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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 321 — Spar

Chapter 321: Spar

Drifting to each Dao-Cultivation Hall, consolidating his insights in random cave dwellings, occasionally seeking guidance from the elders, Qin Wentian enjoyed this process immensely. He could feel himself growing stronger day by day, and although there weren’t any major improvements in terms of cultivation level, he considered each bit of effort to be like water droplets, able to penetrate rocks if they persisted long enough. Day after day of immersing himself in cultivation, Qin Wentian was now several times stronger compared to when he had just entered the Unmatched Realm.

But as time passed, the rate of his improvement gradually slowed as well.

Today, Qin Wentian was leisurely walking on an ancient mountain pass, and as he gazed ahead, he saw a female figure clad in white walking towards him. This female had a cool and elegant demeanor, like that of a snow lotus atop an icy mountain. This was none other than the maiden whom Qin Wentian had fought against during the entrance test.

This maiden’s combat prowess was extremely powerful, and it appeared that her position in the Unmatched Realm was unique. She was the one who announced that the entirety of the thirty-six halls was open to him. If that was the case, who was the one that gave the order?

The one with sufficient authority to make that decision, would definitely be one that stood at the peak of the Unmatched Realm.

The white-robed maiden halted her steps and smiled, “Has your strength improved after our exchange?”

“A little. Might I have the chance to spar with you once more?” Qin Wentian asked. It wasn’t that he took victory as everything, but rather because the maiden’s combat prowess was astonishingly high, a mere eighth level Yuanfu cultivator yet with a Mandate at the Perfection Boundary. Qin Wentian wanted to know what the distance was between him and this maiden.

He suddenly thought back to the words Cang Lan had spoken, the man behind Yue Bingying. He estimated that Situ Po’s power should be similar to this maiden.

“Okay.” The maiden clad in white gazed at Qin Wentian as she lightly nodded her head. “Do your best.”

The Astral Energy within Qin Wentian’s body bubbled and gushed forth as his bloodline limit circulated his entire body. The battle intent he was radiating shot up towards the skies, as a terrifying demonic qi exuded from him. Even before attacking, Qin Wentian’s aura was already transforming into that of a desolate primordial beast.

He showed no traces of courtesy and immediately attacked. He knew that this maiden had a cultivation at the eighth level, which was two levels higher compared to him. Not only that, her Mandate was at the Perfection Boundary. Even regarding Mandates, she sorely suppressed him.

A terrifying stream of light covered Qin Wentian, the demonic qi his arm was exuding towered to the heavens. The energy from Heavens and Earth flowed into him, creating a special Rhythm, as he blasted his attack at that white-robed maiden. Such an overbearing might caused spatial cracks to appear in the space around him. If this maiden was struck by his attack, there was no doubt about it—even she would die instantly.

The maiden pushed out with her palms as a unique Rhythm vibrated around her, and the surrounding space instantly became a domain filled with ice and frost. As her palms met with Qin Wentian’s fist, Qin Wentian felt an intense bone-chilling sensation encroaching upon him, yet his fist still punched out with irresistible force.

“HOWL~” A monstrous roar gushed out, the white maiden was as serene as before. Her palms blocked the space in front of her, the freezing intent emanating forth was seemingly capable of freezing everything it touched.


Their attacks met in midair, the frost qi she generated was transformed into countless sharp icicles, shooting towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian quickly dodged to the side and pushed forth with his left palms. The icicles shattered but the maiden continued rushing forth. The terrifying glacial intent she emitted caused Qin Wentian’s body to involuntarily shudder.

“She even countered an attack with such might?” Qin Wentian was shocked. The speed of the maiden was terrifyingly quick, Qin Wentian slammed his fist into the earth, causing a mini quake to disorient the maiden, before Garuda Wings appeared on his back as he soared into the skies.

The maiden spun in an intricate dance as a massive flow of air enveloped her, further enhancing her speed.

Her hands slowly extended outwards as her Mandate of Ice and Snow covered the entire region, freezing everything in place. A leaf drifting in the air instantly turned to frost, while Qin Wentian also felt his body gradually becoming frozen, being buried in ice and snow.

“The will of my Mandate can’t be compared to hers. Hence I’m the one being suppressed now. If my Mandate of Dreams is at the Perfection Boundary, I would be able to immerse her in sleep instead of being frozen by her.” Qin Wentian mused. A monstrous sword intent gushed forth from him and lacerated the blanket of frost, but the maiden had already arrived right in front of him after that moment’s delay,

With a flip of his palms, demonic qi surged forth as his eyes turned fiend-like. Stabbing out with a finger, the entire space erupted with a volcanic-like explosion towards the maiden.

The maiden’s countenance drastically changed and she hurriedly clasped her hands together. Her entire being seemed to be frozen solid as a suit of armor made entirely of ice formed about her. Using the Heaven Breaking Finger to stab at that ice armor, shattering sounds echoed as the suit of ice totally broke apart. However, the strength of her defense was sufficient to exhaust the might behind Qin Wentian’s Heaven Breaking Finger. Evidently, the life-saving method of this maiden was too powerful.

Qin Wentian didn’t halt his momentum. His Yuanfu seethed as the Astral Energy within surged. Contained within this fist was an incorporation of everything Qin Wentian had learned.

