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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 316 — Equality Smackdown

Chapter 316: Equality Smackdown

Lei Yan was a cultivator at the sixth level of Yuanfu and had a lightning-type attributed bloodline, together with lightning-type Astral Souls. He had even comprehended the Mandate of Lightning.

Attacks with the lightning attribute naturally contained within them an explosiveness that made them extremely tyrannical. Hence, Lei Yan’s attacks would most definitely suppress cultivators of the same level. Not to mention Qin Wentian’s actual cultivation was a full level lower compared to him, yet he still dared to be this arrogant.

If it weren’t for the fact that Qin Wentian acquired the approval of all thirty-six elders, Lei Yan wouldn't even have bothered to look for Qin Wentian.

Waving his hands, Lei Yan’s fellow cultivators from the Multidirectional Thunderwind Sect momentarily stepped back, giving him space. Ouyang Kuangsheng and Ouyang Xiaolu also retreated, leaving Qin Wentian and Lei Yan remaining in the center.

A raging wind bellowed past as a fearsome tornado enveloped Lei Yan within. The Multidirectional Thunderwind Sect was not only adept at lightning-attributed attacks, they were experts when using wind-attributed techniques as well.

Two wills of different Mandates respectively erupted forth, alongside with his Astral Souls to augment his strength. Lei Yan took Qin Wentian extremely seriously—he wanted to overpower him in style, it was the only way to let Qin Wentian know the price he had to pay for his arrogance.

A pair of Garuda Wings formed on Qin Wentian’s back. He rose into the air, and even when the terrifying wind force from his opponent blasted against him, he gave off a feeling that he was as stable and solid as a mountain. Similarly, towering amounts of demonic qi gushed forth from him.


A massive wind kicked up, Lei Yan’s body was immersed in purple-colored lightning. A terrifying violet-colored thunder sword appeared in his hands as he instantly appeared before Qin Wentian. The thunder sword lacerated the air, resounding thunderous booms echoed out, covering the entire space with the sounds of explosions.

The attribute of lightning embodied explosiveness. Even before the sword blow landed, Qin Wentian could already feel the terrifying pressure from the powerful Mandate of Lightning which Lei Yan comprehended.

Luckily, Qin Wentian’s physique was inhumanly powerful. With a slight intention of his will, his entire arm was coated with demonic qi, as the horrifying sound of a dragon roaring echoed out in the void.

The thunder sword slashed down, while Qin Wentian also slammed forth with his dragon imprint.

As a deafening sound rang out, the thunder sword and the dragon imprint shattered simultaneously. Lei Yan gave a roar of rage as lightning zoomed forth from both his eyes, straight into that of Qin Wentian’s.

A similarly terrifying light flickered in Qin Wentian’s eyes, akin to tunnels of endless depths—so deep that it caused Lei Yan to feel a sense of surrealism, as though he were in a dream. At the instant when his consciousness blurred, an illusion appeared in his mind, Qin Wentian had three eyes? Qin Wentian’ third eye was situated in the center of his brows and the moment the gaze of his third eye swept towards him, Lei Yan could feel his entire mind rumbling violently, as though there was an ancient primordial beast howling within his sea of consciousness.


Qin Wentian stabbed forth with his finger as towering amounts of demonic qi filled the skies. The countenances of the other cultivators from the Multidirectional Thunderwind Sect drastically changed as they howled in warning, “BE CAREFUL!”

The bursts of stabbing pains in his mind slowed Lei Yan’s reactions. With a howl of madness, his lightning-attributed bloodline exploded forth as well, causing his entire body to glow with a terrifying violet light. But despite this overwhelming amount of energy gushing forth from him, when Qin Wentian’s finger landed right on Lei Yan’s chest, Lei Yan only felt as though his body was going to shatter from the impact. The level of that hellish pain was unimaginable.


A fist violently slammed into Lei Yan’s face, his nose began bleeding, and his mind shook violently from the impact.

Boom, boom, BOOM!

Fists after fists madly slammed forth, Qin Wentian’s Garuda wings flickered as the power of his punches kept Lei Yan from landing on the ground. Every boom caused by the sound of a fist connecting caused the hearts of the spectating people to pound madly.

