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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 325 — Murderous Urges

Chapter 325: Murderous Urges

Ignoring the darkened countenance of Yue Bingying, Qin Wentian walked over to the place where Fan Le and the others were.

In this case, since Fan Le’s party had the added combat power of Qin Wentian, it was undoubtedly many times stronger. With the combat prowess Qin Wentian just exhibited, he should be able to fight evenly with Li Shiyu who had a cultivation base at the eighth level of Yuanfu.

Qin Wentian, Ouyang Kuangsheng, Chu Mang, Fan Le; four men against Li Shiyu’s party.

Their overall strength didn’t lose out in the slightest.

The Mystic Maiden Palace didn’t have absolute odds of victory.

The spectators at the side all had expressions of interest on their faces. Qin Wentian was only at the fifth level of Yuanfu when he stepped into the Unmatched Realm, and now that he had already broken through to the sixth level, his combat prowess was so strong to the extent that it was unbelievable. His rate of improvement was shockingly too fast.

Ouyang Ting involuntarily trembled in her heart when she saw how much Qin Wentian’s strength had grown. If based on her own strength, then it meant she would be unable to avenge her hatred forever. Unless of course she borrowed the strength of her Ouyang Clan, but if she chose to do so, Ouyang Kuangsheng would definitely stop her.

“Li Shiyu, open your eyes wide and see—this is my brother, Qin Wentian. And the ones standing before you; myself, Qin Wentian, Chu Mang and Fan Le, which of us can’t be compared to the members from your Mystic Maiden Palace?” Ouyang Kuangsheng laughed as he continued, “Xuan Xin and Fan Le are both mutually in love, and their union will not disgrace your sect. Although Fatty Fan Le isn’t as handsome as I am, his talent is truly the cream of the crop. If Xuan Xin’s husband were to be chosen by your sect, the male candidate might not even be able to match up to Fan Le.”

“Hey, are you helping me or debasing me?” Fan Le grinned. Ouyang Kuangsheng’s mouth was too nonsensical. He, Fan Le, was suave and elegant, what did Ouyang Kuangsheng mean by saying he wasn’t as good looking as him?

“Hmph.” Li Shiyi coldly snorted. No matter how she viewed Fan Le, she couldn’t find him pleasing to the eye. Maybe if Xuan Xin had chosen Ouyang Kuangsheng or Qin Wentian, she would be able to accept it. But really? Fan Le?

“Is there no one else from the Sword Extinction Sect or Azure Emperor Palace?”

Li Shiyu helplessly glanced around her for help. Earlier, Qin Wentian forcefully dominated Lin Haotian and the two others from the Sword Extinction Sect and even dared to bash up Yue Bingying. She didn’t believe that the two sects would simply swallow this down.

Obviously, Li Shiyu didn’t have the confidence to fight against Qin Wentian with just her members alone. She wanted an alliance with the Sword Extinction Sect and Azure Emperor Palace before she made her move.

“No need.”

From afar, a cold and detached voice drifted over. As the crowds turned their gaze over, the expressions on their faces all froze. They saw an extraordinary-looking figure flying over— he, who was always gentle and normally quiet, was actually exuding such killing intent that those who felt it involuntarily shuddered.

He appeared so fast? In that case, Qin Wentian was surely dead.

Situ Po instantly approached Yue Bingying. Stretching his hands outwards, he wiped away the traces of blood on the corner of her lips as he asked in a gentle voice, “How are your injuries?”

“I’m still okay, cough cough…” Yue Bingying’s face lost all hints of color. She turned to Situ Po and sobbed, “He said I’m a prostitute, selling myself to you just to use your name.”

“Nonsense. I’ll make sure nobody dares to say such nonsense ever again.” Situ Po gently caressed Yue Bingying’s hair as a tender smile flashed in his eyes.

“Mhm” Yue Bingying lightly nodded. Following which, Situ Po’s gaze turned upon Lin Haotian and the two other swordsmen. The three from the Sword Extinction Sect all lowered their heads, they didn’t dare to look Situ Po in the eyes. They had lost to Qin Wentian miserably, and thus lost all prestige of the Sword Extinction Sect.

