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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 343 — Seven Grand Clans of Grand Xia

Chapter 343: Seven Grand Clans of Grand Xia

Qin Wentian watched on as Yun Mengyi departed the area. Despite his outer serene appearance, his heart couldn’t help but feel a little chaotic. Yun Mengyi’s beauty was just a shade less when compared to Mo Qingcheng and Qing`er, so how could a young hot-blooded man like Qin Wentian remain unmoved? After all, he was still someone who hadn’t tasted the sweetness experienced during the union of a man and woman.

However, his temperament was different compared to others, and hence, he could restrain himself, albeit with some difficulty. But still, Yun Mengyi’s actions… the mystery that was this woman, was getting harder and harder to decipher. She was like an enigma, a black cloud that was blocking his vision.

After spending another moment in contemplation, Qin Wentian shrugged and went back to cultivating quietly. He had to prepare even more trump cards before the ranking battles began. Only then would he have the capability to contend against other demon-level talents.

The second morning, the various major powers received an invitation from the Chen Clan, inviting the cultivators of the younger generation to gather over at Chen Estate for an exchange.

And this matter seemed to have come about because of the young master of Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, Ouyang Kuangsheng. It was rumoured that Ouyang Kuangsheng was audacious to the extent that he stormed the Chen Clan’s gate, saying that he wished to spar against the younger generations of the Great Solar Chen Clan, all in order to witness the mighty Great Solar Universe Art.

Hence, the Great Solar Chen Clan issued invites to the various transcendent powers. Other than the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, they also invited the Shi Clan from the Ginkou Continent, Pill Emperor Hall and Hua Clan from the Moon Continent, Wang Clan from the War Continent and the Swallow Swordsmen from the Yan Continent.

This made many people muse that the Great Solar Chen Clan was up to something. They seemed to have another motive in mind as they invited the younger generations of the various powers.

Among the transcendent powers, there were nine that were considered to be the strongest.

These nine powers respectively were:

Ginkou Continent: Venerate Heavens Sect, Great Solar Chen Clan, Shi Clan

Moon Continent: Pill Emperor Hall, Hua Clan;

War Continent: Wang Clan

Azure Continent: Ouyang Aristocrat Clan

Demon Continent: Skydemon Sect

Yan Continent: Swallow Swordsmen

And out of all nine of them, those from Ginkou were termed the strongest transcendent powers, with those from the Moon Continent coming in second. And for the invitation this time around, seven out of nine of the strongest transcendent powers had all been invited, with the exception of the Venerate Heavens Sect and the Skydemon Sect.

The Venerate Heavens Sect had a unique status, being the party that dictated the rankings on Grand Xia. Once, a long time ago, the founder of the Venerate Heavens Sect was directly in charge of the guardians. The Venerate Heavens Sect had many mystical abilities, including the capability to foretell the luck and destiny of the Empire. It was rumored that if the insurrection of the rebels back then didn’t have the support of the Venerate Heavens Sect, it would have been impossible for them to succeed. The Venerate Heavens Sect were able to pry into the depths of the future from observing the movements of the stars and were skilled in their readings of signs and omens. Naturally, they had seen many things and had already predicted what was to come.

From this, many speculated that one of the nine traitors had been none other than the founder of the Venerate Heavens Sect.

And as for the invitations recently issued out, aside from the Ouyang Aristocratic Clan, the rest of the guest list included five other transcendent powers that were supposedly founded by members of that group of traitors.

From this, one could infer that the gathering in the Chen Clan this time around, could also be said to be a gathering of the nine traitors that belonged to the Nine Grand Clans in Ancient Grand Xia.

Presently, those from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan were making their way to the Great Solar Chen Clan.

Qin Wentian and Ouyang Kuangsheng discussed that very topic as they proceeded to the Chen Clan. Qin Wentian couldn’t help but feel something rocking his heart. After all, he was the one that witnessed the final scene at the top of the Heavenly Stele Platform, the scene where the nine traitorous subjects intended to make a move on Princess Tianyu. Qin Wentian wondered, the middle-aged man in charge of the operation, the vile beast that felt up Princess Tianyu, which among the Nine Grand Clans had he belonged to?

“The Nine Grand Clans of Ancient Grand Xia, dwindled down to seven in the current era. As for those seven, they all hold positions among the nine supreme transcendent powers in Grand Xia.” Qin Wentian mused.

Currently, out of the nine supreme transcendent powers, only the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Skydemon Sect hadn’t been founded by the nine traitors.

