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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 274 — Descendant of Di

Chapter 274: Descendant of Di

After the matter in the secret realm, the major powers of the Moon Continent regained their earlier days of peace. Naturally, those major powers not at the scale of transcendent powers hadn’t obtained anything and suffered tremendous losses instead. The magnitude of danger in the secret realm this time around was unprecedented, and even the transcendent powers had lost a large number of their peak-level Yuanfu cultivators.

According to some of the later survivors, they only managed to find a way out after the collapse of the secret realm. Were it not for the destruction of the trial grounds, they would still be trapped within the formations.

And… the Pill Emperor Hall was undoubtedly the victor in the eyes of the crowd.

Because, only the chosen from the Pill Emperor Hall had obtained the Ascendant’s inheritance. This topic was endlessly discussed by the countless number of people in the Moon Continent.

Zhan Chen himself was someone ranked #11 on the Heavenly Fate Ranking, only a rank away from the top ten. Now that he had obtained the inheritance, the Pill Emperor Hall held him in even higher regard and many people speculated on when he would attempt to rank up, fighting his way into the top ten ranks of the Heavenly Fate Ranking. Although there was only difference of a single position between rank #11 and #10, the status it afforded could be said to be the difference between Heaven and Earth.

However, Zhan Chen didn’t share in the excitement of the rest. Not only that, his face was currently tinged with vestiges of pain and sorrow.

“Zhan Chen, everything is destined, don’t be too upset. Let everything be gone with the wind.” Currently, his master was consoling him.

“No matter what, Qing Yue’s death was caused by my uselessness, I wasn’t strong enough to protect her,” Zhan Chen lamented, but swiftly after, his eyes glinted with a burst of cold light. He harshly continued, “I have to be 50% responsible for Qing Yue’s death, and as for the other half, it was all because of that Inscriptionist. If it weren’t for him, Qing Yue wouldn’t have died in the formation. This person, I have to kill this person personally with my own hands. A debt of blood must be paid in full by blood.”

The killing intent in Zhan Chen’s eyes was real. That was the killing intent he had towards Qin Wentian, he had to die.

Even if he disregarded the fact that Qin Wentian had personally witnessed his secret, there was also the matter of the heavy injuries he sustained at the trial grounds, being flung out of the great hall, and the ultimate humiliation of being ‘gifted’ the inheritance. There was no doubt about it, Qin Wentian’s fate had been sealed.

Qin Wentian may have thrown away the inheritance, but he himself had thrown half his life away in the struggle to gain it. Eventually, he made his way back to the Pill Emperor Hall alive.

How could he spare Qin Wentian?

“Mhm, it’s good to see you have such devotion. Personally avenge Qing Yue, kill that man with your own hands,” his master calmly replied.

“Master, Martial Uncle, I have something to do, I shall bid farewell first.” It was then that an exceedingly beautiful maiden faintly interjected, causing Zhan Chen’s gaze to land on her.

Mo Qingcheng, the disciple of his Martial Aunt, Luo He. Her talent was truly extraordinary, making rapid progress in terms of her cultivation base and alchemy arts ever since she arrived here. Not to mention, Luo He excessively doted on this disciple of hers. She wasn’t stingy in terms of resources, and even extremely valuable medicinal pills were all given to Mo Qingcheng for her consumption.

“Okay, go ahead. Zhan Chen, send her off.” Luo He nodded lightly.

“It’s fine, Senior Zhan Chen still has to cultivate, there’s no need to waste time on me.” Mo Qingcheng’s voice was as aloof as before, her attitude causing those wanting to be closer to her to feel that she was a thousand miles away instead. After speaking, she slightly bowed and departed.

Bai Fei who was beside Mo Qingcheng, glanced deeply at Zhan Chen. There was an unknown emotion hidden in that look of hers.

Zhan Chen was the most outstanding cultivator below the realms of Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns. He was always so cultured and refined, amicable and approachable.

However, Bai Fei also knew that it was impossible between her and Zhan Chen. In her eyes, Senior Zhan Chen was way beyond her, standing right at the top, an unreachable presence.

Previously it was Qing Yue, and now, it was Mo Qingcheng.

Bai Fei couldn’t help sigh in her heart. Hastening her pace, she chased after Mo Qingcheng. As Mo Qingcheng’s beautiful back came into sight, Bai Fei’s eyes flickered and her lips moved, as though trying to say something, but eventually stayed silent.

She knew that the Inscriptionist Zhan Chen spoke of was none other than Qin Wentian.

Zhan Chen, wanted to kill Qin Wentian.

If she really told Mo Qingcheng that Qin Wentian came to the Moon Continent and had even stepped into the secret realm of Divine Inscriptions, she didn’t know what her reaction would be. Hence, she chose to remain silent.

Since Senior Zhan Chen wanted to kill Qin Wentian, he was as good as dead. There shouldn’t be any more possibility of Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng getting together.


In the White Deer Institute, on the roof of a pavilion, Bailu Yi stared at the pond ahead as a hint of worry surfaced in her heart.

It had been already a month, but Qin Wentian had yet to return.

She was worried that he might be in danger.

“Haha, are you thinking of that fellow again?” The sound of someone laughing drifted over. Bailu Yi shifted her gaze over and glared at her brother. “No, what are you talking about?”

“You still don’t want to admit it? These past few days, someone has been cooped up in her room and has even neglected her cultivation.” Bailu Jing smiled at his sister, as he teased, “Even if your own brother were to go missing for a year and half or more, you wouldn’t be as worried as you are now, right?”

“Your combat prowess is at such a high level, how could anything happen to you?” Bailu Yi laughed. “His cultivation base is still quite low, and even though he gave up that inheritance, if he were to somehow meet that group of fellows again, they would definitely not show mercy.”

