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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 295 — Which Senior is it?

Chapter 295: Which Senior is it?

Qin Wentian left by himself to look for Hua Xiaoyun. He had been informed by the Thousand-Jue Alliance that Hua Xiaoyun had only the protection of one Heavenly Dipper Sovereign. In that case, his two fourth-ranked Puppets should be sufficient to hinder that Sovereign.

As for Hua Xiaoyun himself, the Qin Wentian back then was already powerful enough to slay him, it would be no different now.

Of course, Qin Wentian still didn’t know that the reason for Hua Xiaoyun’s appearance in the Eastern Region of the Moon Continent, was actually because the killers he hired had already set up an ambush over here for Qin Wentian.

Similarly, Hua Xiaoyun didn’t know that the moment he stepped into the Eastern Region, his movements had been noticed and immediately fed back to Qin Wentian.

The two of them wanted the other’s death, yet neither were aware of the perilous situation they both were in.

There was someone who noticed the moment Qin Wentian left the White Deer Institute. On the pathway of the streets, a horse carriage slowly advanced. The carriage driver had an extremely ordinary face and was slowly directing the horses to pull the carriage forward.

Qin Wentian would definitely not notice the existence of an ordinary horse carriage. In the luxurious Moon Continent, the pathways were littered by hundreds or even thousands of horse carriages daily. They were an everyday occurrence and of course, also an extremely good cover. The driver maintained the horses’ speed, advancing at a normal pace. They definitely wouldn't want to attract the attention of Qin Wentian who was still far away.

But at that same moment, another figure was keeping pace beside the carriage, walking at the same speed. This figure had an ancient sword strapped behind his back and his features were obscured by a silver-mask, revealing only a pair of eyes that were glinting in cold light.

It was as if the driver couldn’t see this figure, and he continued leading the horses forward at the same pace as the silver-masked figure following quietly beside it.

“This is my mission.” The driver suddenly let out a hiss, as a look of sharpness was directed to the silver-masked figure. The soundwaves of his voice, didn’t reverberate in the air, it was channeled into a thin line, drifting right into the ears of that silver-masked figure.

“I know.” That figure nodded his head.

“Then get lost and stop hindering me,” the driver coldly stated. As someone in the same line of business, he already knew the identity of the silver-masked figure.

Silver Snake was the same as him, an external killer for the Shadow Pavilion. The authority he held was also the same—their ranks were both at Five-Star.

Silver Snake’s cultivation base was at the peak of Yuanfu, and by rights, he didn’t have the qualifications to obtain such a ranking. The only reason why he was now a Five-Star assassin was because back then he had managed to assassinate an extremely important character alone, which led to him being promoted.

“I won’t take a share out of your reward,” Silver Snake indifferently exclaimed, his voice was void of emotion.

‘But you have to act according to my command, don’t make your move hastily.”

“He will eventually grow suspicious if we follow him for much longer. It’s about time for us to act,” the driver argued.

“No, wait a while more. His objective is clear, he wants to find the person that’s helping you.” Silver Snake grinned.

“My helper?” The driver didn’t understand, all his helpers were already hidden inside the carriage.

“Don’t worry, my sources told me that the person who set this mission, essentially your hirer, has already arrived in the Eastern Region. Qin Wentian is definitely looking for him, and the best opportunity for us to act would undoubtedly be the time when the two of them are fighting against each other. In any case, so what if the hirer dies? He has nothing to do with you.”

Silver Snake’s words contained a deathly chill within. Although the Shadow Pavilion would release the mission to all prospective killers, the information of the hirer would absolutely be kept a secret.

But Silver Snake apparently knew who the hirer was?

Not only that, Silver Snake even wanted to make use of the hirer for the sake of them having a better chance to accomplish the mission. In that case, did Silver Snake have a grudge with the target, Qin Wentian, as well?

Who was this Silver Snake exactly?

Despite all his questions, he wasn’t worried that Silver Snake would lie to him. Silver Snake was only at the ninth-level of Yuanfu—it would be as easy as overturning his palms to kill him for his deceit.


