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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 311 — Unmatched Realm

Chapter 311: Unmatched Realm

Ouyang Kuangsheng, left with Qin Wentian and the two others, leaving the crowd behind.

Because of Ouyang Kuangsheng’s forceful interference, Qin Wentian, who forced Ouyang Ting to her knees, didn’t receive any punishment. This definitely had to be the greatest humiliation Ouyang Ting had ever faced in her life. Currently, she was biting her lips, her countenance ashen as traces of blood could be seen flowing out from the corners of her mouth.

Duan Qingshan moved like the wind, descending to the spot beside Ouyang Ting. He extended his arms and warmly clasped her palms before stating in a gentle voice, “He will definitely pay for this.”

“Mhm.” Ouyang Ting heavily nodded as she replied in a heavy voice, “If I don’t kill him, I’ll be too ashamed to face others ever again.”

She, Ouyang Ting, was a member of the direct bloodline of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan. If this matter were to be leaked out, how would she have the face to meet others again? There would definitely be countless people mocking her in derision behind her back.

“Ouyang Ting.” The old man in the air glanced at her. Ouyang Ting inclined her head, returning his gaze, but a marked coldness could be seen in her eyes, causing the elder to silently shake his head in disappointment. “Personal strength will always be number one. Qingshan, you too, try to see if you can break through to the Heavenly Dipper Realm by this year. If not, then by the end of this year, at least you still have a chance to seize the top few rankings among the Heavenly Fate Rankings.”

“Yes.” Duan Qingshan maintained his poise, holding Ouyang Ting’s hands as he bowed to the elder. He was different from Ouyang Ting, he was an outsider bestowed upon the surname ‘Ouyang’, and so he was very clear of his own status. If he wanted to achieve an even higher level of recognition, he had to become even stronger, stronger than all others in the same generation as him, particularly those of direct descent in the Ouyang Aristocratic Clan.

“Disperse from here, the matter is concluded.” The elder waved his hands as the crowd gradually departed from the place. News of this matter was circulated extremely quickly. There were those who gasped in astonishment at Qin Wentian’s audacity, and there were also those who rejoiced. This Ouyang Ting had tormented many others before this.

Ouyang Kuangsheng brought Qin Wentian’s group to his residence. Just this single residence spanned as large as any normal estate found in a country like Chu and Qiyun. They sat on a patch of grassy earth situated on the highest vantage point of Ouyang Kuangsheng’s residence—it overlooked the sprawling beauty of the Azure Continent.

“Beautiful, beautiful!” Fatty Fan Le exclaimed in excitement. This was status. Even the serving maids at Ouyang Kuangsheng’s residence were all high-grade beauties, pretty enough to cause a shameless light to glitter in Fan Le’s eyes.

“What’s your cultivation level now?” Ouyang Kuangsheng glanced at Qin Wentian, cutting right to the chase. It was as though he had already forgotten about the matter regarding Ouyang Ting.

“Fifth-level of Yuanfu, lower than you by a level.” Qin Wentian was naturally able to perceive Ouyang Kuangsheng’s level of cultivation. Sixth-level of Yuanfu, it was an extremely reasonable pace considering Ouyang Kuangsheng’s talent. Even himself, if he hadn’t devoted time to researching and studying the Dao of Divine Inscriptions, he would also be at the sixth-level of Yuanfu today.

“You can even tell what my cultivation base is?” Ouyang Kuangsheng looked at Qin Wentian like he was looking at a monster. However, a bright light flashed in his eyes as he laughed, “Luckily, my cultivation base is still higher than yours. But considering how easily you subdued Ouyang Ting, your combat prowess should most definitely have already exceeded the fifth-level of Yuanfu.”

“If I gave it my all, I should be able to bypass about two levels and fight against those at the seventh-level of Yuanfu. But of course, I still have to assess who my opponent is. After all, I’m not the only one whose combat prowess could bypass levels,” Qin Wentian mumbled. He was using his experience in sparring with Chu Mang to make a conservative guess. Fighting against an opponent who was two levels above him should still be manageable, but if an opponent was three levels above him, the level of difficulty would naturally be heightened. He definitely had to use all the cards up his sleeves if he were to fight against an opponent at the eighth-level of Yuanfu. After all, the difference in amount of Astral Energy was too great, but luckily, he had three Yuanfu receptacles and could somewhat mitigate for this difference.

