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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 366 — Venting Anger

Chapter 366: Venting Anger

There were too many events happening within the formation world. One of the more major ones was the clash between Qin Wentian and Chen Wang.

After being injured, Chen Wang left in a fit of violent anger with the intention of forcing Qin Wentian out by threatening the lives of his friends.

And as for the current situation of Qin Wentian’s good friends—

Fan Le’s purpose was extremely clear, he wanted to breakthrough to the eighth level of Yuanfu. He didn’t give a damn about what others thought of him,, so what if everyone in the world called him shameless? With his current cultivation base at the seventh level of Yuanfu, even if his Mandates were all at the Perfection Boundary of the first level, it was all useless—there was no way he could contend against these geniuses. Hence, before he could even do anything, he had to breakthrough to at least the eighth level first.

Fan Le continued hiding below the coral reef to cultivate. Empyrean flames suffused his body, causing the temperature surrounding him to turn scorching hot. The endless huge waves crashed into him relentlessly, seemingly about to extinguish the flames covering his body but to no avail. The empyrean flames burned, hotter and brighter than ever before—the ocean waves that crashed into him were instantly evaporated into hot steam every second in a never-ending cycle.

As for Ouyang Kuangsheng, his cultivation base was originally already higher than Fan Le’s and Qin Wentian’s. Hence, after he broke through to the eighth level, he consumed the limit-break pellets and stepped into the ninth level of Yuanfu. After he levelled up, he was constantly hunting for people to fight against him. All of the opponents he faced were exceedingly strong as well, because the remaining contenders within the formation world were all experts that couldn’t be belittled. But in spite of this, Ouyang Kuangsheng was filled with even more excitement. He didn’t fear people stronger than him, what he feared was that there were no worthy opponents.

To be honest, he didn’t care about his position on the Heavenly Fate Rankings, he only wanted to keep discovering what his limitations were, and to keep breaking through. By doing so, he could perpetually continue to grow stronger.

Next was Chu Mang. Chu Mang’s heart was even more resolute compared to Ouyang Kuangsheng and Fan Le.

On the mountain peak of a certain mountain where Qin Wentian had previously explored, where a gigantic axe had been left embedded into the mountain walls, Chu Mang was currently cultivating here. He was standing in front of the mountain wall with a gigantic Astral axe in his hands, brandishing it wildly. Sometimes, he would change the movement, sometimes he would repeat it ten or a hundred times. It was as though Chu Mang didn’t know fatigue, he was completely immersed inside his own training.

Chu Mang liked both the axe and bow the most. Astral bows could allow him to slaughter his enemies at a distance, while the mastery of the axe enabled him to shatter mountains and split apart the oceans. He had given up on comprehending a third Mandate solely because he wanted to focus on gaining comprehensions for the axe and the bow, thereby remaining fully immersed in those two.

After the Barbarian King took him on as a disciple in the Unmatched Realm, he had once consulted Barbarian King on this matter. In the end, the Barbarian King was shocked by his thinking but supported him immensely, telling him to walk down the path where his own heart dictated. The Barbarian King had many innate techniques, but he didn’t hand them down to Chu Mang. He told Chu Mang that his initial path of thinking was right, only by walking down the path one’s heart dictates would one be able to continue on it forever.

Even if he only trained in a singular movement, he would always be able to break his own limits. This single movement would open his perspective into the path of the axe, thereafter reaching an incredible realm.

Once, this was what Chu Wuwei had taught him. He had always listened to his elder brother and treated his words like gospel. On and on, he walked down this path, while his heart grew increasingly resolute.

Chu Mang’s axe cleaved through the air once again and instantly a column of light cascaded downwards onto a mountain peak far away. Chu Mang didn’t perceive it because he was too immersed within his training. He chopped out another blow with his axe, as another column of light cleaved downwards.

When Chu Mang finally stopped, the ancient mountain peak in the distance was no more, it has been completely demolished by Chu Mang’s axe blows.

"Awesome!" Chu Mang grinned. After which, sounds of a fight breaking out drifted to his ears. Chu Mang shifted his gaze over, only to see the silhouettes of a male and a female currently fighting against each other.

These two were none other than Xuan Yan from the Mystic Maiden Palace and Yao Jun from the Skydemon Sect.

Xuan Yan was ranked #17 on the Heavenly Fate Rankings while Yao Jun was ranked #13. Yao Jun made tremendous improvement in terms of his comprehensions of Mandates and had comprehended a second level one—he was totally suppressing Xuan Yan with no signs o of suspense.

Yao Jun was one of those contenders that were highly regarded by the spectators watching from outside the formation world.

