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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 377 — Strong Against Strong

Chapter 377: Strong Against Strong

Wang Jue was a Heaven’s Chosen from the Wang Clan of the War Continent, previously ranked #6 in the Heavenly Fate Rankings. Yet this year, he couldn’t even enter the top ten. This was a matter of disgrace and humiliation to him.

The gazes of the spectators focused on Wang Jue, who radiated an aura of unexcelled sharpness. He advanced slowly towards Qin Wentian and with every step he took, the sharpness of Heaven and Earth seemed to intensify within his aura. The armor enveloping him glowed with the sheen of Astral Light, and behind him the Vermilion Bird let out a shriek of fury, issuing a challenge of its own.

This battle could only end in victory, and not defeat.

After defeating Qin Wentian, he still had to obtain one more victory before he could be considered as stepping into the top ten. Now, there were twelve contenders remaining, and two had to be eliminated.

Just from gazing at Wang Jue, the crowd could feel his conviction to win. His Astral Souls were all designed to boost his attack, and although every step he took seemed slow and heavy, the sharpness within it was exceedingly overwhelming. Once he began his attack, even the skies would be torn asunder.

Would Qin Wentian be able to stand up to Wang Jue’s attacks?

The current Wang Jue seemed to have completely transformed into a peerless supreme Divine Weapon.

Although Qin Wentian’s demonic form was terrifying, Wang Jue’s entire being was the epitome of sharpness and even the Mandates he comprehended were something related to divine weapons, ensuring that his attacks contained incomparable sharpness and power. In the Yuanfu Realm, be it your defenses are that of a human or a demon, all shall break apart before him.

But naturally when fighting against Wang Jue, Qin Wentian wouldn’t be so arrogant as to defend against him with mere physical defenses.

A powerful beam of light shot out from Wang Jue as his entire body lunged forwards, like a stab from a divine spear, containing an invincible force in his momentum.

At that instant, Qin Wentian also stepped out. Just a single step seemed to concentrate the entire force of this world within him. He was one with the Heavens, one with the Earth, in a state of total harmonization.

Qin Wentian could feel Wang Jue’s eyes boring into him as another stream of light slashed his way.

“You won’t be able to block me,” Wang Jue calmly spoke. Yet even before the sound of his voice faded, Qin Wentian’s palm had already shot out.

Force. Since Wang Jue’s attacks and defenses surpassed him, he would compete in pure strength then.

A burst of blinding white light inundated the area, piercing into the spectators’ eyes. After their vision recovered, they discovered that Qin Wentian remained as steady and unmoving as a mountain, but Wang Jie was already driven back to the boundaries of the arena platform. Traces of blood could be seen leaking from Wang Jue’s mouth, as his countenance turned a ghastly shade of pale.

“How can your pitiful attacks suppress me?”

Qin Wentian slowly stepped out as he advanced towards Wang Jue. Every step he took gave people a sense of total harmonization and when Wang Jue noticed his approach, his face grew even paler. Earlier when they clashed, his conviction had instantly shattered. Qin Wentian’s strength was unbelievable, how can he be this powerful?

Wang Jue was at a loss of what to do. He’d used his most powerful attack, yet was counter-suppressed instead, and now he could think of no other methods that could overpower Qin Wentian.

With every step, the demonic qi exuding from Qin Wentian intensified. That demonically handsome face gave off a charisma that left people powerless before him.

With a howl of rage, eighteen spears appeared behind Wang Jue, manifested from Astral Light. The effort of summoning the spears made him cough out blood, as he struggled to remain in control. Upon being coated by the will of Wang Jue’s Mandate, the spears vibrated intensely as they let out loud wails.

“Bzzz!” Golden light flickered as a pair of gigantic, golden-colored garuda wings instantly appeared behind Qin Wentian. Poof, Qin Wentian vanished from sight.

Wang Jue’s countenance drastically fell. With a signal, all eighteen spears pierced out, but right at that exact moment, golden light beams slashed out from Qin Wentian’s wings, creating an extremely fearsome noise.

Wang Jue had no time to react when he realized Qin Wentian had already appeared before him. Blasting out with a dragon imprint, the draconic roars reverberated the heavens as the terrifying sound waves contained a powerful aura of destruction. As the imprint slammed into Wang Jue, he was instantly flung backwards and forced ruthlessly onto the ground, where he fell unconscious.

Qin Wentian calmly stood upon the arena, his demonic qi permeating the entire space. The spectators could only stare at him with dumbfoundedness as they realized this young man was becoming increasingly unfathomable. Even the most casual of glances was sufficient to strike terror in the hearts of others.

Currently, with Qin Wentian’s second level insight in the Mandate of Demons, as well as being in the third stage of the Fiend Transformation Art, he could instantly demonify any body parts he desired with but a thought. A thought to form a pair of demonic garuda wings, a thought to form terrifying kirin claws, a thought to undergo total demonic transformation. Also, this particular transformation was unlike the gathering of demonic qi from the demonic divinities in the eight directions—this demonic transformation was reversible. Therefore, he gained the ability to demonify instantly, Qin Wentian’s attack naturally became even more terrifying. The eighty-one demonic arts he learned in the Unmatched Realm could be unleashed to greater effect, flowing as naturally as time itself.

“Wang Jue’s ranking will be fixed at #12,” Old Man Tianji calmly announced.

The once #6 of yesteryear had fallen to #12 today. Not even able to get within the top ten.

