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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 360 — Platinum Battle Robes

Chapter 360: Platinum Battle Robes

The two violet-gold-ranked warriors projected an overwhelming aura with their spears held out, pointing at Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s countenance stiffened, he didn’t know which Mandates these two warriors had comprehended. He could only hope that lady luck was on his side, and their Mandates weren’t too abnormal.

It could be said that there was no concrete method to determine the ‘best’ Mandate in terms of strong and weak, however, there were still visible differences between them. For example, the differences between the Mandates of Wind, Flames, Lightning and Great Earth. Each of them had their strong points, so one couldn’t really argue that a particular Mandate was stronger than the others. Usually it depended on the cultivator’s comprehension level, and therefore different people might have different levels of strength, even when it came to using the same Mandate. There should only be very slight differences when it came to the first level insights, as they served as the foundation—they were the same for all cultivators that comprehended them. But when it came to second level insights, the comprehension would vary between individuals and therefore resulted in variations of the same Mandate. And for cultivators of the same level, these variations further illustrated their differences even more…

And there were those who somehow comprehend the more elusive Mandates, like the Mandate of Space. Although one couldn’t say that the Mandate of Space was superior to that of the Mandate of Flames or Lightning, Space definitely had a certain advantage over the others. This was especially true if the opponents had insights at similar levels and boundaries.

But even so, you can’t say for sure that Space was superior to Flame. What if it wasa different opponent? An example would be that for some cultivators, the second level insight they comprehended for the Mandate of Flame was Burning Heart, enabling them to incinerate the hearts of their opponents upon contact. Such might was something the Mandate of Space wouldn’t be able to achieve.

The key still depended on the comprehension of individuals.

Qin Wentian’s second level of insight into the Mandate of Force was Void Vibration. He could create vibrational shockwaves and attack from afar, and if he were to fight in close combat, his strength would be even more terrifying—capable of ignoring his opponent’s defenses and going straight for their internal organs. Hence, despite the reinforced defense the battle robes granted the manifested warriors, they still imploded to death.

A massive wind kicked up as the two violet-gold-ranked warriors moved—one of them had comprehended the Mandate of Wind.

At the same time, a heavy pressure pressed down onto Qin Wentian. This was the will from the Mandate of Great Earth.

“How swift.” Qin Wentian retreated as he saw a figure closing in on him with rapid speed, stabbing out with attacks imbued with the speed of the wind. Such a speed was too quick for the naked eyes to follow.

Qin Wentian hurriedly raised his palms to defend—sounds of shattering rang out as its long spear pierced into his scaly armor. The terrifying spear head spun about like a drill in the air, chasing after Qin Wentian who was knocked backwards by the force of the strike. His opponent wanted to break his defenses, so each of its attacks were aiming at Qin Wentian’s critical spots.

The other violet-gold-ranked warrior descended. His spear was filled with an imposing heaviness and the spear attack hadn’t even reached Qin Wentian yet the impending momentum already caused him to feel as though his body was about to break apart. If that strike had hit him, he didn’t dare imagine what would have happened after that.

“It’s the end.” Many of the spectators mused when they saw that strike. One of the manifested warrior excelled in speed, his spear attacks relentlessly chasing after Qin Wentian on that small battle platform they were on. Coupled with the cooperation of the violet-gold-ranked warrior who excelled in heavy attacks, Qin Wentian would soon have nowhere to run to.

Indeed, a few moments later, Qin Wentian was already forced to the boundaries of the platform. Many people lamented, it seemed that the violet battle robes was already his limit.

Only Chen Wang and Shi Potian were qualified to wear battle robes of the violet-gold color.

Finally, it seemed as though Qin Wentian’s silhouette had already disappeared from the battle platform.

“Something’s wrong…”

The spectators realised that Qin Wentian had totally disappeared from sight, he wasn’t on the ground below the battle platform nor the area where the other contenders were gathered.

“Over there! How is he this fast?” The crowd finally spotted Qin Wentian who reappeared next to the violet-gold-ranked warrior who comprehended the Mandate of Wind.


