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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 336 — Old Acquaintances

Chapter 336: Old Acquaintances

Within the Ginkou Continent, all reputable inns were bustling with customers, so busy to the extent that they couldn’t cope. There were simply too many people, not only were there outsiders from the other part of Grand Xia, those from the Ginkou Continent didn’t want to miss this event as well.

At this moment, there were a few figures walking on a main street of the Ginkou Continent. Among them were two extremely beautiful young ladies, accompanied by an old man behind them. The aura that exuded out from the old man was extremely weak, as though he was almost an ordinary mortal.

“The Ginkou Continent is truly luxurious.” The old man gazed at the surrounding buildings as he sighed. Thinking back to events in his past, he couldn’t help but find his actions ridiculous. The Sky Harmony City was but an ant-like existence when placed in the perspective of Grand Xia. Anyone here, any commoner on the street, had a status far above his.

His perspective had changed and so had his heart.

“Autumn Snow, you have to work harder to catch up to your younger sister. This world is truly too vast.” Bai Qingsong sighed. Autumn Snow nodded her head, “Mhm, father, I’ll do my best to catch up, but I’m afraid it won’t be possible.”

“Elder sis, you have to have more confidence in yourself.” The beautiful young lady beside Autumn Snow lightly smiled. This younger-looking lady was even taller than Autumn Snow, with an extremely well-proportioned figure. She had skin as white as snow and an extremely beautiful countenance. Only her eyes seemed to contain within them a depth that was far beyond her years, as though she had experienced many things before.

This younger-looking lady was the little sister of Autumn Snow, Bai Qing. Currently her status was extraordinary among those in the Mystic Moon Hall and had fetched her family over to live under her sect’s protection.

“Confidence?” Autumn Snow shook her head, “I wonder if he will be here…”

Thinking of him, Bai Qing had a radiant smile on her face. After experiencing so many things, she learned to let go of the hatred for her family members that had once entangled her. And not just herself, her father Bai Qingsong had learned to let go as well. He didn’t blame Qin Wentian in the slightest for crippling him. In fact, it was because of Bai Qingsong’s regret that convinced Bai Qing to reconcile with him and her sister Autumn Snow.

“He?” Bai Qingsong froze, as a bitter smile surfaced on his face. “Sometimes when I think about events of the past, there are so many what-ifs that flash through my mind. If I hadn’t been so selfish back then, maybe the two of you would have been a couple that engenders envy in others.”

“Let’s not talk about the past anymore,” Bai Qing gently interjected, causing Bai Qingsong to shake his head as he sighed, “You are right, everything’s already in the past. What’s the use of talking about it now?”

Bai Qing reminisced, her thoughts going back to when she’d met her Wentian gege at the Refinement Grounds in the Celestial Lake. Such a long period of time had passed since then, and now she was already at the eighth level of Yuanfu. Naturally, it was due to her hard-working nature and her many past experiences. But despite her current strength, Qin Wentian’s talent was still above hers, so his own cultivation surely wouldn’t lose out to her own.

Fond delight flickered in her eyes, a smile of innocence gracing her face.


Qin Wentian was walking on a pathway, when he suddenly sneezed out of nowhere. He then commented in a low voice, “Hmm, is there someone thinking of me?”

“Stop being so thick-skinned. Just a sneeze and suddenly you assume someone is thinking about you.” Fan Le grinned. “Do you think you’re me?”

Qin Wentian rolled his eyes as Little Rascal let out a snort-like bark in his arms, before mimicking an expression of shrugging, causing Fan Le to rap it lightly on its head.

They had arrived in Ginkou yesterday, and early morning, Fatty had already dragged all of them out to wander the streets.

There were many restaurants and inns around this region, and the pathway they were walking on was also extremely spacious. Even a hundred people walking abreast on that pathway wouldn’t feel congested. Unbroken lines of demonic beasts mounts passed beside them, the entire Ancient Capital was bustling with noise and excitement.

Occasionally on the pathway, they would also meet extraordinary characters that hailed from the other transcendent powers.

“Who are those people, the aura exuding from their bodies feels as sharp as that of sword cultivators, albeit somewhat different,” Qin Wentian inquired of Ouyang Kuangsheng, as he stared at a group of young cultivators passing by.

“They’re from the War Continent. Cultivators that hail from that region emphasize more on forging and the usage of divine weapons. Even their innate techniques and cultivation arts usually require a particular type of divine weapon to complement it. Hence, the sharpness you feel is an aura similar to the sharpness of divine weapons,” Ouyang Kuangsheng replied.

“The War Continent isn’t very far from the Ginkou Continent. Those two, in addition to the Moon Continent, can be considered the three core regions of Grand Xia. All of them are home to the strongest transcendent powers, a fact that has instilled within their respective cultivators an inborn sense of superiority.”

“In that case, the major powers from those three continents should be in Ginkou for this event as well?” Qin Wentian asked in a low voice. Ouyang Kuangsheng nodded, “Naturally, even transcendent powers such as the Nine Mystical Palace and Greencloud Pavilion will send their people here, and they’re both located so far away in the Qing Continent. Oh yeah, shouldn’t you be more familiar with them, seeing that you’re from Chu? Chu was under the administration of the Nine Mystical Palace back then, wasn't it?”

