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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 288 — Dominance

Chapter 288: Dominance

“In that case, there’s no longer a need for this ‘hidden’ branch of the Azure Faction to exist!”

These words caused a chill to bloom in the hearts of those from the White Deer Institute.

This old woman was threatening them, threatening to eradicate the entire White Deer Institute.

“Since you’ve dared to become a sinner that can even disrespect the Azure Emperor’s successor, then why should the Azure Faction still need a ‘hidden’ branch like yours?”

“Who the hell are you guys?” That supreme elder stared at the old woman and her party. Each of their auras felt as towering as the Heavens, so incomparably terrifying it was sufficient to cause foul wind and bloody rain in the White Deer Institute, completely annihilating it. There was no need for doubts, this group of people had the power to back up their words.

“We are the protectors of the Azure Emperor’s successor,” the old woman coldly stated, sweeping her gaze downwards. Di Cheng and the other aggressors all paled. The four of them were already surrounded and that terrifying aura was enveloping them with the threat of death. This feeling was extremely intense.

“We are merely spectating, but we definitely won’t allow any harm to come to the Azure Emperor’s successor. Could madam please show mercy?” Another supreme elder beseeched.

With the appearance of these people, there was no mistaking Qin Wentian’s identity.

“Oh we trust you, but while we were peacefully spectating, there were actually quite a few people not knowing their places to the extent of even wanting to make a move against the successor. This group of people, there is no longer a need for them to remain alive.”

As the sound of the old woman’s voice faded, a corpse fell down from the skies. The hearts of the crowd couldn’t help but to go cold when they saw the face of the corpse. This was none other than Grandmaster Penga, the Heavenly Dipper Sovereign that made a move against Qin Wentian. He had already fallen.

While the supreme elders of the Institute were observing the happenings, so were these group of people.

Yet seeing how disrespectful they all were, how could they not kill this whole lot of insolent fools to establish dominance? If not, then after a few thousand years, would all the ‘hidden’ branches of the Azure Faction forget the awe that the name Azure Emperor once inspired? Losing even the most basic form of respect for the Azure Emperor’s successor?

“I’m a descendant of the Di Clan, direct line of descent of the Azure Emperor’s main bloodline!” Di Cheng involuntarily screamed as he glanced upwards at the old woman, feeling the ice-cold intent she radiated twisting his heart.

The old woman shifted her gaze onto Di Cheng, her demeanor as icy as before as she stated, “As a descendant of the Di Clan, you should abide by the last orders of the Azure Emperor even more. You broke the law while knowing the rules, you deserve death even more.”

After speaking, she wielded her snake staff, stabbing out a manifestation of a demonic serpent howling in anger. It wrenched its maw open, flying in the direction of Di Cheng with the intent to devour him.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Di Cheng’s countenance turned pale-white, he didn’t think that these people really wanted to kill him, he didn’t want to die.

A terrifying suction force drifted over, Di Cheng wanted to evade it, but to no avail, he was drawn within the maw of the demonic serpent and disappeared totally, dying a miserable death.

The whole scenario was an extremely ghastly sight to behold; the protector of Di Cheng wanted to escape, but he saw a withered-looking old man standing ahead, blocking his path. That old man blasted forth with his palms as a surge of ominous-feeling qi enveloped the protector. In an instant, and in only an instant, the body of the protector corroded away completely.

“What a fearsome Mandate.” Qin Wentian involuntarily trembled in his heart as he felt the might of that Mandate. He knew that if he were the one fighting against this, he would die too, without a doubt.

Qin Wentian finally understood why Di Yi was the one in charge of keeping the hidden map, while only Fairy Qingmei’s Celestial Lake Palace’s Refinement Grounds could unravel the secret of the map.

The Azure Emperor must have long predicted that after his death, the remnants of his Azure Faction wouldn’t be so easily controlled by his successor. This was why he left this task to the person he trusted most—Fairy Qingmei. She was the one in charge of silently guarding his successor.

Di Cheng and his protector were killed without ceremony. Di Feng watched silently as a brilliant light flashed in his eyes. He had already guessed the origins of these protectors.

