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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 327 — Heavenly Stele Platform

Chapter 327: Heavenly Stele Platform

The Heavenly Stele Platform was situated in the core region of the Azure Continent, but in spite of this, there was usually no one around. The only person there was an old figure that seemed to be perpetually sweeping the Heavenly Stele Steps.

It was a marvelous place, yet nobody had ever dared to claim ownership of it, nor had anyone dared to destroy it. There was a rumor that the overlord of the place was a character of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering prowess, hence nobody dared to risk incurring his wrath.

The Heavenly Stele treasure, which the platform was named after, was of immense help to cultivators since it could tell their fate and talent level. Every time the stars descended, the Heavenly Stele Platform would draw countless cultivators over because of the legend associated with it. Barging up the flight of steps to the Heavenly Stele would enable one to change their innate degree of talent.

Furthermore, there wasn’t a fixed time nor known law when it came to the moment the stars would descend, it purely depended on the emotions and attitude of the overlord.

Yet now, an eccentric elder from the Unmatched Realm said that he would borrow the Heavenly Stele from the overlord in three days’ time, allowing them to barge through, and thus pave the pathway of their future for them.

Naturally, the eccentrics knew that a huge portion of the cultivators belonging to the younger generations in the Unmatched Realm would head to the Ginkou Continent at the end of the year.

It seemed as though the eccentrics of the Unmatched Realm had connections with the owner of the Heavenly Stele Platform, and could even borrow it from him, all for the sake of the younger generations’ cultivation in the Unmatched Realm. And now, it was also for the dispute between Situ Po and Qin Wentian.

The loser would lose all qualifications and be barred from the Unmatched Realm henceforth. This was a battle neither could afford to lose.

If Situ Po lost, where would he put his face? His prestige would be totally tarnished. He had a cultivation base that was higher than Qin Wentian by two levels, yet he still failed to kill Qin Wentian today. On the contrary, Qin Wentian had even slayed Lin Haotian and two others in retaliation, this matter was already sufficient for him to feel ashamed.

If Qin Wentian lost, it meant death. Situ Po would never spare him.

“Senior, he killed people inside the Unmatched Realm.” Yue Bingying pointed to Qin Wentian. Apparently, she wanted to use the laws to get the elders to pressure Qin Wentian.

“Do you think I’m blind?” That powerful voice boomed out, filled with traces of coldness. Yue Bingying paled, so what if she was from the Azure Emperor Palace, her background was of no use here in the Unmatched Realm, none of the eccentrics needed to give her face.

How many among the cultivators in the Unmatched Realm belonged to transcendent powers? And how many of them begged the eccentrics to accept them as disciples? What the hell was the worth of one Yue Bingying?

Evidently, the eccentrics were already clear regarding the battle between the two of them. Situ Po was the one who wanted to slay Qin Wentian first, Lin Haotian and the other two wanted to help, but ended up dead. How to determine who was in the wrong and right then?

If they wanted to pronounce a guilty party, both of them would be in the wrong.

“This matter shall end here today. If you two want to fight, then fight on top of the Heavenly Stele Platform instead. I want to see if you guys have the face to lose when the entire Azure Continent is spectating your battle.” The eccentric concluded his speech as the pressure in the air abated.

Situ Po’s countenance was still ice-cold, and when his eyes swept towards Qin Wentian, the intensity of his killing intent hadn’t diminished in the slightest.

“Three days later at the Heavenly Stele Platform, I will wait for you,” Sito Po emotionlessly stated, before turning and vanishing from the spot. He appeared next to Yue Bingying, carrying her up before walking away, leaving the Unmatched Realm. Three days later shall be Qin Wentian’s death date.

Qin Wentian retracted his demonic aura as well as his Astral Souls, and the sudden loss of his demonic form revealed the grievous wounds he suffered in the battle. Situ Po was undoubtedly the strongest opponent within Yuanfu Realm that he had ever fought against.

Comparing talent, he was stronger than Situ Po, but in terms of combat prowess, Situ Po was stronger than him. After all there was a disparity in their level of cultivations, as well as Mandate’s Boundaries. The slight difference of a single level or boundary was a gap that separated the cultivators. If it weren’t for Qin Wentian having so many trump cards, he would have long died in the hands of Situ Po.

