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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 287 — Subordinates Offending their Superior, Shall All be killed without Mercy!

Chapter 287: Subordinates Offending their Superior, Shall All be killed without Mercy!

The Azure Emperor Token.

Qin Wentian actually possessed the Azure Emperor Token.

This undoubtedly meant that Qin Wentian was the true successor of the Azure Emperor.

Those from the Di Clan, as well as the core members of the White Deer Institute naturally understood the meaning behind the Azure Emperor Token.

“Does everyone now understand the purpose of why I came to the White Deer Institute?” Qin Wentian stared at Bailu You, laughing coldly.

Harbouring unfathomable motives? With the authority token in his hands, he could do anything he wanted in the White Deer Institute. How unfathomable could those motives be?

Qin Wentian shifted his gaze onto Di Cheng only to see a sinister light shining in his eyes. How could this be possible? Why would the Azure Emperor Token be in Qin Wentian’s hands?

“A finger is enough to crush me? I would like to see you try. A mere descendant of the Di Clan daring to talk to me in this manner? Even the current head of your Di Clan wouldn’t dare speak to me like this. A lowly being offending your superiors, tell me, what punishment do you deserve?” Qin Wentian coldly rebuked, as his eyes bored into Di Cheng. Di Cheng felt only overwhelming pressure crushing him from where he stood, the feeling so heavy his face became contorted.

A lowly being offending your superiors, tell me what punishment do you deserve?

Indeed, as a descendant of the Di Clan, failing to pay respect to the successor of the Azure Emperor could be said that Di Cheng was a lowly being offending his superior.

Even the experts and elders of the main bloodline would have to pay their respects and obey the holder of the Azure Emperor Token, let alone a mere Di Cheng.

The large-eyed elder drew in a deep breath. When Di Feng arrived at the White Deer Institute and showcased his outstanding abilities, they had all thought that Di Feng, as the successor groomed by the main bloodline, would definitely be the future leader of the Azure Faction.

Yet they had never expected that the holder of the token, the true successor of the Azure Emperor, would actually be Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian, a nineteen years old fourth-ranked Grandmaster, he had come to the White Deer Institute for no reason other than because he was the true successor to the Azure Emperor.

Back then, he patiently waited for the right moment because he was unsure of the White Deer Institute’s attitude. But at this moment, there were members of the Institute, as well as descendants of the Di Clan, who wanted to band together to kill the successor of the Azure Emperor? How could he still continue to endure?

Although this sounded dramatic, such was the reality.

The gazes of the crowd shifted to Bailu Yi, who was the only one not shocked. Apparently, Qin Wentian had already revealed the truth of this matter to her. And considering the closeness of their relationship, Bailu Yi would definitely never betray Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian had absolute trust in Bailu Yi.

After all, all things considered, the secret of his confidential identity was too sensitive a matter.

The large-eyed elder had a blinding headache as he glanced at Di Feng and the rest. Everything that had happened today was out of his expectations, and now, this matter was no longer about the ancient scroll of the Ascendant but rather, an issue that would affect the future of their White Deer Institute.

Will the White Deer Institute obey the commands of the Azure Emperor’s successor?

If yes, then who? Di Feng from the main lineage, or Qin Wentian, the holder of the Azure Emperor Token?

The level of difficulty for this question was absurdly high.

Di Feng, someone ranked #5 in the Heavenly Fate Rankings. If it was before, Qin Wentian couldn’t even be compared to him. But now, Qin Wentian was a nineteen years old, fourth-ranked Grandmaster! In terms of talent, both of them were exceedingly outstanding.

Di Feng’s advantage was that he had the support of the main bloodline. As for Qin Wentian, he was still young and still had room for advancement in terms of both cultivation and the Dao of Divine Inscriptions. His potential was monstrous.

If not, how could Qin Wentian possess the Azure Emperor Token?

This indicated that Qin Wentian may be the one that passed the tests the Azure Emperor left behind.

“Allow me to inspect this token. How else would we know if it’s real or fake?” Di Cheng countered, he had no way to accept this reality, no way to accept that Qin Wentian was the true successor.

