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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 317 — Price of Arrogance

Chapter 317: Price of Arrogance

Very quickly, Qin Wentian’s fame resounded throughout the unmatched realm. Gaining approval of all thirty-six halls, destroying Lei Yan, and then following up by violently assaulting Liu Xi of the Mystic Maiden Palace.

Several people in the Unmatched Realm started to ask about Qin Wentian, and even approached Chu Mang and Fan Le for more information.

After which, the news of Qin Wentian’s past actions soon circulated around. Before he left the Moon Continent, in a fit of rage, he slayed Hua Xiaoyun, younger brother of the number one ranker in the Heavenly Fate Ranking, Hua Taixu. Not only that, the other top rankers of the Heavenly Fate Ranking, Zhan Chen and Yang Fan surrounded him with a group of assassins, but eventually still failed to kill him because Qin Wentian abducted Yang Fan’s fiancée, threatening to end her life should he dare to make a move against him.

After Shu Ruanyu returned to the Moon Continent, the relationship between the Star-Seizing Manor and the Shu Clan underwent a change. Those from the Star-Seizing Manor evidently believed that it wasn’t possible that Qin Wentian didn’t do anything to her despite being held captive by him for so many days. This act of abduction completely changed their views of Shu Ruanyu’s suitability as his fiancée, in consideration of Yang Fan’s extraordinary status in the Star-Seizing Manor.

As to the veracity of this news, there was no doubt about it. There were also several geniuses from the Moon Continent who came to the Unmatched Realm.

And in just a short time after Qin Wentian arrived in the Unmatched Realm, several cultivators wanted to test their strength against him. After all, being able to defeat him was something that would grant them a huge amount of prestige, and there were also people like Liu Xi who wanted revenge.

But there were still many who felt great curiosity towards Qin Wentian. From the rumors, he didn’t seem to have a powerful background supporting him, yet he dared to do things to such a crazy degree; slaying Hua Xiaoyun, abducting Shu Ruanyu, punching Lei Yan till his face structure changed, ‘abusing’ Liu Xi. It was hard to imagine that this fellow could be such a mad man just by looking at his outer appearance alone.

And today, more cultivators from the Ouyang Clan arrived in the Unmatched Realm. They were none other than Duan Qingshan, and Ouyang Ting.

Ever since that bout of humiliation, Ouyang Ting was seized by a burning passion to surpass Ouyang Kuangsheng. Today, she wanted to take the entry test of the Unmatched Realm so as to gain the qualifications to cultivate there. As a chosen of the Ouyang Clan, Duan Qingshan was naturally already qualified.

At this moment, there were several people at the entrance of the Unmatched Realm. “Brother Duan, when can we attend your wedding?”

“It’s still too early for that.” Duan Qingshan casually laughed. After a few moments, Ouyang Ting exited the illusory city as the person controlling the formation for the entry test nodded his head, “Congratulations, you’ve passed. From now on, you are qualified to cultivate within the Unmatched Realm.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Ouyang Ting bowed slightly, as an expression of joy appeared on her face. Her fists were tightly clenched, she appeared incomparably excited.

That person nodded as he left. Ouyang Ting had just barely passed—none of the thirty-six elders appeared. She would still need to depend on her own efforts if she wanted to gain approval from any one of the thirty-six elders.

“Ting`er, congratulations. From now on, we can cultivate here together.” Duan Qingshan smiled. Ouyang Ting nodded, “I must definitely surpass that Ouyang Kuangsheng. And as for Qin Wentian and Fan Le, I will have my revenge sooner or later.”

“I believe in you.” Duan Qingshan laughed, however the crowd standing in the air were all stunned by their exchange of words.

Qin Wentian? Wasn’t that the madman from before?

“Ouyang Ting, you have a grudge with Qin Wentian?” someone asked.

“Mhm?” Ouyang Ting frowned as she glanced at that person. “Yes, I do. You are acquainted with him?”

“No.” That person shook his head and laughed, the countenance of the crowd flickered and as Duan Qingshan saw this scene, he involuntarily inquired, “Do you all know Qin Wentian?”

