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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 378 — Sharp Point

Chapter 378: Sharp Point

Shi Potian erupted with overwhelming strength as he faced Qin Zheng. Yet, despite Shi Potian’s tyrannical attacks, Qin Zheng’s method were too varied, and packed with power as well.

Finally, at that instant where they clashed directly, Astral Light erupted as astral shackles appeared on Qin Zheng’s body, so binding that it wouldn’t have any problems restricting the movements of a true dragon.

Qin Zheng’s body blasted forth a sharp light that condensed itself into a terrifying Origin Void Sword.


Qin Zheng coldly snorted, aiming for Shi Potian, and even the space itself couldn’t stand up to his slashes. Would Shi Potian in his golden dragon battle armor be able to withstand that strike?

An exceedingly sharp light glinted in Shi Potian’s eyes. He didn’t dodge, but stood still instead, allowing the slash to strike him.


Abruptly, at the instant Qin Zheng’s slash descended, Shi Potian had totally vanished from sight. Qin Zheng’s countenance drastically changed as he immediately retreated backwards with the will of the Mandate of Wind.


A terrifying force rammed into Qin Zheng, catapulting him through the air. While still in mid air, he continuously coughed out blood from the impact.

After steadying himself on the ground, Qin Zheng turned his gaze onto the platform. The qi in his body was circulating chaotically about, as fresh blood leaked out of his mouth. No trace of rage could be seen in his eyes—even though he had lost, he was still extremely calm.

"Earlier, was that one of the nine ultimate arts you made the exchange for?"

Shi Potian stood on the platform as he returned Qin Zheng’s gaze. "Able to fight against me to such an extent, you should already be proud of your own abilities. You might still have a chance to crawl your way into the top six. And to answer your question, yes, that was the sole movement technique of one of the nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia—Stellar Transposition."

"Indeed, it really was the Stellar Transposition. No wonder." The crowd was stunned. Other than the Golden Dragon Battle Art, Shi Potian had also mastered a movement technique as incredible as the Stellar Transposition. How could his combat prowess not be fearsome?

Stellar Transposition only had a single stance, yet it was an extremely powerful one. It’s function was able to instantly transposition the user anywhere in a short distance. It required the burning of a huge amount of Astral Energy to execute this, and Shi Potian even though his attacks appeared extremely savage, he had always been extremely cautious when fighting against Qin Zheng, only revealing his trump card at the last moment.

In a battle of life and death, such a precious movement techniques could be called a life-saving measure. Or one could even use it to reverse the situation and instantly slay their opponents.

Although Shi Potian was more powerful than Qin Zheng, Qin Zheng had too many techniques he was proficient in, it could be said that if Shi Potian didn’t use Stellar Transposition, the fight between them would most likely ended up as a draw.

In this case, Shi Potian had a ranking among the top six, while Qin Zheng’s ranking would be temporarily be pushed backwards. With Qin Zheng’s strength, he still had a chance for contending for the top six.

Next the second round, Si Qiong vs Mu Feng.

The instant both of them stepped on the stage, the hearts of the spectators began to boil with excitement. Si Qiong was the strongest dark horse within the contenders while Mu Feng wields terrifying venom arts. How intense would their battle be?

"Do you think you wouldn’t need to pay a price for your obstinate rejection?" Si Qiong lowly stated as an icy light flashed past his countenance. At the same time, an imposing aura threateningly blasted out towards Mu Feng.

Si Qiong was referring to back then where Mu Feng and the rest had rejected the exchange offer of their ancient luck for one of the nine ultimate arts of Ancient Grand Xia.

The nine ultimate arts was nothing to them, what they truly wanted was the ancient luck for the secret art yet they were stopped by the Vermilion Bird Formation. They also didn’t dare to destroy the formation for fear of the ancient luck all dissipating away.

But, they were extremely patient. So what a few thousands years passed? They could afford to wait for an opportunity. And now that there were signs that the destiny of Grand Xia was changing again, the power that sent the group of them here would brook for no failure. They had to succeed this time around.

