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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 324 — Force

Chapter 324: Force

Those from the Sword Extinction Sect were all experts in sword techniques, possessing Sword-type Astral Souls as well as a comprehension of the Mandate of Swords.

Swords, because of their sharpness, were a huge boost to one’s attack power. A cultivator at the sixth level of Yuanfu from the Sword Extinction Sect using sword-type innate techniques would have sufficient combat prowess to fight even against those from the seventh, eighth or even ninth level of Yuanfu. This was also the reason why Sword Cultivators are often said to have the highest attack power.

Yet, Qin Wentian actually used his bare hands to catch hold of the incomparably sharp swords.

Demonic qi coated Qin Wentian’s palms, and the two swordsmen froze for a moment before they recovered and reacted instantly. They channeled their sword qi into their swords causing a multifold rise in their sharpness. The swords vibrated violently, and both swordsmen took this moment of respite to pull the swords out of his grasp, interchanging their position and criss-crossing their swords, aiming for Qin Wentian’s neck.

However Qin Wentian merely stood there, calmly looking at the two of them. At this moment, the swordsmen all paled.

Their attack was completely ignored.

Not only did Qin Wentian use his bare palms to catch their swords, right now, he was allowing them to freely attack.

Even Lin Haotian was dumbfounded as he stared at the scene happening in front of him. How was this possible? His two fellow disciples were extremely powerful but despite given reins to freely attack, they were still unable to break Qin Wentian’s defense.

“Sword Extinction Sect? With your little bit of strength you still want to request for a meeting with me?” Qin Wentian calmly stated. Thanks to the Fiend Transformation Art, his physique had originally been akin to that of demons, but now it was many times stronger compared to ordinary humans.

Comparing humanity and demonic beasts, an ordinary human sixth level Yuanfu cultivator couldn’t be compared to a demonic beast of the same grade. Only sword cultivators of the same level would be able to break their defenses. However, Qin Wentian was different, not only did he have a physique comparable to a demon, his will of the Mandate of Demons further reinforced it. And adding to that, his Mandate of Force had already reached the Perfection Boundary and was continuously circulating throughout his entire body. How could his defense not be monstrous?

For that reason, Qin Wentian could afford to totally disregard his opponents’ attacks.

The two of them chose to retreat. Although they were extraordinary geniuses that gained the qualifications to cultivate in the Unmatched Realm, if they couldn’t even break Qin Wentian’s defenses, this battle was meaningless.

At the instant of their retreat, Qin Wentian’s palms both demonified as he blasted out two palm imprints that instantly landed on the bodies of the two swordsmen.

“BOOM!” A thunderous sound echoed, not only were they unable to break Qin Wentian’s defenses, they couldn’t even handle a single casual attack of his.

“That strength…” Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. Even he himself was unsure if he could defend against that attack, the power behind it was too terrifying.

Qin Wentian turned his gaze onto Lin Haotian, who stared at him, but had yet to make a move.

“Why are you not attacking?” Qin Wentian grinned fiendishly. A hint of terror flashed through Lin Haotian’s eyes. Just from witnessing the power Qin Wentian had exhibited earlier, Lin Haotian knew it was highly probable that he wasn’t Qin Wentian’s match. And if he lost, his reputation would suffer too great a blow—a chosen of the Sword Extinction Sect lost to someone with a lower cultivation level? How would others look at him then? But still, with so many eyes on him, he couldn’t simply run away.

“Seems like you’ve improved, you are worthy for me to take you seriously.” Lin Haotian’s sword intent surged forward in violent waves and an instant later, a terrifying windstorm kicked up, with him in the centre. Every step he took, the pressure of his sword might pierced towards Qin Wentian.

The entire space was filled with the keening of his sword intent.

“What a powerful stance, his first insight in the Mandate of Swords has already reached the Transformation Boundary.” The crowd could clearly sense the sword might surrounding Qin Wentian, powerful enough to lacerate anything in its path. Although Qin Wentian’s defense was inhumanly powerful, there should be no way for it to stand against Lin Haotian’s sword might.


Lin Haotian took another step forward, increasing the intensity of the sword might’s pressure. Even those standing far away could clearly feel the sharpness he was currently radiating.