He didn’t expect that the shadow of Fairy Qingmei was perpetually there. In that case, the difficulty of him becoming the future leader of the Azure Faction had just skyrocketed.

As for Bailu Tong and Bailu You, the father-and-son duo’s countenances turned ashen when they saw the death of Di Cheng. They could feel the intent of death surrounding them.

Why had it happened like this? Never would they have expected that in their quest to plunder the ancient scroll, it would lead to them feeling the threat of death.

“Since you guys are the protectors of the Azure Emperor’s successor, why is there a need to be so ruthless?” Bailu Tong’s father stepped forwards, how could he watch his progeny die just like that in front of his eyes.

“Kill.” That middle-aged woman standing in the air gave the command, her baleful aura hadn’t diminished at the supreme elder’s words. In fact, it grew even stronger. Just from her gaze alone, the supreme elder could sense his heart palpitating in fear, the strength of this woman was something far beyond him, he didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking.

“Geh, geh.” The alluring enchantress giggled as she swooped downwards, while the palm of that withered old man wavered, causing the foul qi of corrosion to gush forward. It enveloped the entire space where Bailu Tong and Bailu You stood.


A pair of feathered wings appeared at the back of Bailu Tong, he soared skywards seeking to escape. However, he was soon forced downwards by a herculean man, stomping down at him from the air. That stomp of the herculean man had the power to fissure the earth. Bailu Tong’s body was pitifully repelled, slamming into the ground with such might, a mini-crater had been formed from the impact.

The surrounding space around their targets was locked down by gravity. There was no way their prey could escape.

“YOU ARE GOING TOO FAR.” Bailu Tong’s father exuded a terrifying aura.

“You guys better stop him.” The middle-aged woman swept her eyes over to the other supreme elders. “If not, don’t blame me when the White Deer Institute loses a supreme elder.”

“ARGHHH…” A foreboding cry echoed in the air. Bailu You’s body was withering away at an unbelievable pace. An instant later, he was reduced into nothing more than a puddle of blood.

Never would Bailu You have imagined that he would die in this place he called home, and the reason for his death was none other than fuel for these protectors to establish their dominance.

“When the Azure Emperor created the ‘hidden’ branches of the Azure Faction, it wasn’t so you could all enjoy peace and happiness. Have you all forgotten your ancestral teachings? Your one and only purpose for surviving is to wait for the appearance of the Azure Emperor’s successor, following him to rise up once more, returning to glory. As the descendents of one of the hidden branches, although you have the right to ‘test’ the successor, not the slightest bit of respect was shown at all. In that case, for such a small branch like yours, there’s no need for it to exist any longer.”

The voice of the middle-aged woman was colder than ice, “The White Deer Institute isn’t the only branch of the ‘hidden’ Azure Faction. But today, since Young Master Qin has arrived here, you can decide right here and now if you wish to serve him. But remember this, even without the support of your White Deer Institute, the rise of the Azure Faction will not be affected. And at that time, don’t say I didn’t warn you. If the Azure Faction rises to the peak once more, they would naturally need to restructure the various branches. At that time, the power of choice will no longer lie in your hands. Think this through clearly, even if you wish to be independent, first consider the fact if you have sufficient power.”

Her words faintly held the hint of a threat, but her meaning was clear—At present, your White Deer Institute still has the right to make a choice, but you better think carefully about your decision. In the future when Qin Wentian has amassed enough power to control the other ‘hidden’ branches of the Azure Faction, leading them to the pinnacle of Grand Xia, the only fate for the White Deer Institute is to be left behind in their dust.

At that time, even if the White Deer Institute wished to declare their allegiance, the choice of acceptance would then lie solely in the hands of Qin Wentian.

Currently, the four supreme elders and the Headmaster of the White Deer Institute had all fully gathered.

Bailu Yi’s great-grandfather stepped forth and looked to the middle-aged woman. “I’ve already heard of the matter, and our White Deer Institute has no objections to your handling of the matter. They’ve shown disrespect to the successor of our ancestor, and as you’ve said, they deserved death.”

