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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 310 — Lenient Punishment

Chapter 310: Lenient Punishment

The words of the young man clad in robes of blue instantly caused the entire area to be inundated in silence. When Qin Wentian saw who the speaker was, a radiant smile beamed on his face. When he had mentioned Ouyang Kuangsheng’s name to Ouyang Ting, she had actually wanted to kill him—this told him that the relationship between them wasn’t civil. If not, Ouyang Ting wouldn’t be so decisive.

Now that good ol’ Ouyang Kuangsheng had appeared, his personality was the same as Qin Wentian remembered.

Ouyang Ting, who was forced to kowtow, feebly raised her head from the ground. Her countenance was pale, and her forehead had a bloody gash upon it. Looking at the descending silhouette, she coldly remarked, “Ouyang Kuangsheng, I’m the same as you, the blood of the main Ouyang Clan runs through our veins. This outsider treats me like this, yet you’re still making such a deranged statement. ARE YOU STILL A MEMBER OF OUR OUYANG ARISTOCRAT CLAN?”

The white-clad figure standing in midair also stared at Ouyang Kuangsheng, as he icily added. “Ouyang Kuangsheng, you have gone too far.”

The white-clad figure was an external cultivator that had been bestowed upon the surname ‘Ouyang’ and eventually had his status elevated to a chosen on account of his talent. He became the personal disciple of an expert and was even ranked on the Heavenly Fate Ranking.

Duan Qingshan was the role-model of many hot-blooded cultivators, and someone that external cultivators in the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan hoped to overtake.

In spite of this, it was still almost impossible for an external cultivator to fight over the rights of inheritance. Hence, Duan Qingshan decided to woo Ouyang Ting, and hopefully with that, he could integrate himself within the Ouyang Clan and even gain the right to fight for the leadership of the clan in the future.

Because within Ouyang Ting’s veins, there flowed the purest of Ouyang blood, as she was from the direct line of descent. Many people looked with favor upon their union, especially Ouyang Ting’s family, they were all extremely supportive of this matter.

But now, there was actually an external person who dared to treat Ouyang Ting in this manner within the grounds of the Ouyang Clan. And what made everyone speechless was that Ouyang Kuangsheng stood on the side of this external person and even joined him in berating Ouyang Ting.

This made many feel a sense of surrealism, this matter was just too crazed.

“The bloodline of my Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, shouldn’t be associated with garbage like her. As a descendant of my Ouyang Clan, in a battle, winning means you are strong, but losing merely means that you need to work harder. Wanting to chop off the victor’s arms just for losing? And she was even the one who requested the sparring? This has totally thrown away the prestige of our great Ouyang Clan and casts a shadow upon its illustrious name. What utter humiliation, what utter shame. Could it be that you, Duan Qingshan, take her actions as a matter of pride?”

Ouyang Kuangsheng stared straight at Duan Qingshan as he coldly continued, “Duan Qingshan, don’t forget how you clawed your way step-by-step to the position you have today. If the people of our Ouyang Clan acted like Ouyang Ting, and everyone that lost to you wanted to break one of your arms, how many arms would you have to chop off? If our Ouyang Clan promotes an attitude like this, how many elites would still dare to join us? How would we even grow stronger then?”

Duan Qingshan scowled, but he had no words left to refute.

This could be a matter of extreme proportions. They didn’t even need to care who was right or wrong, just with Qin Wentian’s attitude and behavior towards Ouyang Ting, it was already sufficient to sentence him to death. There was no need to talk so much about other things, and no one would dare to speak out on Qin Wentian’s behalf as well. Yet, Ouyang Kuangsheng dared, and he even used an extremely logical point to condemn the actions of Ouyang Ting.

With Ouyang Kuangsheng’s status, who dared to say that he was wrong?

Like what Ouyang Kuangsheng had said, Duan Qingshan climbed up to his current level through a series of tough challenges, clawing his way up step-by-step. If the rest of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan behaved like Ouyang Ting, how could there still be the Duan Qingshan today?

From afar, the sound of a massive wind gusting drifted over. The commotion grew increasingly louder and in time, several Ouyang Clan elders had arrived on the training field.

“What’s going on?” one of the elders asked, as he coldly surveyed the scene before him.