And also, for opponents at the eighth-level of Yuanfu usually had their will of Mandate at the Transformation Boundary. He didn’t have any advantages over that area.

“Fierce.” Ouyang Kuangsheng rolled his eyes. This fellow could bypass two levels and fight against an expert at the seventh-level of Yuanfu? Didn’t that mean that in terms of combat prowess, Qin Wentian was closely comparable to him?

“You should have come to the Azure Continent earlier. Where did you go after you left Chu?” Ouyang Kuangsheng was filled with curiosity regarding Qin Wentian’s experiences.

“Hmm, I don’t know where I should start.” Qin Wentian bitterly smiled as he shook his head, after which he summarised the events he had experienced after leaving Chu, causing Ouyang Kuangsheng to break out in cold sweat and at times, even gasps of surprise. Especially when he learned that Qin Wentian was already a fourth-ranked Grandmaster, the gaze he used to look at Qin Wentian, resembled more and more of how he would look at a monster. A heaviness born from depression weighed in his heart.

Fourth-ranked Grandmaster, this blow was too huge for his heart to handle. Qin Wentian’s current status didn’t lose out to Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns. And what’s more, he also knew that Qin Wentian was younger compared to him.

“You say you plan to step into the top three rankings of the Heavenly Fate Rankings?” Ouyang Kuangsheng asked. Qin Wentian didn’t divulge anything regarding the hidden Azure Faction or his status as the Azure Emperor’s successor. Although he trusted Ouyang Kuangsheng, there was indeed no need to divulge this matter.

“Mhm, I definitely have to.” Qin Wentian nodded.

“You’ll get a chance to at the end of this year. But, you only have a year’s worth of time, it’s not going to be easy.” A light flickered in Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyes. “It just so happens that this year marks the end of the three-year period, and everyone in Grand Xia will be focusing their attention on the Ancient Capital of Ginkou Continent. There will be countless chosen of the younger generations heading over there, making this the best chance to seize one of the top three spots in the Heavenly Fate Rankings. If you were to miss out on this opportunity, the only other way to get in the top three would be to find the current rankers and defeating them directly.

“What do you mean?”

“Have you heard of the Ancient Dynasty of Grand Xia?” Ouyang Kuangsheng asked.

“I’ve heard rumors about it, but only in the sense that the current dynasty was merely a shadow of what it was in the past.” Qin Wentian nodded.

“That's right, back then the Ancient Emperor united the entire Grand Xia with the power of one man, how awe-inspiring was that? Considering the vastness of the entire empire, everyone living there were his subjects. However, an enormous change occurred that caused the kingdom he built up to fragment apart, in which countless powers were born from the fragmentation. This resulted in the creation of the nine continents that we know today.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng slowly explained, “Despite the passing of that era, people of Grand Xia still pay homage and worship the ancient emperor. Every three years, the Yuanfu Realm experts of Grand Xia gather in that place to fight for the Emperor’s luck. The Venerate Heavens Sect would then completely re-organize the Heavenly Fate Rankings and coincidentally this year happens to be the third year.”

“Regretfully, we only have a year’s time left. Now with my cultivation at the sixth level and yours at the fifth level, we have to raise our power levels to greater heights before we can even qualify to fight against the other experts going to the ancient kingdom.”

“Ancient Kingdom, a year’s time!” A sharp glint of light flashed past Qin Wentian’s eyes. This was a challenge filled with immense difficulty indeed. Currently, those ranked on the Heavenly Fate Ranking were all eyeing the rankings with the eyes of a tiger looking at its prey. As long as the top few rankers broke through to Heavenly Dipper, their rankings would be up for the grabs.

Qin Wentian was also very clear that it wasn’t so simple to breakthrough to Heavenly Dipper. That realm was a major watershed in the path of cultivation.

“Seems like I have a chance to give it a try. I must certainly pay a visit to this ancient kingdom.” An expression of excitement appeared on the face of Chu Mang. His current cultivation was already at the seventh-level of Yuanfu, as long as he put in more effort, he should be able to step into the ninth-level of Yuanfu, and obtain the qualifications to fight against the talented geniuses of Grand Xia.