“Brother Duan, more accurately, in the Unmatched Realm, who doesn’t know of Qin Wentian?” Someone laughed. His words caused Duan Qingshan to shift his gaze over to him.

“Ouyang Kuangsheng brought Qin Wentian and two other friends to take the entry test in the Unmatched Realm. All three of them qualified, and two of his friends, the Fatty and the Muscle-head, were accepted as disciples of the Arrow Emperor and Qiao Long respectively,” that man explained.

“What? Then, what about Qin Wentian?” Ouyang Ting stiffened, she understood the meaning of being accepted as disciples, she had often heard Duan Qingshan talking about matters of the Unmatched Realm.

“Qin Wentian wasn’t accepted by any of the thirty-six elders but rather, they unanimously approved Qin Wentian’s access to all thirty-six Dao Cultivation Halls.” The countenance of Ouyang Ting and Duan Qingshan instantly froze.

“Not only that, Qin Wentian ‘reconstructed’ Lei Yan’s face and even ‘abused’ Liu Xi,” the cultivator who spoke earlier, added.

“How is this possible?” Ouyang Ting couldn’t believe this at all, her face twisted with rage. She hated that fellow so badly, yet, he was so many times more outstanding compared to her. She couldn’t tolerate such a disparity between them. The joy she felt at being qualified, totally faded away when she learned of his accomplishments.

“Ting`er, since he dared to come to the Unmatched Realm, it only makes things more interesting.” Duan Qingshan held onto Ouyang Ting’s hands, as though to console her. Ouyang Ting nodded, yet she still felt a little panicked in her heart.

In the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, she placed herself high above in the skies, looking disdainfully down on others. But over here in the Unmatched Realm, there were several cultivators whose background didn’t lose out to her in the slightest. Not only that, they were even more talented than her. She couldn’t even feel any pride from it, and now when she heard that Qin Wentian, some country bumpkin with no background, had climbed over her head, how could she not feel bad?

After inscribing some Divine Inscriptions on the floor, Qin Wentian quietly contemplated the engravings around him. Each and every picture of a demonic beast engraved on the rampart contained within them the hint of a Mandate.

“Back then, that supreme powerhouse was born a demonic beast before taking the form of a human. The innate techniques he mastered were all extremely strong in power, yet because his base was that of demons, I don’t think your body is suitable to cultivate his skills.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng pointed to the pictures as he explained. “For example, that picture over there. Fist of a primordial ape, shattering mountains with a single punch. With our physique, it’s impossible for us to meet the minimum criteria for cultivating his skill.”

“To me, it’s possible.” Qin Wentian smiled. After which, he stretched out his arms as demonic qi enveloped it. His arm began to shift in shape and composition, becoming increasingly muscular as it grew enlarged, before being coated in demonic scales.

“The strength of my physique won’t lose out to demons.” Qin Wentian punched out, and an instant later, a gigantic rock at the edge of the precipice shattered into fragments.

“This…” Ouyang Kuangsheng was somewhat speechless. “Your Mandate of Demon has reached such a level. I wonder how you did it, because now with just the strength of your physique alone, I believe you can insta-kill opponents at the fifth-level of Yuanfu. No wonder your combat prowess is so terrifying.”

“The engravings here depicted a total of eighty-one sets of demon-attributed innate techniques. They’re all well-suited for me.” Qin Wentian smiled. “I’ll have to study them carefully.”

Qin Wentian had already cultivated to the second stage of the Fiend Transformation Art, which granted him the ability to ‘demonise’ any of his body parts, even transforming totally into a demon.

The bloodline in his body had most likely originated from that of a supreme demon. And in addition to his Demon Sovereign Astral Soul, which allowed him to absorb demon-attributed Astral Energy from the Fifth Heavenly Layers, it could be said that Qin Wentian was in his element when it came to cultivating the demonic arts.

“Mhm, there’s only one more year left. We have to work hard and raise our strength.” Ouyang Kuangsheng nodded as he continued, “The top three ranks of the Heavenly Fate Ranking isn’t easily achievable. The opponents you will face in your quest will definitely be incomparable to any you have dealt with before.”