As he landed on the ground, Qin Wentian turned his gaze onto Li Shiyu and those from the Mystic Maiden Palace once more. Li Shiyu coldly snorted and cast a glance at Fan Le before speaking to Xuan Xin, “Xuan Xin, three days later, Situ Po will definitely be the victor and at that time, only death awaits Qin Wentian. When the time comes, because Lin Haotian was killed by Qin Wentian, Situ Po will definitely not spare Fan Le and the others.”

“Sister Shiyu, Qin Wentian is only at the sixth level of Yuanfu yet he could fight against Situ Po to such an extent. The one with the stronger talent can be determined with a single glance. The Heavenly Stele Steps don’t take note of one’s combat prowess but rather, one’s talent, one’s determination, one’s conviction. How can you say that he is doomed to be the one defeated?” Xuan Xin somewhat indignantly replied.

Li Shiyu coldly snorted, “Situ Po was merely careless today, and because of the short amount of time they fought, he didn’t manage to kill Qin Wentian. If not, do you think that he would still be alive? Xuan Xin, stop dreaming. Even if Qin Wentian’s talent is monstrous, Fan Le isn’t him, how can that fatty match up to you?”

Fan Le felt extremely depressed when he heard these words, and he opened his mouth and stated, “Beautiful lady, why don’t we compete against each other? The eccentric said the Heavenly Stele Platform would be open to members of the Unmatched Realm. How about engaging me in a match over there?”

“With just you alone?” Li Shiyu disdainfully replied. “If you lose, I want you to voluntarily leave Xuan Xin.”

How could she miss out on such a good opportunity.

“Wait, isn’t that a little unfair? I can’t make decisions on behalf of Xuan Xin without taking consideration of her heart,” Fan Le’s eyes flashed as he weakly added, “How about this… If I win, you become my concubine.”

“You, you… Grrr.” Xuan Xin glared at Fan Le, instantly appearing like a ferocious tigress.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding babe.” Fan Le smiled, “How can such a woman match up to such a talented, handsome man like me?”

“Just wait and see.” Li Shiyu coldly retorted before turning and departing with those from the Mystic Maiden Palace. She had to inform her sect on the matter regarding the opening of the Heavenly Stele Platform as well as the business of Xuan Xin.

An expression of worry flashed past the eyes of Xuan Xin when she saw Li Shiyu and her fellow sect members leaving. Fan Le held her hand as he stated in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry. In three day’s time, this esteemed genius will definitely shock all the members of your sect with my performance. I will make them accept me as your companion.”

Seeing how Fan Le still didn’t forget to boast, even in this situation , Xuan Xin involuntarily smiled. Although this fatty was a little shameless, she was truly happy when she was together with him. In the Mystic Maiden Palace, she had never before come across this feeling, happiness with a tinge of sweetness.

“Boss are you feeling alright?” Fan Le and the others glanced at Qin Wentian.

“I’m fine, I only need a day of rest to recover from all this.” Qin Wentian smiled. The blood within his body circulated at extreme speeds, rejuvenating him and healing his injuries. From the smile on his face, it was impossible to link him with that ferocious man in demonic form that had fought against Situ Po earlier.

“You monster. If I was the one fighting against Situ Po, I would definitely have been insta-killed.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng couldn’t help but be impressed, someone at the sixth level of Yuanfu could fight against Situ Po to such an extent. Qin Wentian had even condensed a beast-type Astral Soul that was ranked first in the Warbeast Index as well as cultivated a demonic art that grant him a demon-level physique. This fellow was too monstrous.

“You’d better be more careful, though. That demonic art of yours is so powerful that even transcendent powers from the Demon Continent might covet it. You have to understand that the demonic form you manifested earlier was something they’ve wanted to achieve in their wildest dreams, yet were unable to do so,” Ouyang Kuangsheng advised. Qin Wentian lightly nodded his head, he was already reminded of this by the Azure Emperor’s words when he first obtained the Fiend Transformation Art, yet he had no choice but to go all out today when he fought against Situ Po. As for the future, he could only be more cautious and quickly seek to improve his strength.

