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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 315 — The Name that Shook the Unmatched Realm

Chapter 315: The Name that Shook the Unmatched Realm

The maiden was clad in robes the color of snow, and after issuing the statement, she disappeared as quickly as she had arrived. Her shocking words brought on a silence that seemed to fill the entire space.

Thirty-six mountains. This meant that the thirty-six powerhouses, the masters of the Dao-Cultivation Halls in the ancient mountains, had all granted Qin Wentian access to enter their domains? Many of the cultivators here were highly regarded but at most, would only be able to have access to a few halls for their cultivation.

Only a monstrous heaven-defying genius would be able to receive such treatment, all of the thirty-six eccentrics of the Unmatched Realm were willing to provide guidance regarding cultivation.

At the very least, for those that were currently present, Qin Wentian was the only one that received such preferential treatment.

And in the whole Unmatched Realm, there was only a total of three cultivators that had access to all thirty-six halls. And now, Qin Wentian was the fourth.

There wasn’t a single elder that appeared earlier after Qin Wentian concluded his test, yet the appearance of the young maiden brought such a huge contrast that the crowd couldn’t help but feel a sense of surrealism.

Especially Wang Xiao who had made such snide remarks earlier. He now felt like someone just shoved something down his throat, his countenance was alternating between shades of green and white. This was truly such a face-smacking experience.

He, Wang Xiao, once had a total of three elders wanting to take him as their disciples, granting him access to their Halls. And later on, his performance earned him the approval of another two elders, making it a total of five. In the Unmatched Realm, such an achievement could already be considered good, yet Qin Wentian had gained the approval of all thirty-six elders.

"HAHAHA!" Ouyang Kuangsheng laughed uproariously after being momentarily stunned. He glanced at Qin Wentian with some puzzlement on his face as he stated, "No wonder not even one elder appeared, it wasn’t as if they didn’t want to appear but rather, they wanted to give you a better opportunity. So as long as you’re interested, all thirty-six eccentrics are willing to guide you in your cultivation."

A faint trace of a smile blossomed on Qin Wentian’s face as he asked Ouyang in a low voice, "In that case, this shouldn’t be too embarrassing, right?"Ouyang Kuangsheng’s only response was to glare fiercely at him. This fellow was too good at acting stupid.

"Of course, it’s embarrassing. How can you even be compared to our strongest genius, Wang Xiao? Wang Xiao’s performance back then made three elders appear! Listen carefully, three!" Ouyang Kuangsheng grinned. Wang Xiao’s gaze turned sinister, but Ouyang Kuangsheng interjected before he could say anything, "Wang Xiao, can you hear the slaps on your face? It’s so loud even I’m trembling. HAHAHA"

"Hmph, I truly want to see how far he’ll go in the Unmatched Realm." Wang Xiao coldly snorted. Holding Qiao Yuan’s hands, they departed from the area. He no longer had any face remaining to stay.

The silhouettes standing in the air all had expressions of fascination on their faces as they glanced at Qin Wentian. It appeared that another monster had arrived at the Unmatched Realm, but he was still quite young in years and hadn’t reached his full potential yet. In the Unmatched Realm, there were many whose current level of power far exceeded that of Qin Wentian.

"Okay, come with me." Arrow Emperor brought Fan Le away, while that half-naked man also brought Chu Mang to his Dao-Cultivation Hall.

After the crowd dispersed, Ouyang Kuangsheng walked towards Qin Wentian as he smiled, "Seems like Fan Le and Chu Mang performed outstandingly. The Arrow Emperor is known as a supreme expert in the Dao of Archery while Senior Qiao Long is also a powerhouse of the same level. Senior Qiao Long also has an extremely high level of attainment in axe techniques, so it looks like Chu Mang made an excellent choice as well."

"Mhm." Qin Wentian lightly nodded his head, as a smile appeared on his face.

"Qin Wentian, you are in for it now." Ouyang Xiaolu giggled as she looked at Qin Wentian. Her words caused Qin Wentian to be slightly bewildered—‘in for it’?

"Nothing, she’s talking nonsense, I hope you enjoy it, though." Ouyang Kuangsheng patted Qin Wentian’s shoulders, the grin on his face seemed even more crafty compared to Murin of past memories.

