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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 252 — Dao Cultivation Ground of a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant

Chapter 252: Dao Cultivation Ground of a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant

In the training grounds of the White Deer Institute, the crowd gradually dispersed. The large-eyed Elder invited Grandmaster Ghaus to go with him to rest, but his eyes lingered on Qin Wentian during their departure.

Bailu Shan similarly cast a glance at Qin Wentian before he departed. By then, Bailu Yi and the young man beside her walked over and smiled at Qin Wentian, “Excellent, our team this time round is really powerful. Oh, and this is my older brother, Bailu Jing.”

Qin Wentian nodded politely to Bailu Jing, only to see Bailu Jing contemplating him. Both their gazes locked as they studied each other.

“If it weren’t for the fact that my brother doesn’t like Divine Inscriptions, his attainments for that particular Dao would be even higher than mine. He prefers the Martial way and is currently one of the top hundred rankers in the Heavenly Fate Ranking.” Bailu Yi smiled as a thoughtful gaze appeared in Qin Wentian’s eyes. There was no need to doubt Bailu Jing’s strength, to be ranked within the top hundred of the Heavenly Fate Ranking was already the best proof.

“Brother, Qin Wentian is really powerful, in both the Dao of Divine Inscriptions and the Martial way. His achievements in the future would definitely not lose out to you,” Bailu Yi similarly praised Qin Wentian.

“I'm happy to hear that.” Bailu Jing laughed as he regarded his little sister. How could Bailu Yi not understand the look in his eyes. She could only roll her eyes and continue, “Brother, don't overthink things. Things between me and Wentian are not as what you imagined.”

“What did I imagine?” Bailu Jing continued teasing, causing Bailu Yi to fiercely pinch him. “I shan't talk to you any longer.”

“Haha.” Bailu Jing laughed, looking at his sister with a knowing smile in his eyes. “No matter your decision, I will support you.”

“I already said it's not what you’re thinking.” Helplessness could be seen reflected on Bailu Yi’s innocent face.

“Okay, okay, I understand.” Bailu Jing winked, smiling as he glanced at Qin Wentian, “Seems like you still need to put in more effort.”

After speaking, Bailu Jing turned and departed, causing Qin Wentian to be completely speechless. This elder brother of Bailu Yi was somewhat interesting as well, Qin Wentian could clearly see how much he doted upon Bailu Yi. As long as Bailu Yi liked someone, he would support her no matter who the guy was.

“Ignore him,” Bailu Yi stated to Qin Wentian, “Let's be well prepared, the exchange will soon begin.”

“Right.” Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly.

“The exchange this time round is different from the past. Each of the major clans have hired extremely tough to deal with Grandmaster Inscriptionists as their representatives, you guys have to be more cautious,” Bailu Jing suddenly added, turning back to them, which caused Bailu Yi to be somewhat stunned. Could it be that there was some special reasons behind the reason for hiring Grandmaster Ghaus?

“What's the difference between this exchange and the previous ones?” Bailu Yi asked.

“You spent these past few weeks hanging around him without even bothering to attend any of the Clan’s meetings, and you still have the cheek to ask me now?” Bailu Jing laughed, but soon after, he channeled his voice into soundwaves, merging them into a single thread that could only be heard by Qin Wentian and Bailu Yi. “There's news that the secret realm may very well be the Dao Cultivation Ground of a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant.”

Bailu Yi froze, her heart pounding. The Dao Cultivation Ground of an Ascendant?

So there had actually been word of this. If this was the case, the exchange this time around to determine the qualifications of the participants to enter the secret realm, might very well cause an upending commotion.

“What, but…” Bailu Yi wanted to continue, only to see her brother placing a finger on his lips, indicating that she was to keep silent. After which, he explained, “Most of the other major clans still have no inkling of this, and in addition, the trial for the secret realm might just be the beginning.”

After speaking, Bailu Jing turned and continued on his way. Bailu Yi looked to Qin Wentian and smiled bitterly, “I had thought that this exchange would be very simple, but according to my brother, some unexpected situations may occur.”

Bailu Jing intentionally or unintentionally didn't exclude Qin Wentian from his words.

“Dao Cultivation Ground of a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant,” Qin Wentian murmured.

“Ascendants are the title given to those supreme powerhouses at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm. If this piece of news were to be known by everyone in the Grand Xia Empire, the magnitude of the ensuing storm would be inconceivably huge. The transcendent powers would probably act first to secure their advantage,” Bailu Yi lightly commented as Qin Wentian nodded in agreement.

He had heard of many titles such as the Azure Emperor and the Pill Emperor. The word ‘Emperor’ in their titles most definitely referred to the Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns at the pinnacle of Grand Xia Empire.

“Let's go, we have to be well prepared. Luckily Grandmaster Ghaus is extremely experienced, so our chances should be quite good.” Bailu Yi’s countenance was filled with a mixture of heaviness and anticipation.


At this moment, there was indeed an undercurrent that existed within the Moon Continent. However, the various powers all kept relatively low profiles, and for those that received the news, they kept their lips sealed, doing their best to prevent the spread of this information. Although they knew there was the possibility that they wouldn’t be able to hide it, they still did their best. Even if the other transcendent powers of the Nine Continents were to receive the news in the future, by that time it would already be too late for them.

The exchange held in all the major regions of the Moon Continents, finally arrived.

The entrance to the Divine Inscriptions’ secret realm was controlled by the four transcendent powers in the Moon Continent. Hence, today’s exchange was jointly organized by the four powers.

As one of those transcendent powers, the Star-Seizing Manor was responsible for organizing the exchange in the Eastern Region.

