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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 299 — Only to kill you

Chapter 299: Only to kill you

Zhan Chen, a Heaven’s Chosen from the Pill Emperor Hall.

Yang Fan, a Heaven’s Chosen from the Star-Seizing Manor.

Hua Xiaoyun, even though he was nothing, his elder brother was Hua Taixu, the number one ranked on the Heavenly Fate Ranking.

These people all hated him. And from Zhan Chen’s perspective, death was the best keeper of secrets, and he wanted to silence Qin Wentian for all eternity.

Maybe in Yang Fan’s eyes, it didn’t matter if Qin Wentian existed or not, but since they happened to meet each other here, he might as well finish him off.

If that was the case, this meant that he could no longer stay in the Moon Continent. Since he could no longer stay here, why fear?

“Hehe.” Qin Wentian inclined his head, laughing mirthlessly, as he saw Hua Xiaoyun’s protector dashing his way, “If you don’t wish for her to die, you had better stand there obediently and not move a muscle.”

“What has she got to do with me?” Hua Xiaoyun’s protector coldly replied.

“You should say that to Yang Fan, not me.” Qin Wentian continued laughing coldly. Hua Xiaoyun’s protector froze, he no longer dared to act recklessly. Yang Fan would definitely not spare Qin Wentian if he truly killed this woman. Even a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign such as him wouldn’t be able to evade the arms of the Star-Seizing Manor and would be swept up in Yang Fan’s rage.

“Release her, and the grudge between us shall come to an end,” Yang Fan icily stated.

“Make your move if you wish to. You only wish to settle the grudge between us now?” Qin Wentian’s frigid stare swept over Yang Fan. Release Shu Ruanyu? He might not even live to walk out of the Moon Continent.

He was vastly more experienced compared to before, so how could he believe the lies of his enemies so easily?

“Little Rascal, come here.” Qin Wentian gazed at Little Rascal, and within moments, Little Rascal dashed over with Fan Le and Chu Mang on its back.

“Release me.” Shu Ruanyu felt incomparably embarrassed at this moment. Qin Wentian held her tightly with his arms locked around her, their bodies glued to each other.

“Miss Shu is such a great joker.” Qin Wentian’s palm wavered as he slammed yet another palm strike into Shu Ruanyu. The terrifying might of that strike gushed inside her body, Shu Ruanyu’s body was involuntarily wrecked with pain.

“Didn’t Miss Shu want to kill me earlier? Stop saying things to make me laugh.” Qin Wentian diabolically grinned. Yang Fan expression turned grim and forbidding, the towering rage he exuded was palpable in the air.

He was feeling extraordinary shame and humiliation; Shu Ruanyu was his fiancee, yet she was locked in Qin Wentian’s grasp and subjected to his every whims and desire.

“If you dare to touch her again, no matter how slightly, I guarantee you won’t live to see tomorrow,” Yang Fan threatened.

“Being able to die with a beauty in my arms? I have no further regrets,” Qin Wentian sarcastically replied, no fear in his eyes.

Qin Wentian’s searing gaze swept through the space and landed on the silver-masked swordsman, before shifting back to Yang Fan as he smiled, “However, Yang Fan, your feelings for this woman seem genuine. At the very least, you are unlike Zhan Chen. You are many times better compared to him.”


At the sound of his voice faded, a sword beam immediately slashed his way. Bailu Jing jumped in front of him to deflect the sudden attack, as Qin Wentian coldly laughed, “Seems like you are really Zhan Chen.”

The eyes of the silver-masked swordsman stiffened, knowing in his heart that he just fell for the trap. Qin Wentian then continued, “Zhan Chen, in the secret realm you were afraid to cross that barrier, hence you fed a medicinal pellet to your companion that would ignite her potential and force her to do your bidding. Eventually, you would have forced her to trigger the traps which would have resulted in her death. Yet, this secret of yours was discovered by me, and because you were too anxious to silence me, you became careless.”

After Qin Wentian’s voice had dissipated in the air, the crowd all word dumbfounded expressions on their faces as extreme shock rocked their hearts.

Zhan Chen was the one that personally killed his own companion?

Since Zhan Chen wanted to kill him so much, there was no need to keep this matter a secret any longer. Let’s see how he would explain the incident to the Pill Emperor Palace upon his return later on.

“That pitiful woman, despite knowing you have the heart of the wolf, she willingly consumed that medicinal pill and died for you. Zhan Chen, do you even have any remaining shreds of conscience in that blackened heart of yours?” Qin Wentian coldly stated. The silver-masked swordsman halted his actions, not daring to launch another attack. If he continued forward, it would erase all doubts that his identity was Zhan Chen.

Also, that would mean that there was truth behind Qin Wentian’s words.

Zhan Chen would never admit the fact outright, so even if the hatred within him had reached its boiling point, he would still choose to tolerate it. After all no one had seen his true self before, and as the perfect gentleman, Zhan Chen naturally wouldn’t stoop to actions like this, killing people to silence them.

However, in his heart, he had just sentenced Qin Wentian to death.

