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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 370 — Variation in the Formation World

Chapter 370: Variation in the Formation World

The scene happening within the formation world also left the outside spectators stunned with amazement.

The figure sitting atop the huge rock was using the summoned Astral Warbeasts to hunt and plunder away the ancient luck of these experts!

In the outside world, those from the transcendent powers couldn’t help but re-evaluate and seriously contemplate Qin Wentian. This young man’s performance had been bordering on the unbelievable right from the start, he was so outstanding that he didn’t lose out in the slightest even when compared to Chen Wang and Shi Potian. And at this moment, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the amount of demonic qi exuding from Qin Wentian. His eyes were already fiend-like, and he didn’t resemble a human’s but rather, a true supreme demon instead.

Old Man Tianji’s eyes flashed with a sharp light as he studied Qin Wentian.

He had peered into Grand Xia’s destiny and witnessed the emergence of the demon star. And as time passed, the radiance surrounding it only grew with increasing brightness.

Since the beginning, he had maintained his observation of the Heavenly Fate Rankings contenders—who among them did the demon star represent?

And now, it seemed that Qin Wentian was most likely to be that person. He who exuded such towering amounts of demonic qi, was he the one foretold by the demon star that would change the destiny of Grand Xia?

At this moment, the summoned Astral Warbeasts gave a loud roar as they sped off in different directions—it seemed as though the Astral Energy they contained in their forms had not yet been exhausted. That demonic young man sat down cross-legged atop the huge rock, totally immersed in his cultivation. He didn’t forget to cultivate even when he was plundering ancient luck.

The battles that occurred in the formation world grew fiercer and fiercer, yet the number of clashes gradually also decreased. And only when a total of 360 contenders were left did the spectators realize that this time around, the ranking battle was somewhat different compared to the ones held before.

“Indeed, the destiny of Grand Xia is changing.”

Old Man Tianji murmured, his words causing those nearby to shoot looks of bewilderment at him.

“It really has changed, and I wonder how many contenders the Vermilion Bird Formation will select this time around.” To the side, a powerhouse from the Great Solar Chen Clan mused. If Grand Xia’s destiny were to really change, even more contenders would be eliminated and the remaining powerful ones could each amass a never-before-seen amount of ancient luck. This was something that had never occurred before.

“Look! Chen Wang’s devoured enough ancient luck, and now his Vermilion Bird can finally lead him to his piece of destiny. He’s opened up a hole in a ground of boiling lava and magma and even the skies have turned red from all the unending flames.” At this moment, the spectators all trained their gazes at Chen Wang, who was currently in an area where lava and magma flowed uncontrolled, like the aftermath of a volcano eruption.

A series of steps descended downwards the hellish hole of unbearable flames. Chen Wang’s eyes flashed with determination, he had been plundering ancient luck as he sought out Ouyang Kuangsheng and Fan Le. But who would have thought that his ancient luck would become so concentrated, it would then lead him to a place that appeared broken apart.

He stepped forward, descending into the hellish hole.

Chen Wang’s silhouette vanished from the crowd’s sight. What exactly was hidden in the depths of that place? Only Chen Wang would know.

Agitation and excitement flashed on the features of those from the Great Solar Chen Clan. Indeed, Chen Wang was living up to his reputation. Would he finally obtain the legacy that rightfully belonged to him?

As time flowed by unceasingly, the number of people remaining in the formation world kept diminishing. The remaining contenders were all powerful characters with overwhelming combat prowess.

Ouyang Kuangsheng had also comprehended a second level Mandate, instantly becoming a character on par with the Heaven’s Chosen in the Ouyang Clan—Ouyang Zheng.

This caused those from the Ouyang Clan to feel extremely gratified in their hearts. Although Duan Qingshan’s death was dispiriting, ultimately, Ouyang Kuangsheng was still someone from the main bloodline. Now that his strength already exceeded Duan Qingshan, Duan Qingshan’s loss wasn’t of any great deal to them. As a result, Ouyang Kuangsheng’s status in the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan instantly skyrocketed.

When Ouyang Ting saw this, her countenance stiffened immediately. She felt as though everything that happened was too surreal, as though she was trapped inside a dream.

The strength of the young man who killed Duan Qingshan had already grown so much that it was unfathomable. And now that Ouyang Kuangsheng also comprehended a second level Mandate, Ouyang Ting knew that her hopes of getting the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan to avenge Duan Qingshan had just been shattered into nothingness. Compared to Ouyang Kuangsheng’s current status, she was nothing… just a mere speck of dust. The clan elders would definitely not permit her to use their forces to deal with Ouyang Kuangsheng’s buddies.