Since Wang Jue was defeated, Mo Qingcheng who was pushed back a spot to #11 because of her defeat to the black-robed figure, had to challenge one of the top ten now.

Yet, how difficult was it to succeed?

Chen Wang, Shi Potian, Si Qiong, Zhan Chen, Emperor Azure, Yun Mengyi, Mu Feng, Qin Wentian, and the black-robed figure.

Initially, everyone had thought that Qin Wentian would be the easiest to handle among the ten of them. Yet Wang Jue had just proved the hypothesis wrong. In fact, there were no weaklings among the top ten, each and everyone of them were true geniuses of the younger generations.

They were all too terrifying.

“Seeing how you are one of the contenders that managed to locate a legacy, and you have also reached a certain level of prowess, I shall do you a favor and place you on the same level as the top ten,” Old Man Tianji abruptly spoke, his words causing shock to flash past the faces of the spectators.

Even though she was now ranked #11, all of these eleven people couldn’t be underestimated. Although she might have lost to the black-robed figure, it didn’t mean that she would lose for sure to the others. Old Man Tianji’s decision made sense.

Or maybe, Old Man Tianji did so because she had a sufficient amount of ancient luck.

Although this was unfair to those ranked behind Mo Qingcheng, since Old Man Tianji made the decision himself, no one else dared to protest.

And hence, now there were a total of eleven that would be contending for the ultimate rankings.

“Next, I will decide the order of each battle. Five against five. Since, Chen Wang was ranked #2 in the previous rankings, he shall temporarily be excluded from this round of battles. The five victors would then, together with Chen Wang, compete for the top six rankings. For those who lost the first round of battle, they still retain a chance to challenge the top six. If they win, they will take over the position and if they lost, they can only contend for rankings from #6 to #11.”

Old Man Tianji gazed at the contenders as he stated. His decision to allow Chen Wang to fight after the ten had fought could be accepted.

After all Chen Wang was the contender with the highest amount of recognition. After Hua Taixu, he was number one.

“Shi Potian vs Qin Zheng; Si Qiong vs Mu Feng; Zhan Chen vs Yun Mengyi; Emperor Azure vs the black-robed figure; Qin Wentian vs Mo Qingcheng.”

Old Man Tianji’s arrangement created waves of excitement in the hearts of the spectators. No matter which battle it was, the contenders in very round would make it extremely fascinating to spectate.

Because they were highly regarded, Shi Potian, Si Qiong, Zhan Chen, Emperor Azure weren’t matched up against each other. The only arrangement that made the spectators puzzled was Qin Wentian’s battle against Mo Qingcheng.

Maybe it was just something Old Man Tianji had only casually arranged, with no deeper meaning behind it.

“The first battle, Shi Potian against Qin Zheng.”

It was just the first fight, and already it was one between the heavyweights. Qin Zheng had once fought against Chen Wang in the formation world and came out unscatched. He was extremely strong, with comprehensions concerning the Mandate of Space.

Now that he was being matched up with Shi Potian, this show would definitely be an amazing one to spectate.

Those from the Shi Clan had a primordial beast bloodline. Shi Potian’s physique alone already gave an impressive imposing aura that made people unconsciously feel inferior to him.

Chen Wang, Shi Potian and Si Qiong were the three contenders with the highest amounts of recognition for the ranking battle this time around.

Qin Zheng stood upon the platform, exuding a light and casual air. It seemed as though no matter the situation, he would never feel hurried, forever relaxed and at ease.

“Boom!” Shi Potian initiated the attack, as he called upon the power of his primordial beast bloodline. Instantly, a golden dragon armor containing infallible might enveloped his body, as a golden spear appeared in his hands.


Shi Potian pierced out with his spears as dragon roars tore spatial cracks in the region. Just the sound waves alone held the power to damage people.

“This must be the ultimate art the Shi Clan possessed—Golden Dragon Battle Art. This battle art contains boundless power, granting the learner overwhelming attacks and enabling a golden dragon armor to be formed, increasing one’s defenses. For the Shi Clan, who possess a primordial beast bloodline, this art is exceedingly suitable for them. Shi Potian’s proficiency can be seen from that single strike—causing draconic roars to have the ability to create spatial cracks merely from a single stab.

Seeing that spear attack, every spectator instantly knew that this was one of the ultimate arts of Ancient Grand Xia, akin to the Great Solar Universe Art of the Great Solar Chen Clan.

Qin Zheng might be in danger.

The two of them frenziedly clashed against each other on the platform. Qin Zheng’s Spatial Laceration was also fearsome, and could even slice apart the golden dragon armor, injuring Shi Potian. Also, Qin Zheng’s speed was incomparably quick because of his comprehensions in the Mandate of Space. If it weren’t for Shi Potian being so powerful, he would have long been defeated.

And despite fighting against Shi Potian, Qin Zheng wasn’t being suppressed at all. They shook the entire platform with the intensity of their battle.

“Fascinating! Such a battle is truly too marvellos to spectate. I’m sure the following battles will all be of this standard—this is truly a fight of those standing at the pinnacle of Yuanfu.” The spectators cheered wildly as they roared with excitement. This was too fascinating.

Although Shi Potian was powerful, Qin Zheng was no weakling.

Given how intense this battle already was, what scenario would then occur during the fight for the top three positions?

Their hearts were all filled with pure anticipation!

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