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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 263 — A Painful Lesson

Chapter 263: A Painful Lesson

Qin Wentian stared at Zhu Sha, he clearly understood Zhu Sha’s meaning. If they had no choice but to choose the first method, the Divine Inscriptionists would be the one forced to make a move first.

And just like what Zhao Lie said, if the Divine Inscriptionists couldn’t break the formation, what use did they have?

In the eyes of these transcendent powers, the Divine Inscriptionists were merely tools to be used.

Naturally, the Divine Inscriptionists were also clear on this point, but didn’t the same thing hold true for them as well? They were making use of the strength of these transcendent powers to block incoming dangers as they attempted to break the formation.

However, the current scenario was something that these Inscriptionists had never experienced. They couldn’t break the formation and not only that, they were trapped where they stood. Once they made an attempt to neutralise the Inscriptions, the result would only be their deaths.

Such an occurrence caused the conflict between both parties to directly erupt outwards. The powerful cultivators of the transcendent powers wanted to force the Inscriptionists to take action. If they couldn’t neutralise the formations, there was no use in keeping them alive.

Qin Wentian stared at Zhu Sha, and upon seeing his ice-cold expression, he replied, “I have just gained some insights regarding a way to break the formation. If Senior wants me to neutralise the Inscriptions right now, the only result would be death. However, if Senior can give me some more time, there would still be room for hope.”

Qin Wentian’s voice was unperturbed, with no hints of anger or rage within.

The current him, had long learnt how to mask his emotions, and he wouldn’t easily show what his inner thoughts were.

Zhu Sha frowned and was about to say something as Yang Fan interjected, “Give him some more time then.”

“Very well, I will give you three more days.” Zhu Sha snorted with displeasure, he knew that his attitude would offend Qin Wentian, but he just didn’t care about it.

So what if Qin Wentian was a powerful third-ranked Inscriptionist? Did he even have the time to inscribe Inscriptions during actual combat? Zhu Sha didn’t fear him at all.

A look of comprehension flashed on Zhao Lie’s countenance as he noted what was happening at the Star-Seizing Manor camp. He was considering whether or not they should wait for Qin Wentian?

The people from the Hua Clan and Pill Emperor Hall similarly cast their gazes in the direction of Qin Wentian. From the conversation, they could discern that Qin Wentian should be the strongest Divine Inscriptionist within the camp of the Star-Seizing Manor.

And among those from the Pill Emperor Palace, Bai Fei also took notice of Qin Wentian. An expression of bewilderment involuntarily appeared on her face. She could faintly feel that Qin Wentian looked somewhat familiar, like she had met him before. The feeling kept prodding her, but she couldn’t remember an occasion where she could have acquainted herself with such a powerful third-ranked Divine Inscriptionist Grandmaster.

It had been around half a year’s time since she last saw Qin Wentian.

And in the past half year, Qin Wentian’s features had lost all traces of its earlier youthfulness. His features were now even more exquisitely sculpted, filled with the charm of masculinity, and added to that his longer black hair as well as the marked change in his aura, it made Bai Fei unable to recognise the current him.

Qin Wentian’s transformation was too huge, especially in terms of his demeanor.

In the first place, Bai Fei wasn’t even that familiar with Qin Wentian. To her, Qin Wentian was only a genius from a small country, and wasn’t qualified to enter her sights. She had never seriously regarded his existence, hence it was only natural that she was unable to recognise him now with a since glance. She only felt that he was faintly familiar.

“Fine, let’s wait three more days,” Zhao Lie muttered. Although he was famed for his impatience, he knew that with their strength, if they chose to forcefully barge through the sea of Inscriptions, the amount of casualties would be disastrous. Even he himself didn’t have absolute confidence he could deal with the power of the traps.

Hence now, he could only choose to wait.

“Do you really have a solution?” Bailu Yi stared at Qin Wentian, asking in a low voice. Her attainment in the Dao of Divine Inscriptions wasn’t too bad, but she couldn’t make heads or tails out of the current situation.

“Let me ponder over this a little more.” Qin Wentian was staring at the faint shadow of the Ascendant statue in the air.