Qin Wentian’s heart pounded with joy. Back then in the Unmatched Realm, he had studied the eighty-one demonic techniques engraved upon a wall.

And one of them, Roc Flash, mimicked the movement of a great roc, granting the user a massive boost of momentum in short-distance bursts. Although Qin Wentian had practiced this technique back then, he still lacked the necessary insight to master it. Now that he was forced to the edge of the platform, he’d barely managed to pull it off.

The violet-gold-ranked warrior sensed that something was wrong and instantly turned to the side. But despite its superior speed, there was no longer sufficient time for it to dodge any longer—Qin Wentian’s attack had already landed, bypassing its defenses.

After the violet-gold-ranked warrior (wind) was destroyed, Qin Wentian’s feet stomped heavily on the ground as he rushed towards the other violet-gold-ranked warrior that comprehended the Mandate of Great Earth. His demonic form surged forwards, as a terrifying light gleamed in his eyes. Sadly, these were all manifested opponents, so they didn’t have a heart. If not for this, he could have used his [Heartbreak Echo] technique against them.

Now, they could only compete based on pure strength.

Qin Wentian clashed against that violet-gold-ranked warrior, the impact from their collision manifesting a whirlwind of destruction. Despite being in his demonic form, he felt as though his arms were about to shatter from the rebound force. Groaning, the rebound force travelled into his body, causing Qin Wentian to cough out a mouthful of blood. His opponent’s second level insight into the Mandate of Great Earth was somewhat similar to his Void Vibration, causing Qin Wentian to feel as though his body was about to break apart.

However, the defense of the violet-gold-ranked warrior wasn’t as terrifying as Qin Wentian in his demonic form. He was only an illusory manifestation, and with both their cultivation bases at the peak of the seventh level as the standard, even when it came to and equal exchange of blows, the one to lose out would definitely be the violet-gold-ranked warrior.

Qin Wentian’s violet battle robe flashed with a brilliant light, turning into the color of violet-gold, granting an imposing presence to his already impressive aura, akin to a battle god to his already impressive aura.

“Violet-gold Battle Robes!”

The gazes of the spectators froze when they stared at Qin Wentian. The combat prowess of this guy…bordered on the unbelievable, he could even defeat two opponents with comprehensions into second level Mandates.

“His own Mandate must surely have already reached the second level by now. It must be hidden from our sight because its will was directly incorporated into his attacks.”

Someone in the crowd speculated.

Chen Wang and Shi Potian also stared in shock. This was the third contender after them that had the qualifications to don the violet-gold battle robes. Not only that, it was someone with a cultivation base only at the seventh level of Yuanfu.

There were many faces twisted in displeasure. Naturally, Zhan Chen was incensed to see Qin Wentian’s exemplary performance. But no matter, in the ranking battle the contenders wouldn’t be suppressing their cultivation bases to fight with him on equal grounds. Qin Wentian could be considered lucky—this round was different.

On the battle platform, three silhouettes clad in platinum-color robes appeared.

Their platinum battle robes conveyed their majesty, as though they were robes worn only by kings and emperors.

Both Chen Wang and Shi Potian failed when it came to this final round and now, Qin Wentian was the third person to challenge the platinum-ranked warriors.

Would he be able to obtain victory?

In the air above, Old Man Tianji and the rest had their gazes fixated onto Qin Wentian. Despite Qin Wentian’s performance, no expressions of shock and surprise could be seen on their faces—it was as though they were merely watching a play.

Luo He cast a glance at her disciple, Mo Qingcheng, and upon noting her yellow battle robes, she couldn’t help but frown in disappointment. It was obvious Mo Qingcheng hadn’t gone all out, and didn’t even seem to care about the ranking battle at all. More accurately, it could be said that she joined the ranking battle for one objective only—to interact with Qin Wentian.

“Master, didn’t Junior Sister Qingcheng successfully concoct the Limit-break Pellets?” Bai Fei stood behind Luo He as she asked in a low voice.