Chu Mang hesitated for a moment before moving in their direction. Xuan Yan was the senior sister of Xuan Xin, who was Fan Le’s girlfriend. Also, Chu Mang didn’t have a bad impression of Xuan Yan, it didn’t cost him much to offer a helping hand when she was in trouble. In fact by doing this, he may even be able to better the relationship between the Mystic Maiden Palace and Fan Le. In any case, by helping her out, Chu Mang could test out his current strength against a powerful opponent as well.

Xuan Yan was already teetering on the brink of defeat. His illusory Vermilion Bird glowed brighter and brighter as two demonic scaly wings burst out from his back, slamming into Xuan Yan with tyrannical might.

Just when he was about to deal the finishing blow, he sensed a faint presence and thus shifted his gaze to the side. After a few moments, he saw Chu Mang’s silhouette approaching, and a demonic light flickered in his eyes.

"Someone delivering himself on a silver platter for me to devour his ancient luck," Yao Jun coldly stated. After a moment, the only response was a huge gigantic Astral axe cleaving down at the spot he was just standing at.

"I don’t need your help, you are not his match," Xuan Yan called out when she saw Chu Mang attacking Yao Jun on her behalf. Since she was not powerful enough, she should answer for her own incompetence—she didn’t want to drag Chu Mang down with her.

Yao Jun blasted out with his palms as the manifestation of a demonic beast howled, gushing forwards to Chu Mang.

"Chi, chi…"

That axe strike was extremely ordinary and without fanfare, yet a fearsome-looking light erupted from it, cleaving the demonic beast into two as Chu Mang rushed towards Yao Jun.

Yao Jun’s countenance drastically changed as a sharp glint of light flashed in his eyes. He retreated at a terrifying speed, his demonic wings flapping rapidly. A red-colored light lacerated the ground where he was standing at earlier, creating a fissure of over hundreds of metres in length.

"Second level Mandate?" Yan Jun’s eyes turned ruthless. He could tell that Chu Mang’s Mandate of Axe had also reached the second level. Lifting his head and glancing at Chu Mang, the demonic light in his eyes grew even brighter. The contenders for the ranking battle this time around were much stronger compared to the one held three years ago.

Since the last ranking battle, he’d put in effort and worked extremely hard practicing his cultivation, all because he wanted to show off his brilliance today. Yet who would have thought that there would be so many contenders here this year.

Xuan Yan also had a thunderstruck expression on her face as she glanced intently at Chu Mang. She couldn’t help feeling a wisp of disappointment in herself, surfacing in her heart.

"Courting death." A terrifying demonic qi burst out of Yao Jun as he flew towards Chu Mang, both of them exchanging blows at point-blank range.

Yao Jun’s demonic-orientated cultivation art was extremely domineering, allowing him to unleash powerful innate techniques of various demonic beasts. Naturally, his strength was amplified several times after undergoing demonic transformation, with his strength becoming similar to a berserker, constantly escalating upwards for the duration of the battle. Yet Xuan Yan discovered that no matter how powerful Yao Jun became, Chu Mang still reacted unhurriedly by casually chopping out with his axe. The feeling he gave off was too relax, just like a woodsman chopping a tree for firewood.

Indeed, Chu Mang treated combat like chopping firewood; each blow of his axe were extremely precise, the movements flowing naturally from his heart. There were no fixed stances, yet it gave people an inscrutable feel. His speed was also varied, alternating between fast and slow, which caught Yao Jun by surprise, almost killing him with a single strike.

Eventually, Yao Jun no longer wanted to entangle himself with this madman. He changed his tactics, only seeking to dash past Chu Mang and devour Xuan Yan’s ancient luck.

Yet, Chu Mang stood protectively in front of Xuan Yan, like a mother hen protecting it’s chick, giving Yao Jun no chance to succeed.

Looking at the broad shoulders of Chu Mang, Xuan Yan couldn’t help feeling a sense of disorientation. She actually needed protection from someone else…

Finally, with a howl of rage, Yao Jun soared up to the skies and flew away, giving up on the notion of devouring Xuan Yan’s ancient luck.

Chu Mang’s Astral axe vanished as he turned to look at Xuan Yan.

"Thank you." Xuan Yan whispered in a low voice as she shyly glanced at Chu Mang.

"There’s no need for thanks, I’m doing this to help Fan Le. Can your Mystic Maiden Palace stop pressuring him in the future? Our brother Fan Le would never give your Mystic Maiden Palace cause to be embarassed. He will prove that Xuan Xin’s choice was right," Chu Mang straightforwardly stated. In the past, Xuan Yan might have looked down on Qin Wentian, Chu Mang and Fan Le. But after the trial of the Heavenly Stele Steps, she found her thinking changing.