"The experts in the Unmatched Realm are as innumerable as the clouds. Your current level of power isn’t that strong, you’re only at the fifth level of Yuanfu, and yet you obtained the approval of all thirty-six halls. Wouldn’t you say that your name will shake the entire Unmatched Realm? Who here among us aren't proud of our own strengths? So tell me, do you think you’re in for it?" Ouyang Xiaolu wrapped her arms around her stomach as she continued giggling.

The smile on Qin Wentian instantly faded, replaced by an expression of gloom.

Within the Unmatched Realm, in the various Dao-Cultivation Halls, a silhouette's eyes suddenly snapped open as he stared at the man in front of him. "What did you say? There’s someone that gained the approval of all thirty-six mountains?"


"How strong is this guy?"

"Fifth level of Yuanfu."

"Go, let’s take a look." This silhouette soared upwards, flying rapidly away. Simultaneously, on a sword-shaped mountain, a young man frowned upon receiving the news as well.

"Lin Haotian, this news was personally announced by her, all thirty-six Dao-Cultivation Halls have granted him free access," someone at the side added, and their words caused Lin Haotian’s eyes to flash with a sharp glint of light.

He, Lin Haotian, had a demon-level talent in the Sword Extinction Sect and was destined to be a chosen in the future, contending for the top few ranks in the Heavenly Fate Rankings. And currently, he had only gained access to a total of thirteen halls out of the thirty-six in the Unmatched Realm.

At the exact same moment, several female cultivators gathered atop a pavilion. These young women all projected an extraordinary demeanor and were equally as beautiful.

In the Azure Continent, some of the disciples of the transcendent powers would come as a group to take the entry test to gain admittance into the Unmatched Realm. These young women were all talented disciples of the Mystic Maiden Palace.

"All thirty-six halls granted him access?" A young woman stood in the middle of the group, her eyes flashing with a strange glow. She continued, "I want to see how capable he is, and why he was qualified to enjoy such treatment."

After speaking, the young woman stood up. Out of all the disciples in the Mystic Maiden Palace, her talent was considered one of the more prominent ones. Similarly, she too had obtained the approval of quite a few Dao-Cultivation Halls in the Unmatched Realm.

In any case, the news of Qin Wentian obtaining access to all thirty-six Dao-Cultivation Halls was being fervently circulated around.

There were so many geniuses in Grand Xia that had come to the Unmatched Realm. Before this, only three others had obtained this very same glory, and all three were heaven-defying characters. Now that there was a fourth, how could this news not shake the entire Unmatched Realm?

At this moment, Ouyang Kuangsheng was bringing Qin Wentian around to familiarize him with the environments in the Unmatched Realm.

The Unmatched Realm was exceedingly vast, and the ancient mountains situated there seemed to be perpetually cloaked in celestial qi. Several buildings of different colors could be seen spread across the mountains, with some built directly on top of the mountain peaks and extended right below.

"In the Unmatched Realm, no one will arrange your lodgings for you. You can stay anywhere you want and cultivate anywhere you want as well." The three of them soared through the air as Ouyang Kuangsheng summarized the layout, "There are many mysterious grand formations, and also many innate techniques and cultivation arts left inscribed in various places and landmarks within the Unmatched Realm. Of course, the most mysterious place would undoubtedly be the Heavenly Moat Precipice. Several powerhouses from previous generations concealed records of their wisdom and expertise there."

"Other than that, the Sword-Scar Mountain bears several marks from sword slashes that still exude terrifying sword intent. They are an immense help to sword-cultivators, and it’s the place where those of the Sword Extinction Sect frequent the most. Some of the sword marks were inscribed by past generations, while others were marks left behind when two experts fought each other in combat. Both can be used to gain comprehension."

"Oh yeah, as for that axe technique which Chu Mang cultivated, if you meet him in the future you can tell him to go to the Skysea Stone Rampart. There was once a powerhouse that specialized in using axes, and he left behind a set of axe techniques containing boundless power within. Yuanfu cultivators need only comprehend a small part before they’re able to enjoy a massive increase in their attack power. In fact, should one fully comprehend that axe technique, they could even make a breakthrough to the second-level insight of the Mandate of Axes, thus using it as their foundation for stepping into the Heavenly Dipper Realm."

