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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 358 — Chen Wang’s Strength

Chapter 358: Chen Wang’s Strength

Chen Wang’s strength was extremely fearsome. He instantly defeated three yellow-robed warriors as his own battle robe took on the color of yellow.

“Those three yellow-robed warriors have a cultivation base at the peak of the ninth level, with their Mandates at the Perfection Boundary. Truly terrifying to fight against,” Qin Wentian murmured as he took in the scene. The initial three rounds of battle allowed him to understand that the number of manifested warriors would shoot up by one after each round, but their strength levels were all the same. When it came to the Yellow-ranked, the three warriors complemented each other movements and weaknesses perfectly, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed to defeat them.

The fourth round, a manifested warrior clad in green battle robes appeared on the platform Chen Wang was at.

Its cultivation base was at the pinnacle of Yuanfu, yet its spear arts were even more formidable compared to the three yellow-ranked warriors. Chen Wang’s Great Solar Universe Art erupted forth, shining with a blazing light. Not only that, he also unleashed his second level Mandate, but in spite of this, the green-ranked warrior managed to neutralize it. Evidently, the Mandate of the green-ranked warriors, was already at the second level of insights.

Eventually, however, it was still defeated by Chen Wang.

Thereafter, the contenders started to jump up on the platforms, directly starting their battles with the first level red-ranked warriors.

For those that couldn’t even pass the yellow-ranked warriors, they were directly eliminated. This meant that all of them had to win three rounds at the very least.

The hearts of several of the contenders couldn’t help but pound in shock when they witnessed the supremacy of Chen Wang.

By then, Chen Wang had already defeated the two blue-ranked warriors. These two manifested warriors were opponents whose insights into their respective Mandates were at the second level.

And now, Chen Wang was facing off against three indigo-ranked warriors.

All three of his opponents were at the pinnacle of Yuanfu, with their Mandate at the second level of insights. And although their weapons were all spears, the second level Mandates each of them comprehended were different from each other. This allowed them to synergise and complement each other, to the extent that their joint outputs were even greater than the sum of all three their attacks. How could anyone defeat them?

“This battle platform must have been something left behind by the Ancient Emperor, how fascinating.” Qin Wentian mused. Chen Wang was more formidable compared to him—evidently, all three of Chen Wang’s Mandates had already reached the second level.

But this was only to be expected, back then Chen Wang was already the second strongest in the Heavenly Fate Ranking. Using only a span of three years, he climbed from the initial state of the ninth level to his current achievements; at the pinnacle of Yuanfu, in addition to attaining second level of insights in his respective Mandates. Chen Wang was a true genius, so even though the Heavenly Dipper Realm was a major watershed to most, it was nothing to him. He was one of those monsters that could cross over to Heavenly Dipper any time he wanted.

Not only that, the instant Chen Wang stepped into Heavenly Dipper, he would already be capable of slaying ordinary Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns. This was what it meant to be a Heaven’s Chosen—this was what it meant to be a core member from a transcendent power.

“Victory?” The spectators all gazed on, thunderstruck. Chen Wang defeated the three indigo-ranked warriors as the battle robe on his body also turned a shade of deep indigo, projecting an extremely imposing aura.

At this moment, a violet-ranked warrior manifested on the battle platform Chen Wang was standing. Its countenance was extremely solemn, and merely meeting its gaze was sufficient to strike deep fear in the hearts of the most stalwart.

“Chen Wang is so powerful.”

“The first level of Martial Mandates can be classified into the Initial, Advanced, Transformation, Perfect Boundary, serving as the foundation before breaking through to the second level of insights. Similarly, the second level of insights are also classified into those four Boundaries. Since the three indigo-ranked warriors earlier all had second level Mandates at the Initial Boundary, I wonder how strong this violet-ranked warrior will be.”

Qin Wentian was analyzing Chen Wang and his opponents. Fighting on the platform would enable him to roughly calculate the level of combat prowess the respective contender had.

His own Mandates, the Mandate of Force, Mandate of Dreams and Mandate of Demons were all already at the Perfection Boundary of the first level. Not only that, his Mandate of Force had already broken through to the second level. At the Perfection Boundary of the first level, the Mandate of Force granted him an enhancement in his strength by a factor of 16, but now that he had already stepped into the second level, his Mandate of Force could even make use of vibrational waves in the air. Force was omnipresent, so he could even attack someone through space without directly landing a blow on them. This was his power of the second level insight he gained into the Mandate of Force, Void Vibration.

