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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 262 — Extreme Danger With Every Step

Chapter 262: Extreme Danger With Every Step

Qin Wentian inscribed at a furious speed and finally, the gigantic runic outlines of the Eight Trigram shone with a resplendent light as his Inscription was completed.

This seal of the Eight Trigram enveloped the space where Qin Wentian and those from the White Deer Institute were standing at. It sealed the tremors of the earth and even the waves of destructive energies were weakened. In the surroundings, the raging wind was still gusting as the quakes continued to rock the encompassing earth, breaking it apart before meshing them together.

After a period of time, the destructive quakes finally calmed, and only then did the participants have the chance to observe the new landscape.

They were still in their original position, the Ascendant statue was still up in the skies. However, the place they were in was no longer the ancient city but rather, the true Dao Cultivation Grounds of that Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant.

“What a fearsome formation.” Qin Wentian’s heart shook slightly. That formation earlier had the power to transform the entire landscape, the ancient city was just a facade. This place was where their objectives lay.

The Dao Cultivation Ground was extremely vast, and far up ahead there was a transparent door. Beyond there, numerous ever-green pine trees and ancient mountains dotted the landscape, giving off a tranquil and elegant aura. However, there was also a great hall situated right in the middle of that scenic place. Within the great hall, a sculpture sat cross-legged, and an ancient-looking manual could be seen grasped in its hands.


Excitement flashed in the eyes of the crowd. This place was the true cultivation ground of that expert. If a single life was the price for making the real cultivation grounds of the Ascendant appear, then his death was absolutely worth it. It was too worth it.

The people in the respective camps exchanged looks with each other. Other than excitement, there was also caution and suspicion. In the end, who would be the one to obtain the inheritance of this particular Ascendant?

“Bzzzz bzzz!” A wind kicked up as several silhouettes couldn’t contain their greed any longer, and they dashed towards the transparent door. However, just as they took a few steps forward, the entire space seemed to light up from an unknown source.

“Careful, there are traps here!” someone called out, but it was already too late. Those who had run out earlier found their movements instantly locked by currents of runic power, while various traps around them began to activate.

One was caught unaware and was penetrated through by swords, while another encountered several demonic dragons rushing straight at him. That person instantly reacted by unleashing his Astral Souls to enhance his attacks, immediately slamming a palm and exploding the bodies of one. However, it was useless, with his movements locked down, his only fate was to be devoured by the dragons.

In the blink of an eye, not one of those that dashed out earlier were left alive. They had all fallen, despite their cultivation being at the peak of Yuanfu and being additionally supported by the fearsome power of their Mandates.

“Extreme danger with every step!”

The hearts of the crowd pounded madly in shock. They personally witnessed the death of their comrades, yet no one dared make a move to save them. Even now, they wouldn’t risk moving a single step from where they stood. All of them were afraid of triggering even more unknown traps.

“This trial is many times more difficult compared to the trials in the past,” spoke an old man from the Pill Emperor Hall. “When I was here previously, although the ancient city had many traps, not every trap was powered by a peak-tier third-ranked Divine Inscription. This place is different, each step is layered with countless traps filled with killing intent. I believed this must be the true Dao Cultivation Grounds of that Ascendant.”

Many people nodded in agreement. The scope of danger in this place was many times higher compared to the past.

“There’s danger with every step and we are unable to levitate. Although the inheritance is just before our eyes, it feels as far as the other side of the world. The difficulty to cross over safely is even higher than ascending the heavens.”

“Are there no other solutions?” Zhao Lie from the Skyember Sect asked in a loud voice. Earlier, due to his impatience, he had almost become one of those that had died. He knew that even with his power, it would be exceedingly tough to defend against the destructive traps within the formation.

“There are only two options. First, we could use brute strength to barge through, or second, we get the Divine Inscriptionists to test each step, neutralising the traps, and confirming its safety before we cross over. There are no other choices, the difficulty level is at least a hundred times higher compared to the past.”

That old man from the Pill Emperor Palace replied, causing heavy expressions to appear on everyone’s countenance. If that was the case, who would still dare to choose the first option?

“Esteemed Grandmasters, the time has come to show your usefulness.” At this moment, an elder from the Skyember Sect spoke, his words causing a drastic change in the countenances of the Divine Inscriptionists present. This scenario was one that they wanted to avoid the most.

“We will need a period of time to perceive and contemplate the formation,” an Inscriptionist replied.


The transcendent powers of every camp consulted with their Divine Inscriptionists. While at the Star-Seizing Manor’s camp, Qin Wentian and the rest were still protected by the seal of the Eight Trigram. Earlier when the landscape was changing, their camp had suffered the least. At this moment, Yang Fan shifted his gaze onto Qin Wentian and the rest of the Inscriptionists as he spoke, “The White Deer Institute obtained first place in the exchange. We need to depend on your help now.”

“I’ll do my best,” Qin Wentian replied. Yang Fan nodded as he added, addressing all the Divine Inscriptionists present, “I won’t forget your help. My Star-Seizing Manor will also heavily reward the one who can aid us the most in the trial today.”

The Divine Inscriptionists all nodded their heads, yet they understand the matter very clearly in their hearts. Only when they were needed would people from the transcendent powers speak so politely to them.

Qin Wentian closed his eyes as he silently contemplated the entire space. There were several runic outlines of Inscriptions that were extremely profound, hidden in plain sight. One had to ‘sense’ them, the traps weren’t visible to the naked eye. Back then the first test set by Grandmaster Fenrir was none other than practice for this trial, but the amount of Divine Inscriptions Fenrir could hide in his mysterious portrait naturally wouldn’t be able to compare to the amount hidden here.