“Who the hell are you? Do you have the qualifications to even touch the Azure Emperor Token?” Qin Wentian coldly replied.

“Di Yi of my Di Clan was captured by the Nine Mystical Palace, subsequently the Azure Emperor Token has gone missing, and yet today it appears in your hand. How could we not suspect its origin? Or are you someone from the Nine Mystical Palace wanting to control our Faction? We have to investigate this clearly today.”

Although Di Cheng was far from the level of Di Feng, he was still quite intelligent, full of little cunning schemes.

He naturally knew that his clan’s future plans included taking full control over the Azure Emperor Palace. This was why they had spent so much time in the White Deer Institute, setting up their preparations and groundwork. But now, who would have thought that the Azure Emperor Token would appear in the hands of Qin Wentian? How could they allow this sudden variable to totally ruin their plans. It was impossible.

Just Qin Wentian and a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign? They were far from enough.

Yet Qin Wentian laughed as he put away the Azure Emperor Token. “Do the supreme elders of the White Deer Institute still wish to watch the drama? Isn’t it about time for you all to show yourselves?”

Yet as the sound of his voice faded, not one of the supreme elders made their appearances. Through this, Qin Wentian understood the difficulty of controlling a power that was allowed to grow unsupervised for thousands of years.

Evidently, the supreme elders were acting this way to show Qin Wentian their own inclinations on the matter. First, leaving aside the ambiguity of the current situation, even if matters were to stabilize and the White Deer Institute recognised him as the true successor, what of it? If they refused to heed his commands, what could he do?

A ‘hidden’ branch of the Azure Faction had grown in power and matured on their own for over thousands of years. By handing over control of the White Deer Institute to such a young man, wouldn’t this be the equivalent of taking an extremely huge risk? How could the White Deer Institute so easily accept this? Even Di Feng from Di Clan’s main bloodline had not completely gained the recognition and approval of the Institute’s elders. At most, it could only be said that Di Feng had gained their respect.

And now, even with all that had happened, the supreme elders of the White Deer Institute still chose not to show themselves, all because they wanted to see how Qin Wentian and Di Feng would handle this.

“You better explain your identity to us first,” Bailu Tong coldly stated.

“Yup, the Azure Emperor Token? Pass it to me so I can take a better look to see if it’s real or fake,” Bailu You added, as he coldly laughed.

“You guys… How dare you.” Bailu Yi didn’t expect that Bailu Tong and his son would be this tough to handle. They totally disregarded the fact that Qin Wentian had already taken out the Azure Emperor Token.

And the attitude of the supreme elders also made it clear that even now, they still didn’t have enough confidence in Qin Wentian.

Even if Qin Wentian had monstrous talent, it didn’t necessarily mean that the White Deer Institute would grant him absolute authority. This decision would affect the future of their Institute, Bailu Yi could understand that, even if it did leave a bitter taste in her mouth.

Because at the very least, they should still show Qin Wentian a modicum of respect.

“Don’t forget what you said earlier, that you would die if the successor of the token tells you to do so. In that case, I want you to die now.” Qin Wentian’s eyes bore into Bailu You’s as he stated this, yet his words caused Bailu You to howl in laughter. “Ridiculous, you haven’t even proven your identity and you want me to die? It seems we won’t be able to move forwards unless we carefully inspect the secrets you are hiding inside your interspatial ring.”

Qing`er stepped forwards, standing in front of Qin Wentian, while Bailu Yi mirrored her movements.

“Haha, I really wish to see the contents inside his interspatial ring as well.” Di Cheng coldly laughed. An elderly protector, also at the Heavenly Dipper level, silently appeared at his side. The elderly protector took a step forward, standing in front of Di Cheng.

At this exact moment, in skies far away from the White Deer Institute, there were quite a number of fearsome-looking demonic beasts soaring through the air.

And on the back of one of these fearsome flying beasts, there was a silhouette belonging to a demonic middle-aged man. The eyes of this man shone with a fiendish light, as golden beams penetrating through space, observing the current happenings in the White Deer Institute. The scenes were then channeled from his vision and projected onto a screen created from Astral Light, showing it to the others on the back of these fearsome beasts.

