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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 379 — Facing the World Together

Chapter 379: Facing the World Together

“How can this be possible?”

“Yun Mengyi’s sword obviously landed on Zhan Chen’s body, yet… there was no damage?”

The exchange of blows between Zhan Chen and Yun Mengyi was so fast that it felt as though the battle ended in an instant. All the way up till Yun Mengyi was injured, the spectators couldn’t keep up with their movements. Zhan Chen stood upon the platform uninjured, effortlessly defeating Yun Mengyi.

This previously ranked #11 contender from the Pill Emperor Hall had temporarily stepped into the top six today. He gave people a feeling of being unfathomable, no one could see through him at all.

Zhan Chen was also a dark horse, and he was an extremely terrifying one.

For this battle, each and every one of the remaining contenders were so powerful to the point that they were inscrutable. Nobody knew how strong they were exactly, and what trump cards they possessed.

Qin Wentian’s gaze fixated on Zhan Chen, and could clearly sense the killing intent Zhan Chen was sending his way. The grudge between them had festered for a long time with no resolution. Not only that, Qin Wentian had once divulged the truth of Zhan Chen’s ugly deeds, which had caused Mo Qingcheng to despise him. It could be well imagined how deep the hatred Zhan Chen had for Qin Wentian.

Today on the Vermilion Bird arena platform, Zhan Chen wanted to show the entire Pill Emperor Hall, to show Mo Qingcheng, how he would torment and abuse Qin Wentian before sending him off to meet his death.

Today’s ranking battle was to be orchestrated for him alone—for his name to resound throughout Grand Xia.

Turning, he departed the arena platform.

Zhan Chen was temporarily ranked in the top six while Yun Mengyi was temporarily ranked in the bottom five.

The next round, Emperor Azure vs the black-robed figure.

Emperor Azure was one of three contenders who’d placed in the top five for the previous ranking battle, having been formerly ranked as #5. The other two were Chen Wang and Shi Potian.

Emperor Azure had always been exceedingly mysterious, and nobody even knew which clan or continent he belonged to. He was one of the most low-profile rankers to be on the Heavenly Fate Rankings. For this year, his background was still as mysterious as ever, yet nobody dared to belittle him because of it.

As for the black-robed figure, he was even more mysterious than Emperor Azure. Nobody knew of this person at all, but it was as though he suddenly sprang to prominence this year. Nobody knew the figure’s real name, or even whether they were a male or a female.

Naturally, the crowd was wild with anticipation when it finally came to their battle.

The two of them stood atop the arena platform. The vermilion bird behind Emperor Azure let out a low screech, as Emperor Azure coldly smiled and stated, “You came to participate in the ranking battle yet why are you afraid to show your true face to others?”

The black-robed figure ignored Emperor Azure, his only response to the question was his exuding devil-might soaring upwards to the skies, as he stared coldly at Emperor Azure.

“Fine, I shall seek guidance from you today then.” Emperor Azure stepped outwards with incredible speed. Swiftly after, the entire platform was filled with the blurry after-images of Emperor Azure. Any one of them could be the real one and they were all armed with an incomparably sharp sword.

“How fast are his movements? His Illusion Swordplay has actually reached such a realm, where the truth intermingles with the deceptive. Nobody can tell where his real body lies.”

Emperor Azure’s sword techniques were beyond terrifying. With a single movement, all of the after-images lunged at the black-robed figure.

The devil qi gushing forth from the black-robed person concentrated onto the devilish spear in his hands. Taking a step forwards, the spear strike was filled with such power that the sword-light from the silhouettes in the direction of the spear’s stab, was instantly suppressed.

Yet there were just too many after-images. One of the illusory images broke past and slashed a sword aiming right for the black-robed figure’s throat.

The black-robed figure sidestepped the attack, as a devilish armor enveloped his body. The devil-might in the skies grew increasingly concentrated as a terrifying aura gushed forth from it. With a blast of his palms, the devil-might rained down like black thunder, instantly destroying thousands of Emperor Azure’s after-images.

The black-robed figure had no way to identify which was the real body, hence he chose to reply in the most overwhelming manner - destruction of everything.

