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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 250 — Four Heaven’s Chosen

Chapter 250: Four Heaven’s Chosen

In the Eastern City of the Moon Continent, there were many major sects and clans with their roots long established in history. However, the only one with enough power to be crowned ‘King’, was the clan known as the Star-Seizing Manor.

The Star-Seizing Manor was one of the transcendent powers of Grand Xia, located in the Eastern City of the Moon Continent. Within the city, even the most casual of statements issued forth by them had the ability to cause the earth to shake and the skies to rumble.

At this moment, a youthful silhouette stood on a stone platform within the Star-Seizing Manor. This youth had an extraordinary demeanor and was clad in long flowing robes. Somehow, he seemed to unconsciously exude an unusual air, an existence that was able to attract the stares and attention of others.

Yang Fan, from the Star-Seizing Manor, was a Heaven’s Chosen from the younger generations, ranked 18th in the Heavenly Fate Ranking, with a cultivation base at the peak of Yuanfu. He could be considered as almost having no opponents when matched against those with similar cultivation levels.

Each name recorded in the Heavenly Fate Rankings were cultivators at the pinnacle of the Yuanfu Realm. Being ranked 18th meant that in the entire Grand Xia Empire, he was invincible, unless he fought against one of the seventeen names ranked before him. How could such a character not be dazzling?

In the Moon Continent, there were a total of four cultivators within the Heavenly Fate Rankings top 36th ranks. The four cultivators all belonged to one of the four respective transcendent powers in the Moon Continent. Yang Fan, was one of them, a Heaven’s Chosen from the Star-Seizing Manor.

The other three rankers were:

Hua Taixu, a Heaven’s Chosen from the Hua Clan, ranked 1st in the Heavenly Fate Rankings. When the other Chosen three were compared side by side with him, even they would lose their luster.

Zhan Chen, a Heaven’s Chosen from the Pill Emperor Hall, ranked 11th in the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

Zhao Lie, a Heaven’s Chosen from the Sky-Ember Sect, ranked 28th in the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

The names of these four were extremely famous, and there was no one in the Moon Continent that didn’t know of them. All of them were so powerful that people gave them a title, ‘The Four Heaven’s Chosen from the Moon Continent’.

“You’ve decided to go this time round?” Beside Yang Fan, a middle-aged man had his arms crossed behind his back, emitting an aura that made it evident he was a supreme expert.

“Go. I have to go.” Yang Fan nodded, “That place is a unique treasure land. I definitely have to make the trip there.”

“Indeed, it’s unique and extraordinary, but this also means that the degree of danger is higher as well. Back then, even Hua Taixu was injured when he entered that place. There’s something strange about the area, but it seems that the more talented one is, the more dangers one would face upon entering there,” stated the middle-aged man calmly.

“In any case, how could there be a place of absolute safety in that treasured land? Also, the obvious answer to your statement is that talented geniuses enter that place with their own aims in mind. Their cultivation hearts are many times more resolute when compared to others and they would intentionally venture deeper to actively seek for miraculous events and good fortune. The amount of danger they encounter would naturally be greater. On the other hand, the other weaklings would fear for their safety and lie low within that secret realm. Hence, the amount of danger they face would naturally be lower.”

Yang Fan’s voice sounded extremely calm. He knew he had to step inside that treasured land, to see what existed within it.

“Fine.” The middle-aged guy nodded in agreement. This was the attitude a chosen person of the Heavens should have.

“That place is extremely complex, and since Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns are barred from entering, we won’t be able to help you there. Nevertheless, the clan has long made their preparations to pave the way for you. In any case, we will hire a few grandmasters who have extremely high attainment in the Dao of Inscriptions to go with you. Do your best.”

The middle-aged man unhurriedly spoke, as a sharp glint of light flashed in Yang Fan’s eyes. The other major clans and sects were all sharpening their swords, preparing for the exchange but in his eyes, how could they even be up to the mark? All four transcendent powers of the Moon Continent would be participating as well, the other major clans and sects might as well save themselves the trouble.

