow someone at the Yuanfu realm to make trouble inside their Residence?

“How should we solve this?” an elder of the Leng Clan asked.

“If we don’t settle this well, we can forget about having a slot in the upcoming trial. Not only that, Yan Tie will definitely transfer his hate onto our Leng Clan, so even if we find someone else to enter the exchange on our behalf, they will surely die by Yan Tie’s hands.”

This person was none other than Leng Lin’s father. Previously, when the Clan almost decided to send Leng Lin back to Yan Tie again, he almost died of a heart attack. Luckily, Yan Tie was adamant on only wanting Leng Ning.

However, Leng Ning actually managed to get a third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist as her boyfriend. How lucky was she?

“Based on your opinion, how should we handle this matter?” the one in the lead asked.

“The person who died was the disciple of Yan Tie, but from his reaction, it’s evident that their relationship was an extremely close one. That Qin Wentian will undoubtedly die by his hands in the future. Since we want to appease his anger, we might as well capture Qin Wentian as a gift and give him, together with Leng Ning, to Yan Tie. I don’t think he would reject us if we offer him such good conditions.”

“But if we do this, won’t the reputation of our Leng Clan be tarnished?” Leng Ning’s father interjected. Leng Ning was his daughter after all, so even though he was a coward, blood still ran thicker than water.

“Hmph, this whole matter was caused by your daughter and you still dare to interject? If not for your insistence, we would have given Leng Ning to Yan Tie long ago. If not, how could there be such a situation today?”

Leng Ning’s father froze as he felt cold stares directed towards him. Sighing in his heart and shaking his head, he could only give up. Without power, there was no status.

“Who do we send to negotiate with Yan Tie?” the person in the lead asked.

“Let me go, then,” Leng Lin’s father volunteered.

“Wait, do you guys really want to throw away the pride of our Leng Clan because of Yan Tie? Not only that, are you all sure you want to kick away a young third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist Grandmaster?” Leng Ning’s father was still trying his best to alter the council.

“The one who died is Yan Tie’s disciple right?” the leader asked.

“Yes.” Leng Lin’s father nodded.

“If that’s the case, if Yan Tie wants revenge and our Leng Clan stops him, do you think the entire Yan Clan wouldn’t help him?” the leader asked again.

Leng Ning’s father could only shake his head in denial. Even the Yan Clan had to depend heavily on Yan Tie, so if he wholeheartedly wanted revenge, they would support him without a doubt.

“Although that third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist is extraordinary, the price to protect him is too great, it’s not worth it.” The leader indifferently continued, “Since this is the case, we will sacrifice Leng Ning. Get someone to monitor her movements and start making preparations to capture the third-ranked Inscriptionist. We shall gift both of them to Yan Tie.”

Thus the Leng Clan had decided to abandon Qin Wentian and mend their relationship with Yan Tie.

Not only that, they would also help Yan Tie in capturing Qin Wentian. Since they had already offended Qin Wentian, they might as well go all the way and make sure that he would have no chance of revival.

“Great idea.” Many of the elders agreed. Leng Ning’s father could only stand at the side, with despair in his eyes.

He was initially very happy that Leng Ning got to know a third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist. If that was the case, his status would surely rise up in the clan. Not only that, Leng Ning was his daughter after all, so if possible he naturally hoped for the best when it came to her.

But now, that hope was shattered. The Leng Clan had decided to forsake Leng Ning and Qin Wentian.

Long before Yan Tie arrived at the Leng Clan, Leng Ning already felt that something was amiss. Her instincts were telling her that what will be, will be. It seemed like this was her destiny, and she would never be able to escape the pull of her fate. Hence, even before the Leng Clan’s elders gathered in the council, she had already made her decision to sneak out of the Leng Clan.

Outside the Leng Clan, Leng Ning and Fan Le were sprinting madly away. But suddenly, Leng Ning halted her steps.

Fan Le turned and stared at her, “Come with me, let’s go find my boss.”

“You can leave, don’t worry about me any longer.”

“NO.” Fan Le’s body was trembling from agitation. “Leave with us, my boss will surely have a solution. Believe in him.”

Leng Ning’s eyes were brimming with tears as she frantically shook her head. “This is my destiny. Tell him this, without him, I would have long entered the Yan Clan and become the woman of that monster. He was the light at the end of my tunnel. But in spite of everything he’s done to protect me, it appears that my destiny has already been fixed, with no hope of escape. But, I truly am grateful to him. Tell him not to return here. And tell him… to forget me. I’m not worth the risk of him taking revenge for me.”

She turned away, running back to meet her fate, her tears falling like rain from the skies.

“YOU CAN'T GO BACK THERE!” Fan Le bellowed.

“LEAVE ME!” Leng Ning screamed, despair evident in her voice. Fan Le stood there dumbly, agony twisting his heart. Little Rascal, who was in his arms, began wailing relentlessly. Comment by Lord Bluefire: guuuud

And at that moment, Fan Le saw Leng Ning’s silhouette pause, and then turn to face him. Despite the tears falling unchecked, her eyes contained hints of a poignant smile within them.

“Tell that braggart this, I’ve fallen in love with him.” And with those words, Leng Ning turned again, this time with a smile on her face, and sprinted back to the Leng Clan. That last smile of hers was as radiant as the blazing sun, its beauty forever branding itself onto Fan Le’s heart.

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