“Brother Jing, if in the future Zhan Chen makes a move against you, it can only mean that this silver-masked guy in front of us, is the very man himself.” Qin Wentian coldly smiled. Since Zhan Chen chose not to admit his past deeds, Qin Wentian would add even more coal into the fire. In future, if Zhan Chen dared to act rashly against him, it would mean confessing that he had done all that Qin Wentian claimed. If that happened, even the Pill Emperor Hall wouldn’t help him.

This breath of vengeance, Zhan Chen would only temporarily hold it in. He would never admit it was him even if he had to die, and the very fact of him coming masked to kill Qin Wentian was already sufficient to condemn him should his true identity be found out.

At this moment, his hatred for Qin Wentian could reach to the skies.

“You are dead for sure,” Hua Xiaoyun sneered as the expression on his face became increasingly wretched. Qin Wentian must be a madman; holding Yang Fan’s fiancee hostage and then exposing Zhan Chen’s secret. Whether or not his claims were true, Zhan Chen would absolutely seek his death.

There was no need for Zhan Chen to admit to his identity as the masked figure, or even to react to Qin Wentian’s accusation. He only had to declare that Qin Wentian was maliciously slandering him, and then no one would bat an eye if he chose to slay Qin Wentian.

Without a doubt, Qin Wentian was dead.

Qin Wentian didn’t bother himself with Hua Xiaoyun; he was staring in the direction of Qing`er’s battle. Moments later, cracks appeared on the surface of the half-translucent golden lotus, as Qing`er appeared once more.

That golden-armored Puppet was already destroyed, and the reason for its destruction was because it worked together with Qing`er to slay that enemy female who was also at the Heavenly Dipper level.

Using a Puppet in exchange for the life of a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign? Worth it.

Three out of four members of Heaven’s Destruction had already died, their assassination mission this time around had been a disaster.

And as for that remaining carriage driver, his eyes were filled with killing intent billowing stronger and stronger as he stared hatefully at Qing`er. Of all four in Heaven’s Destruction, his level of power was the highest.

“Go first,” Qing`er’s melodious voice rang out. Qin Wentian knew that Qing`er was talking to him.

“Nothing will happen to me.” Seeing Qin Wentian remaining motionless, Qing`er reiterated again, her voice brimming with a quiet confidence.

“I’m not worried about him,” Qin Wentian replied.

Qing`er’s beautiful eyelashes fluttered. Qin Wentian couldn’t care less about the Heavenly Dipper Sovereign from the Heaven’s Destruction. He was more worried about the other powers from the Moon Continent, for example, the Star-Seizing Manor joining forces to kill Qing`er.

“My master has given me a life-saving treasure…”

This time around, Qing`er’s voice directly channeled into Qin Wentian’s ears, as an expression of understanding flashed on his face.

Yeah, Qing`er was Fairy Qingmei’s favorite disciple, how could she not have a few life-saving treasures on her? When Fairy Qingmei sent Qing`er to protect him, she would have anticipated a few occasions where Qing`er might be in danger herself.

“Fine, I’ll kill one more before I leave,” Qin Wentian faintly replied, after which his gaze shifted into the direction of Hua Xiaoyun.

Because Hua Xiaoyun commanded his protector to bring him over to kill Qin Wentian earlier, his distance wasn’t that far away now from Qin Wentian’s current position. Currently, Qin Wentian’s fourth-ranked bladed Puppet was stationed in front of them, monitoring their actions.

Qin Wentian’s eyes were filled with a fearsome glacial light, and just a single glance caused Hua Xiaoyun’s soul to freeze. At this moment. Qin Wentian was helpless to defend himself, yet he was still thinking of killing him?

Fan Le and Chu Mang had completed their preparations, and arrows were already nocked in their bows, ready to be fired at a moment’s notice.

The countenance of Hua Xiaoyun’s protector sunk, grabbing Hua Xiaoyun as he begun to rapidly retreat. At the same time, the fourth-ranked bladed Puppet also rushed out.

Qing`er seemingly understood Qin Wentian’s intentions. With a wave of her hands, the will of her Mandate of Space flooded out, creating an invisible spatial wall in front of the space where Hua Xiaoyun and his protector were rushing towards to, causing the protector to slam into it. An instant’s delay, but the time it bought was already sufficient for the bladed Puppet to catch up.

Little Rascal’s silhouette flickered as it dashed towards Hua Xiaoyun with Qin Wentian and the rest on its back.

The purpose of Qin Wentian’s visit to the Moon Continent was to slay Hua Xiaoyun. Now that Hua Xiaoyun was so near to him, how could he not seize this opportunity?

“You’re crazy!” Hua Xiaoyun howled as he saw Qin Wentian getting nearer and nearer. Hua Xiaoyun’s protector fended off the attacks of the bladed Puppet, and just as he was about to send forth a palm strike, he froze in mid-motion when he saw Shu Ruanyu being used as Qin Wentian’s shield. If he attacked, the first one to die would be Shu Ruanyu.

“SCRAM!” With a roar of wrath, the protector slammed both his palms containing an overwhelming might onto the head of the bladed Puppet. In the next instant, something inside the Puppet cracked, and it began to tremble, as though it were imploding within.