As the maiden stared at Qin Wentian, Qin Wentian locked eyes with hers. A glint of steely determination could be seen as his Mandate of Dreams gushed out. He had no intentions of giving her any leeway—he wanted to see exactly how powerful this maiden was.

“Bzzz!” A massive wind kicked up.


A terrifying wind force rumbled through the mountain pass, altering the angle of Qin Wentian’s punch. He was left thunderstuck—his strongest strike had instead landed on air. He couldn’t help but wish that his opponent had used some amazingly powerful method to negate the force of his attack, rather than cause him to miss her entirely. That would have made him feel a little better, at least.

Retracting his aura, Qin Wentian ceased his movements, wearing a bitter smile on his face. This feeling of his plans being thwarted, caused all his earlier excitement about his own improvement to vanish into thin air. If the maiden made use of the opportunity earlier to attack, he would have been defeated. It was obvious that when sparring with him, the white-robed maiden was still holding herself in check.

Qin Wentian slightly inclined his head, this was the suppression of Mandates. A Mandate at the Perfection Boundary naturally enjoyed absolute advantage. Even if the power of his strikes didn’t lose out to his opponent or was stronger than theirs, it was useless if his attacks couldn't hit.

When Barbarian King said that the Mandate of Force was the strongest, it was merely from his perspective. In truth, all Mandates were powerful, it only depended on the user.

“Mandate of Ice and Snow to use frost to slow their opponent’s movements and using the Mandate of Wind to enhance one’s speed. Such a combination is truly terrifying,” Qin Wentian murmured. The white-robed Maiden replied, “Once they reach the Perfection Boundary, all kinds of Mandates are fearsome to fight against in any form of combination. Taking you as an example, your Mandate of Dreams could make your opponents drowsy as you follow up with an attack powered by the Mandate of Force. Who could block you then?”

“You’re right. Anyway, thanks for accompanying me in sparring.” Qin Wentian wasn’t bothered too much about victory or defeat, he smiled at the maiden clad in white, “My name is Qin Wentian, can I have the honor of knowing yours?”

The white-robed maiden glanced at the smile on Qin Wentian’s face as she lightly replied, “Yun Mengyi.”

“Hey brat, are you trying to woo the pretty girls?” At this moment, a voice suddenly drifted into Qin Wentian’s eardrums, causing him to be startled. Shifting his gaze over, a bright light suddenly flashed in his eyes.

Behind him, there was a casually-dressed, messy-haired old man sitting atop a rock. He was currently staring at him with a smile that was not a smile.

Although Qin Wentian’s current perception was overwhelmingly strong, he hadn’t been aware of the old man’s presence until he spoke.

“I’ll leave first.” Yun Mengyi had glared at that old man before she flew away, her actions caused Qin Wentian to be somewhat dumbfounded. He then turned his gaze onto that old man again and asked, “Is Senior the master of Yun Mengyi?”

“Why? Are you asking me to be your master too?” The eyes of the old man narrowed to slits, giving people a feeling of craftiness.

Qin Wentian was speechless, to be so indifferent towards his own image, this old man was one of the strangest eccentrics he’d ever met. Somehow, this guy felt like an even bigger fraud compared to the Barbarian King.

“You dare to chase girls with that small amount of strength of yours? How could you ever succeed?” The old man words caused Qin Wentian to be completely speechless, he couldn’t be bothered to refute that old man as well.

“If Senior has nothing else, Junior shall take my leave now.” Qin Wentian bowed to that old man as he turned and prepared to depart, causing the old man to start.

“Brat, if you leave, don’t regret it.” The old man ‘threatened’.

“Goodbye.” Qin Wentian turned his back towards him and waved his hands, he even increased his speed, instantly dashing down the mountains. That old man’s countenance twitched. This brat had even more of a personality compared to him…

“What are you all looking at? Get out of here. Your father, I have spoken.” The old man suddenly cursed, as several silhouettes instantly appeared. Their eyes were all filled with hints of suppressed laughter when they stared at him.

“Whoever dares to laugh, go ahead and try it.” The old man raged as he stepped out. Abruptly, the entire space was filled with an overwhelming pressure as the smiles in their eyes quickly disappeared. Their hearts were all filled with disdain for this old guy—taking out his anger on them after he was snubbed by a brat. This old man was too low class.

“Hey little barby, tell me what you think of that brat.” That old man pointed to a herculean figure as he inquired. The Barbarian King wanted nothing more than to tear the old man apart when he heard how he’d been addressed.

He, the awe-inspiring Barbarian King, was termed as little barby?

Luckily there were no juniors here, if not he would have no more face to remain in the Unmatched Realm any longer.

“That little brat’s talent barely meets the mark, he depended on luck to barge through the tests and is definitely unqualified to become your disciple. Even if you wanted to give him to me, I would reject it because he’s too stupid,” the Barbarian King said with a straight face, his words causing the old man to roll his eyes. “F*ck off! Scram right now, not a single truthful word came out of your mouth. Leave me now. You guys are not to leak what happened here today around.”

“Orh.” The Barbarian King and the rest nodded as they flew away at their fastest speed, before that crazy old man changed his mind again. That old man sat atop a rock, his small eyes gleaming with a strange light, nobody knew what he was thinking about!

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