Now, her only hope remaining was that Qin Wentian would die in the formation world. Preferably, to die when duelling Chen Wang.

“Shi Potian also found his legacy, he used the condensed ancient luck of the Vermilion Bird and blasted through an ancient mountain, entering into the tunnels within.”

The hearts of the crowd trembled when they witnessed this scene.

Why had the rules in the Vermilion Bird Formation changed?

Si Qiong’s ancient luck also broke apart the land—he was the third person after Chen Wang and Shi Potian to find the legacy belonging to him.

Apparently, if the ancient luck was concentrated to a certain extent, their illusory Vermilion Birds would birth a true soul and then lead them to places where the legacies suitable to them could be found.

As of now, the contenders in the formation world numbered about a hundred. The amount of ancient luck they all had were overwhelming and their Vermilion Birds were condensed to the point where they seemed almost alive. Those that were eliminated could only watch helplessly from outside, blaming themselves for not seizing this opportunity. No one could have expected the variation in the laws that governed the Vermilion Bird Formation, not even the leaders of the transcendent powers had, let alone the contenders.

“Zhan Chen as expected, he’s been hiding his strength. He also found the legacy that belongs to him” The amazement in the hearts of the spectators grew with every passing second.

Why were there so many hidden legacies?

This was something unprecedented.

And next, Emperor Azure and Qin Zheng also succeeded.

After which, Yun Mengyi and Mu Feng followed suit.

“Eight people, there are actually eight people who found the hidden legacies!”

“From this we can evaluate the actual strength of these people. Without a doubt, these eight all have the qualifications to stand at the pinnacle of Yuanfu. Naturally, there are still some other unknown variations that may still occur—Qin Wentian, Wang Jue, Hua Shaoqing, Yan Cheng. They’re all unknown elements as well.”

The eight of them, plus another two from this group would surely be ranked within the top ten of the Heavenly Fate Rankings. Regretfully for Yao Jun, when he chose to retreat from facing Qin Wentian, it was already obvious that he didn’t have the qualifications to step into the top ten.

Qin Wentian at this moment was also accumulating ancient luck. Under the aid from his Astral Warbeasts, the amount of ancient luck he’d obtained had been concentrated to an incredible degree. The Purgatory Vermilion Bird behind him grew increasingly corporeal, with nine straight lines of light on its forehead. Not only that, it was exuding an aura similar to a human at the ninth level of Yuanfu.

He could faintly sense that the Purgatory Vermilion Bird was already ‘full’, there was no longer a need to plunder ancient luck to feed it.

At present, his eyes were still closed; he had been deep in a state of slumber for several days. There were many vivid scenes flashing through his dreamscape as he seriously immersed himself within.

It was just as the green-robed senior’s dream-will had taught him. Since it was just a dream, why not let go of all his control and common sense, and just immerse himself in boundless imagination—losing himself in the fantasy? There was a solidity in dreams, akin to reality. But whether it was real life or fantasy, it all depended on the dream-will of that person, the one who created the dream.

The distance between the Heavens and Earth can be traversed with a single thought. What are dreams actually? Reality or illusory? Genuine or forged? Interweaving truth and fiction; everything depended on the power of one’s imagination.

The Astral Warbeasts crouched quietly below the huge rock—as long as the Astral Energy within them hadn’t been exhausted, their corporeal forms wouldn’t vanish.

Back then, when he was in danger in the Sky Harmony City, Uncle Black once passed him an item, telling him only to activate it in moments of extreme danger. Only now did Qin Wentian understand that the ancient primal ape that appeared then was a sealed Astral Warbeast that could be summoned. It was a one-time use, a life-saving treasure which Uncle Black had given him.

The Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk and the Silvery Roc prostrated themselves on the left and right of Qin Wentian as the Golden Primal Ape stood up, its head reaching the huge rock where Qin Wentian was sitting on.

Qin Wentian extended his left hand as he gently caressed the Golden Primal Ape’s head, before rubbing the feathers on the Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk’s back. The Astral Warbeasts lifted their heads slightly glancing at him as though they possessed an intelligence of their own. These Astral Warbeasts summoned by Qin Wentian, were innately interlinked to him in terms of thoughts and intentions.

At Qin Wentian’s back, the Purgatory Vermilion Bird let out a long screech as the Astral Warbeasts once again adopted submissive positions, lowering their heads. It was as though they could feel the imposing air of a king’s stateliness.