“Too fierce.” Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyelids were twitching. This fellow was too violent.

Ouyang Xiaolu rolled her eyes. It looked like Ouyang Ting’s ending back then could still be considered extremely fortunate!!

“Stay your hand.” Those from the Thunderwind Sect madly chased after Qin Wentian and Lei Yan. As an explosive sound resounded, Lei Yan’s was blasted directly onto those cultivators from the Thunderwind Sect. Their countenance all changed when they noticed how serious Lei Yan’s injuries were. The Lei Yan at this moment had been completely wasted to the point where even his facial structure was rearranged. His fellow cultivators all gritted their teeth and stared at Qin Wentian, their eyes like daggers wanting to lacerate him right where he stood.

Qin Wentian retracted his aura, an innocent expression appeared on his face as he shrugged, “What? He was the who wanted to spar with me? And I believe with the Multidirectional Thunderwind Sect’s glorious reputation, they wouldn’t stoop to acts of revenge for a spar between the younger generation that occurred in the Unmatched Realm right?”

The ferocious expressions on the Thunderwind Sect’s cultivators all faltered, looking as though they had choked on something. Back then when Lei Yan replied, “What sort of person do you take me for?”, it had been an indication that they wouldn’t do such a thing. But right now, even if Lei Yan wanted to take revenge, he was punched so badly and injured to such a miserable state that it was difficult for him to speak, even if he wanted to.

Qin Wentian wanted to tell everyone, “Want to provoke me? Sure, do so at your own risk.”

“Lei Yan has a cultivation base at the sixth level of Yuanfu, in addition to having a bloodline limit. Despite going all out, he was still bashed into such a sorry state. Qin Wentian must have practiced some obscure techniques or he's skilled in special methods that Lei Yan is unable to defend.” There were several people in the crowd that didn’t catch the battle clearly, they could only speculate in their hearts.

The fight ended too fast, even those from the Thunderwind Sect didn’t understand how this could happen. When Qin Wentian and Lei Yan fought, the purplish thunder-light from Lei Yan engulfed everything, how could the spectators have time to note that Qin Wentian unleashed his Mandate of Dreams? Even the golden beam of light that shot forth from his third eye, even the combatant himself, Lei Yan, thought that it was merely an illusion.

“I guess we can only say Lei Yan is nothing but trash.” A cold voice with a lilt in it sounded out. The members from the Thunderwind Sect angrily turned around, only to see that the voice originated from an extremely beautiful woman. They then icily stated, “Liu Xi, are you saying that you are very powerful?”

“At the very least, I wouldn’t be abused to such a state by someone at the fifth level of Yuanfu.” Liu Xi was a chosen from the Mystic Maiden Palace. Being a chosen indicated that they would be groomed and nurtured by their sect in preparation to contend for the top few ranks in the Heavenly Fate Ranking. Currently, she had a cultivation base at the peak of the sixth level of Yuanfu and could step into the seventh level at any moment. Her beauty was also on par with her talent, and many male cultivators wanted to woo her.

Besides Liu Xi, there were several female cultivators from the Mystic Maiden Palace as well. However, despite so many gorgeous ladies, Liu Xi’s beauty brought to mind the intense light from the sun compared to the pale glow of the fireflies. She came here because she wanted to see for herself how strong this newcomer was. Never would she have expected to witness Lei Yan getting trashed instead.

Liu Xi’s beautiful eyelashes fluttered, she gazed at Qin Wentian as she asked, “Come let’s spar, I want to see the depth of your strength, and whether you have the qualifications to gain the approval of all thirty-six Dao Cultivation Halls.”

“I have zero interest in sparring.” Qin Wentian shrugged, feeling slightly depressed. He had already used Lei Yan as an example, yet these fellows still hadn’t learned anything from it?

It was going to get even more troublesome in the future.

“Even if you have no interest, you still have to fight me,” Liu Xi forcefully said. As a chosen, she was long used to speaking with such an attitude. She had already come all the way here, so how could she still allow Qin Wentian to have a choice in this matter.

“I won’t be soft-handed even when dealing with a woman, you’d best think about this carefully.” Qin Wentian was still somewhat depressed. He had already perceived his opponent’s strength. Just a mere sixth level Yuanfu cultivator, there shouldn’t be any problems for him.

