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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 369 — I want Ancient Luck

Chapter 369: I want Ancient Luck

Situ Po, a Heaven’s Chosen of the Sword Extinction Sect, had his life reaped by a single finger of Qin Wentian’s.

The pitiful Situ Po had outstanding talent and was once also awarded the rights to cultivate in the thirty-six Dao Cultivation Halls. Not only that, he had just stepped into the ninth level of Yuanfu, so if he had more time, he would definitely become even more powerful.

Sadly, Situ Po met another genius whose talent was even more monstrous than his. Back then, conflict occurred between Qin Wentian and Yue Bingying in the Unmatched Realm. How arrogant was Situ Po then? At that time, he had the ability to completely dominate Qin Wentian and had only stopped because those old eccentrics in the Unmatched Realm came out to interfere, telling them to compete in the Heavenly Stele Steps trial instead.

At the trial of the Heavenly Stele Steps, Situ Po ended up being defeated and was hence ousted from the Unmatched Realm.

Hence, the killing intent in his heart didn’t dissipate with his defeat but rather, was nurtured to a boiling point. And when it erupted forth today, all that Situ Po gained was his own death.

Although the ranking battle was extremely merciless, strictly speaking, when the contenders of various powers faced each other, they wouldn’t be too ruthless. At the very least, they would still spare their opponent’s lives. But Chen Wang, Situ Po, Yang Fan and Hua Feng had truly stepped on Qin Wentian’s head too much, they wanted to force Qin Wentian out from the cave so that they could kill him, so in that case, when the situation had been reversed, why would he hesitate to kill them?

When he finally exited the cave, he first abused Hua Feng to death before scaring Yao Jun off with a single statement, and then followed up by slaying Situ Po using a single finger. Upon seeing such a scene, the spectators were all stunned into silence.

Qin Wentian’s rise was too fast, right from the first test of the drum echoes. And despite Qin Wentian’s brilliance, no one gave him a second glance because of his lower cultivation base.

But now, Qin Wentian’s actions gradually caused the spectators to forget about his cultivation base. He faced four mighty rankers on the Heavenly Fate Rankings, yet two died and one ran away. Was there any stronger rush of impact that words could convey? After all, actions still speaks louder than words.

By merely having the demonic beasts he summoned, it was already sufficient to wipe out his opponents.

In the outside world, standing among those from the Azure Emperor Palace, Yue Bingying’s countenance turned as white as a sheet of paper. She didn’t forget that it was initially because of her arrogance that Situ Po formed a grudge with Qin Wentian. She was the one that cost him his life.

Now that the man she had entrusted her hopes with died, she felt true panic and fear in her heart. Would Qin Wentian still remember her? Would he come for revenge then?

Those from the Sword Extinction Sect, Hua Clan and Star-Seizing Manor all watched on as their expressions grew incredibly ugly. This time around, Qin Wentian had managed to cleanly offend all these transcendent powers.

Although the squabbles and concerns that happened within the junior generations were usually kept within the junior generations, Qin Wentian’s actions were like a tight slap right across their faces. They couldn’t openly send Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns to kill Qin Wentian outright, because too many people witnessed what had happened here today, but they could still do things in the shadows that would cause Qin Wentian no end of trouble.

Qin Wentian naturally understood the consequences of his actions. But, as a man, how could he continue to be tolerant under those circumstances?

Or if he really submitted, would those people have spared him?

Qin Wentian’s gaze landed on the last survivor, Yang Fan.

“I will give my ancient luck to you.” Yang Fan’s countenance paled. He had never felt such a strong sense of despair before. Glancing at the five Astral Warbeasts surrounding him, Yang Fan knew that it was impossible for him to escape.

“Too late.”

Qin Wentian calmly stated. The Golden Primal Ape stomped the ground as it slammed forth with a terrifying golden palm; the Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk shrieked as it struck out with its razor-sharp wings; the Silver-Armored Bear King howled in rage as it rushed forwards…

Aside from Yang Fan, the person facing such an assault, even those who were watching felt their hearts almost leaping out of their chests. Yang Fan had no escape.

Qin Wentian’s silhouette was still floating in the air as he watched the brutal scene unfolding with an air of serenity. Yang Fan, a Heaven’s Chosen-level character from the Star-Seizing Manor was mauled and lacerated so badly that no one could even recognize him anymore. He was nothing but a bloody pulp of mangled flesh.

Qin Wentian’s Purgatory Vermilion Bird instantly flew towards Yang Fan’s and began devouring it.

Instantly, the three vertical lines of light on Qin Wentian’s forehead were about to be completely formed. This meant that he had already absorbed the luck of around twenty-plus contenders that were eliminated. The majority of these contenders were eliminated by Yang Fan, and by devouring his ancient luck, naturally all those previously devoured by Yang Fan belonged to Qin Wentian as well.

Inclining his head, Qin Wentian cast his gaze onto the horizon.

“Chen Wang.”

Qin Wentian murmured, as a demonic light containing unexcelled sharpness flickered in his eyes.

“Since you are so interested in contending for the first ranking, I shall accompany you all the way.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the Silver-Armored Bear King jumped onto the back of the Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk; the Blue-Scaled Flood Dragon stepped on the back of the Silvery Roc as they soared into the air, while the Golden Primal Ape moved in great strides at an extremely fast speed, rushing straight ahead. Instantly, the summoned Astral Warbeasts vanished from Qin Wentian’s line of sight.

All five Astral Warbeasts took off in three different directions, the speed of their momentum causing a demonic wind to kick up, gusting about in the formation world.