And right now, Xuan Yan had an indescribable emotion in her heart.


Right at this moment, Chu Mang and Xuan Yan saw two silhouettes approaching them. One of them was Yao Jun, who had flown away moments ago. The other was actually Chen Wang!

In front of him, even the powerful Yao Jun had to submit, following behind him.

Chen Wang’s eyes instantly locked onto Chu Mang as a terrifying sun-like glow gleamed in his eyes. As he moved towards him, his entire body flared and then shifted into his magma form.

"How powerful." Xuan Yan’s beautiful eyes stiffened.

"Quickly, run!" Xuan Yan whispered urgently, only to see Chu Mang’s gaze were fixated on the approaching Chen Wang as an intense desire to battle radiated out from him. He stepped forth and slashed out with his gigantic axe.

Chen Wang came in rage, his anger rolling off him in palpable waves. Qin Wentian had stepped on his face, first, with the issue of the entrance priority. Next, even with his Mandate at the Advanced Boundary of the second level, he still lost out in a clash between Qin Wentian? If it weren’t for the fact that Qin Wentian ambushed him, how could he be in such a miserable state?

Blasting forwards with his palms, the Great Solar Universe Art was channeled to its limits. His hands were akin to flaming red flowing magma, as he reached out towards the huge axe.

"Peng…" The axe-light from the gigantic axe slashed into that magma palm as terrifying embers ricocheted off in all four directions. Chen Wang’s expression sank as he felt an intense pain vibrating his arms. His anger soared even higher after that.

"Kacha!" With a fierce clench, the gigantic axe started to burn. Chu Mang’s arms also gradually started to ‘solidify’ into the form of magma.

Chu Mang immediately relinquished his weapon as he rapidly retreated. Yet how could Chen Wang give him the chance? A slash of his palm manifested a cutting light that lacerated the chest of Chu Mang. Fresh blood sprinkled in the air as Chu Mang howled in pain, in an extremely miserable state.

"Die." Chen Wang coldly hollered and slammed forth a burning palm right into Chu Mang’s chest. With such a huge impact, Chu Mang’s frame directly slammed into the ground as a fiery-red imprint could be seen in front of his chest, slowly burning his flesh away.

"Chu Mang!" Xuan Yan’s countenance was incredibly unsightly to behold. She ran to his side, only to see Chen Wang imperiously floating in the air as he commented, "Your friend Qin Wentian has successfully angered me. Now he’s turtling like a pathetic coward by not daring to face me directly. Did he really think he could escape my wrath like this? He shall pay a price for his actions. Even though I want to devour your ancient luck, I shall make sure I kill you first before I do so."

Chu Mang’s countenance was icy. He stood up as a gigantic Astral axe appeared once more in his hands, with all his Astral Souls unleashed.

He would rather die on his own terms than to be humiliated.

A raging wind kicked up as Chu Mang dashed towards Chen Wang who was in the air. Chopping furiously with his axe, each of his axe blows manifested a light that could destroy anything it came in contact with.

"Do you think you can win against me?" Chen Wang roared in rage as he pressed his palm into the air. The palm imprint was formed solely from Great Solar Energy and directly blocked the attacking rays of light from the axe. He advanced to meet Chu Mang as he blasted out yet another terrifying palm-strike, slamming Chu Mang ruthlessly into the ground once again.

Chen Wang’s strength awed all the spectators in the crowd… Chen Wang was after all, Chen Wang—nobody in Yuanfu other than Shi Potian would be able to match him.

How in the world had Qin Wentian managed to injure him?

Qin Wentian must have paid a huge price in order to injure Chen Wang. Naturally, this must have happened also because of Chen Wang’s own carelessness.

At this moment, Chu Mang’s qi was erratic, as fresh blood flowed out unceasingly. Xuan Yan turned pale as she witnessed this—she inclined her head to look at Chen Wang, only to see him flying towards Chu Mang, radiating an intense killing intent.

Chen Wang’s true target was Qin Wentian, but if Chu Mang were to fall in his hands, Chu Mang would die without a doubt.

As she thought of this, Xuan Yan hardened her hearts as the illusory Vermilion Bird behind her flew furiously in the direction of Chu Mang’s Vermilion Bird.

"What are you doing?" Chu Mang stared at Xuan Yan in bewilderment, but his weakened state had indirectly caused his Vermilion Bird to be similarly weakened. His ancient luck was instantly devoured by Xuan Yan’s.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Chen Wang howled in madness when he saw what had happened. Chu Mang’s figure vanished as he was sent out from the formation world, leaving only Xuan Yan behind to face Chen Wang’s wrath.

Xuan Yan stared stoically in the burning eyes of Chen Wang, she didn’t regret the decision she just made!

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