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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 285 — Qing`er’s words

Chapter 285: Qing`er’s words

Not long ago, they once said that having the ancient scroll in Qin Wentian’s hands was the equivalent to wasting a great gift on a piece of trash. If Qin Wentian didn’t hand over that scroll, he would be slaughtered.

But now, Qin Wentian was returning those words right back. The tornado devoured the body of the black-faced, middle-aged man, after which Qin Wentian made a grasping motion and then the interspatial ring and shadow lance flew into his hands.

The treasures of a fourth-ranked Grandmaster should be extremely valuable, he had made a killing this time.

Shifting his ice-cold gaze onto Eccentric Song and Old Liang, the countenances of both were as white as a sheet. Eccentric Song mustered a smile as he stated to Qin Wentian, “Brother Qin’s talent in the Dao of Divine Inscriptions is truly heaven-defying. Now that you’ve stepped into the level of fourth-ranked Grandmasters, and before the age of twenty, it will only be a matter of time before your name rocks the Moon Continent. This old man was foolish and made the wrong decision out of greed. If I have offended you with my earlier words or actions, I hope that you won’t take it to heart. Let that fourth-ranked Puppet of mine be compensation to Brother Qin for my earlier transgression.”

Concluding his speech, Eccentric Song bowed low to Qin Wentian to convey his sincerity.

However, Qin Wentian’s gaze was still as cold as ever, and felt even sharper than the edge of a blade. The terrifying sword-intent whistled past, as the sword keening further increased the terror in Eccentric Song’s heart.

“This old man does not have a mortal grudge with Brother Qin, why must we end this with death?” Eccentric Song knew that it would be useless to convince Qin Wentian with words like background and status, and hence decided to use benefits instead. He continued, “As long as Brother Qin pardons this, this old man will definitely compensate with even better items.”

Just minutes before, this Eccentric Song was shouting for Qin Wentian’s death, yet now he had the gall to claim he held no grudge between them. How ridiculous, Eccentric Song’s words didn’t have the slightest hint of regret in them.

In front of Qin Wentian, the tornado of sword Qi dissipated to be replaced by a terrifying gigantic sword. With a flick of his finger, the gigantic sword released a sword beam that penetrated through space, causing Eccentric Song’s countenance to sink even further as his face became cloaked in a mask of despair.


As the sword beam swept out, Eccentric Song’s body was cleaved directly into two. The only survivor remaining was the sunken eyes man. Old Liang was involuntarily trembling, he knew he would be next if he stayed. In the next moment, he grabbed his umbrella-type Divine Weapon and rapidly ran away.

Qin Wentian had no intentions to pardon any of them. This young brat wanted to consign the whole lot of them to death.

But how could he still escape? As the sword beam flashed, his movements stopped. A gaping hole could be seen in the centre of his forehead.

Qin Wentian floated downwards, and began to collect the spoils of his victory. In short time, he had gained the treasures of three four-ranked Grandmasters, their total value was worth more than his entire fortune.

However, just as he was in the midst of gathering them up, the earth around him started to tremble violently. Qin Wentian’s eyes turned sharp and as he turned his head, he realised that the silent spectator Grandmaster Penga had finally made his move. Penga had taken his time in observation before he acted, this strike of his contained a might sufficient enough to break the earth and shatter the heavens.

A Heavenly Dipper Sovereign who was also a fourth-ranked Grandmaster, was truly incomparable to a Yuanfu fourth-ranked Grandmaster. The difference in power further emphasized the importance of personal cultivation.

Now that Penga made his move, he completely disregarded the attacks of Qin Wentian’s prearranged traps. An Astral Nova in the shape of an immense spear appeared, and as Astral Light inundated the area, each sweep of it caused Qin Wentian’s traps to explode. Throughout this, the sword Qi tornado grew increasingly weaker.

After observing for so long, Penga had already calculated the steps of breaking this formation. His sudden attack was like a thunderbolt from out of the blue.

The might of a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign wasn’t something a Yuanfu cultivator could match, even if he was paired up with a fourth-ranked Divine Weapon. Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickered as he rapidly retreated, while simultaneously placing the bladed fourth-ranked Puppet in his interspatial ring and summoning his golden-armored Puppet to his side.