After the contest for the top positions on the Heavenly Fate Rankings, if he could step into the peak of Yuanfu by then, it would be best if he could find a quiet place to enter into seclusion to prepare for breaking through to Heavenly Dipper.

Although they were all peak geniuses of their generations, they were still only at the Yuanfu Realm. Many in Grand Xia couldn’t even be bothered to turn their gaze towards them. It was only by becoming a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign would one be granted a modicum of speaking power, climbing on the flight of stairs which led to being truly powerful.

“What is the Heavenly Stele, exactly?” Qin Wentian inquired.

“The Heavenly Stele originates from ancient times, it can manifest illusions, and allow one’s innate talent to be changed. Regardless, although the Stellar Heavenly Stele may take the lives of those who attempt its test, there’s also the possibility of boosting one’s strength exponentially. Truly, it’s a rare treasure that’s rarely open to the public. Now that the eccentrics are borrowing it, it’s definitely an opportunity for us. We would then have a chance to raise our strength to a sufficient level to contend against the others in the Ancient Kingdom during the end of this year.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng’s voice contained a hint of anticipation. The fight today between Qin Wentian and Situ Po might not be a bad thing, at the very least, it ended up giving everyone a chance to conquer the Heavenly Stele Steps.

In the course of the next three days, the cultivators in the Unmatched Realm all started exiting it, informing this news to their respective sects and clans while simultaneously making their way to the Heavenly Stele Platform.

This news, circulated around the Azure Continent at an absurd speed.

And the transcendent powers of the Azure Continent were all made aware of a single name—Qin Wentian.

Within the Unmatched Realm, in a battle between two geniuses, a nineteen year old young man with a cultivation base at the sixth level of Yuanfu, fought almost evenly against the chosen of the Sword Extinction Sect, Situ Po. This news caused many members from the younger generation in the Sword Extinction Sect to feel humiliated. However, the elders of the sect didn’t really pay attention to this. Although each absolute talent was tough to cultivate, Lin Haotian actually died in the hands of a fellow with a cultivation base even lower than him. This only meant that he was trash, so it was highly unlikely that the elders of the sect would take revenge for his death.

They would leave the act of killing Qin Wentian to Situ Po.

In the meantime, the gazes of countless people all turned to the Heavenly Stele Platform.

For safety reasons, Ouyang Kuangsheng secretly gathered some elders of his clan to act as protection in the shadows for their entourage when they travelled from the Unmatched Realm to the Heavenly Stele Platform. Who knew if there’d be people planning a sneak attack to ambush Qin Wentian? They had to be more cautious.

Today at the Heavenly Stele Platform, experts were as common as clouds. There were many from the younger generations of the major powers that cultivated in the Unmatched Realm. For these people, they all had a chance to barge up the Heavenly Stele Steps today.

On the flight of steps below the Heavenly Stele, there was an old man clad in blue with a broom in his hands, quietly sweeping the surface of each step. He seemed unaware of the concept of fatigue, as though he’d repeated those sweeping motions for an eternity.

“BOOM!” From afar, the sound of a chiming bell echoed from the Heavenly Stele Platform. The skies instantly changed color as columns of starlight shone upon the Stele. Instantly, a marvelous sensation permeated the atmosphere.

Starlight enveloped all three sides of the Stele, covering the steps entirely as they shone with a resplendent brilliance.

“Bzzz!” A raging wind kicked up as numerous silhouettes all landed on the ground below the Heavenly Stele Steps. The cultivators from the Unmatched Realm were all beginning to gather.

At this moment, a silhouette floated through the air; this man was none other than Situ Po. His gaze turned and fixated towards a certain direction where Ouyang Kuangsheng, Qin Wentian, Fan Le and the others were gathered at.

“In the last decade, the twenty-seven steps of the Heavenly Stele Platforms have been ‘activated’ a total of three times. During this time, the highest record has been the 18th step. Today, I shall break that record,” Situ Po languidly spoke, his sharp eyes riveted onto Qin Wentian. “ Today shall also mark the anniversary of your death.”

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