Nine Mystical Palace, Qin Wentian couldn’t be considered as being familiar with it. But previously, he did have more than a few run-ins with the people of the Nine Mystical Palace, and if he were to meet them again this time around, there were some things he had to clarify with them.

As for the Greencloud Pavilion, he was only familiar with two people, Gongyang Hong and Qian Mengyu. Currently, he didn’t know the whereabouts of Senior Gongyang Hong.

After Gongyang Hong left Chu, Qin Wentian had journeyed to the Moon Continent. Hence, if he were to return to Chu, he wouldn’t be able to find Qin Wentian.

“Chu!” Qin Wentian felt traces of longing in his heart. That weak little country had many people he cared about living within its borders.

“I wonder if Qingcheng came along with those from the Pill Emperor Palace for this trip to the Ancient Kingdom?” Qin Wentian mused. As a core disciple under Luo He, along with her extraordinary talent with medicine and pills, Mo Qingcheng’s speed of advancement and strength shouldn’t be beneath his own.

“How fragrant.” At this moment, Fatty’s nostrils widened as he took a sniff in the air. That, was the thick aroma of sweet wine. Fan Le gulped as he started searching for the source of that fragrance.

“There.” Chu Mang pointed to a luxurious inn with a flag outside of it. Three words could be seen on the fluttering flag - Drunken Immortals’ Residence.

“Good name.” Ouyang Kuangsheng laughed, “Let’s go in and drink a few cuppas.”

“Yeah, I wanna drink too.” Ouyang Xiaolu suddenly butted in, even as she stood beside Ouyang Kuangsheng. Ouyang Kuangsheng blinked, as he glared at his sister, “No. Go drink milk instead.”

“Hmph.” Ouyang Xiaolu unhappily snorted. “Wait till I see Sister Jiang Ting. I’m going to complain to her and make her bully you for me.”

The Jiang Ting which Ouyang Xiaolu was referring to, was naturally Ouyang Kuangsheng’s fiancee that hailed from the Wind Continent. Apparently, the Jiang Clan had also come to the Ginkou Continent.

“Che, you still don’t know who wears the pants in my relationship with her.” Ouyang Kuangsheng grinned.

“Oh? Really? Would you dare say that again?” Ouyang Xiaolu disdainfully replied.

“Even if that lass Jiang Ting came, I will definitely show her who’s the boss,” Ouyang Kuangsheng confidently replied. As the sound of his words faded, Ouyang Xiaolu burst out into laughter, her actions causing Ouyang Kuangsheng to feel a strong sense of unease. As he turned, the expression on his face froze when he noticed a female silhouette standing there.

Qin Wentian and Fan Le already deduced who was standing there even without turning their heads, both their faces were filled with utter sympathy as they looked to Ouyang Kuangsheng.

“You guys…” Ouyang Kuangsheng knew that he’d fallen into a trap, but nobody had tried to warn him. These two buddies of his were too unreliable.

Since their parting at the Celestial Lake Palace, Qin Wentian had yet to meet Jiang Ting again. The current Jiang Ting had matured quite a bit, her figure was slender and elegant and radiated an aura of feminine charm. Her eyes flickered with an unknown light and just when it seemed she was on the verge of an explosion, Ouyang Kuangsheng headed her off with a bright, innocent smile on his face, “Ting`er you’re here! Why didn’t you let me know in advance? My damnable little sister didn’t tell me anything as well :)”

“Hmph.” Jiang Ting ignored Ouyang Kuangsheng as she stomped her way ahead, brushing him aside. Ouyang Kuangsheng quickly caught up with her as he tried to placate her, “I was just joking dear, just a little harmless joke.”

Upon seeing such a scenario occurring, Qin Wentian and the rest couldn’t help but smile. The brazen Ouyang Kuangsheng was reduced to such a state by his fiancee? How unexpected. Afterwards, they entered the inn and found a window seat on the second level, where they enjoyed the wine and leisurely chatted away.

At the entrance to Drunken Immortals’ Residence, countless streams of people entered and exited. At this moment a group of cultivators entered, consisting of three males and three females.

Of the three females, one of them was extremely petite with an ordinary countenance, exuding a faint sense of self-induced inferiority. She trailed behind the group in silence. The most talkative of the three had a coquettish manner of speaking, with a figure as provocative as her words. Her ample bosom stretched tightly across the top of her revealing clothes, causing people of the opposite sex to drool over her half-exposed, alabaster skin.

As for the last remaining female, she was by far the most dazzling among the group. She seemed have been born with an overflowing abundance of sex appeal, with sultry eyes and pouty lips of a rosy hue. Although she didn’t say much, her presence and inherent magnetism alone could invoke jealousy from those of the same gender, and most assuredly made her the most dazzling among the three females.

“Yang Xia, don’t you worry. My buddy will be joining us later for a meal. Just let me handle the talking and I’ll butter him up a little. Joining the Pill Emperor Hall shouldn’t be a problem at all.” One of the young men stared at the coquettish-looking girl, and then, as if he was compelled to do so, glanced for long moments at the glorious display of her magnificent snowy-white peaks. Obviously, he wanted nothing more than to get a closer look at that valley’s beautiful scenery!

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