In addition, since the second level insight he gained surpassed the first level, the might of his vibrational waves already included the sixteen-fold strength enhancement from the first level insight, Strength.

Countless gazes were fixated onto Chen Wang—everyone wished to witness his true power with their own eyes.

Chen Wang didn’t disappoint the spectators—he went all out from the start and utilized the Great Solar Energy to cover his entire body in sun flames, transforming into a ball of fire akin to the sun.

Those from the Great Solar Chen Clan all nodded in satisfaction when they saw Chen Wang’s performance.

Only in this state would Chen Wang be able to fully unleash the might of the Great Solar Universe Art, allowing the Great Solar Energy to circulate internally and cover his entire body externally.

“An opponent at the ninth level of Yuanfu?” Those from the Chen Clan coldly laughed. Leaving those at the ninth level of Yuanfu aside, even rankers on the Heavenly Fate Rankings might not even dare to touch Chen Wang in his current state. Even if Chen Wang himself were to casually allow them to freely attack him right where he stood, they wouldn’t dare. The Great Solar Flames covering his body would incinerate everything near it—this was an art of absolute power.

Under the thunderstruck gazes of the crowd, Chen Wang defeated the violet-ranked warrior as the color of his battle robes turned violet.

“Chen Wang’s Mandate of Flames has actually reached the second level, Flames Solidification. He’s even surpassed the Initial Boundary all the way to the Advanced Boundary. Who would still dare to touch him? Who could still contend against him?”

This was the first time the public had seen Chen Wang’s true power. With the highest ranked battle robe, he was more than qualified to contend for the number one position on the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

After Hua Taixu, he Chen Wang, was the strongest in the Yuanfu Realm. Now that Hua Taixu had stepped into Heavenly Dipper, who among Yuanfu would still be his match?

Chen Wang won another round, defeating two manifested warriors at the violet-gold-ranked. And right now, a total of three platinum-ranked warriors appeared, staring disdainfully at Chen Wang. The auras they exuded were all immeasurably powerful, overshadowing even the illustrious Chen Wang.

Finally, Chen Wang could no longer continue his winning streak. Yet even though the three platinum-ranked warriors had defeated him, his achievements were already beyond outstanding.

The color of Chen Wang’s battle robes were that of violet-gold. This color was a symbol of supremacy, no one else should be able to surpass him. Now all that was left was to wait and see if Shi Potian would be able to reach this level, similarly manifesting a battle robe of the violet-gold color.

The blood of the other contenders surged with a wave of heat. For this test, for those unable to exhibit the ability to defeat opponents stronger than themselves would be doomed to fail here. The battle robes on one’s body must be at least the color of yellow.

The majority of the contenders had already taken the test, the weakest among them had the combat prowess necessary to fight against opponents at the pinnacle of Yuanfu, whose first level insights had reached the Perfection Boundary. One could very well imagine how fearsome the remaining contenders were.

After Shi Potian stepped on the battle platform, intense anticipation and excitement rocked the hearts of the crowd once again. Eventually, Shi Potian similarly obtained a violet-gold battle robe, indicating that he stood on the same level as Chen Wang.

Chen Wang and Shi Potian were too powerful, their strength far surpassed that of their peers in Yuanfu.

Emperor Azure, Wang Jue and the rest were knocked off the platform after they defeated the indigo-level, they couldn’t even defeat the violet-ranked warriors let alone violet-gold. Comparing them to Shi Potian and Chen Wang, their combat prowess was off by an entire level.

After all, the violet-ranked warriors were already terrifying existences that had already comprehended more than one Mandate at the second level, it wasn’t strange to be defeated by them. Of course, if they truly put their lives on the line and went all out, they might be able to win. But then again, maybe not.

But since their battle robes were of the indigo color, this indicated that Emperor Azure and Wang Jue had also comprehended second level Mandates. If not, it was impossible for them to defeat the indigo-ranked warriors.

“Is everyone already starting to display their true capabilities? This ranking battle has definitely proven to be many times more exciting to spectate compared to previous ones.”

The hearts of the crowd involuntarily trembled, so Emperor Azure and Wang Jue were also monsters that had comprehended second level Mandates while in Yuanfu.