Qin Wentian then flew forward. Upon seeing his departing back view, Xuan Yan had a bitter smile on her face as she sighed in her heart. The rapid pace of Qin Wentian’s improvement made her supposedly ‘outstanding talent’ appear merely average.

Within the ancient world, the plundering of ancient luck escalated to ferocious heights. This resulted in the elimination of all the weaker contenders, only leaving the stronger ones behind. But naturally, as the number of contenders in the formation dwindled, the probability of a chance encounter with another contender was greatly reduced as well.

At this moment, Longin was walking on a flatland with his perception extended out. Although he was ranked #20 on the Heavenly Fate Ranking, it was always better to be cautious. He knew that the ranking battle this time around was many times more dangerous compared to the past—there were simply too many outstanding characters. Just moments ago, he had personally witnessed a female of transcending beauty defeating someone who was ranked even higher than him.

Right at this moment, a frown creased Longin’s face. What was happening, why did he feel the tremors of the earth growing with increasing intensity?

Shifting his gaze over in a certain direction, his countenance turned pale when he witnessed a golden-colored ape galloping his way. The ground trembled from the steps of this golden ape, with each step landing on the ground with the force of a mini earthquake.

“Isn’t that a Golden Primal Ape?” Longin’s heart pounded. Why would there be such a demonic beast appearing in the formation world? What was going on?

The Golden Primal Ape galloped right at him. In just a few giant strides, it closed the distance between them and with a roar, its palms swiped down, resembling two small golden mountains—the overwhelming strength it possessed struck fear in Longin’s heart.

As an Astral Warbeast ranked #3 in the Warbeast Index, it was famed for its perfect attack and defense. And in addition to its summoner’s will of Mandate—the Mandate of Force and Mandate of Demons—how could the Golden Primal Ape be anything less than utterly terrifying?

With a single swipe, it felt as though the Heavens were collapsing. Longin mustered all his strength to defend, yet he was effortlessly pressed into the ground. After which, the Golden Primal Ape grabbed hold of Longin in its palm and continued galloping forward.

“Vile beast, release me!” Longin struggled in impotent fury as he roared in anger. He had never been so angered before.

As the sound of his voice faded away, the Golden Primal Ape brought Longin near its maw and it roared out a heaven-shattering bellow, the volume drowning out the poor Longin’s protest. Only a single thought kept running through his head—what nonsense was this, what nonsense was this?!

Where exactly did such a beast come from?

Soon after, the Golden Primal Ape repeated its actions and grabbed hold of another person named Nyelin. Nyelin was ranked among the 30s on the Heavenly Fate Rankings and was also quite a powerful character. However, when faced with the golden ape, if one didn’t comprehend any second level Mandates, it was basically impossible to even scratch the warbeast because of its insane defense.

The ending was without suspense—Nyelin suffered the same fate as Longin and both of them were grabbed in the same palm, their bodies glued to each other. They were close to exploding from their pent-up anger.

Mind you, they were not homosexuals…

In the blink of an eye, another seven days passed. It was getting increasingly harder to hunt for ancient luck. And the strong just kept getting stronger. Of course, the amount of ancient luck they gathered was also the most abundant.

As for Chen Wang and Shi Potian, the Vermilion Birds hovering behind their backs seemed almost ready to break through their illusory form and step into reality. The bodies of the birds were perpetually covered in scorching flames, both appearing extremely terrifying.

Zhan Chen, Emperor Azure, Wang Jue, and Yan Cheng were all extremely outstanding as well.

The momentum from the dark horses—Si Qiong, Qin Zheng, Leng Hong, Hua Shaoqing and Yun Mengyi—seemed pretty much unstoppable as well.

Yet in the past few days, the one that garnered the most attention wasn't Chen Wang, nor Shi Potian, nor any of the dark horses. It was instead, the character which everyone ignored or neglected since the beginning—Qin Wentian.

Within the Vermilion Bird Formation, an extremely shocking scene was occurring.

The Golden Primal Ape, Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk, Silvery Roc… The five Astral Warbeasts were all rushing towards a single direction. There were several figures that could be seen struggling in the Golden Primal Ape’s palms, similarly there were also several figures clutched in the talons and claws of the Silvery Roc and Blue-Scaled Flood Dragon. Their struggle was futile, these Astral Warbeasts didn’t seem to be interested in killing them. They were merely captured and were being brought with extreme speed to one location.

And ultimately, these demonic beasts gathered atop a mountain peak.

On that mountain peak, atop a huge rock, a young man sat with his eyes closed. Those captives glanced upwards, only to see a glint of sunlight shining right back in their eyes, reflected from a figure clad in platinum robes. This person was none other than Qin Wentian!

At this moment, Qin Wentian didn’t seem remotely human, instead, he resembled the overlord of demons.

His aura alone made the captives feel fear.

Aside from the Astral Warbeasts who captured them, they realized that there were also many other demonic beasts present. The beasts seemed to have gathered for a single purpose—their abject worship of Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian was like the monarch of all demonic beasts. And now, all the captive contenders finally realized that Qin Wentian was none other than the controller of the terrifying Astral Warbeasts.

“Thanks.” Qin Wentian’s fiend-like eyes bored down upon them as his Purgatory Vermilion Bird devoured the others with great relish. They trembled in anger, yet were unable to do anything but watch on helplessly. This very act would remain in their memories, imprinted in their minds for many years to come—the legendary character of Grand Xia sitting atop a huge rock, with his imperious gaze directed at them all, like an Emperor bestowing judgement on his subjects as he plundered away their ancient luck!

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