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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 365 — Second Degree Demonic Transformation

Chapter 365: Second Degree Demonic Transformation

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

Outside the Vermilion Bird Formation, the spectators were still paying close attention to the events happening within. It was as though the daily cycle of night and day didn’t matter, as though the word ‘fatigue’ didn’t exist in their vocabulary.

Seven days passed after the confrontation between Chen Wang and Qin Wentian. And in that time, the actual strength of the contenders were gradually being made clear.

There were several experts on the Heavenly Fate Rankings, as well as a few dark horses that were all highly regarded.

Naturally, many contenders found themselves being surpassed by others. If you stagnate, you fall behind, this was a simple law of natural selection. Experts on the Heavenly Fate Rankings were also subjected to this rule, and this was one of the reasons why those top few rankers were all cultivators from the younger generations.

Currently, the most highly regarded cultivators were: Chen Wang, Shi Potian, Si Qiong and Zhan Chen. Si Qiong was the contender with the violet-gold robe, yet even now no one could be clear of his full strength yet. Zhan Chen gave people a feeling of strangeness, as though he was becoming less and less human. He also seemed to gain more power whenever he was faced with stronger opponents.

These four people all had enough power to contend for the top three positions.

Besides these four, there were also others who also obtained a high level of recognition: Qin Zheng, Emperor Azure, Yao Jun, Hua Shaoqing, Yan Cheng, Leng Hong, Wang Jue and Yun Mengyi.

Also, there were a few contenders who were considered exceedingly mysterious: the black-robed figure, Mu Feng, Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng.

The black-robed figure and Mu Feng kept an extremely low profile, they wouldn’t take the initiative to hunt others and as long as people didn’t purposely offend them, they couldn’t be bothered about plundering ancient luck. But of course if there were people foolish enough to accost them, they wouldn’t show any mercy either. Especially Mu Feng, his personality had undergone a total overhaul, he was even more emotionless and many times more ruthless. Each and contender that accosted him would lose their lives dying in agony. His state of martial heart became increasingly more suitable for those who walked the path of a poisoner.

And Qin Wentian was classified within this because no one knew how strong was he exactly. The battle seven days earlier shocked every one - he actually survived under Chen Wang’s onslaught and Chen Wang turns out to be the person that was grievously injured instead.

As for Mo Qingcheng, she totally didn’t make any moves on plundering other’s ancient luck. Interestingly enough, those that met her didn’t have any intentions of wresting her bit of luck away either. Her charisma was just too great, and even though she appeared as cold as ice, no one would be willing to act against her. Hence, nobody knew of her true level of power.

Also, for those contenders who weren’t that strong to begin with, all started to group up and form alliances to traverse this formation world together. In this case, they could avoid being hunted by those powerful experts and even have the chance to hunt groups weaker than them for their bits of ancient luck.

Hence, an extremely strange phenomenon appeared. For those first class experts, the luck they gathered got increasingly more and more - the majority of the luck of those who were ousted belonged to them.

"The number of contenders are steadily decreasing, there are only around 500 people left now." Several spectators mused as they studied the happenings in the formation world.

"Chen Wang is on the prowl for Qin Wentian’s friends while hunting ancient luck. While Yang Fan, Situ Po and Hua Feng were guarding the entrance of the cave dwelling where Qin Wentian was in.

Many of the spectators felt extremely puzzled when they noticed the actions of Yang Fan, Situ Po and Hua Feng. All of them could be considered first class experts in the formation world, what grudge do they have with Qin Wentian exactly? But somehow, they seemed to be unable to do anything to Qin Wentian, it was as though they feared entering the cave dwelling where he was in.

"Qin Wentian is truly awesome, look at how many experts are outside the cave waiting for him." In the crowd, the young and beautiful Xuan Xin spoke in a low voice, evidently surprised by what she witnessed. Fan Le’s friends was truly outstanding, especially Qin Wentian, he was beyond extraordinary.

"After offending Chen Wang, his only path is death. Even if he turtles in there, when the test ends, he would still die eventually." Li Shiyu was ousted from the formation world after her ancient luck was plundered. After which she had been spectating all these while and realised Qin Wentian was near her earlier and was the one who forced the middle-aged man out. In this case, with his level of power, if he chose to act and save her she would still be within the world. But he let her ‘died’ instead.

"Senior sister you are wrong there. Look at what is his cultivation level and think back of his past achievements. Back then when he entered the Unmatched Realm, you should clearly know his level of prowess. And now, in a short few months he had already progressed so much to the extent that he could even wound Chen Wang. Even if he turtles in the cave, the fact that Chen Wang didn’t dare enter meant that he is useless. There’s nothing shameful about what Qin Wentian is doing."

Xuan Xin lightly commented as she continued, "Senior sister you shouldn’t be obsessed with hatred so much. With your level of strength even if he helped you, you would be ousted sooner or later."

Li Shiyu was obviously unhappy with Xuan Xin’s analysis, she coldly snorted, "I’m merely speaking the truth, look at your beloved fatty, he’s still hiding underneath that coral reef."

Xuan Xin nonchalantly laughed when she spotted Fan Le’s silhouette, "With only a cultivation base at the seventh level of Yuanfu, it already isn’t easy for him to walk till this point. Now that he’s trying to increase his strength, there’s nothing wrong with it? This is how intelligent people who act."

Regardless of the opinions of the spectators, those within the formation world stayed true to their methods and continued doing things according to their method.

Qin Wentian continued cultivating in the cave, even now…no one dared to enter.

"Qin Wentian, didn’t you want to have a battle with me? I’m right here now, come out if you dare, I shall slay you for certain." A voice drifted within the cave, that voice, belonged to Situ Po.

