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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 293 — Shadow Pavilion

Chapter 293: Shadow Pavilion

Jing Yu and Yan Qi walked towards Qin Wentian, glancing at him carefully. Although they were looking right at Qin Wentian, because of the significant transformation he had undergone, they only felt some slight resemblance and couldn’t be sure if it was him.

But now, after standing right in front of him, they were sure that this young man right here was none other than the one from the Chu Country.

Because they were all men, they had been seized with admiration back then when they saw Mo Qingcheng. At the same time, they unconsciously felt a sense of enmity towards Qin Wentian. This was why Qin Wentian left a deeper impression on them compared to Qin Wentian’s impression on Baifei.

“It’s really you.” Hints of oppression flashed in both their eyes.

Naturally, Qin Wentian had already noticed their presence. He only casually glanced at them before returning his gaze back to the Pill Emperor Hall.

“Hey you, just return to Chu. This place isn’t somewhere you should be,” Jing Yu calmly stated, with no hints of anger or disdain. If it were in the past, maybe he would have humiliated and shamed Qin Wentian. But now, in front of Mo Qingcheng, he could only incline his head and stare up at her elusive presence. How then could he have the qualifications to humiliate Qin Wentian?

Qin Wentian didn’t even look at him. In this cultivation-oriented world, the hierarchy of powers here was absolute. A higher-level power would undoubtedly have the strength to quash and suppress lower-ranked ones. As a transcendent power, the Pill Emperor Hall could be said to be one of the supreme forces situated within the Moon Continent, and its entire structure—the many sky-high buildings—were akin to huge pillars pressing down on people, stifling their breath. How difficult would it be then, if one wanted to step over it?

Yet Qin Wentian’s gaze still remained calm. He knew that no matter how huge the pillars were, there would still be people powerful enough to trample it.

“Infatuation would also have to depend on who the other party is. If you clearly know it’s already impossible, why even harbor hope? The distance between you and her is just too far apart,” Jing Yu continued, his words were spoken to Qin Wentian but seemed to also be directed at himself.

Yan Qi couldn’t help but laugh coldly when he saw Qin Wentian ignoring Jing Yu’s advice. He walked to the front of Qin Wentian, his eyes filled with contempt as he added, “There are ninety-nine flights of stairs in the Pill Emperor Hall, and at your level, you’d look up to even those standing on the lowest floor. Stop indulging in your daydreams, the consequences of blaspheming her isn’t something you’d be able to bear.”

Qin Wentian slowly turned his gaze onto Yan Qi. A golden current of lightning flashed past his eyes as they instantly pierced into those of Yan Qi’s.

“BOOM!” Yan Qi only felt as though his mind was about to crumble into pieces. In that single glance, he felt a sense of terror so great that he involuntarily retreated tens of steps. He turned pale white with fright, with perspiration drenching his forehead.

His aura gushed forth, as he glared evilly at Qin Wentian. Yet, Qin Wentian had already shifted his gaze away, as though Yan Qi wasn’t important enough for him to look at directly.

Qin Wentian’s actions caused Yan Qi’s countenance to sink, but what had happened earlier? Why would he perspire cold sweat just because of a single glance?

Jing Yu had also noticed the charged look made on Yan Qi, but in the next moment, a sharp beam of light suddenly erupted forth from behind both of them. Yan Qi and Jing Yun turned back, looking at the new arrival with respect in their eyes. The figure moved with such speed, as though he had seemingly materialized behind them.

It was their senior brother, Zhan Chen, who was ranked #11. He was someone that they had always looked up to, or more accurately, he was their idol.

If one had to say who in the entire Pill Emperor Hall would be worthy of Mo Qingcheng, Zhan Chen was undoubtedly the only one that could match up to her radiance.

Jing Yu and Yan Qi immediately stood aside, allowing Zhan Chen to walk through. There gazes were filled with admiration as they respectfully greeted him, “Senior Brother.”

“Mhm.” Zhan Chen lightly nodded, yet his stare remained fixated onto Qin Wentian. Similarly, Qin Wentian was also observing Zhan Chen; he could sense that despite the passage of time, the killing intent Zhan Chen had for him hadn’t diminished in the slightest. That was understandable, given the events that had happened in the secret grounds.

Zhan Chen felt a little puzzled, he didn’t know why Qin Wentian would come to the Pill Emperor Hall of his own volition.

Back then Qin Wentian had discovered his secret, so now that Qin Wentian was suddenly here at the Pill Emperor Hall, how could he feel at ease?

But Zhan Chen wasn’t that afraid of Qin Wentian divulging his secret. If Qin Wentian dared to reveal what he knew, he would just deny it and use that as an excuse to kill Qin Wentian. After all, his character was still exemplary in the eyes of those from the Pill Emperor Hall, and considering his status, his words naturally carried plenty of weight.