“What audacity! Have they forgotten how to show the respect due to the holder of the Azure Emperor Token?”

As they observed, a terrible, terrible baleful aura emerged from an old woman equipped with a snake staff.

Trampled beneath the foot of this old woman, was a dead man. If Qin Wentian was here, he would surely have recognised that this dead man was none other than the Heavenly Dipper Sovereign that had escaped earlier, the fourth-ranked Inscriptionist named Grandmaster Penga. Now, he was nothing but a corpse.

“How audacious, indeed. Not just this show of disrespect, how dare they go as far as to threaten him even to the point of acting against him.” An extremely withered-looking, skinny old man icily stated. The demonic light shining in his eyes was as cold as that of the old woman.

“Geh geh geh!” Weird laughter resounded, as an extremely alluring enchantress giggled evilly. This woman’s figure was exceedingly sexy and the clothes she wore were designed to rouse the blood of males; they were revealing and served to further accentuate her racy figure. “Not only that, these old fogeys still pretend to be ignorant, do they want to shirk their responsibilities and make Young Master Qin handle this himself?”

“Since those old fellows still don’t want to come out, you guys go handle this on their behalf then.” In that moment, the middle-aged woman leading the group exuded an aura akin to the deadly chill of winter. As her command echoed in the air, these demon-like humans all began to cackle madly.

The golden screen of Astral Light vanished as the middle-aged man from earlier retracted his demonic vision. The whole lot of them began to rush forwards with astounding speed.

At this instant, on the lush green grass, several silhouettes advanced threateningly in the direction of Qin Wentian. Even now, the supreme elders of the Institute hadn’t appeared, choosing to adopt a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude instead. Even though they wouldn’t let Qin Wentian die, their actions didn’t have the slightest modicum of respect to the successor of the Azure Emperor.

Di Cheng, his protector, Bailu You and Bailu Tong slowly advanced forwards, while Qing`er and the fourth-ranked golden armored Puppet stood protectively in front of Qin Wentian.

“The successor of the Azure Emperor? I really want to see how powerful you are.” Di Cheng coldly laughed.

“All of you will no longer have the chance to see ‘anything’.”

At this moment, a voice drifted across the air, alarming everyone in the crowd.

Lifting their heads and shifting their gaze into the horizon, they could sense terrifying waves of demonic Qi gushing over.

“Who?” At this moment, a few old-looking cultivators flew through the air, entering the area.

These three old men were none other than the supreme elders of the White Deer Institute. Only now did they realise that there had been people spying on what was currently happening in this location. Because the distance was too far apart, they hadn’t sensed anything previously.

The wind whistled as many fearsome-looking demonic beasts hovered in the airspace above the back mountains. Several pairs of demonic-like, emotionless eyes riveted onto the supreme elders of the White Deer Institute, as one among them icily commented. “You’re only coming out now? It’s already too late. The matter here will be handled by us on behalf of the White Deer Institute.”

“Who might you be? And what do you mean?” The countenance of one of the supreme elders stiffened, as he coldly asked.

Just as coldly, the old woman wielding a snake staff shot back, “It is unnecessary for you to know who I am. And as to what I mean, these four have forgotten the ancestral laws to the point where they’re even acting against the successor. Initially with disrespect and now foolishness. No matter, they shall all be killed without mercy, to serve as a warning to others.”

After the sound of her words faded away, an ice-cold intent radiated from her, enveloping Bailu You, Bailu Tong, Di Cheng and Di Cheng’s protector. The frigid stare of that old woman caused a gut-wrenching terror to blossom in their hearts.

These people were here to protect Qin Wentian.

These people wanted to kill them!

“YOU DARE?!” That supreme elder madly roared in anger, his progeny was among these people whom the old woman outlined as targets to be slaughtered.

Only to see that old woman’s demonic eyes staring icily at him, akin to the stare of a poisonous serpent. “The White Deer Institute actually has the audacity to shield those who offend the successor of the Azure Emperor? In that case, there’s no longer a need for this ‘hidden’ branch of the Azure Faction to exist any longer!”

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