Yet how could Emperor Azure be so easy to deal with? He flew up into the skies as his silhouette propagated yet again, causing countless Emperor Azure to appear before the black-robed figure. Columns of Astral Light descended downwards and reflected off their swords, so resplendent that it seemed as though Emperor Azure was an immortal sent down from the nine heavens.

“Isn’t that the Heavenly Swordplay…? Has Emperor Azure cultivated in that as well? Yet it didn’t seemed to be solely that, his sword movements aren’t as pure as Yun Mengyi’s.”

As the seemingly alike Heavenly Swordplay rained downwards, the devil-might from the black-robed figure erupted forth as his aura skyrocketed.

Countless devilish spears manifested, penetrating through space, and clashing against the countless swords birthed by virtue of the Heavenly Swordplay.

In combat, nobody could tell what Mandates the black-robed figure had comprehended, and nobody could tell which Astral Souls he had. All they could see, was the roiling black-colored devil-might explosively erupting forth from him.

As Emperor Azure’s true form slashed downwards with his sword, his Astral Souls were released in order to augment his attacks. His first was a Sword-type Astral Soul, his second, was an Evil-eyed Astral Soul. Momentarily, his eyes transformed into something extremely demonic. With a burst of Astral Light, Emperor Azure instantly appeared from faraway before the black-robed figure as he slashed downwards.

“Stellar Transposition?”

Expressions of dumbfoundedness appeared on the faces of the crowd—why did Emperor Azure know so many of the ultimate arts? He wasn’t from any of the seven Grand Clans that betrayed Ancient Grand Xia.

Unless… the techniques he used weren’t from the Heavenly Swordplay, nor was it Stellar Transposition.

“Chi, chi…”

A crisp sound rang out as blood dyed the figure’s black robes a deep red. He rapidly retreated as he icily stared at Emperor Azure, whose eyes grew increasingly demonic as his third Astral Soul was released. It was actually an Astral Soul originating from the 5th Heavenly Layer, Blood-Winged Devil Ape.

“Ranked #2 on the Warbeast Index, Blood-Winged Devil Ape…”

Thunderstruck expressions appeared on the faces of the spectators, the mysterious Emperor Azure had finally revealed all three of his Astral Souls.

The eyes of the black-robed figure were still as cold as always, as though the injury he’d just sustained didn’t bother him in the slightest. As he activated the Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil, the surroundings of the arena platform became pitch black, covered in total darkness. A black-colored dragon gushed out from his body, before metamorphosing into a terrifying black-colored sabre—the Heavenly Devil Sabre.

The black-robed figure then slowly advanced towards Emperor Azure. At this moment, the intensity of the devilish aura emanating from the black-robed figure, struck fear even into Emperor Azure’s heart.

“BOOM!” Demonic qi shrouded his body as Emperor Azure’s physique grew tremendously powerful, akin to that of a demon. Right at this moment, an overbearing aura gushed forth from him.

“Fiend Transformation Art?!”

Qin Wentian’s eyes stiffened in shock. Emperor Azure had also cultivated the Fiend Transformation Art.

Based on the Azure Emperor’s last words, he had not passed down the inheritance to the Di Clan. So then how did Emperor Azure manage to learn the Fiend Transformation Art?

Emperor Azure’s eyes bore into the black-robed figure. He had been waiting for this ranking battle for far too long. How can he fail here?

“Boom!” Emperor Azure stepped forth as a demon scale armor enveloped his body within. Each and every step he took seemingly had enough force to make the arena platform crumble to dust.

Yet the frigid gaze in the black-robed figure’s eyes never changed. With a heave of his sabre, the devilish air blasting forth caused ripples of terror in the hearts of spectators.

“Nine Slashes of the Underworld.”

Some of those from the transcendent powers were somewhat familiar with the Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Dipper. When they saw the sabre slashing out, they immediately knew that this was the inexorably tyrannical ‘Nine Slashes of the Underworld’ attack.

The first sabre blow slashed out, causing the Heavens and Earth to roar in agony. As the sabre descended, the devil-might surrounding it transformed into an underworld dragon, blasting forth in rage.

Emperor Azure rushed forwards and punched out with overwhelming savageness. Yet the countless fist imprints he generated were all destroyed the instant they came into contact with the underworld dragon.