“BOOM!” Yet another Divine Inscription was destroyed. With a flick of his sleeves, the Astral Nova Spear penetrated through space, flying straight towards Qin Wentian. He felt his body shuddering, as though he were about to be pierced through. This was the will of a Mandate.

The Mandate of a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign was nothing to joke about.

“Go!” Qin Wentian commanded, the golden Puppet flew forwards in his place, colliding with the Heavenly Dipper Sovereign’s attack. However, the Astral Nova seemed to have a mind of its own, as it increased the might of each stab, trying to break out of the golden-armored Puppet’s grip. The impact resulting from the collision of the two forces caused the entire space to rumble.

Penga smiled, he didn’t mind the interruption. The sharpness of his gaze seemed intent on drilling through Qin Wentian, and abruptly his silhouette flickered as he dashed forwards with an unbelievable speed.

A nineteen years old fourth-ranked Grandmaster did indeed have heaven-shocking potential. There would also be countless powers wanting to recruit him. Nevertheless, a dead genius was no longer a genius, but rather, was just a corpse.

Now, Penga wanted nothing more than to kill Qin Wentian and plunder the ancient scroll away.

“Qin Wentian, you still have a chance.”

Qin Wentian’s pupils narrowed upon hearing Bailu You’s words; it seemed he still thought to take advantage of Qin Wentian’s current peril by coercing him into handing the ancient scroll over to his father, Bailu Tong.

“Great Elder.” A pleading look for help appeared in Bailu Yi’s eyes as she stared at the large-eyed elder.

“Great Elder, don’t you wish for the birth of a fifth-ranked Grandmaster in our White Deer Institute? I have to obtain that ancient scroll at all costs,” Bailu Tong coldly remarked at the side. The battle had already attracted the attention of many experts in the White Deer Institute. When they arrived by the side of Bailu Yi and the rest, they couldn’t help but ask, “What’s going on?”

“Qin Wentian, a nineteen years old fourth-ranked Grandmaster. He’s my good friend, yet Elder Bailu Tong wants to kill him just to plunder the ancient scroll he obtained from the secret realm of the Gold-Element Ascendant,” Bailu Yi explained, her words caused the eyes of those nearby to widen in shock. A fourth-ranked Grandmaster at the age of nineteen?

“What about the other fourth-ranked Grandmasters?” someone asked.

“They were all killed by Qin Wentian from his Inscriptions and formation,” Bailu You coldly replied. Because of Qin Wentian, he was at opposing standpoints with Bailu Yi.

“Father.” Bailu Yi turned her gaze onto Bailu Shan. Bailu Shan’s eyes shone with a strange glow as he watched Qin Wentian making use of several defensive third-ranked Inscriptions to block his opponent’s attack. Yet, they only managed to slow down the Astral Nova slightly.

“Grandmaster Penga, enough.”

Bailu Shan called out as he stepped forth, blasting out his aura.

“Brother Shan, what are you trying to do?” In the next moment, Bailu You’s silhouette flickered as he appeared in front of Bailu Shan, blocking his path.

Bailu Yi grew pale with worry as she frantically stared at the large-eyed elder. The large-eyed elder appeared to be contemplating something as he soon replied in a calm tone, “Relax, don’t be so nervous.”

Yet how could Bailu Yi not be nervous? Penga was raising the tempo of his attacks, he must be determined to kill Qin Wentian immediately. He used his Astral Nova to tie down the fourth-ranked Puppet, while the flame-inscribed long spear in his hands tore apart the defensive third-ranked Inscriptions Qin Wentian threw at him like a hot knife through butter. Penga plunged out the long spear as it transformed into a beam of cold light, shooting straight towards Qin Wentian.

“Bzzz.” The raging speed of the spear broke the sound barrier as a sonic boom burst out. However at the last moment, a lotus bloomed in front of Qin Wentian, disrupting the trajectory and negating the force behind the spear.

All of a sudden, a female silhouette appeared in front of Qin Wentian. This female’s figure was flawless, clad in white and her features were obscured by a veil. She gave off an otherworldly aura, resembling that of an immortal maiden.