The variation in the formation world was the best prove, and now that all the ancient luck had already concentrated into corporeal forms, the formation would be destroyed after the ranking battle.

Hence, they had to do their best right now to take the secret art of Grand Xia away.

Did these foolish people think that they can retain the ancient luck for their own? How ridiculous.

Si Qiong obviously didn’t put Mu Feng in his eyes.

Mu Feng and the others actually dared to reject the exchange offer earlier? Since they did so, there was no need for anyone of them to remain alive.

Mu Feng’s eyes shone with a cold light as he regarded Si Qiong.

"BOOM!" The will of his Mandate of Blood erupted forth, causing Si Qiong to feel the blood in his body surging out of control. With a cold smile, Si Qiong took a step forwards as a terrible terrible heat gushed out from his body - Great Solar Energy.

"That’s the Great Solar Universe Art!"

The crowd started in surprise. Si Qiong also knew the ultimate arts of Grand Xia?

A light flashed as an ancient sword appeared in Si QIong’s hands. Stepping out, a sword descended down from Heavens as flames of the sun incinerate the skies.

"Heavenly Swordplay, Great Solar Universe Art!"

The hearts of Old Man Tianji and the rest thumped when they witnessed this scenario. Although they knew that the earlier group of people possessed the complete collection of the nine ultimate arts of Ancient Grand Xia, they still couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts when they saw Si Qiong executing it one by one.

Mu Feng’s silhouette flickered as his palm sent out a manifestation of an inky black-colored blood imprint.

Sizzling sounds rang out as the blood imprint was evaporated totally by the Great Solar Energy of Si Qiong. He moved like the wind and chased after Mu Feng, slashing forth with another sword that descended from the Heavens. Mu Feng continually retreated backwards, if it wasn’t for him comprehending the Mandate of Wind, it would be totally impossible to avoid the strikes from the Heavenly Swordplay.

Si Qiong landed on the ground only to see his lips quivering as a strange melody flowed out.

The melody transformed into musical notes before turning into a formless energy drifting into Mu Feng’s ear. Mu Feng frowned as he felt an intense pain in his head, even his soul itself was quivering.

Si Qiong took another step forwards as the strange melody got louder in intensity. Mu Feng shook his head trying to clear the pain while Si Qiong took this opportunity to slash out another sword strike.

Blood sprayed out, Mu Feng was already forced into a corner. The strange melody continued unabated as he walked step by step towards Mu Feng.

"Soul attacks…?"

The hearts of the crowd was pounding in fear. This Si Qiong was extremely terrifying.

They suddenly realised that Chen Wang may not be the strongest among this batch of contenders. Not only was Si Qiong proficient in the nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia, he could even use soul attacks.

The soul was an extremely obscure and indistinct thing. Yuanfu Realm cultivators couldn’t even sense the faintest hints of soul’s existence. But Si Qiong definitely had terrifying talent in regards to matters such as souls before he could execute such a terrifying soul attack.

At that instant, Si Qiong’s silhouette completely vanished as a intense burst of Astral Light erupted forth.

"Stellar Transposition!"

Only to see Si Qiong instantly appeared before Mu Feng as though he just teleported, as his palms clutched atop Mu Feng’s head while his lips trembled unceasingly, mumbling a strange melody that drifted into Mu Feng’s ears. Such a scenario caused everyone spectating to be thunderstruck.

How powerful, Si Qiong is just too domineering.

This is…

"Soul searching, legends said that there were some who excelled in soul power who could be able to pull this technique off."

"Si Qiong wanted to do a soul search on Mu Feng?"

"But wouldn’t the target of the soul search be reduced to nothing but an idiot?"

Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed with a cold light when he saw this, he somehow understood why Si Qiong was doing this.

Himself, Mu Feng, Mo Qingcheng, Yun Mengyi and Qin Zheng were people who rejected the exchange offer. Did Si Qiong wanted to turn all of them into mumbling idiots?