“Of course they’re strong enough to claim seven out of the nine positions. If it weren’t for the annihilation of those two Grand Clans, the nine supreme transcendent powers would undoubtedly still be the Nine Grand Clans.” Ouyang Kuangsheng shook his head as he replied, “ My Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and the Skydemon Sect eventually stepped up as part of the nine supreme powers, but in a proper ranking, we would definitely be ranked amongst the last.”

“The Nine Grand Clans were based in separate locations, each of them in control of a different region in Ancient Grand Xia. Later on, something inconceivable occurred; someone or something had annihilated the strongest of the Nine Grand Clans, for reasons that still remain unknown. After that, the Venerate Heavens Sect, Great Solar Chen Clan, and Shi Clan relocated to the Ginkou Continent; the Hua Clan moved to the Moon Continent, and along with the changes brought by time, everything then transformed into the Grand Xia we know today.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng recited this passage that had been drilled into his memories at a young age. He then sighed, “The current Grand Xia can no longer be considered an Empire. The powers are too dispersed, with everyone vying for power. It’s impossible for Grand Xia to be united under one banner ever again.”

“The power of Ancient Grand Xia was too terrifying to imagine. The Pill Refiner Grand Clan became the Pill Emperor Hall of today, the Weapon Forger Grand Clan became the Wang Clan of the War Continent; the Venerate Heavens Pavilion became the Venerate Heavens Sect, and as for the other Grand Clans that specialised in combat, they became the Chen Clan, Shi Clan and Swallows Swordsmen of Yan respectively. If it weren’t for the gradual decline of the Nine Grand Clans over the course of several thousand years, they would never have permitted other transcendent powers to rise up.”

“But Stellar Martial Cultivators should grow stronger as time passes. Why did their power grow weaker instead?” Fan Le asked seriously, listening attentively by the side.

“We can only speculate, but maybe the true powerhouses back then had already reached an unfathomable level in their cultivations and then left Grand Xia for other places. No one knows for sure.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng also didn’t know, it was just a casual guess on his part. Qin Wentian and the others nodded, his speculations seemed highly plausible.

“Isn’t this just like Chu and Grand Xia? If Chu was as powerful as Grand Xia, we wouldn’t have the need to leave Chu to roam Grand Xia. If that was the case, this could mean that outside of Grand Xia, there are even more terrifying places,” Chu Mang murmured.

Were there even limits on the pathway of cultivation? How vast was this world they existed in? Were the truly strong exactly as described in the fabled legends? Able to shatter the Heavens and Earth, able to steal the moon and seize the stars.

As their conversation concluded, they reached the exterior of the Chen Estate. Upon arriving, all of them descended onto the ground, as a way of showing respect to the Chen Clan.

As a gracious host, the Chen Clan had long arranged for people to stand at the entrance to welcome the guests within.

“Oh… someone’s going to meet his little lover soon, aren’t you excited?” Luo Huan teased as they entered the premises. She knew of the recent news regarding Mo Qingcheng, and back then she had always loved to tease the two of them. Who would have thought they would become a couple today? Sadly, there seemed to be mountains of obstacles between them trying prevent their union.

“Senior Sister, stop teasing me,” Qin Wentian replied in a low voice. Their group arrived at an island in the middle of a lake, it was undoubtedly the location the Chen Clan had chosen to host the gathering. Beautiful women could be seen dancing and playing the zither on boats sailing around the lakes, providing a beautiful melody that enriched the atmosphere and was a joy to the senses.

The island was of a considerable size and there was even a battle arena set up in the centre of it.

At this moment, as the members of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan arrived, a middle-aged man walked out and greeted, “The austere presence of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan brings light and grace to our humble dwellings.”

“Brother Chen is too polite.” The one leading the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan today was none other than Ouyang Kuangsheng’s second uncle, Ouyang Long. His face was filled with smiles as he respectfully clasped his hands towards their host.

“There are a fair number of guests in my humble abode today. Should there be anything lacking in my hosting duties, I pray that brother Ouyang will not take offense. Come, let me have someone lead you to your allocated seats.” The elder from the Chen Clan then summoned an attendant to escort the Ouyang Clan. Ouyang Long smiled as he replied, “Brother Chen, please be at ease.”

After Ouyang Long and the rest were seated, several pairs of eyes glanced their way. The other transcendent powers all had people from the Chen Clan personally playing host to them, with the exception of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan.

How could such a detail escape the eyes of those from the Ouyang Clan. Traces of unhappiness could be seen in their expression—it was as though the Chen Clan purposely wanted to antagonize them.

Although the words of greetings were spoken politely, their actions showed not a modicum of respect.