And today, all participating sects and clans would be making their way towards the training grounds of the Star-Seizing Manor. Upon seeing the Manor’s majestic structures, the hearts of the participants were all filled with hints of envy. This was truly a place worthy of being termed a transcendent power’s residential area - the king of the Eastern Region. Normally, how would the participants even get the chance to step inside the Star-Seizing Manor? It was only today that the Manor opened up their doors, allowing the participants access inside, albeit limiting the areas where they could enter.

The major powers of the Eastern Region - Yan Clan, Leng Clan, Scarlet Thunder Sect, Watermoon Mountain Villa, Demon Cult, they had all arrived at the training grounds of the Star-Seizing Manor. Over there, experts were as common as clouds.

The Yan Clan and Leng Clan stood side by side with each other. Both Yan Tie and Yan Kong were present today, and those in the surroundings could clearly sense the sinister and insidious intent flickering in Yan Tie’s eyes.

“Grandmaster Yan Tie, I wonder if you are happy with the female we sent to you a few days ago,” Leng Lin’s father greeted Yan Tie, as he walked over to stand beside him, inquiring in a low voice.

“She tasted pretty good, how many more young misses does your Leng Clan have?” Yan Tie’s eyes widened maliciously, as he smiled at Leng Jian. Leng Jian’s countenance turned heavy, cursing this perverse old freak in his heart. Was this monster hinting that he wanted Leng Lin?

“Grandmaster Yan Tie, my Leng Clan has truly run out of beautiful young misses to send over.” Leng Jian originally wanted to remind Yan Tie about his promise, but who would have thought that Yan Tie would be such a bastard, immediately asking the Leng Clan to send even more of their daughters over.

“Hmm? Isn’t your daughter one?” Yan Tie smiled coldly as he glanced at Leng Lin, his gaze causing her to shiver in fear.

“Grandmaster.” Leng Jian’s expression turned extremely unpleasant.

“One slot, one woman,” Yan Tie icily replied, causing Leng Jian’s expression to turn even uglier.

“Those from the White Deer Institute have arrived.”

In that very moment, a terrifying cold light abruptly erupted within Yan Tie’s eyes as he heard the words spoken. He shifted his gaze in the direction of the White Deer Institute, locking his eyes on two silhouettes.

Qin Wentian and Chu Mang, it was precisely these two people who killed his son. They actually still dared to appear in his presence?

Leng Jian’s gaze also followed Yan Tie’s. When his eyes landed on Qin Wentian, the expression on his face couldn’t help but sink. Qin Wentian actually came. Although he knew that Qin Wentian was a third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist, he didn’t know how high a level of attainment he’d reached. Naturally, he hadn’t expected Qin Wentian to actually participate in the exchange today.

“KILL!” An overwhelming killing intent erupted forth from Yan Tie. Qin Wentian could clearly feel the murderous urges. A cold smile appeared on his face when his eyes shifted in the direction of the killing intent, as he took note of both Yan Tie and Leng Jian.

Similarly, an extremely fearsome glint of light flashed in Qin Wentian’s calm eyes, akin to a bolt of lightning, as he stared in Yan Tie’s direction.

Leng Jian was affected as well. He felt his body go cold as he grimaced. It seemed that this third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist wanted to slaughter him too, for the sake of avenging Leng Ning.

Those from the White Deer Institute had also arrived at the Star-Seizing Manor, and stood directly opposite, facing those from the Yan Clan.

Yan Tie closed his eyes, disregarding the attack. He appeared to be contemplating on how best to kill Qin Wentian and Chu Mang.

The northern area of the training grounds were reserved for the host. Over there, a majestic looking wall of over ten metres tall could be seen. A row of silhouettes then appeared, their gazes filled with sharpness as they stared down at the gathered crowd below.

“Yang Fan.”

The eyes of the crowd brightened as they saw the young man in the lead. This was none other than one of the four Heaven’s Chosen, Yang Fan. Even he was here to spectate the exchange.

This time around, the purpose of this exchange was to select powerful Divine Inscriptionists to enter the secret realm, together with people from the Star-Seizing Manor. Naturally, as a reward, those chosen Divine Inscriptionists would have the right to bring people in together with them.

It was especially clear to the crowd what Yang Fan’s appearance meant. For those entering into the secret realm this time round, those from the Star-Seizing Manor would be led by none other than him.

Qin Wentian contemplated Yang Fan. This person was around 22 years old, an extremely young age. The air of a supreme expert could clearly be felt emanating from him, projecting an extraordinary aura.

“This person is Yang Fan, ranked #18 in the Heavenly Fate Ranking. He’s one of the four Heaven’s Chosen, belonging to the Star-Seizing Manor in the Eastern Region of the Moon Continent.” Bailu Yi who stood beside Qin Wentian, explained in a low voice. She then continued, “The other three Chosen are Hua Taixu from the Hua Clan, ranked #1 in the Heavenly Fate Ranking; Zhan Chen from the Pill Emperor Hall, ranked #11 in the Heavenly Fate Ranking; and lastly, Zhao Lie from the Sky Ember Sect, ranked #28 in the Heavenly Fate Ranking.

“These people are all extremely famous throughout the Grand Xia Empire,” Bailu Yi introduced, as though she intentionally wanted to agitate Qin Wentian. She felt that Qin Wentian would definitely have the chance to be grouped with those in the Heavenly Fate Ranking. She knew of the 60 consecutive victories that ‘Kirin’ had obtained for his battle record. Normally, Qin Wentian would spend his days sparring against Chu Mang, who was at the fifth level of Yuanfu. One had to know that Chu Mang had terrifying combat prowess, so he was no ordinary opponent.

The Heavenly Fate Ranking should be Qin Wentian’s aim. And it wouldn’t be enough for him to only be part of the rankers, he had to quickly climb his way to the top. The #1 rank was the only position that would do justice for someone of his exceptional talent!

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