“Second Grandpa, Ouyang Ting sparred against others, and after losing, she gave the order to chop off one of the arms of the victor, destroying our austere reputation and shaming us all. I recommend to toss her out of the clan,” Ouyang Kuangsheng spoke to the elder calmly, like an equal speaking to another.

“These people are too impudent, elder should have witnessed it as well. They dared to treat Ting`er like this, they should all be slaughtered.” Duan Qingshan icily defended Ouyang Ting.

“How laughable, did you want them to obediently let Ouyang Ting chop their arms off with a smile on their faces? What do you take them for?” The full force of Ouyang Kuangsheng’s stare bore down on Duan Qingshan. “As long as you still dare to say their arms deserve to be chopped off, then I, Ouyang Kuangsheng, promise you this—I will definitely find a reason to chop off one of your arms today.”

“Ouyang Kuangsheng…” Duan Qingshan raged. This Ouyang Kuangsheng wasn’t giving him any face at all.

“You’re comparing me to these people?” Duan Qingshan’s expression was incredibly unsightly.

“Enough.” That elder berated as he stared at those below. He then coldly asked, “What status do they hold? Who brought them here?”

Below, Chu Mang’s opponent, the young man who was bestowed the Ouyang name, totally paled. He was the one that suggested Qin Wentian and Fan Le as sparring partners for Ouyang Ting; not even in his wildest dreams would he have ever imagined such a thing happening. But he knew now that his fate was going to be extremely miserable.

“Tell me everything clearly.” The gaze of the second elder fell upon him and instantly, he felt a terrifying pressure bearing down on him.

“This matter concerns Ouyang Ting. You better speak ‘truthfully’,” Duan Qingshan coldly commanded. But the word ‘truthfully’ was like a huge boulder pressing against him on his back. He was thinking, what should he say?

“Let me tell you, this man Qin Wentian is my brother. I fought with him side-by-side a few years ago. If your words contain the slightest hint of a lie, you’d better be prepared for the consequences.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng pointed to Qin Wentian as he spoke, referring to him as his brother. That person only felt his mind rumbling, those who Ouyang Kuangsheng deigned to be acquainted with were already monstrous geniuses, let alone a man he termed ‘brother’.

The crowd all started from this revelation. No wonder Ouyang Kuangsheng had such a big reaction.

“BOOM!” The terrifying pressure emitted by the elder forced the young man to his knees. All traces of blood had long faded away from his face; regardless of what he said now, he knew he was doomed. His mind was in a state of chaos, he couldn’t afford to offend either party.

Duan Qingshan was an external cultivator that became a chosen, while Ouyang Kuangsheng was from the direct line of descent, the main branch with the greatest authority and power.

Putting them aside, he couldn’t even afford to offend Qin Wentian now.

“Let me speak instead, you all just need to ask these two to confirm whether my words are true or not.” Chu Mang gazed at the elder in the air, his manner of speaking was calm and forthright.

“Fine, go ahead,” the elder calmly replied.

“The three of us are close friends that are roaming Grand Xia together. By chance, we arrived at Qiyun’s Gazing-Mountain Rampart and were then recruited into the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan by those two and a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign senior.” Chu Mang began from the start and related everything that followed after it. When Chu Mang spoke of the fact that their freedom was restricted, that they couldn’t leave and was forced to spar against Ouyang Ting, the temperature around Ouyang Kuangsheng dropped by several degrees.

“Is what he said, true?” The elder coldly glanced at the young man and lady that were responsible for the recruitment.

“Junior is aware of my mistakes.” The young man didn’t dare to raise his head and chose to confess directly.

“I understand now.” The elder understood that Chu Mang’s words were most probably true. He then continued, “The two of you deliberately made things difficult for newcomers and even confined their movements. Although your actions were for Ouyang Ting, this matter has been happening too frequently to the extent that I can no longer turn a blind eye to it. I have to correct this now before our clan begins to corrode from within. The two of you, just sever an arm and leave the Ouyang Clan, and this matter shall be at an end.”

The young man and lady paled at his words, but they still nodded their heads. They initially wanted to get into Ouyang Ting’s good books, yet now, with Ouyang Kuangsheng here, even Ouyang Ting would find it tough to extricate herself. How could she have the time to care about small timers like them? With a howl of agony, they tore off their right arms and left the Ouyang Clan immediately after.

