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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 298 — Madness

Chapter 298: Madness

“And given your current injuries, even though your normal rate of recovery might be astounding, but now the speed of your wounds healing should still be affected.” Shu Ruanyu glanced again at the spot where the long spear had pierced past. If that spear throw had been a little more accurate, or if Qin Wentian’s was just a bit slower in killing his opponent, he would have already died.

Qin Wentian’s recovery was indeed extremely powerful, the blood within his body gurgled, as his wounds had already stopped bleeding.

Qin Wentian glanced at the fourth-ranked weapon in his hands, what Shu Ruanyu said was true, attempting to use this weapon in his current state would indeed be an immense burden on his body. With a slight intention of his will, Qin Wentian kept the shadow lance, his actions causing Shu Ruanyu to be somewhat stunned.

She glanced at him as an arrogant light glinted in her eyes. “I’ll let you die knowing the truth. The man you killed, Zhu Sha, he was my aunt’s husband.”

“ROAR!” The low-sounding growl of a beast resounded in the air. Shu Ruanyu frowned and turning her gaze over, seeing a gigantic demonic beast galloping towards her. Several silhouettes were riding on top of the demonic beast, and one of them was an acquaintance of hers. A Heavenly Fate Ranker, Bailu Jing.


Not far away, the silver-masked figure was destroying those third-ranked Puppets, he had expected Qin Wentian would die undoubtedly yet he didn’t think that there would be complications once again. Seems like if he didn’t personally make a move, there was no way for the mission to succeed.

Bailu Jing wasn’t someone Shu Ruanyu would be able to defeat.

His sword intent pervaded the air and instantly, the silver-masked swordsman sped over as he unleashed his will from the Mandate of Sword. Qin Wentian felt a terrifying sword intent gushing into his body, as though he would be lacerated apart at any second.

Bailu Jing flew up in the air as his Hurricane and Seven Slaughters Astral Soul exploded into being. His movements blended into the wind as he rose into the clouds, his killing intent covering the whole skies. Unleashing his Great Sun Nine Beheadings technique, the sword intent was dispersed into nothingness, cancelled out by the power of his attack.

“Who are you?” Bailu Jing stared at the silver-masked swordsman, yet he didn’t receive a reply. The silver-masked swordsman slashed out once more with his sword, but he didn’t release his Astral Souls to augment his attack. It was as though he feared that he would be recognized.

“Shu Ruanyu, I’ll make you move faster.” That silver-masked figure exchanged blows with Bailu Jing, entangling him in a fight while he shouted to Shu Ruanyu.

Shu Ruanyu nodded as flames erupted out from her body. The surroundings became so scorched that Qin Wentian felt as though his body was about to burst into flames.

The first level insights of the Mandate of Flames, Ignition. Not only that, Shu Ruanyu’s had already mastered her first level insight up to the Transformation Boundary, and so her flame attacks were exceedingly ferocious.

“The figure of this woman is not bad at all, she seems pretty yummy,” Fan Le murmured, his words causing Shu Ruanyu’s expression to instantly turn to frost. A murderous urge shone in her eyes, yet Fan Le didn’t care at all. He even narrowed his eyes and purposely directed his gaze onto those voluptuous boobs of hers, roaming over it several times while licking his lips. His actions caused the flames surrounding her to crackle even more intensely.

“You’re courting death,” Shu Ruanyu’s tender voice thundered. She took a step forwards as her jade-like hands slammed out, manifesting a blazing palm imprint directly towards Qin Wentian, Fan Le and Chu Mang.

Qin Wentian released both his Heavenly Hammer and Great Dream Astral Soul. Although the radiance of his Astral Souls were dimmed by his cloaking technique, the shine around it was still extremely resplendent.

Unleashing the will of his Mandates, Qin Wentian’s blood surged as the demonic qi he exuded soared up to the skies. Strength against strength, he took a step forward and slammed forth a palm of his own. Runic outlines of a Great Roc coalesced and intertwined, instantly transforming into a corporeal Great Roc, directly colliding with the blazing palm.

Not only that, the Yellow Springs Monument also kicked into action. It flew towards Shu Ruanyu, while the waves of pressure it emitted caused her blood circulation and heartbeat to quicken.

“Big Bro Mang, Flame On!”

Fan Le’s Empyrean Flames bloodline boiled as golden flames flickered into existence all around his body. Channeling the energy of his blood into his hand, he pressed his palm down onto Chu Mang’s back, causing Chu Mang’s body to light up with the golden flames as well.