Yet another step forwards, the entirety of the sword might condensed together and with a slashing motion, the Extinction Swordplay erupted forth, a sure-kill technique targeted at Qin Wentian.

Sword Extinction Sect, Extinction Swordplay. A single sword causing ghosts and demons to wail, eradicating all life under the heavens.

Qin Wentian could feel the terrifying aura of extinction contained within that sword, as well as Lin Haotian’s conviction in the power of his attack.

“Isn’t Lin Haotian too ruthless? With such a sword move, he might kill Qin Wentian and break the iron rules of the Unmatched Realm.”

“I don’t think so, he merely wants to use his strongest attack to test out Qin Wentian’s true strength. He should understood that at most, this will only injure Qin Wentian, not go as far as to claim his life. Qin Wentian is just too powerful.”

The crowd was all in discussion, as well as silently remarking in awe at the chosen of the Sword Extinction Sect. The moment he made his move, they could all sense how overwhelming his attack was.

Qin Wentian was still as calm as before. The Astral Energy within his Yuanfu rumbled as demonic qi coated every part of his body.

Lin Haotian had a cultivation base at the peak of the seventh level of Yuanfu, and with the power of his attacks, fighting against him was undoubtedly equivalent to fighting against someone at the eighth level. In fact, Lin Haotian’s combat prowess was far beyond ordinary cultivators at the eighth level of Yuanfu.

This person was arrogant, but he had the power to back up his attitude.

Despite Lin Haotian’s advancement, Qin Wentian still hadn’t moved a single step. His presence was like an immovable mountain—invulnerable in spite of the mounting pressure.

And finally, when Lin Haotian’s aura rose to its peak, his entire person seemingly transformed into a sword, further augmenting the might of his earlier attack.

At the same moment, Qin Wentian also made his move. He took a single step forward, and that simple motion was like the wrathful howling of an ancient primordial beast, capable of causing the entire Heavens and Earth to shake. An aura of absolute obedience blasted out, Qin Wentian seemed to command their entire surroundings.

The resplendent sword rays were so bright that the crowd couldn’t keep their eyes open. They only heard a towering roar as the entire region rumbled. That was the power of extinction.

Lin Haotian only needed one strike. This was the ultimate move in his arsenal, his most terrifying strike that contained the entirety of his sword might, all within a condensed form. He didn’t intend to go easy on Qin Wentian.

Yet, the next moment, the mighty sword shattered as he spat out fresh blood. His chest had totally caved in, a terrifying imprint of a palm could be seen embedded on his flesh. His throat was being choked by an inhumanly enormous hand.


Lin Haotian’s body was shivering from terror. His ultimate move was broken by strength. Pure, absolute strength. Qin Wentian’s Mandate of Force had already reached the Perfection Boundary?

But even so, how could Qin Wentian, who only had a cultivation base at the sixth level of Yuanfu, break apart his ultimate attack?

“Do I even need Divine Inscriptions to deal with you? A genius of the Sword Extinction Sect only amounts to this much it seems.” Qin Wentian abruptly shifted his hand choking Lin Haotian to the side, the terrifying force flinging Lin Haotian through the air. An explosive sound soon thundered out in the distance, and the crowd gazed towards the noise. They couldn’t help but tremble when they realized Lin Haotian had crashed into a faraway mountain.

Qin Wentian, who broke through to the sixth level, was too terrifying. A monstrous talent of the Sword Extinction Sect was forcefully and completely dominated.

Qin Wentian turned his gaze onto Yue Bingying, as a sharp light flashed in his eyes. “Didn’t you want to spar with me? Do you think I have the qualifications to spar with you now?”

Yue Bingying involuntarily shuddered when she noted Qin Wentian’s gaze. Qin Wentian’s strength was too powerful, he must have already broken through to the Perfection Boundary, since even Lin Haotian was totally suppressed.

Although she was powerful, she wasn’t that much stronger compared to Lin Haotian. If she fought against Lin Haotian, there was no way for her to suppress him as Qin Wentian had done. Hence, she knew that if she fought with Qin Wentian now, she would definitely be defeated.