Qin Wentian should have also understood this point, so he probably wouldn’t just reveal his secret so easily. Once Qin Wentian did so, then between them, one would definitely die. And the person that would be dead would undoubtedly be Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian quietly stood there, outwardly maintaining an unperturbed appearance, but internally he was secretly vigilant. This man may appear humble and elegant, but Qin Wentian already knew the true, manipulative face of Zhan Chen. His current level of power couldn’t compare to Zhan Chen; hence it was only natural for him to stay guarded.

“I’ve heard that you caused quite the commotion in the Eastern Region.” Zhan Chen smiled amicably, as though he and Qin Wentian were best friends that had not met up for a long time.

Qin Wentian merely looked at him, not replying.

At this moment, a terrifying aura emanated forth from Zhan Chen, as a fearsome sword intent pressed down onto Qin Wentian.

“But, what have you come to my Pill Emperor Hall for?” Zhan Chen took a step forward, as the pressure he was emitting intensified. It felt as though Zhan Chen could slay Qin Wentian with but a thought, if he so wished it.

“Take another step forward, I guarantee you will definitely regret it,” Qin Wentian softly commented, his attitude remained casual and indifferent. Yet the serenity in his tone caused the hearts of the nearby Jing Yu and Yan Qi to tremble.

Qin Wentian actually dared to say something so arrogant like this to their senior, Zhan Chen?

Not only that, Zhan Chen seemed to be acquainted with Qin Wentian and it appeared as though they shared some past conflict with each other.

Zhan Chen halted his steps, Qin Wentian didn’t seem intent on divulging his secret. Maybe because he knew that it would still be useless to do so, as it would definitely cause Zhan Chen to go all out and kill him. But Zhan Chen knew that if he pushed Qin Wentian too far, Qin Wentian wouldn’t hesitate to reveal his secret. Although not many people would believe it, it was enough to severely damage Zhan Chen’s stellar reputation.

Hence, unless he could finish Qin Wentian off before he could say anything, Zhan Chen wouldn’t take the risk. In any case, even if Qin Wentian died, there was still a Bailu Yi who knew of this.

Retracting his aura, Zhan Chen smiled. “Sorry, I’ve forgotten that you’ve already broken through to the fourth-ranked, becoming the youngest fourth-ranked Grandmaster in the entire Moon Continent. Even the aura you exude is different from before. But regardless, mastery in Divine Inscriptions is still just that—a mastery in Divine Inscriptions. Do you believe I only need five breaths worth of time to kill you? Please remember this point in the future.”

Such threatening words, yet Zhan Chen was still able to say them with a smile.

Jing Yu and Yan Qi’s hearts pounded madly, Qin Wentian was the youngest fourth-ranked Grandmaster in the Moon Continent? When did this happen? That small-time character from Chu could even make their senior Zhan Chen feel trepidation?

“I know that the jump from Yuanfu to Heavenly Dipper is a huge watershed, but I will be praying for your success,” Qin Wentian calmly replied. He then continued, “If you remain in this realm for too long a time, I’m afraid that you will be the one to avoid me, if we ever meet again.”

After speaking, Qin Wentian slowly turned, with his back facing Zhan Chen as he leisurely walked away.

The terrifying sword intent of Zhan Chen gushed out once more, yet Qin Wentian continued on calmly with no fear, showing an appearance of total disregard for him.

Zhan Chen could only tremble in impotent anger as his terrifying sword intent dissipated. The silhouette of Qin Wentian gradually disappeared from their vision.

Jing Yu and Yan Qi stood to the side, watching dumbfoundedly as their minds rumbled from the scene they just witnessed. Qin Wentian already dared to talk in such a manner to their senior brother, Zhan Chen?

And from the start till the end, it seemed as though that young man from that small country had never once looked at them directly.

“Are you guys acquainted with him?” Zhan Chen asked.

“We know of him, this person originated from Chu and used to have an extremely close relationship with Junior Sister Qingcheng. I think his purpose for coming here today, was definitely to meet with her.” Jing Yu didn’t say that they were lovers, but Zhan Chen clearly understood the unspoken meaning behind his words. The glint of light in his eyes became immeasurably sharper.

“Do not allow Qingcheng to know of this matter,” Zhan Chen calmly replied. Mo Qingcheng always secluded herself in the Pill Emperor Hall for cultivation, not bothering about matters of the outside word. Zhan Chen hoped that she wouldn’t know of Qin Wentian’s visit and would forever forget his existence, unless of course, Qin Wentian were to die.

After leaving the Pill Emperor Palace, Qin Wentian headed towards the branch of the Thousand-Jue Alliance situated in the Moon Continent. And when the guards saw the level of Qin Wentian’s medallion, they reported his arrival and swiftly after, that charming middle-aged representative from before personally came out to receive him.