He had reason to believe since the supreme Ascendant set up this test, there would surely be a way to pass it. This must be something he had set up to ensure that people would be worthy of gaining his inheritance.

However, this ‘test’ was too difficult and the price one would pay if they failed it, was death.

Within these three days, there were many who had already lost patience. And when the third day arrived, Zhu Sha immediately confronted Qin Wentian, “Time is up.”

Qin Wentian slowly opened his eyes, as he stared at Zhu Sha. “I’ve no way to neutralise the Inscriptions, but I can try walking over them. However, my power alone is insufficient, I would require the aid of experts from the Star-Seizing Manor to accompany me in crossing over together.”

A dangerous light flashed in Zhu Sha’s eyes. Qin Wentian was unable to break the formation and he still wanted the experts of the Star-Seizing Manor to make the trip together with him?

Didn’t that mean he wanted the experts from the Star-Seizing Manor to share the risk with him?

“How many do you need?” Zhu Sha asked.

“At least ten people,” Qin Wentian replied.

“You are an Inscriptionist invited by the White Deer Institute. Doesn’t the White Deer Institute have enough people?” Zhu Sha coldly remarked.

Qin Wentian furrowed his brows, but his countenance instantly returned to normal. However, Zhu Sha had already seen the minute changes in his expression.

“Don’t worry, the experts that White Deer Institute sent this time round are all elites. Furthermore, you are more familiar with them, so their power should be sufficient,” Zhu Sha continued.

Qin Wentian frowned as he spoke, “Bailu Jing, how about it?”

Bailu Jing couldn’t help but feel that there was something strange going on when he heard how Qin Wentian addressed him. Previously, Qin Wentian had always been extremely polite, addressing him as Brother Jing.

“I guess we have no choice then,” Bailu Jing indifferently replied, yet he had already understood Qin Wentian’s intentions.

“Fine, but I cannot guarantee that we will be able to succeed. We will have to depend on luck and destiny, so follow closely and stand only to my left and right. Remember that speed is of the essence, so move as fast as you can towards the door… And not only must we be swift, every step we take has to be filled with absolute power, pressing as heavily as you can onto the ground,” Qin Wentian explained. “There are only two points to note: speed and strength. Using your fastest speed along with the strongest power of suppression you can muster.”

The countenances of everyone flickered with uncertainty. To maintain their top speed while ensuring each and every step they took contained immense power? It was easier said than done.

After all, if they wanted to be fast, their steps would have to be light. It was tremendously difficult to accomplish what Qin Wentian had just mentioned.

Bailu Jing nodded his head, he trusted in Qin Wentian. “We will do our best.”

“Doing your best is not sufficient, we must definitely succeed. To fail means death.” Qin Wentian’s countenance turned solemn, his words causing Bailu Jing and those from the White Deer Institute to re-assess this mission with greater gravity.

Zhu Sha frowned in suspicion, but no matter what, since Qin Wentian was going to be the first to barge through, he would be the first guinea pig.

“Let’s plan our positions. Me and Bailu Yi in the middle, Bailu Jing will stand behind me, while the others will stay to my left and right. This will offset the gap in power from my and Bailu Yi’s lower cultivation base.” Qin Wentian instructed. Bailu Jing nodded his head, and the members of the White Deer Institute swiftly complied.

“Very well, prepare yourselves.” Qin Wentian drew in a deep breath. At this moment, Astral pressure gushed forth from the bodies of all twelve of them, as illusory wings appeared on their backs.

“Go!” Qin Wentian stepped out of the area of safety as the rest mirrored his actions. As their steps landed on the ground, the sounds of explosions rumbled as the formation began to activate.

“BOOM!” Qin Wentian and the rest swiftly took another step forward, one filled with great power, fiercely stomping onto the ground. The combined power of their stomps temporarily suppressed the activation of the formation, causing the dangerous aura that was exuding out, to diminish.

“He is combining their strength with the gravitational effect of the Ascendant statue to suppress the formation.” A bright glow flashed in the eyes of those Divine Inscriptionists. This fellow was truly bold, he had actually come up with such a method.