As his Astral Souls were unleashed, Chu Mang howled in madness, pulling on the strings of his bow and explosively firing three arrows simultaneously.

Shu Ruanyu furrowed her brows, the Astral Light emitted by her flame-type Astral Soul shone upon her as an armor of flame took form, cloaking her entire figure.

“BOOM!” A powerful force pierced right into the armor of flame and the jolt from the impact forced Shu Ruanyu backwards in retreat. Qin Wentian rose into the air, appearing to be channeling his energy.

Within his body, he was converting Divine Energy from third-ranked Divine Inscriptions. Currently, one of his Yuanfu had already dried up, and so he was channeling the majority of Astral Energy remaining inside his second Yuanfu, transforming it into a formidable tempest of combat-type Divine Inscriptions.

Although it was impossible for him to inscribe fourth-ranked Inscriptions during intense combat to deal with his enemies, if he could unleash a boundless amount of third-ranked combat Divine Inscription, fuse them together in an instant, then the resulting power of that strike was definitely something Shu Ruanyu couldn’t defend against. This reckless method of attacking was too crazed, like sacrificing eight hundred allied troops to kill a thousand enemy troops. It would be a pyrrhic victory, as the amount of expenditure with regards to Astral Energy was so astronomical that even the word terrifying wasn’t sufficient to describe it.

But now, he had to try. Having access to Divine Energy as well as three Yuanfu was his advantage.

“Chi, chi, chi…”

An endless volley of arrows landed on Shu Ruanyu’s body. At such a close-distance, there was no way she could accurately block all the arrows that were fired in insta-speed. Especially those annoying arrows that could change their direction, they were extremely troublesome to deal with. Fan Le didn’t attack directly. He used his powerful intention to control the direction of Chu Mang’s shot, always changing the trajectory of the fired arrows at the last moment, greatly confusing Shu Ruanyu.

In just a few breaths of time, Shu Ruanyu’s facehad turned red from all her exertions. She kept feeling a peculiar sensation coming from an area around her voluptuous chest.

Fan Le was actually controlling the arrows to repeatedly slam onto her breasts. Although she was shielded by the armor of flames, such an attack provoked her into a crazed state of fury.

Qin Wentian perspired madly in his heart when he saw the target of the arrows’ attack. This damn fatty was truly a genius, he wanted to drive this woman to her death just from anger.

But still, that flame armor of Shu Ruanyu’s was definitely the product of an innate technique. If not, how could Chu Mang’s combat prowess—being at the sixth-level of Yuanfu and in addition to his terrifying archery—fail to have pierced through armor made of Astral Energy?

The glow around the flame armor gradually grew brighter, the light from Shu Ruanyu’s Astral Soul cascaded unceasingly down upon it. Her aura now had a menacing quality to it, and as she stepped forwards, the will of her Mandate was reinforced, causing Qin Wentian to feel that his body was about to combust.

However, Qin Wentian continued to channel his Astral Energy. To buy himself time, he decisively slammed a palm towards the injured area of his chest, causing blood to splatter which he channelled into the stone monument. The crimson glow strengthened, and so did its pressure. The waves of tension soared upwards in intensity, boring down onto Shu Ruanyu.

“Ruanyu!” Just at that moment, a stream of light shot forth from behind her, the palms of this silhouette made a grasping motion, as the terrifying might from the Star-Seizing Palm Imprint grabbed towards Qin Wentian.

“Yang Fan.” Qin Wentian countenance sank, and he retreated with explosive speed. In spite of his this, that overwhelming palm imprint still managed to slam into his body, the impact making Qin Wentian cough up blood as he was flung through the air.

“COURTING DEATH!” Yang Fan roared, his eyes were like lightning, as he blasted forth with his Star-Seizing Palms towards Fan Le and Chu Mang. The shrill whistling of the countless arrows all disintegrated under the might of his palm strike. A deafening sound rumbled the void as Fan Le and Chu Mang, were similarly flung through the air.

Compared to the rankers on the Heavenly Fate Ranking, the disparity between them and Chu Mang and Fan Le was indeed too far apart.

“Return!” Qin Wentian’s aura circulated, and as the word of his command rang out, that fourth-ranked bladed Puppet dashed right towards Yang Fan with unbelievable speed. Yang Fan was apprehensive—, that Puppet’s arm slash was compacted with such power that it even tore apart space.

Currently, a brutal, murderous light shone in Qin Wentian’s eyes. He no longer gave a damn who his opponent was. Since things had already come to this, there was no need to show any more mercy.