Within a tavern inside the Moon Continent, Hua Xiaoyun was currently enjoying his wine, an expression of extreme satisfaction on his face.

The grudge he held for his broken arm would soon be avenged—the killers of the Shadow Pavilion would definitely not disappoint.

Lifting his wine cup, Hua Xiaoyun started laughing maniacally, yet his eyes gleamed with a cold light. It was about time.

However, his attention was caught by an extremely enchanting woman clad in a fiery-red skirt, projecting a demeanour of unmatched elegance. That woman noticed Hua Xiaoyun glancing at her and inclined her head, returning his gaze.

The instant their eyes locked, Hua Xiaoyun’s felt a jolt to his heart like a bolt of electricity, while he silently exclaimed to himself, ‘What a beauty!”

Her skin was as fair as snow, so soft-looking that it seemed it would break the moment a gentle breeze of wind blew against it. Just a single glance was enough to reveal her devilish figure.

“I wonder which clan she belongs to?” Hua Xiaoyun mused. In the Moon Continent, a beauty of that standard would definitely not be a nobody. Just from her demeanor alone, Hua Xiaoyun could tell that her origins were definitely from a major power.

As expected of a silk pants young master, his judgement regarding beautiful women was extremely good.

A look of unhappiness involuntarily flashed in the young woman’s eyes when she saw how Hua Xiaoyun kept staring at her. That slight fluttering of her beautiful lashes was sufficient to set Hua Xiaoyun’s heart aflutter.

“Hi, my name is Hua Xiaoyun, and I wonder if I may have the honor to ask for such a beautiful lady’s name?”

Hua Xiaoyun moved to clasp his hands together, only to be reminded that he only had one remaining now. The hatred in his heart boiled up once again, but he swiftly suppressed the emotion and went to smile at the beautiful lady instead.

The young woman unhappily glanced at him before coldly replying, “The second young master of the Hua Clan is left with only a single arm, yet he still hasn’t learned from his mistake?”

Hua Xiaoyun immediately stiffened, as his countenance became extremely unsightly.

“Here I am, asking politely, yet the miss’s words are so offensive,” Hua Xiaoyun coldly replied, “I wonder what your background is for you to be so arrogant.”

“Shu Ruanyu,” the young woman indifferently replied, causing Hua Xiaoyun’s countenance to falter. He recovered quickly as he smiled, “Oh, so it is Miss Shu. I’ve heard that Miss Shu will soon be engaged with Brother Yang. Congratulations.”

Shu Ruanyu was from the Shu Clan, a major power in the Eastern Region of the Moon Continent. Her name was extremely famous here and regardless of beauty or talent, she was outstanding in both fields.

Some time before, the Star-Seizing Manor wanted to find a companion for Yang Fan. Yang Fan took an instant liking to Shu Ruanyu and after a period of dating, he even personally went to the Shu Clan to propose marriage. Being in-laws with a transcendent power would open up countless doors of benefits, hence the Shu Clan naturally agreed.

As a Heaven’s Chosen from the Star-Seizing Manor, Yang Fan already had a status that was pretty much incomparable.

But of course, Shu Ruanyu was extraordinary and excelled in many aspects as well. Stepping into the eighth-level of Yuanfu at twenty-one years of age, was a feat that undoubtedly indicated her level of talent.

Shu Ruanyu couldn’t be bothered with Hua Xiaoyun any longer. Hua Xiaoyun’s countenance looked exceptionally awkward, he felt so terrible in his heart.

Now that his status within his Clan had declined so much, he even felt inferior in front of Yang Fan’s fiancée. This feeling was embarrassing to the extreme.

Especially after he saw how Shu Ruanyu looked down on him, then he wanted nothing more than to press her down and force her into submission. Regretfully, he wouldn’t have such a chance, he could only indulge in this wild fantasy in his heart.

