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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 303 — The strength of Fatty

Chapter 303: The strength of Fatty

Chu Mang was boiling with anger when he heard her story. Ye Xi’s father didn’t like the shackles of power and hence chose to be unfettered, yet such a thing still happened to him.

Fan Le narrowed his eyes, “Ye Xi, the King’s Consort’s older brother, does he know the identity of your mother?”

“I’m not very sure about that.” Ye Xi shook her head, as Fan Le’s eyes shone with a strange glow. Fan Le then continued, “Back then, I’m sure your mother would have revealed her identity, yet, the elder brother of the Conferred King’s consort still did what he did. I think, things might not be as simple as what you’ve always imagined.”

“Are you saying that man might have done what he did because he was under the orders of King Yi? But… that man was eventually killed by my father.” Ye Xi wiped her tears away, bitterly smiling as she shook her head. “I’m sorry for breaking down like that. Bro Wentian, Big Bro Chu Mang and Fan Le, you guys better leave this place. You might get caught in the middle of this conflict between my family and theirs. That young lord just now was the second son of King Yi.”

“Silly girl, don’t worry, your Big Bro Chu Mang is also a High Prince. His older brother is the Emperor of a country.” Qin Wentian smiled. Qiyun was only a small country that was under the administration of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, and so Qin Wentian did not place much importance to it.

Even the most casual factions of power from the Moon Continent could completely eradicate a small country like this with ease.

Ye Xi glanced doubtfully at Chu Mang, “Big Bro Chu Mang, is that true?”

“Yeah, Wentian gave the ruling authority to my elder brother, and my elder brother commanded me to roam the world,” Chu Mang straightforwardly replied. Ye Xi felt slightly confused when she heard his words but didn’t probe further. And as the four of them continued chatting, the atmosphere soon lightened up again.

Qin Wentian, Chu Mang and Fan Le actually all seemed very ordinary. Qin Wentian was gentle and quiet. Fan Le loved to joke around with his somewhat shameless personality, but at heart, he was a good person. Chu Mang was honest and uncomplicated, giving people the feeling that he was a big softy. It had been too long since Ye Xi laughed so much in the company of others.


The rays of the sun cascaded onto the great earth, heralding the coming of a new dawn. The weather today was extremely fine as well, and at this moment, there were already a few people standing guard at the front-most stone platforms in the Gazing-Dragon Mountain Rampart. The others in the crowd stood to the side as the place was drowned by all the voices deep in discussion.

“Brother Wentian, let’s leave.” Ye Xi pulled on the sleeves of Qin Wentian, yet he continued sitting there. He then smiled at her, “Ye Xi, is your father coming here today as well?”

“Yeah, for his safety, his highness allowed him to be his personal bodyguard and has treated him very well. I’m sure he’ll be here today as well.” Ye Xi lightly nodded her head.

“You will be able to see your father then, why do you want to leave?” Qin Wentian gently smiled, yet Ye Xi still felt a faint sense of worry.

“Sleeping God, better come over here. We are not allowed to stay near the front-most platforms.” Somebody in the crowd tried to persuade him out of a sense of goodwill.

“The whole lot of you better know what’s good for you. The High Princes come here at this time every year just to comprehend the depictions. This matter is extremely crucial to them, so if you offend them, the only path remaining is death.”

“Thank you for everyone’s kindness, but… isn’t that guy standing there as well?” Qin Wentian pointed to a figure not far away. The figure was a swordsman, who had a rusty long sword strapped upon his back. The swordsman sat quietly alone, immersed in his own comprehensions, with nothing else beside him.

The crowd rolled their eyes. Was Sleeping God still asleep? That swordsman was someone even the High Princes would show respect to, so it was laughable to even compare himself to such an esteemed character.

“Brother Wentian, his name is ‘Thirteen’, and he’s the number one swordsman in Qiyun. The Mandate he comprehends is the Mandate of Sword and it’s already at the Transformation Boundary of the first level,” Ye Xi explained in a low voice. Qin Wentian glanced at that young-looking swordsman in astonishment. Being at the sixth-level of Yuanfu wasn’t anything much, but his Mandate had already reached the Transformation Boundary at such a young age. How astounding.

“Not bad. He has a few shades of my talent but our levels are still far apart.” Fatty grinned. Ye Xi rolled her eyes, this fatty was only good at one thing—blowing his own trumpet.

Right then, a group of about thirty to forty people walked over to the stone platforms.

The second son of King Yi, which was the young lord from yesterday, led the way. However, a severe frown soon appeared on his face as he turned his gaze towards the mountain rampart, his eyes glinting with a cold light. Qin Wentian and the other riffraff were still hanging around, blatantly defying the orders he had given them yesterday.

“Didn’t I say that I didn’t want to see your faces here?” the young man shouted in a rage as killing intent gushed out from him. “Ye Xi, do you really think that because of his highness, I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

“But, why can’t we stay here?” Fan Le asked in an innocent voice.

“If the High Princes weren’t here today, I would definitely slaughter the whole lot of you. Never mind, I’m feeling merciful. I shall give you all ten breaths of time, so if you want to live, you’d better get out of my sight,” the young man spoke, as a dangerous glint flashed in his eyes. After speaking, several of his bodyguards stepped forwards, surrounding Qin Wentian and the rest.

Soon after, the entire entourage arrived. The three High Princes stood in the middle of the protective guards, each of them exuding an extraordinary demeanor. At that moment, a middle-aged man left the side of one of the High Princes, walking out as he spoke, “Xi`er, what are you doing here? Leave quickly.”

“Father.” Ye Xi gazed at the middle-aged man, as she lowered her head. She then turned to Qin Wentian, “Brother Wentian, let’s leave.”