At this moment, Qin Wentian could feel a sharp gaze boring down on him. As he shifted his eyes over, he discovered that the owner of that sharp gaze was none other than Wang Xiao. His girlfriend, Qiao Xuan, from the Mystic Maiden Palace, had also accompanied him, in order to widen her perspective in this gathering of the supreme transcendent powers of Grand Xia.

Aside from the Chen Clan, the other six supreme powers that originated from the seven remaining Grand Clans were all present today.

“The Wang Clan of the War Continent lives up to their reputation indeed. What a sharp aura.” Qin Wentian mused as he turned his gaze onto Wang Xiao and his group.

After that, he turned his gaze to the side as he saw a group of swordsmen clad in white, with ancient swords strapped upon their backs. These people should be the Swallow Swordsmen from the Yan Continent, a power that focused only on swords.

Those from Hua Clan, and the Pill Emperor Hall had also arrived.

Right now, his eyes riveted onto Luo He who was currently speaking with the elder leading the Hua Clan.

The Hua Clan obviously wanted to better their relations with the Pill Emperor Hall, indicating their interest in forming an alliance through a marriage engagement.

Luo He somehow sensed Qin Wentian’s gaze on her, she turned her head and instantly focused her eyes on him. Her gaze couldn’t help but sharpen the moment she saw him, as Qin Wentian felt a huge pressure pressing down on him. Luo He’s countenance obviously become icier the moment she noticed his appearance.

Because this young man was the one that ruled the heart and thoughts of her disciple. Even as her Master, her position in Mo Qingcheng’s heart couldn’t be compared with Qin Wentian’s.

“Qin Wentian.” Standing beside Luo He, Zhan Chen’s eyes flashed with a sharp glimmer of golden light. He didn’t bother trying to mask his killing intent.

Within moments, those from the Hua Clan also turned their gazes onto Qin Wentian. Was this the person who slayed Hua Xiaoyun?

The eyes that stared at Qin Wentian were as cold as ice. It was as though they were looking at someone deceased instead.

In truth, nobody in the Hua Clan, other than Hua Xiaoyun’s immediate family, cared about his death. Hua Xiaoyun was a wastrel, a useless silk pants young master that often created trouble outside. His death was seen as a good thing in the eyes of many.

Despite their indifference towards Hua Xiaoyun’s death, Qin Wentian’s act of killing one of their own still brought a great deal of shame to their Hua Clan.

But of course, they wouldn’t do anything about it. Because even as they stood aside, there was still one person who would make sure Qin Wentian dies.

Hua Taixu, who had always doted on his younger brother, would definitely not allow Qin Wentian to live for too long.

With him around, Qin Wentian would definitely die.

Other than Zhan Chen, over in the direction of the Chen Clan’s members, Chen Ran’s gaze towards Qin Wentian was also exceptionally cold, yet he didn’t dare to brazenly reveal his killing intent. After all, he had been defeated by Qin Wentian, his face torn to shreds in front of so many people. He didn’t have the face to seek Qin Wentian for revenge, because, he knew undoubtedly he would be defeated again.

How could he request help from his clan by telling them that a nobody beat a chosen of the Great Solar Chen Clan, even after using the Great Solar Universe Art?

As usual, Qin Wentian’s countenance remained composed, with no fluctuations of any kind affecting it. Simply based on what Hua Xiaoyun had tried to do to Mo Qingcheng, even if time reversed and he were given the choice once more, he would still choose to slay Hua Xiaoyun without hesitation. This matter wouldn’t affect the state of his heart.

As for Zhan Chen, his true character was extremely ruthless, he was a person determined to achieve his goals using any means, be it fair or foul. He could even kill his lover for his own gain, and now that he wanted to kill Qin Wentian, shouldn’t Qin Wentian want to kill Zhan Chen as well?

Outside the entrance of the corridor leading to the island, yet another group of silhouettes walked over. They were the last transcendent power to arrive—members from the Shi Clan.

The eyes of the cultivators from the Shi Clan were all incredibly fiend-like. Their long hair that fluttered in the wind was an inky black, as the demonic aura they exuded, even when suppressed, was still overwhelming.

“Rumor has it that members of the Shi Clan possess the bloodline of an ancient primordial beast. They’re natural-born fighters that followed the Ancient Emperor back then when he moved to conquer Grand Xia,” Ouyang Kuangsheng explained in a low voice, his words causing bewilderment to flash past Qin Wentian’s face. The Shi Clan actually possessed the bloodline of an ancient primordial beast?!

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