One false step and all their hopes and aspirations came crashing down on them. A catastrophe indeed.

“Release her first.” That elder glanced at Qin Wentian, who nodded and released Ouyang Ting.

Ouyang Ting stood up, the frigid look in her eyes was extremely chilling to behold. The elder then stated, “Ouyang Ting, it would’ve been fine if you were just looking for sparring opponents to raise your combat strength. But wanting to chop off an arm just because you suffered defeat?”

“Second Grandpa, he almost killed me,” Ouyang Ting justified.

“But were you even injured?” An unhappy look flashed past the eyes of the elder. “What’s the point of sparring if others aren’t allowed to win against you? What would you even accomplish in the future?”

Ouyang Ting stiffened, as she continued, “Ting`er understands her mistakes, and will agree to any punishment Second Grandpa sees fit to administer. But how will you deal with these people for treating me like this?”

“Ouyang Ting, do you feel that they should allow you to sever their arms with no resistance on their part?” Ouyang Kuangsheng dangerously growled. “Second Grandpa, back then I fought side-by-side with Qin Wentian in the Refinement Grounds of the Celestial Lake Palace. I can guarantee you that his talent is definitely not below mine. Ouyang Ting’s eyes are blinded by the power of our Ouyang name. She’s foolish to the extent that she doesn't understand this basic truth; background and status mean nothing in front of absolute power. Second Grandpa better consider my suggestion seriously.”

The elder appeared unperturbed, but he was already considering options in his mind.

The temperament of Ouyang Ting was indeed a problem, but Qin Wentian’s actions were too brazen. If not for the appearance of Ouyang Kuangsheng, he would have definitely chosen to side with Ouyang Ting. This was something that needed no consideration.

But Ouyang Kuangsheng had repeatedly emphasized the relationship between him and Qin Wentian, so the elder had no choice but to seriously ponder his decision—he had to weigh all pros and cons.

He could only deal with this matter lightly, if not, both parties would suffer a blow in their prestige amongst the clan.

“Ouyang Ting, your temperament is not good, and you do things too impetuously. From now onwards for an entire year, all privileges granted to one with your standing shall be confiscated from you. You will no longer have any authority,” The elder calmly spoke, his words causing Ouyang Kuangsheng to frown. Such a punishment, was equivalent to no punishment at all?

“As for the three of you, you guys were forced by the circumstances; hence, there will be no punishments.”

The elder glanced at Qin Wentian and his group as he spoke, he evidently wanted to quickly resolve this matter.

“No punishment?” Ouyang Ting’s countenance darkened with outrage. Qin Wentian forced her to kneel in front of Fan Le and even made her kowtow to him. This matter was to be brushed off just like that? She truly could not tolerate this mouthful of foul breath.

She, Ouyang Ting, was forced to kneel and kowtow to an outsider. How could she ever raise her head up high in the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan ever again?

“Isn’t Ouyang Ting’s punishment a little too light? Second Grandpa, if she doesn’t change her unruly ways, what then?” Ouyang Ting hadn’t even commented, but Ouyang Kuangsheng was already jumping in and acted directly.

He also knew that wanting to toss Ouyang Ting out wasn’t a realistic thing to do. An Aristocrat Clan was still an Aristocrat Clan, and Ouyang Ting was also of the main bloodline. Although she was in the wrong today, the one that received the greatest amount of humiliation was still her. Qin Wentian, Fan Le and Chu Mang hadn’t suffered any disadvantages at all.

Ouyang Kuangsheng was born like this, overbearing and imperious. He seized the advantage, not allowing Ouyang Ting to have any chance to make a move against Qin Wentian in the future.

“If she still doesn’t change, this matter shall be handed over to the disciplinary hall,” the elder calmly replied, his words causing Ouyang Ting to feel as though her entire body was doused with ice-cold water.

Ouyang Kuangsheng nodded, “I’ll remember this.”

After speaking, he turned his gaze onto Qin Wentian and the two others as he smiled. “Why didn’t you guys look for me when you were here? Let’s leave this place for now.”

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian laughed as he nodded in agreement, leisurely walking out. He also understood that the reason why he was able to get away with what he’d done today was all because of Ouyang Kuangsheng. After all, as an outsider, forcing someone of the direct line of descent to kowtow in apology was a matter of grave humiliation!

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