“Ye Xi, why do we need to move? Does this place have the name of its owner imprinted on it? Anyway, this place is the best spot for us to comprehend the depictions, so let’s just stay here instead.” Qin Wentian smiled at Ye Xi. His smile was exceedingly calm, as though he didn’t put the ire of the young lord in his eyes at all.

“You pieces of sheet.” The young man’s eyes flashed fire as he stared at the group on the three front-most stone platforms. This bunch of riffraff was obviously intent on occupying the positions that were to be used for the High Princes.

Even the swordsman ‘Thirteen’ sat on a stone platform that was more to the side, indicating he was giving face to the High Princes of Qiyun.

“Brother Thirteen.”

At this moment, one of the High Princes called out. Thirteen shifted his gaze over and lightly nodded in response, “Your highness.”

“The effort Brother Thirteen puts in his cultivation puts me to shame. I’ll pray for your successful breakthrough to the Heavenly Dipper Realm.” That High Prince laughed, extremely courteous. Thirteen calmly replied, “I shall try my best, thank you for the well wishes.”

After which, that High Prince’s glance shifted onto Ye Xi as he spoke to Ye Xi’s father, “Uncle Ye, look how big Ye Xi has grown. Quickly, ask her to come over.”

Ye Xi’s father hesitated slightly before calling out, “Ye Xi, come here.”

Ye Xi cast a glance at her father before shaking her head and gesturing to those at her side, “Father, these are my friends, Brother Wentian, Big Bro Chu Mang, and Fan Le.”

“Stop acting wilful,” Ye Xi’s father lightly berated. After which, he turned to Qin Wentian and the rest, “Friends, Ye Xi is too insensible, could you guys leave first?”

“Uncle Ye, the Gazing-Mountain Rampart is a place that’s free for all to visit and there are plenty of stone platforms here as well, why do we have to leave?” Fan Le grinned.

“Don’t hurt Ye Xi,” that High Prince indifferently commanded. This undoubtedly meant that Qin Wentian and the others could be killed without mercy.

The young man nodded, he immediately understood what he should do. With a wave of his hands, three other silhouettes stepped out, their bodies radiating an ice-cold killing intent.

“I’ve already reminded you that the High Princes would visit the Gazing-Mountain Rampart today. Yet, you guys still persisted in courting your own deaths. Let me send you to hell then,” that young man coldly stated. The three guards he sent out weren’t weak, all of them were at the fifth-level of Yuanfu.

As for Qin Wentian’s group, the three of them were all extremely young, Chu Mang was the oldest, about twenty plus of age while Qin Wentian and Fan Le weren’t even twenty. It was more than sufficient to send out three cultivators at the fifth-level of Yuanfu to get rid of them.

The spectators at the side all felt that it was a great pity. This Sleeping God and Axe Demon were extremely humorous people throughout this period of time where they had cultivated together. They didn’t deserve to die like this.

“Brother Mang, they’re saying that we need to piss off during their visit. What do you think we should do?” Fan Le’s fleshy face scrunched together as he continued grinning, yet his eyes flashed with a cold fire.

“Do you want to do it? Or do you want me to do it?” Chu Mang cut to the chase.

“Let me do it then, there’s no need for you to act yet.” Fan Le laughed, as his eyes lighted up. His Arrow-type Astral Souls were released, as a resplendent bow took form in his hands, coalesced from Astral Light.

“Huh?” The crowd were all dumbfounded by Fan Le’s action. That fatty wanted to fight them head on?

But he was facing against three cultivators at the fifth-level of Yuanfu.

“Courting death.” One of the guards instantly increased his speed, moving towards Fan Le. He slammed forth with his fist, the might of his strike was like a gigantic boulder rolling down the mountains. It was extremely terrifying.

However, at the same instant, a golden streak of arrow-like lightning, imbued with relentless flames, fired forth from Fan Le’s bow.

Swift, extremely swift. Like Chu Mang, Fan Le had already comprehended the first level of insights into the Mandate of Arrows, Insta-shot.

Insta-shot at the Advanced Boundary granted an ordinary arrow an increment of speed by a factor of four times.

Speed was also strength, and considering arrows were always unleashed during the instant of explosive momentum, how could archers not be tyrannical?

“Chi!” A crisp sound echoed, as the manifestation of that fist attack was shattered into nothingness. The arrow instantly reached the guard, whose countenance drastically fell when he felt the power of the attack. His Astral Soul then flared as his entire body gained stone-like properties.

BOOM! The arrow of Fan Le collided into his stoneskin, driving him backwards. Fan Le actually succeeded in wounding the guard despite the guard’s heightened defense.

At the same instant, the second and third arrows penetrated through space, piercing right into the centre of the guard’s brow, activating a terrifying blaze that erupted into an inferno.

Describing the battle itself had taken time, but in actuality it happened in the blink of an eye. The other two guards stared dumbfoundedly as their companion burnt into ashes. How could Fan Le miss this opportune moment where their attentions were distracted? Grinning shamelessly, he immediately let go of two arrows. Two golden streaks of lightning zoomed past, killing the other two within a breath of time. Just like that, three cultivators at the fifth-level of Yuanfu had been slain.

Everyone in the crowd had frozen in shock while witnessing the entire scenario.

The strength of this fatty was also on the fifth-level of Yuanfu. But the will of his Mandate incorporated the power of his bloodline limit.

Fan Le didn’t lower his bow. On the contrary, he nocked an arrow aiming straight at the young lord that was the son of King Yi.

A smile curled on his face, bringing to mind the sly smile of a devil. The young lord met his look and his face instantly paled!

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