At the same time, Qin Wentian’s third eye appeared, radiating a golden light right into the eyes of Hua Xiaoyun.

Hua Xiaoyun’s mind rumbled as he started in fear. The one that attacked him before wasn’t Qing`er, but was Qin Wentian instead?

“BOOOOM!” His mind felt as though it were about to explode. Desperately clutching his head with his arm, Hua Xiaoyun howled in crazed agony. At the same time, a volley of arrows rained down upon them, and the protector’s countenance drastically changed. With a huge roar, he released one of his palms from the Puppet and slammed it skywards, the might contained within exploded outwards, destroying the entire volley of arrows fired at them. It wasn’t so easy for him to finally have a chance to destroy that damnable Puppet, but in order to save Hua Xiaoyun’s life, he had no choice but to halt his destruction of the Puppet.


That protector suddenly lets out a bloodcurdling scream. Qin Wentian’s mind imprint had not completely faded away yet. At the same instant of that protector’s attempt at defense, he had commanded the Puppet to pierce its arms forward, impaling the protector and skewering their bodies.

“RUMBLEEEEEE~” The fourth-ranked Puppet self-destructed, the immolation engulfing the Heavenly Dipper Sovereign together in a sea of fire.

The creator of this fourth-ranked Puppet was too vicious; he actually hid a mechanism for self-destruction that would activate just before the Puppet was destroyed.


A roar thundered out, so loud that it could tremble the Heavens. Hua Xiaoyun forced himself to open his eyes through a haze of pain only to see Qin Wentian’s finger piercing forwards. Right at that instant, boundless amounts of demonic qi spiralled about, gushing outwards, causing the entire space to darken. As that finger descended, the whole region was engulfed in an instant of darkness. The demonic qi was breaking apart the heavens!

“I journeyed to the Moon Continent for one purpose and one purpose only. I came here to kill you.”

Hua Xiaoyun’s mind was in a state of blankness, only the icy voice of Qin Wentian kept reverberating within.

Did he come all the way to the Moon Continent just to kill him?


The Heaven Breaking Finger directly penetrated through Hua Xiaoyun’s head, instantly reaping his life.

Although he wasn’t that proficient in the Heaven Breaking Finger yet, his level of prowess was more than sufficient to slay Hua Xiaoyun with an attack that could penetrate through space.

Only Hua Xiaoyun’s death would be sufficient atonement for what he did to Qingcheng. Qin Wentian spared nothing and sacrificed everything in Chu just to chase Hua Xiaoyun all the way to the Moon Continent, if for nothing else but to slay him.

The instant the Heaven Breaking Finger landed, Little Rascal had already turned and blasted off at top speed.

“Ugh…” Hua Xiaoyun’s protector finally walked out of that sea of immolation. His body was horribly burned and embedded with countless bladed fragments.

That fourth-ranked bladed Puppet was no more, but he paid his life to kill it. And Hua Xiaoyun, the one he was supposed to protect, had already died. He had to escape now; the protector didn’t even have the slightest inclination to kill Qin Wentian any more. He could only think about how to preserve his life. Since Hua Xiaoyun, a person of the direct lineage of Hua Clan had died under his protection, Hua Xiaoyun’s parents and elder brother would surely take out their fury on him. He had to escape now!

The battle today could be said to have been extremely devastating—all of Qin Wentian’s Puppets were destroyed, and he was also grievously injured in the process.

Yang Fan stepped out, chasing after Qin Wentian who wanted to escape, as he icily stated, “Release my companion.”

“If you dare to pursue, try me and see if I don’t dare to kill her. Let me go now and I, Qin Wentian, guarantee I won’t harm a single hair on her head.” Qin Wentian’s voice drifted over.

“How can I trust you?”

“As his friend, I can vouch for the veracity of his character. He will definitely release Shu Ruanyu. You can take my life if he really kills her,” Bailu Jing added. Qin Wentian was extremely moved—to allow Qin Wentian to leave with no impediments, Bailu Jing stepped out and made a promise with his life on the line.

How could Zhan Chen, a chosen who was ranked #11, be unable to defeat Bailu Jing? It was because Qin Wentian seized the initiative and called him out, resulting in Zhan Chen not daring to release his Astral Souls nor use his strongest innate techniques. Without using his full strength, he found it impossible to overpower Bailu Jing and hence had been locked in combat with him up till now, neither side gaining the advantage over the other.

“Fine, Qin Wentian, you better remember this. If anything happens to Shu Ruanyu, Bailu Jing and Bailu Yi will definitely die.” The coldness of Yang Chen’s voice was bone-chillingly cold.

“I, Qin Wentian, am a man of my words. Be that as it may, Yang Fan and Zhan Chen, I will definitely remember all that has happened today.” The silhouette of Little Rascal soared through the skies and vanished in the horizon. Yang Fan halted his steps, staring into the distance.

All things considered, Qin Wentian was fortunate to barely survive. The appearance of Bailu Jing and Bailu Yu was a good indicator of the White Deer Institute’s acceptance of him, but if he hadn’t decided to take a gamble and hold Shu Ruanyu hostage, then Yang Fan alone would be enough to hold him back!

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