Qin Wentian had a wry smile on his face when he saw this. After which, he saw the Purgatory Vermilion Bird flapping its wings, slapping the Silvery Roc away as it took its place beside Qin Wentian.

“Are you not an illusion? Why do you feel so real?”

Qin Wentian could feel the heat from the flames covering the bird. He stretched out his hand as he rubbed its head, causing an expression of contentment to flash in the Purgatory Vermilion Bird’s eyes. A few moments later, it looked up and issued a few long screeches as it flapped its wings, wanting to soar into the skies.

“You want to bring me somewhere?” Qin Wentian asked in puzzlement.

The Purgatory Vermilion Bird let out a sharp sounding chirp as it nodded.

“Alright.” Qin Wentian stood up and sat on his Vermilion Bird’s back. Instantly, the Purgatory Vermilion Bird flew straight into the skies, moving towards the distant horizon at lightning speed.

The Golden Primal Ape galloped forth with great strides, madly rushing ahead as it followed the Purgatory Vermilion Bird. As they soared after the Vermilion Bird, the Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk and Silvery Roc both carried the Blue-Scale Flood Dragon and the Silver-Armored Bear King, respectively.

Within the formation world, there was a gigantic mountain that was in the shape of a demon. Its peak was so tall that it appeared close to touching the dome of Heavens.

At this moment, two silhouettes could be seen at that mountain peak.

These two were none other than Yao Jun and Peng Zhan.

Yao Jun was ranked #13 on the Heavenly Fate rankings, from the Skydemon Sect.

Peng Zhan was ranked #14 on the Heavenly Fate Rankings, from the Beast King Hall. The two of them were Heaven’s Chosen from the Demon Continent, and both were extremely powerful characters. Because of the similarity in their rankings, they would furiously compete against each other in all matters, often ending with no clear victor. But to think that right now, both of them were actually in an alliance with each other.

Their ancient luck in the Vermilion Bird’s form was relentlessly trying to split open the demon-like mountain, frenziedly crashing against it time after time, yet to no avail.

“Since the Vermilion Birds led us here, there shouldn’t be any mistake. This place must be extraordinary.” Yao Jun sinisterly snuck a glance at Zhan Peng’s ancient luck. If his Vermilion Bird could devour Zhan Peng’s, it should be able to become strong enough to open up the pathway into the mountains.

Right at this moment, a Vermilion Bird’s screech could be heard from afar. Yao Jun and Zhan Peng both turned their heads, only to see another Vermilion Bird zooming over towards them. Not only that, this bird wasn’t an ordinary one—its body was perpetually covered by purgatory flames and appeared incomparably terrifying, exuding towering amounts of demonic qi.

What’s even more astonishing was that there was a young man proudly sitting on the back of the Purgatory Vermilion Bird, coldly surveying them as though he was the overlord of demons.

Below the Purgatory Vermilion Bird, there was a Golden Primal Ape dashing over. With every step it took, the ground trembled and quaked, appearing as though it would split apart at any moment. And beside the Purgatory Vermilion Bird, there were two other demonic beasts flying alongside it.

“It’s him!” Yao Jun’s eyes narrowed, as great waves rocked his heart. Qin Wentian’s appearance had just thrown all his plans into disarray. This person was even more demonic compared to him and Peng Zhan, and most likely even stronger than the both of them combined.

With a sharp cry from the Purgatory Vermilion Bird, the Vermilion Birds of Yao Jun and Peng Zhan all submissively gave way. The wings of the Purgatory Vermilion Bird morphed into sharp blades as it repeatedly slammed into the mountain walls. Birthed from the impact, the rumbling sounds echoed unceasingly, while the Golden Primal Ape also rushed up to help, madly unleashing its blows on the mountain wall in a torrent of attacks.

The huge rocks on the mountain peaks all came crashing down, the Purgatory Vermilion Bird was already injured from the impact, and yet it seemed as though it had no intentions of stopping. Finally, after several moments, the mountain wall crumpled, revealing the entrance to an extremely huge cave.

Qin Wentian gently patted the Purgatory Vermilion Bird on its head, only to see it cooing softly in response. The previous baleful aura had completely retracted, leaving behind a docile look in its eyes.

“It’s been tough on you,” Qin Wentian softly commented, while advancing forwards.

“Hold it!” Peng Zhan coldly shouted. Qin Wentian turned, his fiend-like eyes surveying Peng Zhan, only to see him laughing with a wretched expression on his face. “Hey Yao Jun, shouldn't we thank this person for opening the path for us?”

Yao Jun’s countenance faltered, while he laughed coldly in his heart. This Peng Zhan didn't know how the word ‘death’ was written!

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