Si Qiong’s true strength was indeed beyond expectations.

Qin Wentian shifted his gaze onto Mu Feng. Mu Feng’s story was extremely brutal, could it be that even he found the true killer, he would already fall on this arena platform?

Si Qiong would certainly not spare Mu Feng.

"Sizzle…" On the arena, Si Qiong’s palms abruptly started to corroded away and the corrosion was rapidly spreading to the rest of his body. Dark qi could be seen circulating on his face as Si Qiong’s countenance faltered, the next moment, a terrifying blood that was black in color gushed out of Mu Feng.


A flood of Astral Light erupted forth as Si Qiong executed his Stellar Transposition once again instantly retreating explosively. His countenance grew incredibly unsightly when he stared at his arm.

Mu Feng only felt an intense pain in his head when he opened his eyes. He icily swept his gaze over at Si Qiong before he turned and stepped down the arena platform. Although he was grievously injured, he was still exceedingly calm. So calm that it was terrifying.

Nobody dare to get near to Mu Feng, not even Si Qiong. He immediately retreated from the platform as well and sat down cross-legged as Astral Light shrouded his body. He had to purge the poison with immediate speed if not his life would be in danger.

The victor of this round was Si Qiong, entering into top six. He was extremely powerful and left a deep impression in the hearts of the spectators.

And as for Mu Feng, although he was defeated, he too had successfully made everyone remember him.

The third round, Zhan Chen vs Yun Mengyi.

When Zhan Chen stepped onto the platform, his eyes gleamed with a terrifying confidence, shiny with golden light. He stared at Yun Mengyi as he calmly asked, "What’s the relationship between you and Qin Wentian?"

He still remembered when he was chasing after Qin Wentian back then, Yun Mengyi and that black-robed figure interfered and spoiled his plans.

"None of your business." Yun Mengyi serenely stated as an astral sharp sword appeared in her hands. She was radiating winter’s chill, fully ready for battle.

"Don’t worry I won’t kill you."

Zhan Chen stared at Yun Mengyi as he stepped out. "Heavenly Swordplay? I know it as well."

As the sound of his voice faded, a golden sharp sword formed from the Mandate of Gold appeared in his hands.

With a wave of his hands, the shine of the golden sword flared out, enveloping the entire platform.

Streams of golden light covered Zhan Chen’s body, transforming into an invulnerable, indestructible one. Taking another step forward, he lunged towards Yun Mengyi.

The golden light flickering in Zhan Chen’s eyes abruptly shot forth, like golden swords right into Yun Mengyi’s eyes.

Instantly, Yun Mengyi only felt a bout of intense pain, she could only blurry make out a golden figure like an executioner in her sea of consciousness, raising his sword and was about to hack down at her.

Lifting her arms, the fearsome ice and snow concentrated as she blasted out. Not only did she not retreat, she took the chance to advance forwards instead. Executing the Heavenly Swordplay, the nine shadow shadows interlinked and formed an intricate connection, spinning in a perfect circle.

Zhan Chen was still using his eye-technique, the pressure causing Yun Mengyi to perspire but her hand wielding her sword never trembled.


Her sword slashed down with terrifying force, striking at Zhan Chen’s golden body. Yet everyone discovered that no damage was dealt to Zhan Chen? Next, his sword followed the same principles, nine shadows as one, spinning a perfect circle and slashed down right at her while a cold and sadistic smile hung on his lips.

Blood splattered outwards, raining upon the ground dying Yun Mengyi’s robes red. Yun Mengyi was flung out of the arena, upon seeing this Qin Wentian waved his hands as a gentle force supported Yun Mengyi’s fall, dissolving the impact.

Inclining his head, Qin Wentian stared at Zhan Chen who was on the platform only to see Zhan Chen himself had already walked to the boundaries of the platform and was similarly staring at him.

Zhan Chen’s sword was pointing right at Qin Wentian. His eyes flickered with sinister smile, brimming with absolute confidence!

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