“Shouldn’t you have more confidence in him?” Bailu Jing teased.

“You’re right, that fellow has too many methods up his sleeves, even if it was that bunch of people, killing him would be no easy task.” Bailu Yi’s countenance finally relaxed. Although she had not been acquainted with Qin Wentian for very long, that fellow had a unique charisma, causing people to feel that he was extraordinary because of his demeanor, despite his low cultivation base. It truly wouldn’t be so easy if people wanted to make a move against him.

Zhan Chen, Yang Fan and Zhao Lie were all titled as Heaven’s Chosen, but during the time when they competed for the inheritance, which of them hadn’t been forced into retreat by Qin Wentian?

“Anyway, there’s some troublesome matters concerning our Institute, an annoying fellow just arrived,” Bailu Jing stated somewhat depressedly, causing Bailu Yi to start. “What happened to the Institute?”

“You should still remember what the elders said regarding our origins,” Bailu Jing explained, his words causing Bailu Yi’s heart to clench.

Of course she knew, she had even discussed the matter with Qin Wentian when inside the secret realm.

Qin Wentian held the Azure Emperor Token, he was the successor of the Azure Emperor.

“Naturally,” Bailu Yi replied.

“There’s someone claiming to be from the direct line of descent from the Di Clan (Azure Emperor’s = Dicang) who wants to take control of our White Deer Institute,” Bailu Jing stated, causing Bailu Yi to show an expression of alarm.

A direct descendant of the Di Clan?

And he wanted to take control of the White Deer Institute?

How can that be? Then, what about Qin Wentian?

Qin Wentian was the one that possessed the Azure Emperor Token.

And by right, no one else but the true successor should be aware of the matter of the ‘hidden’ Azure Faction.

Bailu Yi sensed that things weren’t as simple as they seemed.

“When did the person arrive?” Bailu Yi asked again.

“He just arrived today and it appears that he’s thoroughly investigated our White Deer Institute. He even knew about you.” A helpless smile appeared on Bailu Jing’s face.

It was what Qin Wentian had deduced, that time had diluted everything with regards to everything related to the Azure Faction. Although they followed the teachings and the ways of their ancestors, any true conviction they might have had as part of the Azure Faction had long faded away. Particularly the younger generations, they had no feelings of sentiment being part of the ‘hidden’ Azure Faction from the Azure Emperor Palace.

“He knows of me?” Bailu Yi felt slightly confused.

“That fellow is extremely arrogant. First, he wants everyone in the Institute to follow his orders, falling under his control. And as someone from the main branch, he would like to give restitution to the White Deer Institute for being forced to hide their identities for thousands of years. Therefore, he will allow you to marry him, granting you entry to the main branch as compensation.” Bailu Jing couldn’t help but burst out into laughter as he spoke of this. Originally, he didn’t have much emotions with regards to the bloodline of the Azure Emperor, but after meeting such an absurd person, how could he have any good feelings? He only felt that this whole matter was so ridiculous that it was funny.

“Let’s go and take a look,” Bailu Yi replied, leaving together with Bailu Jing. They soon arrived at a courtyard with several people in it. And the one in the lead was actually not an elder of the Institute, but a young man clad in long golden robes, exuding the arrogance of nobility.

An elder quietly stood behind this young man, exuding almost no presence at all. This was an indication of how extraordinary the elder might be.

Upon noting the arrival of Bailu Yi, the eyes of the young man swept over to her in contemplation. Angelic features with the figure of a devilish succubus, his eyes couldn’t help but light up as he commented, “Is this Little Yi?”

“Little Yi,” Bailu Yi was stunned, her only response was to speechlessly gaze back at the young man.

Despite her closeness with Qin Wentian, Qin Wentian had never once referred to her as Little Yi.

Yet this was the first meeting between the young man and her, and he actually called her Little Yi.

“May I ask who you are?” Bailu Yi inquired.

“Hi, my name is Di Cheng, from the direct line of descent of the Azure Emperor as well as his sole successor” The tone of this young man was filled with an unmistakable arrogance.

Bailu Yi looked at him as she cut to the chase, “Do you have the Azure Emperor Token?”

This courtyard was located right at the heart of the White Deer Institute. There was no need to doubt its security as only core members of the Institute were allowed to enter. Hence, Bailu Yi wasn’t afraid that she would divulge the secret, since everyone here already knew of their Institute’s origin.

“For the moment, the Azure Emperor Token isn’t in my hands,” Di Cheng replied, he hadn’t expected Bailu Yi to be so direct.

“Since you don’t have the token, what right do you have to say that you are the Azure Emperor’s successor?” Bailu Yi icily shot back.

Bailu Yi secretly let out a breath of relief when Di Cheng couldn’t produce the Azure Emperor Token. Although she fully trusted in Qin Wentian, the existence of the ‘hidden’ branches of the Azure Faction was an absolute secret, almost no one would know of it. She was really afraid that the young man before her might have taken out the token, indicating that Qin Wentian might have lied to her.

Yet, since Di Cheng couldn’t produce the token, this suggested that this man’s identity may not be what he claimed.

“Hehe.” Di Cheng laughed. “Due to the passing of years, with too many storms of wind and rain, the token was lost ages ago. But there’s no need for the other bloodlines originating from the Azure Emperor to hide any longer. As someone of the main bloodline, I hope that the White Deer Institute will follow their ancestral teachings, by supporting me and rising to prominence once again.

“You say that you are, and so it means that you are? Are we supposed to take your word for it?” Bailu Yi replied, without a hint of courtesy. “The ‘hidden’ Azure Faction has stayed in the shadows for so many years, and only the true successor with the Azure Emperor Token would know of our location. Who the hell are you and how did you know about my White Deer Institute?”

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