“Bring me there, and you go kill him!” Hua Xiaoyun screeched the moment he saw the fourth-ranked Puppet retreating. That protector nodded his head and grabbed Hua Xiaoyun as they flew through the air. But before that sovereign could make his move, Qin Wentian already acted. An extremely cold light flickered in Qin Wentian eyes as his silhouette flickered, only a blurry image could be seen as he shuttled towards Shu Ruanyu.

When Shu Ruanyu saw Qin Wentian take the initiative to move towards her, an expression of extreme rage flashed through her eyes. The flames coating her palms intensified to the point it resembled molten lava, containing a blistering hot aura.

“Swish.” A violent wind kicked up as Qin Wentian erupted forth towards Shu Ruanyu.

“You’re seeking death.” Those molten, lava-like palms blasted out, aiming straight for Qin Wentian. The heat generated was so intense that it felt capable of burning even the Heavens.

Simultaneously, Qin Wentian slammed forth with both his palms as well. At that instant, his Yuanfu rumbled as the Astral Energy within was being frenziedly channeled through his arterial pathways. An overwhelming amount of Divine Inscriptions fused together and erupted outwards at the same time, manifesting into a gigantic sword of massacres as well as a terrifyingly gargantuan Roc, whose wings blotted out the sun.

The aura of destruction engulfed Shu Ruanyu, and she felt utter helplessness in the face of such a devastating attack. She unleashed a torrent of palm strikes, hoping to break apart the manifestations of the fused Inscriptions, but in the face of such impending danger, she had long forgotten about the Yellow Springs Monument. The monument explosively slammed into her, causing Shu Ruanyu to moan in agony as she involuntarily coughed out a mouthful of blood, her armor of flames finally shattering into fragments.

In the midst of that tempest of destruction, she could only see a single pair of demonic-looking eyes. And as their eyes met, she felt her mind being jolted by a powerful sense of electricity.

“SCRAM!” Although Shu Ruanyu anticipated that Qin Wentian would use this moment to initiate his attack, but what she hadn’t expected was how fierce his counterattack would be. If not, she would never have made the choice to enter close-combat against him.

“Chi…” A mouthful of boiling blood from Qin Wentian, splattered onto Shu Ruanyu’s face, causing her to instinctively close her eyes. In the next instant, a pair of palms filled with a terrifying energy directly slammed right into her chest, as waves of destruction were frenziedly channelled right into her body.

“BZZZ!” The violent flames combusted, Qin Wentian’s body was burning together as well.

“Do you wish to perish together?” A voice akin to the frost of winter penetrated through Shu Ruanyu’s mind, causing her heart to tremble. Qin Wentian didn’t take pity on her and relentlessly continued, grabbing her with one hand and slamming palm strikes into her with the other, each blow forcing more blood to flow out from her lips.


A voice filled with incomparable rage thundered out. As the fourth-ranked bladed Puppet gave up on entangling Hua Xiaoyun’s protector and dashed towards Yang Fan back then, Qin Wentian had already caught hold of Shu Ruanyu. To those viewing from the side, it appeared as though Qin Wentian was hugging Shu Ruanyu in a tight embrace.

Witnessing such a scene, how could Yang Fan not be angered? Shu Ruanyu’s beautiful eyes widened in fright, as her countenance trembled.

She initially had an opportunity to break the hold, but the moment Qin Wentian’s words penetrated through her mind—“Do you wish to perish together?”—caused a slight moment of hesitation in her actions. Qin Wentian didn’t stand on ceremony and even took the opportunity to launch a few more attacks against her, suppressing her completely.

Similarly, Qin Wentian was also grievously injured. If he hadn’t made that desperate gamble on his life, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to suppress Shu Ruanyu at all. And now, the Astral Energy within the three Yuanfu in his body was all almost dried up. Only the Yuanfu corresponding with the Demon Sovereign still had Astral Energy left within it. But, considering this kind of intense battle, the amount of energy he had left wouldn’t be able to sustain him for much longer.

“You are Zhan Chen.” Bailu Jing’s voice suddenly cut through the void.

Qin Wentian’s eyes grew incomparably frigid as he gazed at the silver-masked swordsman, before shifting his gaze onto Yang Fan and Hua Xiaoyun who were near the surroundings.

It seemed like these Moon Continent people could no longer tolerate his existence. But, then again, what did he have to fear?!

As he thought of this, a harsh glint of ruthlessness flashed past his eyes!

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