Qin Wentian involuntarily trembled when he sent out his heart sense. A terrifying picture appeared in his mind.

Each step was filled with peak-tier, third-ranked attack-type Divine Inscriptions. However if it was only that, it wouldn’t pose much of a challenge to the Divine Inscriptionists that came here today. The thing that caused Qin Wentian to have a headache was that each and every Divine Inscription within this formation was connected in a marvellous linkage. If someone were to neutralise a section, the power of the surrounding runic outlines would instantly congregate together, attacking the threat.

The Divine Inscriptions weren’t scattered about as unique standalones but rather, they were part of a complete picture. A slight change would affect everything else, creating a butterfly effect.

If he walked out, he could slowly take his time to neutralise the Divine Inscriptions, but at the moment of neutralization, the other peak-tier third-ranked Inscription traps within the surroundings would instantly activate. How then, could one continue onwards?

The perception of the other Inscriptionists couldn’t be compared to Qin Wentian, yet they too could sense the intricacies of the linkage that connected the various Divine Inscriptions together. One of them shook his head, “This formation is unbreakable.”

“Unbreakable?” The countenance of many sunk as they heard that. If that was the case, wouldn’t that mean they had to take the first option, to barge through with force? Yet the inevitable results were clear to all, the incident of their comrade’s death was still fresh in their minds.

Zhu Sha turned his gaze onto Qin Wentian as he spoke, “Your perception is the highest, how long do you need to neutralise this?”

“Very difficult, I have no confidence,” Qin Wentian replied. Zhu Sha frowned, and ignoring Qin Wentian’s reply, he continued, “I will give you seven days of time.”

After which, he closed his eyes in silent meditation.

To him, seven days was already an extremely long time.

If Qin Wentian was still unable to neutralise the traps, they could only use the first method.

A cold light flickered in Qin Wentian’s eyes, but he didn’t say anything. He continued closing his eyes and quietly contemplated the runic outlines.

Even if it weren’t for the sake of the Star-Seizing Manor, if he wanted to advance, he would still have to break the formation…

No matter how difficult it was, he had no choice but to neutralise it.

Time flowed by, nobody dared to make any reckless moves. Qin Wentian didn’t contemplate the runic outlines of singular Inscriptions but rather, he was trying to see the complete picture, imprinting it into his mind.

He knew with utter certainty that there was no way to neutralise this if he chose to study the Inscriptions one by one. In that case, he could only look for clues by studying them as a whole.

Through Qin Wentian’s perception, the overall picture became increasingly clearer and more complete.

However, he involuntarily trembled with fear when the completed picture finally surfaced in his mind.

He saw a Divine Condor inclining its proud, majestic head, with animosity filling its eagle-sharp eyes. It was trying to soar in the air but was unable to do so.

Because above it, there was a gigantic statue with its foot pressing it to the ground, suppressing it. The condor desired the freedom of the skies yet was unable to soar through the air. Hence, its hatred transformed into an intense baleful aura, and whoever dared to step on it, must die.

This scenario caused Qin Wentian’s heart to palpitate wildly. He opened his eyes, shifting his gaze to the blurry silhouette of the Ascendant statue above.

The Ascendant statue was suppressing the Divine Condor. How should he solve this?

Not only was the Divine Condor suppressed, the cultivators themselves were unable to levitate, so if they wanted to cross to the other side of the transparent door, they had no choice but to step on the condor.

In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed. Yet the Divine Inscriptionists remained motionless, they were still contemplating ways to break the formation.

“Grandmasters, are you guys done?” Zhao Lie’s personality was more impatient, he had already been asking this same question repeatedly for the past few days.

“This old man is useless, I’m unable to break it.” An old man from his camp shook his head.

“If that’s the case, does that mean we can only rely on force to barge through?” Zhao Lie asked again.

“Yeah,” the old Divine Inscriptionist muttered.

“Very well, you do it then,” Zhao Lie spoke with a voice filled with ill-intent. His words caused the old man to frown as he replied, “This old man isn’t strong enough, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to succeed.”

“If that’s the case, tell me what’s the use of keeping you alive?”

Terrible flames wreathed about Zhao Lie’s body as he punched out, causing a flame sabre to manifest as its terrifying temperature engulfed the surroundings, splitting the old man into two before turning his corpse into ashes.

This scenario left the other Divine Inscriptionists thunderstruck.

Zhao Lie then turned his gaze onto them as he asked, “How about you guys? Can you break it?”

The countenances of the other Divine Inscriptionists in his camp were extremely ugly to behold. “We… we will try…”

“Great.” Zhao Lie smiled. After which he turned to the other transcendent powers and stated, “Shouldn’t the Divine Inscriptionists the rest of you invited make a move as well?”

Those from the Pill Emperor Palace, Hua Clan and Star-Seizing Manor all turned their gazes onto the respective Divine Inscriptionists of each camp.

Zhu Sha eyed Qin Wentian as he spoke, “The period of seven days has already passed.”

Qin Wentian opened his eyes as he replied, “I still need more time.”

“There’s no more time, I’ve already said that I would only give you seven days of time. If you still can’t neutralise it, we can only choose to use the first method.” Zhu Sha faintly continued, “You’ve already seen how that old Divine Inscriptionist from the Skyember Sect met his end.”

Zhu Sha let his words hang in the air, the meaning behind them clearly understood by all.

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