“I know.” Luo He’s voice was ice-cold. Of course, Luo He knew that Mo Qingcheng had sacrificed many valuable ingredients, in addition to her own heart’s blood, in the process of concocting the Limit-break Pellets, all because she wanted to give them to Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s cultivation base was the same as the last time she met him, but Luo He knew that if he took one Limit-break Pellet right now, Qin Wentian would immediately step into the eighth level of Yuanfu.

Qin Wentian at the seventh level already possessed such overwhelming strength, so how much stronger would he be when his cultivation base grew to the eighth level? There shouldn’t be any problems for him to fight against opponents at the ninth level of Yuanfu, it was almost a given that he would be ranked among the top thirty-six.

But, Mo Qingcheng wanted him to win against Zhan Chen? It was still impossible.

Zhan Chen’s actual current strength was far beyond what people thought it was. He may even match or surpass Chen Wang and Shi Potian.

It has been a long, long time since the Pill Emperor Hall had anyone from their sect with a truly astounding position on the Heavenly Fate Rankings. Although Zhan Chen was ranked #11 three years ago, he still wasn’t in the top ten. This matter, was actually not a matter of glory for the Pill Emperor Hall.

Hence this time around, the Pill Emperor Hall had placed all their hopes on the shoulders of Zhan Chen. They had to be the one to wrest the ancient luck away.

On the battle platform, Qin Wentian and the three platinum-ranked warriors were already engaged in combat. A terrifying maelstrom gushed over, attempting to devour Qin Wentian. It was obvious to the crowd that this was a battle where he had no hope of victory.

The three platinum-ranked warriors attacked together, one from the front and two from the sides as resplendent golden light glimmered, forming a seal that froze the entire space. The will of their respective Mandates coated their attacks as they rushed in, locking on to Qin Wentian. There was no way Qin Wentian could dodge their blows, no road to fly up to the heavens, no door into the earth—he was at the end of his rope.

“Dangerous. An attack of such degree, were the manifested warriors really programmed to kill?”

Astonishment flashed on the faces of the crowd, would Qin Wentian be the first to die in this test?

He was one of the only three to make it to this stage, but an attack of this degree was basically impossible to defend against.

“This…” Qin Wentian’s countenance also changed, yet he didn’t have any time left for hesitation. A terrifying glint of light flickered in his eyes as he stabbed out with a single finger. The demonic qi he was exuding towered to the heavens. Swirls of demonic qi were being channelled into the tip of his finger, as it landed on one of the platinum-ranked warriors, causing instant destruction. Simultaneously his steps inscribed runic imprints of third-ranked ancient shield Inscriptions, causing them to spring out and envelope his body.

“Ka Cha!”

How powerful were their spear strikes? Even though the ancient shields were peak-tier, third-ranked Inscriptions, they were still easily broken through. The only purpose the shields served now was to slow the attacks of the platinum-ranked warriors.

As the spears penetrated the shields, Qin Wentian side-stepped slightly, his palms transforming into claws of a golden dragon. He then viciously grabbed the head of one of the platinum-ranked warriors, crushing it with a snap of his claws. He was putting his life on the line for this attack!

And indeed, in the time it took for him to slay the second platinum-ranked warrior, the spear of the last guy already ran through him. Fresh blood spurted out of his wounds as an almost maniacal laughter could be seen in his now fiend-like eyes. He grabbed hold of the spear embedded in him and used it as leverage to push it even further into his body, thereby shortening the distance between them. With a demonic grin on his face, Qin Wentian stabbed forth with yet another Heaven Breaking Finger, aiming for the heart of his opponent and instantly annihilating him.

In that instant, time seemed to halt as the gazes of the entire crowd landed on him. That finger attack was too overwhelming, and the way he fought was simply too crazy.

Qin Wentian won, and he only used an extremely short amount of time to do so.

The violet-gold battle robes shimmered as it turned into a dazzling platinum. To the spectators, Qin Wentian appeared so radiant that they weren’t aware of his injured state, and overlooked the amount of energy he’d used up for the two consecutive Heaven Breaking Finger attacks. Their whole attention was entranced by the shining platinum battle robe on Qin Wentian’s body.

Not even Chen Wang and Shi Potian had accomplished that!

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