At most, they could only follow behind at the trial to pick up the remaining scraps. Even if there were experts within those groups of people, it wouldn’t be sufficient to pose a threat to the transcendent powers

“Zhao Lie and Zhan Chen will also be participating, right? But I wonder if Hua Taixu will appear this time round,” Yang Fan mused. Hua Taixu was the person he wanted to surpass the most.

The top ranked position in the Heavenly Fate Ranking held a different connotation from the other 359 names listed. The radiance of the one at the top was undoubtedly the most blinding of all.

The others in the Heavenly Fate Ranking might gradually be forgotten over time, but no one would ever forget the name ranked as the first.

“Yang Fan,” the middle-aged man spoke again, “Have you considered a Dao Companion?”

“Not yet.” Yang Fan shook his head.

“You are already of age and can start considering the matter of a Dao Companion. Currently in our Moon Continent, there are quite a few excellent choices for you to pick from. Firstly Mo Qingcheng, the favoured disciple of Luo He, I heard even the Hua Clan have shown an interest in her. Other than that, there’s the younger sister of Bailu Jing from the White Deer Institute, Bailu Yi. She’s pure and gentle, in addition to having high attainment in the Dao of Divine Inscriptions, not a bad choice at all. You can use this chance at the exchange to get close to her, I heard she will be attending it as well.”

The middle-aged man continued, “But of course if you are not interested, just cast aside what I’ve said. After all, cultivation is always the most important.”

“Bailu Jing,” Yang Fan murmured after hearing this name. The White Deer Institute was not so simple as well; Bailu Jing was also someone positioned quite high up in the Heavenly Fate Ranking.


In the Yan Clan, Yan Tie sat cross-legged while Yan Kong respectfully stood by his side.

Although Yan Kong had some status within the Yan Clan, he was terribly afraid of this uncle of his, ever since he was young. His uncle was too sinister and insidious. Not only that, there was no way for Yan Kong to evade responsibility for Hades’s death. Although his father had interceded for him, begging Yan Tie for mercy and even found him several beautiful women as compensation, Yan Kong was still worried that his uncle still harboured hatred in his heart.

“Are they still in the White Deer Institute?” Yan Tie coldly asked. The ‘they’ he mentioned naturally referred to Chu Mang and Qin Wentian. These two people were the culprits that killed his son. How could he allow them to live on?

“Yeah, I’m sure they’re afraid of Uncle and can only turtle themselves inside the White Deer Institute, not daring to show their faces,” Yan Kong replied, his words causing a glint of cold light to flicker in Yan Tie’s sinister eyes. “I want to see how long he can continue hiding. The exchange will be here soon, and if the rumors between them are true, Bailu Yi from the White Deer Institute will definitely bring him along.”

“Since that’s the case, I will make the White Deer Institute hand them over to me on the day of the exchange.” Yan Tie laughed malevolently as he added,“I will make them regret it if they decide to shield him.”

Yan Kong stood meekly by his side with trepidation in his heart. He had no doubts that the White Deer Institute would surely protect Qin Wentian. His uncle would dare to touch even the White Deer Institute? Yan Kong had to ensure that he wouldn’t be dragged down by this old freak’s insanity.

“The Leng Clan has sent yet another batch of gifts again,” Yan Kong continued. Yan Tie’s sinister smile became even colder. “Did the Leng Clan really think that I would give up revenge for my son just because Leng Ning is dead? How ridiculous, they still expect me to give them a few slots? Relay my command, accept all gifts and tell the Leng Clan to send even more. In addition, tell the Leng Clan to send me their girls before the exchange begins. Reject all maids, I only want young women with the bloodline of the Leng Clan.”