“No wonder you were able to gain the approval of the thirty-six eccentrics. Your strength is acceptable indeed.” Yue Bingying laughed, she didn’t attack, she wanted to use words to brush this matter aside.

“And?” Qin Wentian stared at Yue Bingying.

Yue Bingying furrowed her brows. And?

She made those remarks because she had already recognised Qin Wentian’s capabilities.

“I admit that your talent is truly terrifying.” Yue Bingying forced out a smile as she continued.

Qin Wentian coldly laughed, “Just because you wanted to meet me, you commanded someone to bring me to you and ended up interrupting my breakthrough. Now that I’m standing in front of you, do you think a single sentence, ‘Your talent is truly terrifying’, can settle this? Who do you think you are?”

Yue Bingying’s countenance sank as her smile totally vanished. By saying as much as she had, she was already giving face to Qin Wentian. It could also be considered a form of compromise and in her perspective, this matter should have been at an end.

However, Qin Wentian totally didn’t give her any face at all.

“What do you want then?” Yue Bingying stated.

Qin Wentian stared at her, “Now, roll over here and apologize. This matter shall then be concluded.”

Yue Bingying’s countenance instantly changed. He wanted her to apologize? Was this a joke? It’s not funny at all.

The crowd all had expressions of disbelief on their faces. Qin Wentian wanted Yue Bingying to apologize?

Wasn’t he too audacious?

First, even if one ignored Yue Bingying’s identity as someone from the Azure Emperor Palace, she was also the companion of Situ Po, and Situ Po was still in the Unmatched Realm! Qin Wentian actually dared to say that he wanted Yue Bingying to apologize?

“Within the Unmatched Realm, you are not the only one with monstrous talent. You want me to apologize? Can you even bear the weight for that?” Yue Bingying’s tone turned extremely frost-like as she threatened.


A raging wind kicked up, Qin Wentian was resolute and didn’t waste any more words, he instantly stepped towards Yue Bingying.

He had always been a man of few words, and because of Yue Bingying’s frivolous desires, a whole lot of troublesome matters had fallen upon him. If he was not powerful enough, there was no doubt that he’d be harshly humiliated by those from the Sword Extinction Sect. Wanting Yue Bingying to apologize was only to be expected and wasn’t something too over the top. But despite all that, Yue Bingying still wanted to intimidate him? In that case, there was no need to waste any more words on her.

Yue Bingying’s countenance dramatically fell, she stepped back as her Astral Soul erupted with a brilliance. However, the aura Qin Wentian was exuding covered the entire space, it felt extremely stifling, like she was in the presence of an ancient primordial beast.

“Garuda’s Chop, Dragon’s Shout, Lion’s Howl, Kirin’s Arm, Ape’s Madness… he completely comprehended all eighty-one stances of the demonic art on the rampart.” The crowd saw the oppressive might of Qin Wentian’s attack, Yue Bingying was completely suppressed and soon after, she was slammed ruthlessly onto the ground, causing her to coughed out mouthful of blood. She no longer looked like the exquisite and elegant lady she was, but rather, as pitiful-looking as a vagrant instead.

Qin Wentian floated in the air, staring disdainfully down at her. Yue Bingying coldly shrieked, “Situ Po will never spare you!”

“I, Qin, will consider the consequences of my actions. If Situ Po wants revenge for you, he’s welcome to look for me. But don’t you think you are pathetic to keep using his name like that just because you are his companion? Are you a prostitute that sold your body to him in exchange for the right to do so? The Azure Emperor Palace’s prestige has totally been thrown away by your foolish actions. If people didn’t know better, they would think that the Azure Emperor Palace can only produce sluts.”

Qin Wentian flicked his sleeves and departed. His words caused Yue Bingying’s countenance to alternate between shades of green and white, so angered that she involuntarily spat out another mouthful of blood.

The crowd were all silently praying for Qin Wentian. This fellow was as brazen as the rumors, Situ Po would definitely hunt him down after this.

Qin Wentian was going to regret what he did today. Although his combat prowess was fearsome, how could he be the match of Situ Po? Regardless of cultivation level or will of Mandates, Situ Po was far above Qin Wentian!

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