Just then, a silhouette was seen slowly walking on the pathway outside the tavern. He was cloaked in an overly large robe, his weird appearance instantly drawing the attention of many in the crowd.

Because this large figure didn’t seem to have any hint of vitality burning within him, his face was as though it were made from gold, and the sharp slits in place of his eyes, didn’t appear to be that of a human’s.

Was this large figure a Puppet?

“Look over there.” In the distance, there was another figure cloaked in overly large robes making his way over as well. It invoked the same feeling the crowd sensed from the large figure with the golden face. How strange, it was as though there was someone intentionally letting their Puppets out for a walk.

At the same time this was occurring, a silhouette in a conical bamboo hat stood in the wine shack directly opposite to Hua Xiaoyun’s tavern. He lowered his head, keeping to the shadows, while the centre of his brows seemed to glow, as though a third eye was there.

This person, was none other than Qin Wentian, who had come here immediately after he obtained the report on Hua Xiaoyun’s whereabouts. Currently, this third eye was shining with a resplendent light. Abruptly, the sensitivity of his perception skyrocketed, each and every movement of the people around him couldn’t escape his notice.

Some distance away, on the pathway, he saw a carriage driver as well as a silver-masked man who had an ancient sword strapped on his back. There was something strange about them…

“Hmm?” Qin Wentian faintly sensed that something was wrong. That silver-masked man actually had a cultivation base at the ninth-level of Yuanfu and that…that carriage driver? Qin Wentian couldn’t perceive his strength.

Someone with a cultivation base hidden from his senses definitely indicated that that person was a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign or beyond. But why was a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign masquerading as an ordinary carriage driver?

Not only that, there weren’t any goods inside the carriage, there were only three people whose eyes were gleaming with a sharp light.

Something was wrong!

Qin Wentian’s sense of danger instantly tingled—he could tell that despite the slow pace of the horses, the carriage seemed to be moving in his direction.

“Bzz!” Suddenly, a silhouette materialized in front of Qin Wentian. This was none other than Qing`er. The moment she appeared, the gazes of the crowd in the wine shack instantly riveted onto her, as an expression of worship appeared on their faces.

It was as though she too could somehow sense someone tracking Qin Wentian’s movements.

She was a maiden of few words, hence she didn’t say anything more. She appeared instantly because after knowing that danger was incoming, she shouldn’t be too far away from Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s perception soon discovered Hua Xiaoyun and his Heavenly Dipper Sovereign protector. Not only that, Hua Xiaoyun seemed to be making conversation with an extremely beautiful lady now, but that lady couldn’t be bothered with him.

“Huh?” The Heavenly Dipper Sovereign protector who was standing at the back of Hua Xiaoyun frowned, his heart was suddenly seized with a strange feeling. It was as though he sensed somebody spying on him, yet he had no way to locate which direction the spying was from.

Was there a hidden expert observing him from the shadows?

Yet, Hua Xiaoyun couldn’t sense this. He was currently staring at Shu Ruanyu with his eyes narrowed, a wretched light flickering in his eyes, as though he were thinking of something disgusting.

“BOOM!” Abruptly, it felt as though a bolt of lightning had gone off inside his mind, causing his brain to rumble. Groaning in pain, Hua Xiaoyun staggered backwards while clutching his head, his countenance had already paled with fright.

“Young Master!” the protector roared, he could sense that something was wrong. The explosions in Hua Xiaoyun’s head carried on, each explosion felt like the crazed howling of a terrifying beast that was intent on crushing his mind.

“BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” His mind continued to be under assault, Hua Xiaoyun’s body was instantly drenched in sweat as he trembled involuntarily with terror, trying his best to defend against the attack that seemed bent on dissipating his consciousness.

“Junior was brash, I APOLOGISE FOR ANY OF MY MISDEEDS THAT HAVE OFFENDED SENIOR!” Hua Xiaoyun howled, he could already sense the stench of death creeping up onto him. A technique with the ability to penetrate through space, attacking the minds of others through one’s will? At this level of power, the attacker was most definitely a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign!

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