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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 368 — Utter Domination

Chapter 368: Utter Domination

After that battle with Chen Wang, Qin Wentian holed himself up in the cave, not daring to come out.

But now, he had finally appeared again. And indeed, his strength was greater compared to a few days earlier, he must have broken through to the eighth level of Yuanfu. If not, it was impossible that Hua Feng couldn’t even withstand a single strike.

After all, Hua Feng was also a ranker on the Heavenly Fate Rankings. Being able to survive till now indicated that he was someone at the pinnacle of Yuanfu. But even so, he still couldn’t withstand the might of a single strike.

As expected of one unrivalled on the same level, everyone could see exactly how terrifying Qin Wentian’s strength was. Back then when he was at the seventh level of Yuanfu, he could even injure Chen Wang. How could he place people like Hua Feng in his eyes after he broke through to the eighth level? And now that he exited the cave, he did so to vent the fire of his anger.

Nobody knew what Hua Feng had whispered at the entrance of the cave to cause Qin Wentian to be so infuriated, to the extent of directly ripping an arm away. Did Qin Wentian want to torture him to death?

Qin Wentian currently had the arms of a demon. He leaned forward and stared at Hua Feng, watching as unbridled terror flashed in his eyes.

To the side, Yao Jun, Yang Fan and Situ Po all felt their hearts trembling with shock. They could clearly sense the intensity of Qin Wentian’s rage.

“I’m from the Hua Clan.” Hua Feng trembled involuntarily as his voice came out like a pathetic croak. He had no cards left, so he could only use the Hua Clan as a deterrence, hoping that Qin Wentian wouldn’t do anything too drastic to him.

Qin Wentian grabbed his other arm as the demonic light in his eyes shone sinisterly, so cold that it pierced the bones.

“No……” Hua Feng rapidly shook his head. With a lacerating sound, accompanied by a howl of bloodcurdling agony, his other arm was forcefully ripped out. Hua Feng’s entire body was in a state of convulsion as he felt utter despair in his heart.

“This is the price you pay for uttering those words.” Qin Wentian slammed down with his palm, crushing Hua Feng’s head into a bloody pulp, making it so that he died without leaving behind a whole corpse.

Qin Wentian’s ‘reverse scale’ couldn’t be easily touched without consequences. Earlier, when Hua Feng kept uttering his insinuations and those blasphemous words, Qin Wentian had already marked him as a dead man in his heart. It was just that the flames of his anger were suppressed all the way from back then until now when it finally exploded forth.

“He did it, he actually killed Hua Feng.” The hearts of the crowd pounded violently. Those from the Hua Clan had ashen expressions on their faces, Hua Feng was a genius that the Hua Clan had painstakingly nurtured, yet he was killed so easily and without any strength for resistance. Not only that, he was abused both bodily and psychologically before Qin Wentian slayed him. The ancient luck behind Hua Feng was then devoured by Qin Wentian’s Purgatory Vermilion Bird.

Yang Fan and the rest all found themselves unconsciously edging closer to Yao Jun. The current Qin Wentian gave them an intense feeling of danger, and if they couldn’t defeat him one on one, they naturally planned to join forces. If not, they knew that if they lost, their deaths would be the same as Hua Feng—getting abused by Qin Wentian until he released them into the sweet oblivion of death.

Yao Jun’s gaze turned heavy, he never would have thought that someone at the eighth level of Yuanfu would be capable of causing him to feel such great pressure.

Qin Wentian’s current demonic form was extremely terrifying. The aura he was exuding felt even more baleful compared to actual demonic beasts, causing terror to strike instantly in the hearts of others. He possessed the innate talent of humankind, while armed with the physique and immense vitality of a demonic beast.

In the face of such a perfect combination, how could others not feel terror when it came to fighting against him?

Qin Wentian swept a glance at the three of them as he released his Demon Sovereign Astral Soul.

Head of a dragon, body of a lion, tail of a snake, wings of a roc, scales of a Xuanwu, claws of a Kirin.

“Demon Sovereign Astral Soul,” Yao Jun from the Skydemon Sect breathed in wonder. He instantly understood that this was the demonic beast ranked first in the Warbeast Index—the Demon Sovereign. Not only that, he knew that it also possessed the ability to summon.