“Be careful, Situ Po is truly terrifying, He has two Mandates at the Perfection Boundary and a third one at the Transformation Boundary. His combat prowess can definitely be ranked among those at the pinnacle of Yuanfu. If his opponent doesn’t have any Mandates at the Perfection Boundary, even someone at the peak of Yuanfu would similarly be suppressed.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng warned in a low voice, his words causing Qin Wentian’s gaze to turn heavy.

Qin Wentian was decisive when it came to doing things. So what if Situ Po came? He had a Mandate at the Perfection Boundary at the sixth level of Yuanfu. Even when faced against someone of the eighth level who also had a Mandate at the Perfection Boundary, he could still fight evenly against that person, and might even win.

However, Situ Po was a character similar to him, also obtaining access to all thirty-six Dao-Cultivation Halls. He had two Mandates at the Perfection Boundary and a third one at the peak of the Transformation Boundary. The combat prowess of such a character would definitely be beyond terrifying, and couldn’t be treated like an ordinary cultivator at the eighth level of Yuanfu. Even treating Situ Po as someone with a cultivation base at the ninth level wouldn’t do justice to his combat prowess.

Situ Po soared up to the skies, shifting his gaze onto Qin Wentian and the others before adding in a calm voice, “All of you can come at me together.”

The expressions of the crowd faltered. This was arrogance, true arrogance. But there was no doubt it, Situ Po did have the capabilities to act this way.

Maybe, he wanted all of them to come at him together because Situ Po didn’t want to be known as someone that bullied weaklings. After all, his cultivation base was two levels higher compared to Qin Wentian.

“How arrogant.” Fan Le stared at the silhouette standing in the air. He naturally had already heard of Situ Po’s name. Before Qin Wentian had appeared, he was the demon-level talent that had caused tsunami-sized commotions in the Unmatched Realm. In half a year’s time, Situ Po would join the challenge for the top ranked positions of the Heavenly Fate Ranking. His strength had already reached such a level now, so how much stronger could he potentially become in six months?

“Let me test out his strength.”

Chu Mang spoke, and as the sound of his voice faded, an Astral Bow materialised in his hands.

“Swish!” Resplendent arrows fired forth, the speed so fast that it was impossible to even track the trajectory with the naked eye.


The arrows landed directly on Situ Po’s chest, and the eyes of the crowd widened at their power. However, their faces were soon covered with incredulous disbelief, once they realised Situ Po continued to stand there unmoving. He hadn’t even been forced back by the force of the continuous arrows attack. A rotating blob of light could be seen in front of Situ Po’s chest—it appeared to be like an armor of stonelight, yet, after defending against the attack, it instantly vanished.

Even arrows used with insta-shot would be unable to break apart his defense. Such power was akin to when Qin Wentian used his bare hands to catch hold of the sharp swords of those from the Sword Extinction Sect.

“The Mandate he comprehended is a little strange. It’s the Mandate of Stone, which is somewhat similar to the Mandate of Great Earth. The first level of insights of the Mandate of Stone, is Harden. He can instantly manifest the armor of stonelight and completely disregard attacks by opponents at the eighth level of Yuanfu,” Ouyang Kuangsheng stated. He had never seen Situ Po fight before, but he’d gathered information from stories that circulated in the Unmatched Realm.

However, it seemed that Situ Po was even stronger than what the rumors said.

Qin Wentian’s countenance turned heavy. He was at the sixth level of Yuanfu with his Mandate of Force at the Perfection Boundary. Situ Po was at the eighth level and had the Mandate of Swords for attack and Mandate of Stone for defense. No wonder he’d been so highly evaluated in the Unmatched Realm.

Chu Mang swung forth with his battle axe, only to see Qin Wentian waving his hands, signaling for him to stop. The Mystic Maiden Palace were like tigers eyeing their prey and Situ Po’s strength was evidently stronger compared to theirs. Even if he were to battle, he shouldn’t drag Chu Mang and the others into it.

“Let me take over.” Qin Wentian rose up in the air as his bloodline activated. Gushing sounds rang out unceasingly, as the demonic qi he exuded grew stronger and stronger.