In fact, the devil-might exuding from the sabre got even stronger. The Nine Slashes of the Underworld was a sequential increase in power. Each slash would be many times more powerful compared to the last.

The second slash, the third slash, the hearts of the spectators pounded without stopping. The black-robed figure’s qi frenziedly circulated about, and it was unknown if he could last long enough to produce all nine slashes.

Emperor Azure underwent a demonic transformation and took on the form of a Blood-Winged Devil Ape. The force of his attacks didn’t lose out to the devil-might of the Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil.

The two of them fiercely collided, strength against strength. The fourth sabre slash appeared, and the colors of the skies changed. The black-robed figure spat out a mouthful of blood in order to execute it, but he still succeeded.

“ROAR…” The sound of a wrathful howl shook the entire surroundings. The Blood-Winged Devil Ape mustered all the strength within him as he defended against the power of that fourth slash.

Devil-might and demonic qi interweaved, forming a maelstrom of destruction. In the middle of the maelstrom, the spectators abruptly saw a darkness deeper than midnight slashing outwards, dissipating the maelstrom completely. Fifth slash of the Underworld! With a thunderous sound of collision, Emperor Azure’s demonified body was blasted down the platform as he ruthlessly slammed onto the ground.

The Heavenly Devil Sabre disappeared, as the devil-might exuding forth from the black-robed figure dissipated. The spectators only saw the black-robed figure clutching his body as he descended down the platform, his posture bent as though he too, was heavily injured. Even his steps were unsteady and the black veil covering his face, was also stained with blood.

Such a terrifying battle, but he had won. How awesome was that, triumphing over the Azure Emperor who was ranked #5 from the last ranking battle.

After this battle, the black-robed figure had secured his position. With the level of prowess he’d just displayed, there shouldn’t be anyone else daring to challenge him anymore.

Emperor Azure retreated to his original location. His eyes were filled with a terrible fire. He lost—he had actually been defeated here, of all places.

The Heavenly Devil Sabre, when used in conjunction with the Nine Slashes of the Underworld, was just too overwhelming.

The Heavenly Art of the Chaotic Devil truly lived up to its name as the most tyrannical art of all nine ultimate arts of Ancient Grand Xia.

“Hu…” The spectators all drew in a huge breath. The battle earlier had stolen their breath away. Now, it was time for the fifth round, which was also the last round for the remaining two.

Qin Wentian vs Mo Qingcheng.

The pride of the Pill Emperor Hall, the most astounding woman participating in the Heavenly Fate Rankings. Not a single person in the entire Grand Xia was able to match her in terms of beauty. Would Qin Wentian be able to defeat her?

The two of them walked up the platform and stood facing each other. Mo Qingcheng’s perfect figure, in addition to her flawless countenance, made the spectators sigh in envy and admiration as they marveled at the exquisiteness of the Creator’s design.

She stared into the eyes of the young man, as a slightly mischievous and radiant smile blossomed on her face. This smile caused time to stop as an earthquake quaked the hearts of the spectators.

Mo Qingcheng smiled! She actually smiled at Qin Wentian?!

Thunderstruck and extreme shock weren’t sufficient to describe the emotions the spectators were feeling. Wasn’t this supposed to be a grand battle? What was going on?

When they shifted their gaze onto Qin Wentian, they discovered that he too, wore a smile on his face. It was a smile of such warmth and gentleness, as though he were looking at someone he’d loved more than life itself.

“You’ve finally reached this step,” Mo Qingcheng spoke with affection, smiling sweetly at him.

“I’ve always believed in you, I knew you were capable of doing it.” Mo Qingcheng’s hair fluttered in the wind, and the spectators saw Qin Wentian slowly walking up to stand closely beside her. He placed one of his hands gently on her forehead as he stroked her luxuriant hair. Mo Qingcheng lowered her head shyly yet raised no objections, allowing Qin Wentian this intimate act.

He reached for Mo Qingcheng, and gently enveloped her hand in his own. And just like that, in front of the countless spectators in Grand Xia, this unlikely pair joined hands in a bond forged of eternal love.

As Qin Wentian had once said to her before, during the ranking battle at the end of the year, he would let the entire world know of their relationship—that Mo Qingcheng was his woman!

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