“I didn’t expect Grandmaster Qin would drop by for a visit so fast.” A warm and gentle smile appeared in the eyes of the middle-aged woman.

“I need the help of the Thousand-Jue Alliance.” Qin Wentian smiled as the representative nodded, “As long as your authority level is high enough, the Thousand-Jue Alliance will definitely help you in your request, with no other conditions attached.”

Qin Wentian pulled out a list and passed it over as he spoke, “I need the items listed on it. I will reimburse the Alliance the amount of Yuan Meteor Stones needed for the purchase.”

“Alright, I’ll arrange for our men to help in this. Once the matter is over, I will get my men to send it over to you. You can pass them the Yuan Meteor Stones then.” The middle-aged woman glanced at the items on the list before tucking it away.

“In addition, I also require an information report for one person,” Qin Wentian added, as he moved forward and stood before the middle-aged woman. He then leaned forward and whispered into her ears, “…”

A strange glow flashed in the middle-aged woman’s eyes, as she nodded her head. “Don’t worry, the requests of our guest elders will all remain confidential. I shall handle this matter myself.”

“Many thanks then. If you require resources or expenses for this matter, I will gladly cover the cost myself.” Qin Wentian smiled. Seeking the help of others would require the effort of their manpower. For monetary costs, it would be more appropriate to bear it himself.

“There’s no need for Grandmaster Qin to reimburse us if the help required is merely that of gathering information. The Thousand-Jue Alliance will bear all costs.” The middle-aged woman smiled. Qin Wentian didn’t insist, he merely nodded in thanks and departed.

Meanwhile, the person Qin Wentian was searching for, Hua Xiaoyun, appeared within the mysterious Shadow Pavilion of the Moon Continent. He was deep in discussion with someone currently flipping through pages of information reports. Qin Wentian wasn’t from the Moon Continent, hence his information was a little troublesome to gather. Luckily, Hua Xiaoyun provided a lead to them—Origins: Chu Country.

“Sir, here.” Someone delivered a few scrolls of information over to the man flipping through the reports, whose eyes lighted up at the sight.

“Qin Wentian’s origins were from Chu, and the last time he revealed his cultivation level was inside that of the Secret Realms of Divine Inscriptions. Now after a period of time, it is estimated that his cultivation base should be at least the fourth-level of Yuanfu. He is also a fourth-ranked Divine Inscriptionist and has the protection of a female Heavenly Dipper Sovereign. At the same time, his trump cards consist of two fourth-ranked Puppets, and he has slaughtered a number of other fourth-ranked Grandmasters in the White Deer Institute. In addition to that, he has recently made a move and slain Leng Mao by borrowing the power from his Puppets and the Divine Inscriptions he inscribed.”

The information broker read out, his words causing Hua Xiaoyun’s countenance to sink.

Origins from Chu, with the protection of a female Heavenly Dipper Sovereign? There can be no mistake, it was him! But to think that Qin Wentian had already become a fourth-ranked Divine Inscriptionist and even possessed fourth-ranked Puppets.

“I want him to die,” Hua Xiaoyun venomously hissed.

The sinister-looking info-broker smiled, “Hold on.”

After leaving the area for a moment, he came back with a piece of paper, which he passed over to Hua Xiaoyun. “This mission is acceptable, this is the price needed to eliminate this target. Pre-payment of 10%, non-refundable. You can pay the 90% after the mission is accomplished.”

Hua Xiaoyun glanced at the piece of paper as he frowned, his expression becoming extremely ugly to behold. “Are you kidding me? Why is the price so high just for eliminating a Yuanfu realm cultivator?”

“Young Master Hua can try killing him on his own.” The broker laughed. Hua Xiaoyun crumbled the piece of paper in a fit of rage. His current standing in the Hua Clan had fallen tremendously, how could he still have the authority to lead people to kill Qin Wentian? The Clan would never agree to his request. After all, Qin Wentian could be considered Mo Qingcheng’s ex-lover, so they didn’t know what Mo Qingcheng’s attitude would be if she ever learned of this news.

Unless it was his elder brother, Hua Taixu, who wanted Qin Wentian dead.

“Fine, I accept.” Hua Xiaoyun gritted his teeth and threw out a substantial amount of Yuan Meteor Stones onto the table. This mission of killing Qin Wentian would definitely suck dry the wealth he had accumulated throughout the years.

After Hua Xiaoyun left, the sinister-looking broker burst into laughter, a sharp gleam in his eyes. “Qin Wentian had the balls to reject the Star River Association, directly to the forging division’s President himself! It was lucky that he did, otherwise, we wouldn’t even consider accepting this mission. He basically signed his own death warrant!”

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