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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 359 — Violet Battle Robe

Chapter 359: Violet Battle Robe

The green-ranked warrior had the same cultivation base as Qin Wentian, as well as a second level Mandate.

And yet, when it directly clashed against Qin Wentian, the green-ranked warrior was totally annihilated in a single breath. How tyrannical were his attacks? In the same level, Qin Wentian was unrivalled, regardless of whether his opponent had a second level Mandate or not.

"Since this person could kill Duan Qingshan, his combat prowess has definitely reached the peak of Yuanfu. Although the green-ranked warrior’s second level Mandate is stronger than his, it’s not at all surprising that he could suppress it."

"I wonder who is he, how can he have such an overwhelming attack strength? What a pity that he’s only at the seventh level of Yuanfu. If his cultivation was at the ninth level he would definitely be able to contend for the top five positions on the Heavenly Fate Rankings. But putting that aside, with his current strength, there shouldn’t be a problem for him to rank within the top thirty-six."

More and more people started to notice Qin Wentian, from the sounding of the drums to now, Qin Wentian gathered the spectators’ attention little by little. First was the drum record, second was the slaying of Duan Qingshan during the River of Life and Death test and third, his outstanding performance on the battle platform.

At this moment, another two manifested opponents appeared. Clad in blue battle robes, they exuded a fearsome aura.

"Bzzz!" A raging wind kicked up as both of the warriors dashed forward and stabbed their spears at Qin Wentian, one taking the left and another taking the right, intending to entrap Qin Wentian in a pincer attack.

However, the spectators only saw Qin Wentian twisting his body, using exquisite footwork to dodge their attack. Slamming out with both his palms, he aimed for their spears as demonic scales covered his arms, by virtue of his Mandate of Demons. The demonic scales were further reinforced by his Mandate of Force. The vibrational shockwave travelled through the spears, entering the bodies of the blue-ranked warriors as both of them imploded into pieces.

"This strength…" The spectators started to seriously contemplate Qin Wentian. Such an attack was too insidious.

Qin Wentian’s attack incorporated his second level insights into the Mandate of Force, Void Vibration. This, coupled with his already terrifying attacks, there was no way the two manifested opponents could resist.

Strength, what he excelled in was strength. Regardless of what tricks or methods opponents used, he would directly counter with absolute strength. When that opponent realized his mistake, everything was already too late, they could only wait to be destroyed.

After which, three indigo-ranked warriors appeared.

"Indigo-ranked warriors this time, so if he wins again, other than Chen Wang and Shi Potian, he’ll be ranked among the strongest contenders who’ve managed to obtain the indigo battle robes."

Mustang, Luo Huan and Bailu Yi didn’t participate in the ranking battle, they were squeezed somewhere within the crowd spectating. Their hearts couldn’t help but feel agitation when they heard people around them discussing Qin Wentian.

"Luo Huan, tell me do you think that I’m really useless as his teacher? I didn’t even teach him anything, yet he’s already surpassed me by so much in a mere few years." Mustang sighed, Qin Wentian’s cultivation speed was insanely fast, he felt as though he had wasted his life away just watching how talented his disciple was.

"Teacher, everyone has their own encounters and Wentian’s innate talent is incomparable. Back then in the Sky Harmony City, who could ever predict that he’d reach this level today? Back then, you ignored the objections of some of the elders in our Emperor Star Academy to aid him, and that was already an act of great kindness towards Junior Brother Qin. I believe that he is a man who values his relationships, so he will naturally show you the respect you deserve. Although you might not have taught him any powerful techniques or cultivation arts, your advice steered him clear and you were always there when he needed you most, Teacher, so you shouldn’t keep thinking about things like that. We should all be happy for Wentian."

Luo Huan consoled him, yet she knew that as a teacher, when one was stronger than one’s disciple, the feeling of prestige would naturally be there. But when one’s disciple grew stronger and stronger to the extent of far surpassing the teacher, how could the teacher not feel unworthy of his disciple? Even though Qin Wentian was not that kind of person, there would be a gap in the relationship. That was why Luo Huan wanted Mustang to stop thinking about this matter even though she understood that it was only human of him to do so.

If not, the distance between teacher and disciple would only increase further and further.

"Right, I will do as you say. Oh, by the way, even that lazy bum Fan Le is now stronger than you, so you’d better work hard to catch up." Mustang laughed, Luo Huan hugged his arms as she smiled, "No worries, my glorious future will be dependent on my lovely junior brothers then."

Mustang could only smile wryly in response. Bailu Yi who was by their side found the conversation extremely illuminating. It seemed like Qin Wentian had many enriching experiences, and both his teacher and senior sister weren’t as powerful as him. And just as Qin Wentian had told her, he was from a small and remote country named Chu, he had what he had today all because of the effort he put in, walking on the cruel path of cultivation step by step until today.

"I’ll pray that you’ll get a good ranking as proof of your efforts. As for Mo Qingcheng, where is she now? Her results should be as exemplary as yours, and only then will they see what a perfect match the both of you are. The people of Grand Xia, the Pill Emperor Hall, they will all bear witness to the union of this immortal couple." Bailu Yi’s silently prayed in her heart, hoping for QIn Wentian’s success.

"She’s really so beautiful… Maybe only someone like her can match up with Qin Wentian." Bailu Yi smiled, but somehow she felt a bittersweet feeling in her heart. Yet, that feeling soon faded, to be replaced by one of happiness for them.

Because of Mo Qingcheng, Qin Wentian went all the way to the Moon Continent, risking his life to slay Hua Xiaoyun. This was already sufficient to prove the depth of his affections for her. No one deserved to be together as much as they did.