All the geniuses in the Unmatched Realm were superbly confident in themselves. But Qin Wentian, wasn’t he the same as well? Such self-confidence would undoubtedly come across as arrogance to others.

Liu Xi glared at him as she coldly laughed, “Such audacity.”

After speaking, she stepped forth and unleashed her Astral Soul. At the same time, a boiling energy within her bloodline seemed to rocket upwards alongside her aura.

“Liu Xi can use dual attributes of ice and fire. She can even incorporate the will of her Mandates directly into her attacks, making it beyond powerful. In addition to her Mystic Maiden Sword, her strength should not be belittled.” Someone mused. Liu Xi instantly slashed out her sword towards Qin Wentian as an intense ice-fire aura wrapped around Qin Wentian’s body, causing him extreme discomfort.

As for Liu Xi, her entire person transformed into shadows that covered up the entire skies. With a long sword in her hand, her appearance was like a fairy from the nine heavens coming down to exterminate evil.

Yet Qin Wentian’s eyes were actually closed. There was no need for him to use his sight; the candle flame within him blazed with intensity, and the happenings of the outside world were as clear as day to him. Qin Wentian’s heart sense perfectly perceived Liu Xi’s movement technique, which he could clearly see was incredibly profound. He saw a sword slashing towards him, like autumn’s rain, bemoaning the decay of dead leaves as winter neared.


Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickered, moving in tandem with Liu Xi. Demonic scales coated his arms once again as the Divine Energy in his body rumbled, collectively being channeled into his finger.

From an outsider’s perspective, Qin Wentian was currently restricted by the binding forces of ice and fire, he was already trapped and doomed to suffer from Liu Xi’s attack. Yet in the next instant, everyone was left frozen in shock. With a single finger stab, Qin Wentian broke through Liu Xi’s sword attack and landed right in front of her chest. This scenario caused the eyes of everyone to pop out as they stared in dumbfounded amazement. This position…

But people were even more speechless when Qin Wentian still unceremoniously punched out. Time after time, he drove his fist right into Liu Xi’s chest, sticking close to her as he unleashed a barrage of continuous attacks.

“Boom, boom boom…”

The hearts of the thunderstruck crowd thumped in tandem with Qin Wentian’s attacks. When he finally stopped, Ouyang Kuangsheng called out, “Dauntless!”

Qin Wentian, was way too dauntless.

This fellow, he was dead for sure, to be treating Liu Xi like this…

Liu Xi was a chosen from the Mystic Maiden Palace, being blessed with both beauty and talent. Yet, Qin Wentian didn’t show the slightest bit of mercy. He was too ruthless.

“Go.” Ouyang Kuangsheng flew towards Qin Wentian and pulled him away. Qin Wentian puzzledly glanced at him, “What’s the matter?”

“You’re way more ruthless than I am. In any case, let’s take cover first,” Ouyang Kuangsheng speechlessly replied.

“Eh… they would take revenge?” Qin Wentian gloomily asked.

“You want to ask Liu Xi’s suitors and see if they mind what you just did?” Ouyang Kuangsheng rolled his eyes, “You basically assaulted her purity.”

“Fine, let’s go find some peaceful place to cultivate then,” Qin Wentian mumbled.

And after a while, they arrived at a place where the mountains and oceans shared a common boundary. Qin Wentian stood in front of a rampart while the ocean waves below slapped against the mountains, invoking a feeling of extreme peace. In front of Qin Wentian, there were many engravings left behind from experts of the senior generations.

“What is this?” Qin Wentian pointed ahead as he asked.

“Engravings left behind by a supreme powerhouse from the Demonic Realms,” Ouyang Kuangsheng replied.

Qin Wentian nodded as he started to inscribe Divine Inscriptions beneath his feet. His actions caused Ouyang Kuangsheng to be stunned as he asked, “Inscription? What for?”

“Yeah, if anyone comes here for revenge, they’ll find themselves tossed right into the ocean.” Qin Wentian grinned, his words causing Ouyang Kuangsheng to smack his forehead. This fellow’s talent for stirring up trouble far surpassed his!

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