Traces of a gentle smile appeared in his eyes as Qin Wentian noticed the appearance of this figure. She always showed up at the most crucial moment, silently protecting him from the shadows.

“I’ll send the Puppet to help you, let’s kill this person together.” Qin Wentian’s eyes turned ice-cold the moment he shifted his gaze back onto Penga.

“It’s okay… This man is not very strong, I can do it…” Although the tone of her words was cold, Qing`er’s voice was extremely melodious and gave Qin Wentian feelings of great comfort as he listened.

Penga’s countenance stiffened, becoming incredibly ugly to behold.

Those from the White Deer Institute also had dumbfounded expressions on their faces. There was actually a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign protecting Qin Wentain.

Not only that, even with her features obscured, they could tell that this Sovereign was actually quite the transcendent beauty, akin to a celestial in a portrait. Their gazes involuntarily fixated onto Bailu Yi, only to see her in a similarly stunned state.

Qin Wentian had said before that Mo Qingcheng was his girlfriend. In that case, who was this ephemeral beauty right in front of their eyes?

If she remembered correctly, this maiden seemed to have appeared once before.

Penga glanced at Qing`er, and then swept his gaze to the supreme experts of the White Deer Institute. He knew that his objective today was no longer possible.

“Farewell.” His Astral Nova revolved protectively around him, as he snorted and leisurely walked away, his face a loathsome mask of unsatisfied greed.

Qing`er stood there quietly, allowing him to leave. She didn’t actively act to pursue him.

Qin Wentian smilingly glanced at Qing`er. He refrained from saying a word.

However, Qing`er’s beautiful lashes fluttered as though she knew of Qin Wentian’s intentions. After which, her lips gently moved as the sound waves of her voice joined together into a single thread, drifting into Qin Wentian’s ear.

“He won’t escape, the people of my Celestial Lake Palace are already waiting outside. Nobody will dare to touch you today.”

Qing`er’s words caused Qin Wentian to start. The people from the Celestial Lake Palace had arrived here?

An expression of astonishment crossed Qin Wentian’s face. When had the people from the Celestial Lake Palace appeared?

Sweeping his gaze across to the crowd within the White Deer Institute, he saw Di Cheng, as well as a young man with an extraordinary demeanor. The man could only be Di Feng.

In that moment, Qin Wentian suddenly understood. So it turned out that Fairy Qingmei had always been monitoring his actions. As the Azure Emperor’s love, Fairy Qingmei should be in possession of many secrets that no one else knew.

Everything that happened in the White Deer Institute, including the arrival of Di Feng, as well as the problems he faced, were perhaps all already known by Fairy Qingmei.

As he had once guessed, the relationship between Fairy Qingmei and the Azure Emperor had never broken off at all. It was totally different from what had been spread outside. There was no one else who cared more for the Azure Emperor other than Fairy Qingmei. And as he was the Azure Emperor’s true successor, Fairy Qingmei supported him unconditionally, for no other reason than because he was the one that possessed his authority token.

“They are here? What great timing.” Qin Wentian smiled. He had just revealed that he was a fourth-ranked Grandmaster, and now he had Fairy Qingmei’s support.

In that case, regardless of who the power behind Di Feng was, Qin Wentian didn’t lose out in the slightest.

“I will take my leave as well.” Grandmaster Fenrir laughed. He knew that this wasn’t the time for him to remain behind. Clasping his hands, he then bid his farewell to the crowd and soared through the air.

As for the followers of the other fourth-ranked Grandmasters, they had long sneaked away after witnessing the deaths of their masters. It was as though they feared they’d be killed by Qin Wentian if they were to retreat half a step slower.

Hence, in this location, other than the members of the White Deer Institute, the only outsiders remaining were Qin Wentian and Qing`er.

“Fourth-ranked Grandmaster.” Bailu You suddenly laughed, as he turned to those from the Institute. “Everyone, this suspicious young man infiltrated our White Deer Institute to ‘study’ Divine Inscriptions, despite already having such a high level of attainment in it. Not only that, he also has the protection of a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign. I wonder, what unfathomable motives might he be harbouring in his heart?”

“What is this guy’s problem?” With a silent sigh of resignation, Qin Wentian dragged his gaze over to the persistent Bailu You.

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