As the Headmaster, he understood what he should do. Regardless of the White Deer Institute pledging their full support to QIn Wentian or not, they couldn’t afford to offend him. After all, with the support of this level of power, it would be difficult even if Qin Wentian didn’t want to rise up.

Qin Wentian also silently lamented in his heart, it appeared that talent alone was insufficient to move the hearts of the core members in the White Deer Institute. He knew that if it weren’t for the overwhelming support given to him by the Celestial Lake Palace, there was probably no way for this to proceed as smoothly as it had today.

“Puchi!” A crisp sound rang out. As the crowd turned their gaze in the direction of Bailu Tong, several of the core members shuddered involuntarily as they drew in a deep breath.

Just like that, an elder of the White Deer Institute had fallen here today.

How could he, with all his machinations, ever have calculated that the outcome of today would be his own death? And it all stemmed forth from his initial plan to bring in those fourth-ranked Grandmasters to pressure Qin Wentian.

All in all, too many experts had fallen here this day.

“Young Master Qin, for the matter today, is there anyone else you wish to punish?” the Headmaster politely inquired.

“Senior can just refer to me as Wentian.” Qin Wentian smiled, “If Senior doesn’t mind, you may think of me as Little Yi? It would please me to refer to you as Great-Grandfather.”

“Great, in that case, this old man will shamelessly accept.” The Headmaster’s heart warmed after seeing Qin Wentian’s courteous attitude. This young man’s character wasn’t bad indeed, he didn’t have the temperament of an overbearing bully.

“Great-Grandfather don’t say that, nobody could have anticipated today’s events. I still have to apologize for what has happened.” Qin Wentian dipped into a bow, only to see the Headmaster of the White Deer Institute nonchalantly waving it away.

“This has nothing to do with you, but rather, the mistake was because of this old man’s inability to instill the right values in my members.”

“As the Great Elder, I too, cannot escape from censure.” The large-eyed elder spoke, such an incident was something everyone hadn’t wished to see, causing the relationship between the Institute and Qin Wentian to be strained. If they could mend that gap today, it would naturally be all for the best.

“Great Elder has always been kind to me. Wentian has never forgotten your fairness. The matter today has nothing to do with Great Elder.”

Today, in order to establish their dominance, the experts from the Celestial Lake Palace had already killed the main instigators, the Bailu Tong and Bailu You father-and-son duo. Also, seeing that the Great Elder was an honorable man, Qin Wentian didn’t wish for this matter to create internal unrest from the White Deer Institute. Naturally, it would be good to mend their relationship as soon as possible.

Plainly speaking, although the White Deer Institute’s actions did show a lack of respect for him today, he could understand things from their perspective and thus did not hold it against them.

The eyes of the middle-aged woman flashed with traces of gentleness. She was extremely satisfied and happy with Qin Wentian’s decision.

In order to shield away bad feelings towards Qin Wentian, she had taken the role of executioner to drive a point in the hearts of the core members of the White Deer Institute. Let her Celestial Lake Palace be the villains instead.

Qin Wentian still had to become the leader of the Azure Faction, it wouldn’t be too good for him to strain the relationship between him and the ‘hidden’ branches that would be his vassals.

Shifting her gaze onto Di Feng, that middle-aged woman stated, “Inform your elders, and tell them to remember it clearly, Azure Emperor’s last orders.”

Di Feng’s countenance remained unperturbed. He bowed to the middle-aged woman as he replied, “Junior understands and will definitely inform my elders.”

The middle-aged woman’s eyes flickered with a sharp glint of light when she saw Di Feng’s reaction. Di Feng was the nominated successor of those from the Di Clan, and in the future, he would definitely become Qin Wentian’s strongest competitor in his quest to control the Azure Faction.

However, this was also a challenge for Qin Wentian, who had to do what the Azure Emperor once did; face all challenges that may cross his path and surpass them, emerging as the ultimate victor.

“Junior shall leave now to inform my clan elders that the Azure Emperor’s successor has appeared. Farewell.” Di Feng clasped his hand towards the crowd, giving a bow in the direction of the supreme elders, then turned and departed without another word!

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