Qin Wentian stood there watching the battles of the other contenders. He couldn’t help but feel excitement, as well as a sense of psychological pressure acting on him.

It seemed as though he had still underestimated the difficulty of the battle that determined the Heavenly Fate Rankings. For the previous Heaven’s Chosen ranked below the 10th position, they were existences that left people like Duan Qingshan far behind in their dust. Probably, Duan Qingshan wouldn’t even be able to last more than a few moments when fighting against them.

They were all Heaven’s Chosen, yet the distance between them was incomparably vast.

“Top three of the Heavenly Fate Rankings!” Qin Wentian drew in a huge breath. To him, this was a challenge of incredible difficulty.

“How much hidden strength and trump cards does Zhan Chen still possess?” Qin Wentian mused. Three years ago, Zhan Chen was already ranked #11 on the Heavenly Fate Rankings. Now that he obtained the cultivation art of the Gold-Element Ascendant, how much had his level of power grown by? How strong was he now, exactly?

Qin Wentian discovered that Zhan Chen intentionally allowed himself to be knocked off the platform after his battle robes turned the color yellow. Golden light gleamed sinisterly in his eyes, he didn’t give a sheet about the opinions of others concerning his actions.

“Zhan Chen is obviously hiding his strength.” Many in the crowd speculated.

The majority of the contenders were either eliminated or only had battle robes of the yellow-ranked. After all, it wasn’t so easy to defeat an opponent with second level Mandates.

This also showed the contrast between them and Chen Wang and Shi Potian. How difficult it was to obtain the violet-gold battle robes.

The next contender drew the attention of the crowd. This figure was clad in black, with their features obscured. Yet currently, the figure’s black robes were enveloped by an illusory blue-colored battle robe.

“His cultivation base is at the eighth level of Yuanfu, hence his opponents are all also at the eighth level. Yet, in spite of this, during the first three rounds, their Mandates were already at the Perfection Boundary, and for the fourth round, the opponent’s Mandate was at the second level. There are no differences in terms of will of Mandates, the only differences are the realms of cultivations, which reflects the cultivation level of the person currently taking the test.”

“That black-robed figure cultivates the Devil Arts, so his attacks are all extremely tyrannical. Even though his manifested opponent has second level Mandates, he should still be able to defeat them.”

The crowd discovered to their surprise that the black-robed figure seemed to become more stronger the more he battled. This was the terrifying point about Devil Arts, and his performance was such that even Old Man Tianji and the rest of the leaders took notice of him. That art he was cultivating…Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil.

This lost inheritance—how had he obtained it? And in spite of its inherent dangers, he still dared to cultivate it? Wasn’t he afraid of losing himself to the devil?

Eventually, the black-robed figure was clad in illusory battle robes of an indigo color. Other than Chen Wang and Shi Potian, he was one of the most dazzling contenders here.

“It seems like I have a huge advantage.” Qin Wentian laughed. With a cultivation base at the seventh level of Yuanfu, this meant that his manifested opponents would similarly only be at the pinnacle of the seventh level.

His silhouette flickered as Qin Wentian stepped onto one of the battle platforms. As his feet landed, a burst of light inundated the platform as his opponent manifested.

With a single punch. Destruction.

After which, two more opponents appeared. Qin Wentian’s silhouette flashed, punching out twice in unison. Destruction.

The third round, three punches. Destruction.

“What speed, this crazy fellow!” The spectators finally noticed Qin Wentian. This was the young man who broke the drum echoes record, as well as the person who killed Duan Qingshan during the test at the River of Life and Death. Who would have thought that his strength would be so insanely overwhelming? He could insta-kill opponents at the same level.

And right now on the battle platform, a green-ranked warrior finally appeared.

“Second level Mandate?” Qin Wentian coldly smiled. His opponent was only at the seventh level of Yuanfu, so what if it could use second level Mandates?

Qin Wentian flickered as he instantly closed the distance, and with domineering force directly exploded the long spear in his opponent’s grasp. A terrifying fluctuation of vibrational waves drifted out and, in front of the eyes of the crowd, that green-ranked warrior imploded to death.

The illusory robe around Qin Wentian’s body instantly turned a brilliant green!

“This…” The spectators were rigid with shock. With this level of power, the results were clear—Qin Wentian should have no problems turning the color of his battle robes indigo!

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