Powerful rays of Astral Light shot forth from the Demon Sovereign into the Nine Heavenly Layers. The Vermilion Bird Formation didn’t block Astral Light, otherwise it would end up restricting the power of a contender’s Astral Souls during combat.

The rays of light grew increasingly resplendent in response, the Astral Light from the actual Demon Sovereign Constellation cascaded downwards, forming an innate connection. As a thunderous sound reverberated the void, the surrounding earth shattered as a terrifying ancient golden-colored ape appeared beside Qin Wentian.

“Golden Primal Ape, ranked third on the Warbeast Index. It possesses boundless strength and an unparalleled defense.” Yao Jun’s countenance grew increasingly ugly as he witnessed the summoned Astral warbeast. The Golden Primal Ape exuded an aura similar to those at the pinnacle of the ninth level of Yuanfu—given how Qin Wentian was only at the eighth level, this was a summon that jumped levels.

At this moment, a blood-colored light covered the area as a terrifying crimson demonic beast soared into the skies, coldly staring at the three of them.

“Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk, ranked fifth on the Warbeast Index.” Yao Jun turned ashen, this summoned beast exuded an aura similar to those at the pinnacle of the ninth level of Yuanfu.

The summoning wasn’t concluded yet, as even more demonic beasts took form in the formation world.

“Blue-scaled Flood Dragon.”

“Silver-armored Bear King.”

“Silvery Roc.”

Qin Wentian was surrounded by five powerful Astral warbeasts that had rankings on the Warbeast Index. Instantly, the region was permeated by overwhelming amounts of demonic qi.

Yang Fan and Situ Po finally started to feel fear. All five of these demonic beasts had a cultivation base at the pinnacle of Yuanfu and were existences that were equal to their own.

With a long screech, the Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk swooped down towards Situ Po.

The Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk had a speed as fast as lightning, and with a flash of crimson light, it disappeared from sight. Situ Po instantly released his Astral Soul as a starstone-clad guardian manifestation appeared above his head. Roaring in madness, Situ Po didn’t hesitate. He immediately followed up with a Sword Extinction Slash of his own.


The Thunder Hawk collided against Situ Po. That immense momentum even forced Situ Po back a few steps. Another flash of crimson light inundated the area as the Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk disappeared once more. At this moment, the Silvery Roc also shrieked in rage as it zoomed towards Situ Po. With two demonic beasts that excelled in speed attacking him, Situ Po was instantly shoved into a precarious position.


A thunderous sound echoed as Situ Po was flung through the air. Even the starstone armor covering his body was shattered. An expression of extreme shock shone in his eyes, how could this be? Why were these beasts so strong? Did the summoned beasts not only possess such strength but could also use the will of Mandates that their master had comprehended?

The Golden Primal Ape lunged towards Yang Fan, while the Blue-Scaled Flood Dragon and the Silver-Armored Bear King dashed towards Yao Jun.

Qin Wentian stood there, impassively surveying the scene, all while controlling the five summoned beasts through his daunting will.

Yang Fan’s Astral Soul erupted into being as his Star-Seizing Palm was further enhanced in strength. His true strength that he’d previously hidden—the will of a second level Mandate. He coated his palms with it as he directly slashed again the Golden Primal Ape that was ranked #3 in the Warbeast Index. The Star-Seizing Palm of Yang Fan contained fearsome might, yet when it collided against the palm of the Golden Primal Ape, Yang Fan was the one being catapulted through the air from the resulting impact.

“How can he be this strong?” The spectators were all dumbstruck by what they witnessed. Qin Wentian used the ranked #1 Demon Sovereign Astral Soul to summon other demonic beasts to do his battles. Not only that, each of the demonic beasts seemed to have the ability to utilize the will of his Mandates. No wonder even Yang Fan was knocked flying. What would Qin Wentian’s actual ranking be on the Heavenly Fate Rankings given that he had such unbelievable combat prowess?

At this moment, none of the spectators believed that Qin Wentian would be able to rank merely in the top hundred nor the top thirty-six. Despite his eighth level of Yuanfu, the majority of the crowd believed that he would definitely be ranked within the top ten.

He had proven that he had the capability to contend evenly against the other monstrous geniuses for the top three positions.