Qin Wentian and the others moved with lightning speed, as they mirrored Qin Wentian’s steps, which seemed to have an unusual rhythm to them. And every time the surrounding hidden traps threatened to erupt forth, their steps would slam down onto the ground, causing the power of the traps to instantly dissipate as they were suppressed.

Although they were able to suppress the traps around them, the chain reaction caused by the activation of the formation was already beginning to merge the power from the other traps. The culminating energy was a hair’s trigger away from a massive explosion.

“QUICKLY!” Qin Wentian roared as he rushed forward, a unique cadence to his steps. They continued mirroring his steps and cutting their way forwards with increasing speed, stomping onto the ground with even more force, forcibly suppressing the congregation of the other traps.

In the blink of an eye, under the thunderstruck gazes of the others, Qin Wentian and the rest were about to reach the other side.

Although it was dangerous, it wasn’t impossible. And just when they were exulting, only a few steps short of reaching their goal, the terrifying power of the peak third-ranked Inscriptions coalesced in the form of an incomparably sharp arrow, as it fired towards them with explosive speed.

“Damn.” The countenances of Qin Wentian and the rest underwent a drastic change. They hadn’t managed to suppress its activation in time.

“You guys go on ahead, leave me.” An old man abruptly broke away from the group, as he caused a gigantic shield of Astral Energy to form, blocking the path of that runic arrow.

Impressively enough, the old man actually managed to block the incoming attack. However, the chain reaction caused waves of energy to explode towards him from all sides, resulting in the manifestation of a horde of demonic beasts, which devoured him from where he stood. This formation, was too terrifying.

“Uncle Zhong!” Bailu Jing’s countenance sank as he roared in agony. Qin Wentian turned and grabbed him along, as they all dashed out of that door, safely crossing over to the other side.

“They succeeded.” The rest remaining behind breathed in wonder.

Qin Wentian’s strategy had worked.

“Let’s go, we’ll do the same as them.” Yang Fan abruptly stood up. Zhu Sha nodded his head, it was undoubtedly the best moment to act. They had to catch up to Qin Wentian, that brat’s ability with Divine Inscriptions was truly excellent, and they could continue making use of him if there were more traps in front.

Yang Fan and those from the Star-Seizing Manor copied Qin Wentian’s strategy, using speed and strength to suppress the activation of the formation.

However they soon discovered that it wasn’t as easy as they had imagined. As soon as they had taken a second step, they could feel the whole space rumbling as terrifying waves of energy gushed towards them.

“BREAK THROUGH IT!” A terrifying aura erupted forth from Yang Fang, as he defended against the attack. Soon after, the rest of their team encountered obstacle after obstacle, and despite their efforts, the fearsome traps were unceasingly activated. They had not yet reached the other side, and already seven cultivators had fallen from their original team of twenty.

Those people that had fallen, were all peak-level Yuanfu cultivators.

“That bastard,” Zhu Sha growled, his face growing dark with menace.

Only now did he understand that when Qin Wentian requested their cooperation earlier, he had already anticipated his response. Qin Wentian had played him perfectly, resulting in a team made up entirely of those from the White Deer Institute, exactly as he’d planned.

Not only that, their attempt at crossing seemed easier, only one from their group had fallen.

Finally, when Zhu Sha and those from the rest made it across, the Star-Seizing Manor had lost a total of eleven peak-level Yuanfu cultivators. One could say that the price they paid was harsh indeed.

The Li Clan’s three brothers opened their eyes, staring at the vanished silhouettes as they calmly stated, “It was truly a foolish choice to offend a Divine Inscriptionist in this trial of Divine Inscriptions.”

The three brothers could clearly see that the unusual path Qin Wentian treaded, was the safest and most perfect path.

Their calm voices resounded through the air, rocking the hearts of the remaining transcendent powers. Although Qin Wentian didn’t intentionally act against those from the Star-Seizing Manor, although it could be said that their losses had nothing to do with him, the Star-Seizing Manor had paid an extremely painful price for their arrogance.

If they had just politely made their request in the first place, with Qin Wentian leading them across, could their losses be so severe?

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