Ouyang Kuangsheng and Ouyang Xiaolu continued introducing the background of the Unmatched Realm and brought him all around to explore the area to its fullest. Aside from the guidance provided by the thirty-six eccentrics, the Unmatched Realm also offered hidden techniques and cultivation arts, and Qin Wentian exclaimed in wonder over several priceless treasures also hidden throughout the mountains. No wonder countless geniuses didn’t mind traversing such long distances to come to this place to cultivate.

The Unmatched Realm was a sacred land for geniuses. Those transcendent powers would naturally send their talented candidates over here to cultivate.

After all, the Unmatched Realm was different from the outside world. There were no other distractions, this place was a true cultivation-land, where everything was aimed at increasing one’s level of power. The three of them flew about with Ouyang Kuangsheng in the lead. Qin Wentian saw some traces of the aforementioned hidden arts and techniques and also met some talented geniuses of his generation. Truth be told, a cultivation base at the fifth level of Yuanfu could be considered extremely weak in here. The majority of the people were either at the seventh or eighth level of Yuanfu. They came here in hopes of making a breakthrough in their wills of Mandate, hoping to step into the Perfection Boundary and therefore gain second-level insights of their respective Mandates. This would all aid them in their efforts to break through to the Heavenly Dipper Realm.

Naturally, Qin Wentian also came across some people which he was unable to perceive the cultivation levels of. These people were undoubtedly Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns, and not only that, all of them looked extremely young, below the age of thirty. These people were definitely extremely talented geniuses.

And just as Qin Wentian wanted to return back to the place where the other cultivators had gathered before, several silhouettes appeared in front of Qin Wentian, their presences causing Ouyang Kuangsheng to furrow his brows.

"They’re from the Multidirectional Thunderwind Sect." Ouyang Kuangsheng whispered. The person in the lead moved like the wind, and when he appeared, a faint sense of wind and thunder elements fairly radiated from his person. At this moment, that young man was staring at Qin Wentian.

"Let me remind you, in the Unmatched Realm, other than some famous landmarks and the guidance of the elders, there’s another option for increasing your strength; fighting against fellow cultivators from the younger generations. And seeing how famous you are now, you’re going to have a lot of opportunities to grow stronger." Ouyang Kuangsheng explained in a low voice while glancing at the silhouette ahead.

"Hey newcomer, come spar with me." The young man from the Multidirectional Thunderwind Sect emanated an intense desire to do battle. His eyes seemed to be crackling with electricity, while his aura contained hints of a berserker to it.

"Multidirectional Thunderwind Sect is a transcendent power of the Azure Continent. That’s Lei Yan, he has a cultivation base at the sixth level of Yuanfu. He also possesses a bloodline limit and has a close affinity with lighting-attributed techniques, which means that his strikes are further reinforced with highly explosive power. Not even cultivators at the seventh level of Yuanfu are close to being on par with his strength," Ouyang Kuangsheng calmly added, analyzing Lei Yan’s strength for Qin Wentian.

A grin appeared on Lei Yan’s face after he heard Ouyang Kuangsheng’s explanation. After hearing that Qin Wentian obtained unanimous approval from all thirty-six elders, he wanted to see for himself how special this young man was.

"As long as I don’t kill or maim him, I can beat him up as much as I want to?" Qin Wentian glanced at Ouyang Kuangsheng as he asked. His words instantly caused Ouyang Kuangsheng to roll his eyes. This brother of his was even more arrogant compared to him.

"Mhm." Ouyang Kuangsheng nodded his head.

"He won’t use the power of his sect for revenge?" Qin Wentian continued to ask.

"What sort of person do you take me for?" Lei Yan icily snorted. "Newcomer, don’t be too brazen."

"I’d like to avoid ending up in situations where I get more than I bargained for. It wouldn’t do to hand out a little force in exchange for a mountain of trouble hanging on my back." Qin Wentian mused, yet he was still smiling as he looked at Lei Yan.

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