“Vile monster.” Yan Kong cursed in his heart. Yan Tie’s heart was truly pitch black, offering the illusory carrot to prod the donkey that was the Leng Clan, and even taking the opportunity to fleece them even more, to the extent of laying his evil hands on the other young misses of the Leng Clan. Yan Kong wondered who would be the unlucky victim this time around.

He wondered what expressions the Leng Clan would make at the exchange when they realised Yan Tie had never intended to give them the slots in the first place.

Old freak, vile monster, these were all terms that people used to describe Yan Tie. As for his reputation? He couldn’t even be bothered with it.


Every major sect and clan were preparing for the Divine Inscriptionist Exchange Event, and naturally, the White Deer Institute was no exception.

“Qin Wentian, my White Deer Institute consists of a single Clan Lord, four Supreme Elders and nine Grand Elders. They are the ones in charge. The current Clan Lord is my paternal great-grandfather and the thirteen other elders are all my uncles or grand-uncles. The authority of the Institute is governed by my great-grandfather and the Four Supreme Elders. All matters, regardless of big or small, are decided by them and then executed by the nine Grand Elders.”

Bailu Yi explained to Qin Wentian about the overall structure of the White Deer Institute, although she didn’t know of Qin Wentian’s true identity. She was doing so because the exchange was nearing and should they wish to participate, each power had to send out three representatives. One person would take on the main role, while the other two would provide support. Bailu Yi naturally hoped that Qin Wentian would be the one in the lead position, hence, she was explaining the authority structure of the White Deer Institute to him.

Yet Qin Wentian was thinking of another matter. If he wanted to control the White Deer Institute, he knew that at the very least, he had to obtain the recognition of the Clan Lord and the four Supreme Elders.

To Qin Wentian, the exchange this time around was an opportunity. If possible, he had to make his name known to the upper echelons of the White Deer Institute. Only after he gained their recognition would he be able to control this hidden faction of the Azure Emperor Palace that had concealed themselves for over a few thousand years. If he simply flashed the Azure Emperor Token, those in the upper echelons of the White Deer Institute may defer to him and treat him kindly, but if he truly wanted to control them? It was unlikely.

“Let’s go, all the elders are waiting at the institute. They already know of your existence, so you have to show them what you can do, okay?” Bailu Yi smiled at Qin Wentian.

“Right.” Qin Wentian nodded his head.

“The ugly husband has to meet the parents-in-law sooner or later.” Fan Le grinned at the side, causing Bailu Yi to glare at him. Moments later, her innocent face had a tinge of shyness on it, Fan Le’s words seemed a little… suggestive.

“Let’s go.” Qin Wentian seemed long prepared for this moment. He was actually quite eager and filled with anticipation.

As part of the ‘hidden’ faction of the Azure Emperor Palace, how exactly strong was the White Deer Institute? He guessed he would only know after he gained total control of their power.

There were many people gathered in one of the training fields within the White Deer Institute. Over there, the various elders were already waiting while the other members of the Institute stood in rows, on the left and right. Their gazes were all fixed on the few silhouettes currently walking over to the training field’s entrance. Frowns lined the faces of many when they saw a handsome and exquisite-looking young man walking side by side with Bailu Yi.

Was the rumor true? Bailu Yi was infatuated with that guy?

Qin Wentian and the others entered the training field and walked towards the front. With his powerful sensory abilities, Qin Wentian could instantly perceive the countless gazes sweeping over him. There was coldness, and of sharpness in their judgemental gazes. Only a minority of those gazes were of good-will and acceptance.

This caused Qin Wentian to smile bitterly; this all resulted from a misunderstanding regarding his relationship with Bailu Yi, leading to their current scrutiny of him. After all, Bailu Yi’s status within the White Deer Institute was a highly revered and extraordinary one.

“Yi`er, why are you still dawdling about. Quickly come here,” Bailu Yi’s father called out. After which, Bailu Yi surreptitiously sneaked a glance at Qin Wentian as a cheeky smile appeared on her face. What a big misunderstanding, she wanted to see how this fellow would resolve it!

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