The one who felt the most shock was none other than Yao Jun, he had once wanted to condense a summoning-type Astral Soul, yet if one’s perception and sensory abilities weren’t high enough, these powerful constellations were not so easy to sense. He was extremely clear on how perverse this type of Astral Souls was—they were able to grow in power indefinitely along with the summoner. And seeing the towering amounts of demonic qi Qin Wentian exuded, there was no one else more suitable than him to condense an Astral Soul from the summoning-type demonic beasts constellations.

“Are you not afraid that I’ll kill her?” Yao Jun grabbed hold of Xuan Yan as he stared at Qin Wentian.

Only to see Qin Wentian floating in the air as he contemplated Yao Jun with his fiend-like eyes. “Release her and scram. The matter between us shall come to an end.”

Yao Jun gazed at Qin Wentian who was floating in the air. That devilish, handsome young man was staring at him in a position of utter dominance. Yan Jun felt fear gnawing in his heart, it seemed that so long as Qin Wentian willed it, he could die instantly right now. The five powerful Astral Warbeasts were no joke, Qin Wentian already possessed strength on a level that was far above his.

If he really did something to Xuan Yan, he would be the next after Hua Feng to die a terrible death.

Yao Jun trembled involuntarily, he didn’t want to die such a stupid death. Just meeting the eyes of Qin Wentian already filled him with an indescribable terror.

Releasing his grip on Xuan Yan, Yao Jun’s silhouette flickered as he instantly flew far away, his actions causing the spectators in the outside world to marvel.

Yan Jun chose not to battle but rather, to release Xuan Yan instead.

As the spectators in the outside world, they couldn’t feel the aura and pressure Qin Wentian was exuding. Yet it was obvious that Yao Jun could clearly feel it in the formation world. What exactly did he mean by his actions?

Xuan Yan herself was also thunderstruck. With a single statement, Qin Wentian caused Yao Jun to release her. She couldn’t help but wonder as she stared at his demonic form—when had he became so powerful?

The other Astral Warbeasts had surrounded Yang Fan. Yang Fan’s strength couldn’t be compared to that of the Golden Primal Ape and now that he was trapped within the encirclement, he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

As for Situ Po, he was in an even more miserable state. The starstone armor that had enveloped his body had already been shattered and both the Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk and Silvery Roc were gripping him with their talons as they flew over.

When Qin Wentian first emerged from the cave, the first person he’d personally dealt with, was Hua Feng.

Yang Fan back then considered himself unexcelled throughout the world and had thought of all those below him to be trash. And Situ Po, as someone who enjoyed fame on an equal level with him, how domineering was Situ Po then? His attitude lasted all the way until his defeat at the Heavenly Stele Steps and even after that, he still hadn’t abandoned the notion of killing Qin Wentian.

Yet now, Qin Wentian didn’t even need to make a move personally and they were already in such a pitiful state.

“QIN WENTIAN, DO YOU DARE TO FIGHT ME DIRECTLY?” Situ Pi howled in anger. As the sound of his voice faded away, the two birds released their taloned-grip, setting him free. Qin Wentian slowly walked forward, his eyes boring into Situ Po’s.

Upon looking into Qin Wentian’s eyes, Situ Po felt his heart trembling involuntarily from a gut-wrenching fear.

No other words were necessary, Qin Wentian advanced towards Situ Po, when suddenly, Situ Pu’s aura abruptly surged upwards in a frenzy as he released all three of his Astral Souls to augment his attacks. An inexorably powerful Sword Extinction Sword Might generated as Situ Po slashed downwards, wanting to annihilate everything in its presence.

However, the spectators only saw Qin Wentian piercing forwards with a casual finger stab, and even the power of that boundless sword-might wasn’t capable of defending against it.

“Chi!” A crisp sound echoed, Qin Wentian’s finger directly penetrated through the centre of Situ Pi’s brows. Like a surreal dream, the sword qi of Situ Po continued to howl relentlessly, yet the light in Situ Po’s eyes slowly faded as his eyes turned vacant.

Did Situ Po really just die, just like that?

He desired a face to face battle, yet through his instant demise, he discovered that Qin Wentian only needed a single finger to slay him.

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