Situ Po naturally knew that such a method basically had no way to infuriate Qin Wentian, causing him to leave the cave. But even so, he still called out, hoping to disrupt Qin Wentian’s cultivation process. Even if it couldn’t accomplish anything, he could still vent the emotions in his heart.

"Chen Wang is truly taking his time." Hua Feng commented impatiently as he stared in the direction of the cave’s entrance.

Hadn’t Chen Wang managed to locate Chu Mang and the rest?

They surely couldn’t continue to waste time by standing guard over a cave dwelling where Qin Wentian wouldn’t come out but Hua Feng was smart enough to realise that this place was actually the safest place to be compared to actively hunting for active luck in this formation world. If he plundered too much ancient luck, he would undoubtedly become the next target of people like Chen Wang and Situ Po.

"Chen Wang had already spread the news, all the contenders in the formation world is already helping him to locate them. There’s no rush, it's only a matter of time." Yang Fan was still composed. Although he had broken up with Shu Ruanyu, he still felt extremely unwilling in his heart. Shu Ruanyu was truly an excellent woman, with beauty and talent in addition to her extraordinary background. He was already prepared to marry her, who would have thought that she would be abducted by Qin Wentian.

This matter was too great a blow to Yang Fan and the Star-Seizing Manor’s reputation. His fiancee, a virgin of exceedingly beauty was abducted by Qin Wentian for long periods of time? What would people think? He would never be able to escaped the finger pointing of being a cuckold, this was also the main reason why the two of them broke up.

Hence, disregarding their grudges before this. Simply this matter alone made Yang Fan hated Qin Wentian so much that he couldn’t wait to tear Qin Wentian into pieces.

"Qin Wentian, wasn’t you very arrogant during the trial of the Heavenly Stele Steps? Now you are nothing but a coward, hiding like a turtle. How sad is that?" Situ Po continued, "Your cowardice will only lead to the death of your friends, they had truly been blinded, they actually made friends with a beast in human-clothing. Chen Wang will definitely slay them and send them to the underworld in peace."

Situ Po wanted to agitate Qin Wentian into anger, and kept hurling nasty words and even vulgarities. Yet Qin Wentian didn’t bother about him, he was at the critical moment of his cultivation.

Hua Feng walked up, stopping at the entrance of the cave dwelling as he coldly laughed, "Qin Wentian, tell me what do you think Chen Wang would do when he learns of the relationship between you and Mo Qingcheng?"

Mo Qingcheng was from the Pill Emperor Hall, the beloved disciple of Luo He. Chen Wang definitely knew of this and even if he learnt of the relationship between them, he wouldn’t dare do anything too drastic to Mo Qingcheng. Qin Wentian and Hua Feng both understood this point, Hua Feng only made the statement because he was banking on the fact that Qin Wentian would be angered enough to leave the cave.

Situ Po’s expression faltered. What relationship was there between Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng?

Only those from Hua Clan knew of the actual details. After all, the reason why Hua Xiaoyun died to Qin Wentian was because of this.

Hua Feng actually came here for another purpose, after Hua Taixu stepped into Heavenly Dipper, his position in the Hua Clan naturally rose as well. The upper echelons in the Hua Clan gave him an order - to find an opportunity in the ranking battle and kill Qin Wentian.

Hua Shaoqing then became the Yuanfu cultivator with the highest status after Hua Taixu’s brokethrough. Despite his increase in status, this made Hua Feng exceptionally unhappy. Why was he the fall guy? Why wasn’t it Hua Shaoqing instead? Such a feeling sucked extremely.

Hence, he wanted to vent all these emotions of frustrations and unhappiness onto Qin Wentian.

"Qin Wentian you should know how beautiful Mo Qingcheng is. Do you think she would still continue living if subjected to such humiliation?" Hua Feng purposely hinted and emphasized on Mo Qingcheng’s beauty. He made his voice very low, only Qin Wentian could hear his words.

He didn’t believe that Qin Wentian could still tolerate this.

And indeed, all of a sudden a terrifying demonic air gushed out of the cave and contained within it, was an immense killing intent targeted at Hua Feng. Hua Feng rapidly retreated in case he became the target of an ambush. A cold smile hung on his lips, he had achieved his objectives, he knew that he had successfully made Qin Wentian infuriated.

Since now that he knew of Qin Wentian’s weak point, things would be easy to settle. He didn’t believe that Qin Wentian would continue turtling in there.

Within the cave interior, Qin Wentian’s entire body was shrouded by an overwhelming demonic qi.

Demonification, savageness, killing intent, ferociousness, barbaric. His physique got even stronger as his vitality skyrocketed.

The first level of the Mandate of Demons was to demonise the essence of one’s body, slowly transforming a human into an entity nearer to a demon, granting them an increase in strength, a stronger physique and an increasingly violent temperament.

Qin Wentian’s rage clearly indicated that the Mandate of Demons was different from the other Mandates because simply, it was the Mandate of Demons.

Second level of the Mandate of Demons was second degree demonification, Qin Wentian’s physique got even larger as his bones and muscles underwent a shocking transformation. Grinding sounds could be heard from within his body as his eyes increasingly resembled a fiendish demon.

His third eye opened as a glaring demonic light flickered within, like the eye of an ancient primordial demon gazing down at the inhabitants of this lowly world with disdain.

Not only that, the aura that was exuding from Qin Wentian was now at the eighth level of Yuanfu.

Both his eyes abruptly snapped open as three harsh rays of dazzling light suddenly gleamed in the darkness, causing the souls of those who saw it to quake in terror!

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