Qin Wentian, who was currently still in combat, naturally didn’t know of Bailu Yi’s thoughts. At this moment, the illusory battle robe on him had already turned a deep indigo, this meant that he had already defeated the three indigo-ranked warriors.

"Violet is next, Qin Wentian is going to fight against a violet-ranked opponent next. And if he manages to win, he’ll become the person underneath Chen Wang and Shi Potian but above all the other contenders. But, can he win?"

Among all the battle platforms, Qin Wentian’s platform drew the most attention—over 50% of the spectators were looking in his direction.

The violet-ranked warrior finally manifested. It also had a cultivation base at the seventh level of Yuanfu, together with second level Mandates. However,its second level Mandate was at the Advanced Boundary instead.

The weapon of the manifested warrior was also still a spear. Qin Wentian stared at the violet-ranked warrior, he didn’t know which second level Mandate this opponent possessed, and its exact level of strength.

For this battle, he had to win—this was his conviction. Only by fighting against this the second level Mandates of this manifested opponent would he then be able to roughly evaluate the power level of Chen Wang and Shi Potian.

"Chi, chi…" Piercing sounds echoed, Qin Wentian saw terrifying lightning sparks around the spear head of his opponent’s weapon.

"Mandate of Lightning."

Qin Wentian’s countenance faltered for a moment. The explosive power of the Mandate of Lightning was extremely fearsome, even when at the first level of insight, Eruption. And this time, opponent had a second level Mandate of Lightning…

As he thought of this, the blood in Qin Wentian’s body surged up as he morphed into his demonic form, appearing like an ancient primordial beast. In that instant where the warrior attacked, a lightning dragon howled as it spiralled through the air, crashing right into Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian groaned in agony, the qi and blood in his body were violently stirred up and flowing in disarray, in total chaos.

"This…" Qin Wentian’s frame was burned as a charred smell drifted from him. If it weren’t for his monstrous physique, he’d be nothing but charred piece of charcoal by now.

This was the power of lightning, the power of heaven’s wrath. It was simply too terrifying. Not only that, the opponent’s strongest attack had yet to be unleashed. A lightning dragon coiled around the spear of the manifested warrior as a powerful force of destruction penetrated through the void, aiming right for Qin Wentian.

The Divine Yuan Energy within Qin Wentian’s body exploded forth as his palms sent out draconic imprints incorporated with the shockwaves of his Void Vibration, colliding directly against the dragon. The impact from both attacks created a gigantic explosion that formed giant fissures in the air.

Both of them had a cultivation base at the seventh level of Yuanfu, and although Qin Wentian had the advantage in terms of strength, his second level insight into the Mandate of Force was only at the Initial Boundary. On the other hand, his opponent’s Mandate of Lightning was already at the Advanced Boundary, and further complemented its attack style.

A massive wind kicked up, Qin Wentian’s palms contained enough strength to topple the mountains and overturn the oceans. His demonic qi towered to the skies and forcefully halted his opponent’s spear just before it could burst into motion.


Qin Wentian’s speed was breathtakingly fast, and despite being at the same cultivation level as him, the warrior’s speed couldn’t match his. Garuda Wings appeared behind his back as Qin Wentian inched closer to the lightning-might that enveloped his opponent’s body.

The palm of the warrior slashed out, like a thunderbolt issued from the Heavens. How could Qin Wentian retreat now that an opportunity was right in front of his eyes? His entire strength erupted forth, colliding together towards the palm slash of the violet-ranked warrior.


The arms of the violet-ranked warrior completely ruptured from the vibrational shockwaves. Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickered as he appeared in front of the warrior, before smashing his palms together with astounding force, aiming for the temples of his hapless opponent.

The violet-ranked warrior was annihilated.


"Violet-colored battle robes. Other than Chen Wang and Shi Potian… the most magnificent battle robes belong to…"

Astonishment and disbelief suffused the features of the crowd.

With a cultivation base merely at the seventh level of Yuanfu, what level and boundaries had Qin Wentian’s Mandate reached exactly?

No one could tell by just spectating, because Qin Wentian used the Mandate of Force which was directly incorporated into his attacks. Other than an opponent who had exchanged blows with Qin Wentian, no one would be able to gauge his true level.

But regardless, the color of Qin Wentian’s battle robe turned a vivid violet.

This clearly was a testament that Qin Wentian was unrivalled in the seventh level of Yuanfu.

Currently, he was only considered below the other two with their violet-gold battle robes.

Following which, two violet-gold-ranked warriors manifested. And as his opponents took form, even more pairs of eyes shifted towards Qin Wentian’s direction.

Could he win this battle? If Qin Wentian could win, he would be on the same level as Chen Wang and Shi Potian and the violet battle robe on his body would turn a dazzling violet-golden color. But, that should be a tall order because after all, this time around, his opponents were two violet-gold-ranked warriors who could complement each other flawlessly, thus removing their weaknesses and boosting their strengths.

Qin Wentian’s gaze turned heavy, he wanted to win this battle.

As long as he won, he could prove that in terms of combat prowess, with the scaling of cultivation level, he didn’t lose out to Chen Wang nor Shi Potian. And if that was the case, when he broke through to the eighth level, he would be capable of exchanging blows with both of them.

Even if he couldn’t defeat them, he had to ensure that they were the only ones that could overpower him in battle… Otherwise, he would have next to no chance of ranking within the top three. That was his bottom line.

Yet, how could he settle for his bottom line? His true objective was to surpass Chen Wang and Shi Potian.

Hence, for this next battle, losing was not an option!

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