His body was transforming as well—the crowd stared in dumbfounded amazement when they saw an armor of demonic scales taking form around Qin Wentian. His physique shifted to become sturdier and larger, and the demonic qi he exuded permeated the entire area. His aura continued climbing skywards, causing many to be speechless.

Even a cultivator at the seventh level of Yuanfu would not have the powerful aura that Qin Wentian was exuding now.


Situ Po stepped out, directly walking towards Qin Wentian. His own aura skyrocketed, as he emanated an incomparably tyrannical pressure.

With a single punch, spatial fissures appeared around the air as the strength of his attack rushed towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian waved his hands and blasted out with a dragon imprint. A fearsome explosive sound thundered, yet Situ Po continued to advance, completely disregarding the powerful swords of chaotic energy birthed from the collision of their attacks.

Qin Wentian’s Divine Energy within his Yuanfu seethed and surged. The countless shadows of Garudas blotted out the skies as they rushed towards Situ Po.

Situ Po clapped his hands together with frightening speed, and the resounding impact destroyed the entirety of the Garuda shadows. With a flick of his finger, a greyish halo of light appeared above Qin Wentian. Against his will, Qin Wentian felt his entire body stiffening, becoming incredibly sturdy and more stone-like.

“BREAK!” Qin Wentian’s countenance drastically changed. His sword-type Divine Energy frenziedly gushed forth as his demonic qi and will of Mandate of Force amalgamated together, forcefully breaking the petrification light halo apart.

However, Situ Po had already arrived right in front of him. Although he didn’t feel that Qin Wentian was qualified to be termed as his opponent, he knew he had to completely dominate Qin Wentian in this battle.


Situ Po waved his hands, manifesting sword intent that sliced apart the continuous linkage of arrows that were shot out. At the same time, Sito Po’s left hand chopped downwards, as a beam of light slashed towards Qin Wentian.


Fan Le and the rest shouted. Qin Wentian’s countenance paled as the overpowering Divine Yuan Energy with him exploded forth. As the sword slash landed, a slicing sound could be heard. Qin Wentian’s chest had been lacerated as fresh blood splurted out, instantly dying his robes red.

“He’s aiming to kill.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng’s countenance instantly changed. He soared upwards, but in that moment, the experts from the Mystic Maiden Palace all combined forces, channeling their strength to Li Shiyu, who had trapped Ouyang Kuangsheng with a layer of mystical palm arts. The others then turned their attentions on to Fan Le and Chu Mang.

In the air, Qin Wentian retreated with explosive speed while his eyes were unrelentingly locked onto Situ Po.

“This place is the Unmatched Realm.” Qin Wentian’s voice was ice-cold.

“So what? It’s about time to kill you.”

Situ Po’s voice was unperturbed. He stepped out once again as his killing intent gushed forth, enveloping Qin Wentian within.

Qin Wentian sullied the prestige of their Sword Extinction Sect and humiliated Yue Bingying. He had to die for these crimes.

Although Qin Wentian’s talent was monstrous, in Situ Po’s eyes, Qin Wentian was just a stronger insect. He had never once cared about him, or put Qin Wentian in his eyes. But today, Qin Wentian had actually dared to violate the two things he valued most, his sect and his woman.

Since that was the case, Qin Wentian deserved death.

The will of his Mandate of Swords at the Perfection Boundary erupted out. Situ Po made a grabbing motion in the air and Qin Wentian instantly felt his body stiffen. It appeared that Situ Po was cloaking him in a defensive armor but at the same time, his movements was also restricted.

Simultaneously, Lin Haotian and the members of the Sword Extinction Sect soared up in the air to cut off Qin Wentian’s path of retreat. They would absolutely follow Situ Po’s command.

If Situ Po wished to kill Qin Wentian, he had to do so at the fastest speed and leave the Unmatched Realm before any of the eccentrics appeared.

The Unmatched Realm, unmatched in the Azure Continent. The eccentrics wouldn’t be bothered about chasing the law breaker once the law breaker exited the Unmatched Realm.

The hearts of the crowd violently pounded. Apparently, Sito Po truly wanted to kill Qin Wentian. Indeed, his arrogance was worthy of one that stood at the top—he only obeyed laws of his own making!

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