“Who did you say wanted to contend for the top three positions in the Heavenly Fate Ranking?” A voice echoed in the air. From afar, a beautiful silhouette leisurely walked over, with a face full of cheekiness. Her beautiful eyes regarded Qin Wentian and the two others as she smiled, “Is this the nefarious trio that caused such great humiliation to Ouyang Ting?”

“Xiaolu, come. Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Qin Wentian, Fan Le and Chu Mang.” Ouyang Kuangsheng smiled at the approaching young woman. “This is my younger sister, Ouyang Xiaolu.”

“How beautiful.” Fan Le laughed. Ouyang Xiaolu was tall, with exquisitely shaped curves. Her skin was snow-white and she appeared around sixteen to eighteen years of age. Hints of adorableness and mischievousness could be seen within her beauty.

“Not bad, but the look in your eyes is filled with lust. You must be a horny fellow.” Ouyang Xiaolu contemplated Fan Le as she giggled. Momentarily, black lines appeared on Fan Le’s face as his chubby frame trembled lightly, “Cough, this fatty me is a pure and innocent gentleman.”

Standing to the side, Qin Wentian was so disgusted that he almost vomited. He rolled his eyes, he was equal parts flabbergasted and admiring of this damnable fatty.

“I will believe it when the sun rises from the west.” Ouyang Xiaolu laughed. After which she glanced at Qin Wentian, “Such audacious fellows, you even dared to treat Ouyang Ting in that manner? She has never once been scolded before during her upbringing, and to think that you actually forced her to kneel. You’d better be more cautious, she’s not likely to spare you guys for this slight.”

“Just stay at my residence, I doubt they’d dare try anything here.” Ouyang Kuangsheng casually brushed her warning aside.

“I know you’re a formidable one.” Ouyang Xiaolu rolled her eyes at Ouyang Kuangsheng.

“Anyway, let’s change the topic. Follow me, I’ll bring you guys to an excellent place.” Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyes lit up, he seemed to have suddenly remembered something. Upon seeing the expression on his face, Ouyang Xiaolu blinked her beautiful eyes, pointing at Ouyang Kuangsheng suspiciously, “Where are you bringing them to?”

“My sister knows me best after all.” Ouyang Kuangsheng tousled Ouyang Xiaolu’s hair. He signalled to Qin Wentian and the others, and as a group they soared into the air, flying towards the horizon. Qin Wentian and the rest were extremely curious, where was this fellow bringing them to?

After several moments, Qin Wentian finally arrived at a hidden mountain range outside of the Azure Continent.

Qin Wentian stared at the huge entrance before him; there were three ancient words carved with bold strokes ending with a flamboyant cursive on top of it—“Unmatched Realm”.

“Unmatched Realm, Unmatched, what big words, what kind of place is this?”

Qin Wentian curiously asked. Ouyang Kuangsheng laughed and taking big strides forwards, he pushed the door of the entrance open, entering the world beyond. In front of Qin Wentian’s eyes, it was like a whole other world had appeared. Mist and clouds floated ahead, with flowing water in the surroundings. Several cultivators from the younger generation were within, and as they saw Qin Wentian and the two others standing outside, their gazes filled with astonishment, and even anger.

“Ouyang Kuangsheng, how dare you bring outsiders to this place.” The voices of the young cultivators were filled with condemnation for Ouyang Kuangsheng.

“What a strong qi field, these young cultivators undoubtedly all have extraordinary backgrounds. What sort of place is this Unmatched Realm exactly?” Qin Wentian mused.

“Very quickly, they will no longer be outsiders.” Ouyang Kuangsheng laughed.

“What? Do you really think that these three people will be able to enter the Unmatched Realm? What do you treat this sacred land in our Azure Continent as?” One of the young cultivators coldly laughed.

Unmatched Realm—the Sacred land of the Azure Continent. Whether it was the Heavenly Fate Rankings or the Heavenly Dipper Rankings, the majority of rankers who earned a place on those lists would most assuredly have entered the ‘Unmatched Realm’ before!

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