“I understand, I still have to thank you for bringing me to such a miraculous cultivation-oriented place.” QIn Wentian smiled.

“Why are you being so polite to me?” Ouyang Kuangsheng glared at Qin Wentian, before they both broke out into laughter.

And right at this moment, several silhouettes flew over, floating above the oceans. One of them stared at Qin Wentian who was on the precipice as he sneered, “So this is where you’re hiding.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng furrowed his brows when he noticed the new arrivals. “Two of you are at the seventh level of Yuanfu, the other one at the eighth level. Despite having a higher cultivation base, you guys still want to spar against him?”

“Hehe, sparring? Aren't you overestimating him? We are here for revenge.” The new comers emanated a menacing aura, laughing as they stepped on the boundaries of where the mountain and ocean crossed.

“How troublesome. Hurry up and get a move on.” Qin Wentian sighed.

The three cultivators froze for a moment. The one in the middle then coldly laughed, disdainfully glancing at Qin Wentian as an intense glow of light enveloped him within. “I’m bringing you to Liu Xi’s place. I want you to kneel in front of her, and kowtow ten times. If you do that, I will forget about that matter.”

This man was an expert at the eighth level of Yuanfu. And as the spectators far away noticed his silhouette, they couldn’t help but silently lament, “Qin Wentian is in deep trouble this time around, Zai Mu’s combat prowess is extraordinary, he can even fight evenly against people at the ninth level of Yuanfu. Qin Wentian has given him an excellent opportunity for him to woo Liu Xi.”

“The three of you, come at me together.” Qin Wentian indifferently shrugged, his words causing Zai Mu to bristle with fury. He knew that this lad was unbridled, but he didn’t expect Qin Wentian to be arrogant to such an extent.

“You’re asking for it!” The three of them instantly sped towards Qin Wentian. Zai Mu flicked a finger outwards as a beam of resplendent light transformed into a column of swords of tremendous might, aiming to lacerate Qin Wentian from where he stood.

However at this moment, Qin Wentian merely lifted his foot and stomped on the ground. A towering sword qi billowed, transforming into a tempest, swallowing that column of swords, devouring it completely. It was Qin Wentian’s turn to attack. With a flick of his finger, his sword beam was augmented by ‘borrowing’ the strength of Zai Mu’s earlier attack, frenziedly gushing outwards. Zai Mu’s countenance drastically changed but it was too late, the three of them were instantly enveloped in a sphere of sword light. With a gesture, slicing sounds rang out as the two cultivators at the seventh level of Yuanfu let out miserable screams.

“Are you tired of living?” Qin Wentian stared at Zai Mu. Terrifying sword might gushed out from him. Feeling the power of his sword might, Zai Mu paled, he didn’t understand why there’d be such a terrifying Divine Inscription here.

“Puchi…” Several sharp swords pierced through his arms, causing his blood to splatter all over the ground. Zai Mu let out several blood-curdling screeches yet Qin Wentian had no intentions of stopping. Only after both his arms and his chest were pierced through, did Qin Wentian fly forward, slamming fists imbued with the Mandate of Force into all three of them.

The spectators only saw Qin Wentian blasting the three of them unceremoniously down into the ocean.

“The next one who tests my patience, will receive an ending even worse than them.” Qin Wentian gazed at the horizon as he coldly spoke in a tone of ice. Not long later, Zai Mu and the two other cultivators were washed away by the waves. Both their arms slagged uselessly by their sides, appearing completely drained of vitality. They came here behaving so arrogantly, totally convinced in their victory, yet now, they were left barely hanging on to a breath of life.

The spectators from afar all felt their hearts tremble at Qin Wentian’s words. Qin Wentian then turned and smiled at the thunderstruck Ouyang Kuangsheng and Ouyang Xiaolu, “He wanted me to kowtow ten times. If I hadn’t been a little ruthless in my reply, there’d be no end to the number of people expecting me to kowtow.”

And acting as if that settled the matter, Qin Wentian sat down cross-legged, eagerly preparing to start his cultivation!

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